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Amber Heard Claims Of Abuse In Op-Ed Were Malicious, Jury Finds

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State Of Play

This verdict could be appealed, but don’t be holding your breath… *

Johnny Depp now has the upper hand in deciding between now and 24 June the size of the damages payment he will settle for.

In light of this, Court TV commentators were almost struck dumb by the stupidity of Amber Heard’s post-verdict statement, basically repeating the defamations all over again.

Okay, Camille Vasquez: now take down serial defamer Amanda Knox…

* As you may have seen elsewhere, a possible appeal has been announced. But it will be hard for Heard now to deny malice when she exhibited it to the jury throughout her several sessions on the stand. Her constant addressing of the jury may have rubbed this in, it was as if she was remembering all their faces for future stalking.

She should perhaps spend any remaining money on treatment; other borderline personality order cases have been online saying treatment largely worked for them; this applies to Knox too.


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In theory the Washington Post and the Daily Mail could now be sued. Better targets though might be those faux-feminist op-ed writers like Jessica Bennett of the NY Times who misrepresented the hard facts and set out to roast all men. Here is a YouTube comment on the main-media role.

This case has been the most unadulterated take on celebrity lifestyle and the media machinery that curates it. It was ridiculous to see “legitimate” media houses trying to manipulate the narrative to make it seem like Amber was the victim when the trial presented a lot of evidence that proved she was rude, abusive and alarmingly dishonest. From editing photos, staging crime scenes, perjury and fake tears to implicating her sister by getting her to corroborate her lies. I’m grateful that the recordings were entered into evidence because they served a crucial role.

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A pretty funny Newsweek tweet: “More than 2,000 people have signed a petition to get Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez to replace Amber Heard in the upcoming Aquaman sequel.”

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Unique in the world, US main media have become highly addicted to toxic PR. See the fine book by superlawyer (and Knox critic) Wendy Murphy.

We have a Knox PR page hidden while under construction; it is considerable. The NY Times etc largely channeled it, while never reporting on it.

Toxic PR played a big role here too - ACLU PR originated the narrative (for which their own lawyers had no enthusiasm) and Amber Heard PR sustained it.

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