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A Majority May Vote “No” In Referendum 4 December, Maybe Transforming Prospects In Meredith’s Case

Posted by Peter Quennell

The justice chunk of the huge package of reforms Italy is voting on 4 December probably appeal to pretty well everybody.

They address the awful slowness of the Italian courts and the repetitions of process steps to get it “just right” which too often result in just the opposite. They would tilt back a little toward the victim who too often gets “disappeared” just as Meredith did.

But they are chained to the parliamentary, economic and educational reforms, which PM Renzi cooked up with ex-PM Berlusconi. Maybe not such a smart idea.

They passed with only a bare majority in parliament, hence the referendum. Hence also Renzi’s promise to resign as Prime Minister if the electorate votes against them.

Those reforms are seen by young people in particular as amounting to a powergrab by the center-right and a move away from free college-level education (just when the US may be about to do the opposite).

PM Renzi may or may not have angled for the strange Fifth Chambers outcome in Meredith’s case. But he lost popularity for seeming bending to widely-suspected US arm-bending on this and some other issues even though he and President Obama seem to have not much in common.

If Renzi does go, we are told that prospects for a turnaround in Meredith’s case could become dramatically better. The politics would become right for this case to proceed.

Keep watching! 


Poor Italy. Flying blind in a big way. This situation and the Brexit situation and the Trump situation have things in common. 

Rather than lefties or righties, the sooner we all share the tools to be bottom-uppies, the more empowered and bought-in all people could become and the easier any reforms could be also.

And economic growth? It could quite possibly double. Most inventing is done by small groups in garages and down in the guts of companies, by bottom-uppies, not in the boardrooms or the offices of multi-millionaire managers.

Trump seems to have something of a talent for certain systems, a hit-and-miss instinct for value, and appalling process skills. Same as Berlusconi.

In my experience all billionaires are one-trick ponies and mostly not what the world needs more of. They are adamantly top-down and invest super-terribly. Big banks also.

This book falls far short of what the tools are capable of now, but in terms of describing what standout successes exist already (including in northern Italy) its a pretty okay starting point.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/03/16 at 10:57 AM | #

Well Sunday 4 December is the date the population actually votes. That may help.Significant meetings are scheduled for this Friday, but not the main event.

Remember this was all pretty fast in the making - Renzi “threatened” it long ago but hoped the Parliament would really go along with his reforms. A lot of scrambling is going on now.

This concerns Italy remaining in “Europe” too. The reforms are favored by the EU and the alternative seems to be a Brexit-type exit -which for Italy seems to make quite good sense.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/03/16 at 10:45 PM | #

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