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Amanda Knox Dithering Over Court Appearance For Appeal Going Over Very Negatively In Italy

Posted by Peter Quennell

[Above: the outspoken political leader of the region of Umbria Lignani Marchesani warns Amanda Knox]

Amanda Knox has her name on a book that maliciously slimes everybody she ever encountered in Italy. Then she repeatedly goes on TV whining about how people dont like or trust her.

Guess what? Italians are seeing those same wild accusations as being one self-created reason why Knox seems to lack the guts to head for the appeal court. She would be put face-to-face with many of those that she slimed. How embarrasing.

The other reason of course has applied since 2009: Italians believe she really did lead a very cruel murder pack, killed someone vastly more gifted and worthwhile than herself, and now is lying to the American public in the hope that they will insist their government ignores any arrest warrant for Knox from Italy.

She sure has a real knack of making things worse for herself. No-shows are very rare in Italy and they are seen as not only very cowardly but a sure sign of the person’s guilt. Our main poster Jools translated this tart threat from the leader of Umbria’s regional government which is posted on the regional assembly website.


The chief regional councillor Andrea Lignani Marchesani (Fd’I) seeks to revoke the twinning of Perugia with Seattle, if Amanda Knox does not return to Italy to stand trial for the murder of the British student Meredith Kercher.

“Headlines were not needed nor a crystal ball to forcast that Miss Amanda Knox would carefully refrain from returning to Italy to face the new appeal process. The annulment of the judgment at the Supreme Court shows how the references to international pressures were not unfounded and a clear abdication of our sovereignty for the sake of interests that have nothing to do with justice.

“No need to emphasize once more how the city of Perugia, the Umbria [region] and the University have damage to their image and finances from this tragic event, without forgetting the human aspects and family of the victim.”

Andrea Lignani Marchesani calls to revoke the twinning between the cities of Perugia and Seattle, birthplace of the American woman on trial in Italy.  According to Lignani, “The city of Seattle, linked in a sister cities twinning for twenty years with Perugia, lost no time during the time Amanda was in custody to criticize our capital city, either by revoking of the naming of a park [in honor] of the city of the Griffon or by petitions tending to the withdrawal of the twinning itself.

“Perugia has no need for undesirable relationships and should, in this situation where a wound of its recent history is being reopened, should proceed to counter offensive.

If Amanda, as is almost certain, does not show up at the trial and does not face the verdict of the Italian justice system, Perugia must withdraw it’s twinning with Seattle. Court judgments are meant to be respected and must be executed, this is what is repeated every day, and this must also apply to the Seattle citizen Amanda Knox.”

As explained in the post below, the Italian court has many ways of applying its own powerful pressure. It could for example put Knox’s entire defaming entourage on trial, including her own dad, and see them all labeled as felons worldwide.

More on this in our next post, about Frank Sforza, which explains all the grief his own meltdown in court could rain down.


Of course the citizens of Seattle will say “So What we don’t need Perugia anyway?” This of course is just the first shot across the bow. look out for far more, point being that the Italian court will look ever more closely at Sollecito and the entire murder trial and more importantly the evidence. Knox (If it were possible) has dug herself and her family even deeper.

Point of order here
The US government will not protect Knox.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 08/30/13 at 01:19 AM | #

The screws are inexorably tightening.

Posted by James Higham on 08/30/13 at 01:47 AM | #

Somehow it is wrong to assume that AK represents Seattle or the US or for that matter any other person… She is unique…

I was somewhat sarcastic when I wrote somewhere else that Amanda is so gifted that so few people understand her… She is way before her time… She does not care… Amanda is being Amanda….

We have many US students on our campus and they go on their way as usual.

Just for an example, after the conviction of the CIA officers, the Italy US relation took a dip but both parties got up and moved on.

My personal opinion: don’t give too much importance to that woman!

Posted by chami on 08/30/13 at 05:17 AM | #

The enthusiasm for supporting Amanda Knox has died out in Seattle.

Raffaele Sollecito’s book appearance at the UW last Fall was poorly attended.

Politicians who were initially snowed by the FOA crowd now realize there was a lot of evidence to support a conviction and they were essentially lied to about the basic facts of the case. 

The emotion is gone and that’s pretty much all Amanda had going for her.

I hope Perugia doesn’t end its relationship with Seattle because that would be playing into the mindgames of the FOA crowd.

The case should be decided based on the evidence.  As a Seattleite, I’m confident it will be.

Posted by Media Watcher on 08/30/13 at 08:07 AM | #

You have to empathise with Marchesani, Knox and her dumb hick followers do seem to have wanted to start a small war with Italy and its sovereign legal system, not to mention the suspicion of having undertaken criminal activities intended to pervert the course of justice.

Twinning is meant to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures and this has to include due respect for, and conformity with, local laws. Those ignorant souls who temperamentally can’t or won’t do this really shouldn’t travel. Their minds aren’t ready for broadening. (Judging by their jingoism you have to suspect that many Knox groupies have never travelled outside city limits. Metaphorically or literally).

On the other hand I have to agree with Media Watcher about not resorting to the same mind games as the FOA crowd - I hope the twinning isn’t withdrawn. Let them be the ones to lose all dignity if they must.

Posted by Odysseus on 08/30/13 at 01:03 PM | #

@ Peter

“Italians are seeing those same wild accusations as being one self-created reason why Knox seems to lack the guts to head for the appeal court. She would be put face-to-face with many of those that she slimed. How embarrasing.”

Exactly ... Knox has no “guts”—her cocky and quirky attitude is all a farce.

Thanks Peter for this update.

And True Justice is coming, Meredith !

Posted by MissMarple on 08/30/13 at 03:54 PM | #

I am not sure whether I would agree that an ‘un-twinning’ of Perugia and Seattle is the right thing or not however I DO think that making a point would not hurt.

I also wonder why the Italian authorities do not complain to the US authorities about the criminal behaviour of Curt Knox and co in their interventions into the Italian judicial system and ask, in turn, for an intervention to halt the criminal activity.

POINTS need to be made and CRIMINALS must answer for their crimes.

Posted by thundering on 08/30/13 at 04:01 PM | #

Perugia and Seattle are both cities I for one am very fond of. We mean Seattle no harm. Skeptical Bystander and others there have very effectively fought for balance. All of our many Seattle posts are here:

Things happened within Seattle which it might have been better if they hadnt, but none were official and, as Media Watcher mentions above, most drew little support and many drew an equal and opposite reaction.

The excesses at a Knox fundraiser at Salty’s early in 2009 with a crazed Paul Ciolino calling for blood had Knox’s own Perugia lawyers saying back off and the BBC mega-site reporting how benign Dr Mignini really is.

The Seattle University panel in April 2011 and Sollecito’s panel at Washington University late last year drew next to no crowd. The misled Senator Cantwell has long moved on.

The city official who blocked the naming of “Perugia Park” lost his job. Micheal Heavey and Tom Wright looked to many or most like gullible gushing fools.

Even the few in the Seattle media who have carried water for the Knox-Mellases now seem fairly cowed. Where is the absurd Steve Shay or Linda Byron these days?

And although Frank Sforza committed assaults in four cities it was Seattle that first nabbed him and when he ran terrified from trial first issued a warrant for his arrest.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/30/13 at 04:51 PM | #

@Media Watcher:

Is this based on any evidence e.g. politicians and others making statements to the effect that they were misled - or do you base it on impressions gleaned from lack of recent media appearances?

I mean are we going to find them crawling back out of the woodwork when AK is finally adjudged guilty and sentenced and there is a request for her extradition?

How do we establish certainty?

Thank you.

Posted by thundering on 08/31/13 at 10:11 AM | #

Hi Thundering

Fair question. Its the Labor Day weekend and many are on the road here (I have to be in Philly tonight) so Media Watcher might not pass by here today.

However she’s posted this before. She’s a professional in the media with very wide connections and I know who some of them are and they’re good.

Fly By Night and others in Seattle posted two open letters to Senator Cantwell a couple of years ago and we know the staffers checked them out here and counselled her to pull back.

The only other politician to go public pro-Knox was David Wu, a Portland Oregon congressman who later had to resign for unrelated reasons.

We post sparingly on the claims in Knox’s book (and even on Sollecito’s) because they are both coming up in court and the less heads-up for who will defend them the better. However anyone foolish enough to rush to Knox-Mellas aid is going to find out what a minefield they are entering into and how they too could end up a witness or even a defendant.

I think the Knox-Mellases and their hatchet men now have absolutely no power to bend things and themselves run a lot of legal risks if they try. In a Seattle Weekly interview the other day Bruce Fischer was beating his tiny chest and squeaking that he’s eager to carry on in a way that made us laugh. Good luck with that one.


Next post Monday. For those traveling which in the US is just about everybody (schools resume next week) do have a safe trip. Is this a busy weekend in Europe?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/31/13 at 03:49 PM | #

Hi Peter.

Thank you for a fair summary of what has been taking place behind the scenes which does give an idea of where the support lies.  Quite reassuring.

Enjoy Labor Day.  Ours is usually 1May in the UK and even here.  Do you have that one or do you have two!

Posted by thundering on 08/31/13 at 04:17 PM | #

I believe Meredith is getting some justice at this time. RIP Meredith.

Posted by Bettina on 09/01/13 at 12:47 AM | #

Over time, and as I have watched Knox spiral further out of control of her own situation, it has become obvious that there will be only one eventual outcome. That will be the utter and complete breakdown of her entire defense.

This brings to mind Edgar Allen Poe’s famous story “The tell tale heart” Because Knox guilt is gnawing away at her soul since she knows she is guilty as indeed does her mother. she hasn’t lost weight due to any diet. As time has gone forward we have seen the growing anger concerning her and Sollecito grow exponentially without any sign of weakening.

Her handlers must be getting desperate. Also such lunatics as Steve Moors strange wife, who inhabit a dream world of their own making, will forever deny the truth, and so to repeat the famous boxing axiom.  “You can run but you can’t hide”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 09/01/13 at 09:09 PM | #

@Grahame Rhodes : ‘gnawing away at her’.....

There was a point in the recent TV clip, with the female interviewer who asks her ’ how do you see yourself is a few years time? Will this be all behind you? ’

(Or words to this effect)

She answered in a strong voice - not posing or calculating - but with immediacy and conviction :

’ Well (no)..... It is part of who I AM…’

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 09/01/13 at 09:45 PM | #

Such words only underscore her guilt. Not once has she ever said the actual words. “I am not guilty” but rather. “I want the truth to come out.” That, to me at least, says it all.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 09/01/13 at 10:05 PM | #

@Grahame @SeekingUnderstanding

Very good observations - I agree.

Re:“I want the truth to come out.” She’s seemingly more concerned with the APPEARANCE of integrity and righteousness than sincerely and firmly proclaiming her innocence.

Reminiscent of her wish to stay in Perugia to “help the police”, as expressed to her mother I think. Brings to mind the old adage “you can know all the words but never quite get the song”.

In AK’s case it’s almost like she has never been properly embodied but has cannily just learnt the lines that are expected in various situations. A phantom.

Very weird. No centre or soul. Lights are on but nobody’s home, as the saying goes. (Stay away and don’t ring the bell is the best advice).

Posted by Odysseus on 09/02/13 at 01:41 PM | #

Of those convinced of her innocence such as Steve Moore and his strange wife Michelle, not to mention the others of the same ilk.

It makes you wonder why they don’t offer her a place to stay other than her living all alone in her grotty little apartment in China Town.

OK she has a job sorting books in the local library but her solitude speaks to me of a person trying to stay well below the radar.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 09/02/13 at 04:41 PM | #

It is all very sad.

If AK and/or RS ,or their acquaintances, do read these pages….I would like to send the message that it is not too late to tell the truth.

They might be surprised at how much, in fact, doing this might help themselves with the rest of their lives.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 09/02/13 at 05:31 PM | #

Even if Knox and Sollecito did want to tell the truth,(And initially I believe Knox did, only to be stopped by her dear Father.) They will never confess fully and openly since too much money is riding on Knox claims of innocence.

Same for Sollecito. Sollecto’s father said “If you hadn’t got mixed up with that bitch in the first place this would never have happened.” Which in my estimation was a plea to come clean and blame Knox anyway which Sollecito did when he threw her under the bus by denouncing her alibi.

That was well documented early on when Knox and Sollecito were first arrested. Now though, the good doctor is in a bind have committed towards the lie. Much of this is because of the influence of the lawyers of course not to mention the P/R effort.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 09/02/13 at 06:15 PM | #

Methinks if Knox moved into the house Steve Moore lives in with his looney wife and roomed up with their daughter as Steve Moore is on record as saying he would actively encourage, it wouldn’t be long before they would change their tune.

I think it would be similar to a Frank Sforza house guest scenario but a lot worse - if that is at all possible.

Posted by DF2K on 09/02/13 at 06:18 PM | #

@Grahame Rhodes ...unfortunately,you are right…

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 09/02/13 at 07:18 PM | #

“Our Beautiful Girl” p. 39 of John Kercher’s book:

“Meredith loved her ballet classes at the Parkinson School of Dance in Old Coulsdon. She started taking classes when she was six years old, and really looked forward to her classes every week. She was always excited when she had to do her grade exams and never seemed nervous. She and the other girls would all be in the dressing area in their pink ballet dresses and shoes, having their hair brushed back tightly and fixed with hairspray, and she was always pleased when she passed.”

“One weekend, the ballet school arranged for a dance troupe to come and teach the students one of the routines from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “Starlight Express”. With the professional teachers on roller skates, Meredith, Stephanie, and the other girls were taught how to perform one of the show’s numbers. The rehearsals took up most of the day, and then in the late afternoon we could all go watch the finished article. Meredith loved it.”....

“Because of her love of musicals, Meredith, Stephanie and I often went to see stage shows. We went to see productions like “West Side Story”, “Cabaret”, and “Chicago”.

Mr. Kercher says that he took Meredith to see Liza Minelli at the Royal Albert Hall in London. They had a seat in a box and when Meredith heard Minelli sing, her “jaw dropped. ‘She is amazing,’ she said to me. After the concert, Meredith got to go into the private backstage room where Liza was standing chatting to other celebrities like Joan Collins.

What really touched me about this chapter was how after Arline and John divorced in 1997 and he moved to a flat in Croydon, Meredith left him a phone message on his answering machine. She was singing to him Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”, and Mr. Kercher would play it over and over again. He said he cried on hearing it.

I had recorded Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” on a cd for my daughter when she got married in 2008, and while I was in London in February 2012 a taxi cab driver bringing me back from an Agatha Christie play pulled up to my hotel in the rain and said, “Did you know that Whitney Houston has died?”

Also, Meredith and John used to watch “Friends”, the American TV comedy. After his divorce, Meredith would go see her dad every Friday after school. He would cook dinner and they watched “Friends”. He said her memory was so good that after he’d missed one episode she recited the whole half-hour of it almost word for word.

She really liked the characters of Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe. Mr. Kercher still has 6 boxed sets of the show as a sweet reminder of those happy evenings together.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/03/13 at 12:34 AM | #

“They will never confess fully and openly since too much money is riding on Knox claims of innocence”.

Really not wanting to focus on the money here but surely a full confession, some prison time and then a ‘My Life Story’ movie & book will be far more profitable than some ‘WTBH’ fiction novel.

Posted by Urbanist on 09/03/13 at 10:55 AM | #


Posted by mojo on 09/03/13 at 11:08 AM | #


Good Lord, what a biased ridiculous piece. Poor boy wrongly accused yet again.

A textbook copy and paste job from a Press release. Anyone remember proper journalism? Those were the days my friend.

This is a good site that seems to address the problem:

Posted by Odysseus on 09/03/13 at 11:30 AM | #

Thank you Hopeful for quoting from John Kercher writing about their wonderful daughter, Meredith.  Everyone posting here is aware of how profound a loss to the Kercher family that is.  It is important not to lose sight of that.

My children are back to school today. And I have only just caught two short interviews with Sollecito on “Daybreak” on ITV in the UK.

In the first interview Sollecito is accompanied by Francesco Mastro (his lawyer..?) who is billed as an Italian legal expert. Overall the two-handed interview from Lorraine Kelly & Aled Jones treads very softly, allowing Sollecito to present the PR myth of Knox and himself being victims of the Italian legal system.

The by now well worn image of Knox and Sollecito kissing outside the cottage is used along with a voice over to give a brief recap of the case. Carefully groomed and presenting himself as innocent as the day he was born gives us the usual guff that he was only being “caring” and “protective” toward Knox.

L.Kelly asks. “The Kercher family want answers is there anything you would like to say to them?”

Sollecito; “The answers are all inside the documents. And I wrote a book about that.  Of course I feel compassion because if it was my sister, I will get crazy, I will get completely mad but I am asking to be logical in this situation..I am asking them to realise the truth through the documents through the facts not through their gut and standing by a prosecution theory which makes no sense”.

Then asked by Aled Jones if any of this ever leaves him “or is it constantly a weight on you shoulders”, Sollecito goes on to whine in a grating manner “It’s constantly every tiny little day, it’s constantly on my shoulder..because this trials and this kind of situation put my life on hold, I cannot find a normal life, a job, a career , or something to focus on instead of thinking about the trial , the documents, about what will happen, about the new court about how to pay the laywers…the bills…”

He whines on and of course it is hard to listen to him and not curse him. He seems to continue on with the PR tact of using the media. Francesco Mastro seconds him and goes on about the judge and the Italian court system piling mistake on mistake.  When it has been anything but.

Later on in the second part..Sollecito says that for the time being he is under Italian laws and unlike Knox required to attend in Florence. Does he plan to take flight or move country later?

The coverage and questioning here is abysmal and I am surprised that ITV can be so duped all to present this as some kind of scoop??

Certainly the courts in Florence will decide this rather than Sollecito whine to camera.  As ever I hope that Solecito can simply tell the truth and that the courts in Florence can find some clarity and closure for the Kercher family and their daughter Meredith.

Posted by Olliebear on 09/03/13 at 12:02 PM | #

“I cannot find a normal life, a job, a career or something to focus on instead of thinking about the trial, about the documents, about what will happen, about how to pay lawyers, how to pay my bills,” he said.

HOW DARE he go into the UK and spout all this self-serving drivel when Meredith’s family’s lives are on hold until this murderer and his calculating accomplice get their cumuppance! 

HOW DARE HE!!!!  SHAME on ITV for inviting him!

Posted by thundering on 09/03/13 at 02:17 PM | #

Presumably his trip to the UK is a stopover on his way back to Italy from the USA?

From what he seems to say he will be attending the appeal as he is ‘under Italian law’ as an Italian citizen?  I thought it wasn’t mandatory?  Berlusconi never seemed to attend his court hearings ......?

Has RS finished his university course?  If not won’t term be starting around about now?

Posted by thundering on 09/03/13 at 02:33 PM | #

“It’s constantly every tiny little day, it’s constantly on my shoulder..because this trials and this kind of situation put my life on hold, I cannot find a normal life, a job, a career , or something to focus on instead of thinking about the trial , the documents, about what will happen, about the new court about how to pay the laywers…the bills”

Ah, so what Sollecito, deal with it you whiney spineless coward.  Why are you appearing on British TV to spew your pathetic whine?  Who do you want to hear you?  Do you expect people to help you after seeing you on British TV?

Nobody knows you and nobody is interested in you.  If you cant do the time don’t do the crime.  Keep off our TV screens. Nobody wants you here.

Posted by DF2K on 09/03/13 at 03:22 PM | #

In The Guardian piece linked to above, how can they in good conscience say WITHOUT ANY MENTION OF THE ANNULMENT? 

“... The case mounted against them by prosecutors was ripped apart by the Italian appeals court, which noted that the murder weapon was never found, DNA tests were faulty and prosecutors provided no motive for murder.”

Really, the media in this country are beyond belief sometimes. If you didn’t know any better (?) you’d suspect there were wads of notes being passed around.

Posted by Odysseus on 09/03/13 at 03:51 PM | #


“Berlusoni never seemed to attend his court hearing..” made me laugh. But Berlusconi is at last facing some legal consequences. Berlusconi and his ilk have ruined Italy for too long. Only one of many reasons why the Italians value their justice system above all else…

Knox & Sollecito are selling the same old “we are victims too” crap. It doesn’t matter a jot what they say. The court will decide.They are in deep denial and have been in a state of fugue from the aquittal.

Sollecito has confirmed Knox will not attend. If he could, he would do the same. He was never properly cross examined as to their supposed alibi.. would he be able to hold up?

Here’s hoping that he will find some courage to tell the truth and put a stop to this travesty for the Kercher family. Thouugh after that little tv whine I somehow doubt he has it in him to say a single honest word.

Posted by Olliebear on 09/03/13 at 04:29 PM | #

The Guardian piece & the ITV farce are a total disgrace. It makes the stomach churn to just watch that piece of shit smirking away on TV.

I thought at one stage Lorraine Kelly was going to give him a cuddle and say here here poor little boy >>>> sick bucket.

I just wish for once these editers/producers and TV people would look into this case properly, and report the truth to their readers/viewers.

Justice for Meredith is coming, then all these media outlets/corporations might just might report it how it actually is!!

Posted by Jeffski1 on 09/03/13 at 09:30 PM | #


Can only agree.Here is a thought: could Random House hire a proper investigative team to write up a thorough well documented honest account of the case?

Maybe Random House can make up for publishing the bullshit from the Knox camp and even show some moral backbone.

The Guardian reporting on this case has been woeful for a newspaper that used to um er actually investigate and fact check..?

Posted by Olliebear on 09/04/13 at 12:17 AM | #

Is it just me or do I sense some sort of End-Game here.

Perhaps it’s wish-full thinking on my part but I don’t think so. Point is though, we are not going to stop until justice is done. For example page 39 of John Kerchers book (Thank you Hopeful) says it all. There is no way on Gods green earth that Knox will ever have something like this written about her.

That of course is partly why we keep on going because the people herein value intelligence above all else. Sometimes, with little else to do, I go to Ground Report. In all honesty the drivel they write is beyond comprehension. It’s as though they believe that the more words they use (ie writing by the pound) the more they will sway the undecided.

Of course then there are the true believers who think the sun goes round the earth which is flat of course. Or that water runs uphill or that Michelle Moore has a modicum of intelligence, but there you are. No! It feels like the end game to me, or to paraphrase Winston Churchill “It’s not the beginning of the end, but rather the end of the beginning.”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 09/04/13 at 12:58 AM | #

Sollecito says “I know that if I didn’t meet her I would have a different destiny. But it doesn’t change the fact that the mistakes weren’t made by her.”

I can’t help detect a certain smugness in this attitude. No doubt the prosecution theories as to motivation and who did what aren’t the whole story. Only the trio know what actually transpired, and this enables them to easily perceive the prosecution as bumbling and inept. It’s a short step from there to painting them as vindictive, given the ulterior motive.

The fact that the prosecution has correctly identified them as the perps seems to go right over their heads. Unreal.

Can we please have this unbelievably arrogant pair behind bars, pronto.

Posted by Odysseus on 09/04/13 at 01:04 PM | #

Sorry but I can’t stop posting after Knife-boy’s stomach churning ITV interview.

He says that Guede is “100% responsible for this crime and he knows everything”.

What a load of horse manure. How does he know Guede was 100% responsible if, as he claims, he wasn’t there. And what does he mean when referring to Guede with “he knows everything” - that’s a strong statement about someone he tells us he has never met, isn’t it?.

Sollecito is in a hole and he can’t stop digging.

Posted by Odysseus on 09/04/13 at 03:27 PM | #

And if the evidence is completely flawed for RS and AK’s convictions, why is it completely trustworthy and reliable for RG?

I haven’t watched the ITV clip, and have no intention of seeing it I’ve decided. Thanks all for your shared outrage.

Posted by TruthWillOut on 09/04/13 at 03:43 PM | #

I dare say RG does “know everything”..... And one of these days he might just decide to share everything too. I hope he’ll be safe first.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 09/04/13 at 04:00 PM | #

If nothing else RS’s stance in the interview might be giving us an idea of how his lawyers are going to approach the re-appeal i.e. they’ll likely concentrate on trying to demolish the whole multiple-attacker scenario. I suppose that’s the obvious and only way to go for them, given that the alternative would be to identify two other attackers - and of course the defence have already tried (and failed miserably) with that one when they created the “house-burglary gone wrong” patsies.

Posted by Odysseus on 09/04/13 at 05:01 PM | #

@Odysseus….well, good luck with that then.
Might be time ( for the defence) to re-read the Massei report where it is explained in substantial detail why only multiple attackers make sense.
I think the defence have already tried arguing about the knive(s) used, and it failed to hold water… Etc.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 09/04/13 at 05:34 PM | #

Hi Odysseus

No, in the real world (Italy) the lone wolf theory (as the defense knows) has been dead on arrival for years.

Timely that we have a new post on this. It will be up soon. Thanks for provoking it.

There is a long complicated post pending on Frank Sforza and the domino effect but we are still gathering information.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/04/13 at 06:05 PM | #


Too true. If I were his lawyer I’d throw in the towel right now.

Posted by Odysseus on 09/04/13 at 06:13 PM | #

Shameless Sollecito is now on BBCWorld News Hardtalk programme. More tripe from poor Raffaele who it seems wrote early on to the Kercher family.

Roll on his appearance on the stand in Floerence at
least there you would listen and not call for the sick bucket.

Like Knox if he is guilty How can he go on like this?

Is there a place in Dantes inferno reserved for him?

Posted by Olliebear on 09/05/13 at 12:21 AM | #

Here he is again. Now claims he tried to contact the Kerchers and received no response, also wants to visit Meredith’s grave the sick bastard.

Says he is to attend appeal.

Looks like a wax work out of the house of horrors the creep.

Posted by Jeffski1 on 09/05/13 at 12:24 AM | #

I don’t have the stomach to watch.  If anyone knows of a transcript, can you post a link?

Posted by Ceylon on 09/05/13 at 04:41 AM | #

“Six years ago a young English student Meredith Kercher was murdered in Perugia, Italy. The investigative and judicial process which followed was fundamentally flawed. Two people, Meredith’s American flatmate Amanda Knox, and Knox’s boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito spent four years in prison convicted….”

How can the BBC write this biased and incorrect statement as the lead-in?

Posted by believing on 09/05/13 at 06:52 AM | #

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the BBC to be biased and/or incorrect.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 09/05/13 at 08:34 AM | #


You are right unfortunately. As an ex-BBC hand I can only comment that this is a relatively recent failing (if we are talking about News and Current Affairs).  Time was that the Beeb had a well-deserved world-wide reputation for honest reportage.

New Labour went to war with them of course over the David Kelly “sexed-up” dossier affair and that seems to have left them wary of courting controversy - though why they would consider ignoring the plain facts in this case is beyond me. It’s hardly a question of national security.

Laziness and going with the media flow? Also the upper echelons are now staffed by establishment figures/political placemen and management accountants, not the broadcasting professionals of old. More value put on meeting budgets than getting the story straight.

Posted by Odysseus on 09/05/13 at 11:26 AM | #

And why investigate when you can copy and paste?

A problem with the BBC going back decades is the relentless recruiting in the management/producer mould, and shaping opinions into goody-left v evil-right.

Many organisations have this problem, as it is the human condition to lean in to those one resembles most closely, but the BBC with a veneer of political correctness and a selfrightous belief that they are always right, even when they’re wrong, have such a left media agenda, and an ability to ignore facts to the point of not acknowledging their existence, that their credibility as a news organisation is damaged.

They make articles and news items based on popularity and ratings. A publically funded organisation does not have to concern themselves with advertising revenue and ought to transparently show facts. Their desire for popularity has them spouting fiction in place of facts (just look at their record on global warming propaganda alone). As a leftie myself, I find the BBC now irrelevant to my life. I resent paying my license fee, and consider their eventual demise both tragic and inevitable.

What a pity!

Posted by TruthWillOut on 09/05/13 at 11:51 AM | #


Maybe, maybe… Except for “global warming propaganda” - I’m not going down that route!

Posted by Odysseus on 09/05/13 at 01:21 PM | #


I just mean they only report hysterical, high click, items. Counter evidence and opinions are routinely excluded as that doesn’t comply with the BBC leadership agenda. I have lost count of the misrepresented reports on the BBC on that matter alone. That’s all I was implying 😊

Posted by TruthWillOut on 09/05/13 at 02:10 PM | #


I completely agree with you.  It is such a change from their deservedly reliable reputation of old.

My father, an old-fashioned English gentleman, would be turning in his grave…he used to say : ’ While the Third Programmed still broadcasts in a calm and measured way - there is hope for civilisation ‘.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 09/05/13 at 02:21 PM | #

@SU - what a lovely quote!

Posted by TruthWillOut on 09/05/13 at 06:48 PM | #
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