Monday, January 05, 2009

Another Dog-And-Pony Show Friday: A Second Defense Attempt At Filomena’s Window

Posted by Peter Quennell

Kermit has already analysed the first, failed attempt for us.

It’s just been reported in the Italian media that a second defense test has been scheduled for 12:30 this Friday. If they fail that test for a second time, it will be pretty obvious to the known universe that:

  • There never was a burglar who covered up a burglary with a sex crime, a bizarre move almost unknown in the annals of crime as the penalties are so very much harsher.

  • There really was a rearrangement of the crime scene in an attempt to point the finger of blame at a single perpetrator who had just taken to his heels up some local steps.

A lot is riding on this one. We guess the burglar the defense hired for the job will be in real fighting trim.

Update: Did the defense blink?! Today’s show simply involved engineers, Giovanni Lombardi and Pasquale di Francesco, apparently retired police technicians.

They took measurements to see if that 4-kilo rock could have been thrown from wherever to land where it did in Filomena’s room.

Why not just, you know, bite the bullet, and actually try throwing the rock?!

No prizes are offered for the answer to that one. There was no Spiderman act, no lawyers were present, and no glass was broken.


Maybe Giulia Bongiorno has finally found the guys with spiderman-like powers who can scale that wall, hang by their toes, break the window from the outside, put a hand through to the inside without injury in order to twist the window open, push the window outward and climb through.

Then we have to believe that during this lengthy and loud process, the victim did not hear or see anything strange going on in close proximity (look at the dimensions of the cottage and room layout) and they simply left via the front door.

Kermit produced a very good ppt presentation on this very subject. I guess the Smiling Team hasn’t seen it. The Spiderman Scenario requires that we throw Ockam’s Razor out the window entirely - or at least that we toss it at the same time as the victim’s cell phones.

Given the timing of this latest visit, it is hard to see it as anything other than a publicity stunt. It is true that the smiling team has been quiet for some time. Maybe it feels that a riposte to Knox’s recent aborted film début is in order.

Posted by Skeptical Bystander on 01/06/09 at 07:04 PM | #

Kermit’s powerpoint presentation on the broken window was indeed pretty compelling.

Our readers can view it by clicking through the giggle-test link in the first line above to the previous post.

We have now seen our Powerpoints and other posts and exhibits used in several media stories.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/06/09 at 07:48 PM | #

Here is an excellent photo presentation to accompany Massei’s text on the reasons why no entry occurred via that window:

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/02/13 at 02:54 PM | #

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