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Exploding Nightmare For Lawyers Of The Defense: Torrent of “Mistakes” In Sollecito’s Hapless Book

Posted by Sara

More and more and more wrong facts and libels are being turned up in Sollecito’s pathetic book, both by us here and by an irritated officialdom in Rome and Perugia.

Amanda Knox is rumored to perhaps be mentally unstable and figuratively locked in the attic in Seattle. Now Sollecito seems to have been disappeared back in Italy for his own good as well.

Sollecito’s own lawyers (who have in the past threatened to walk) and his own family have already thrown him to the wolves on Italian TV over just one highly libelous claim and there are an estimated two dozen more still to surface.

Not really a good idea to write a shrill “I’m the real victim here” book unchaperoned, when you have the smug mentality of a 12-year-old. The facts strongly against you. A very bright prosecutor. And a ghost writer whose slobbering over a laughably fictional Sollecito suggests he has a something of a boy-crush.

Raffaele Sollecito has made many stupid claims in his book, but perhaps none is so obvious and more idiotic than his claims about the “lost” emails.

What is it with this guy and the emails? He seems to think (or perhaps, thinks that the readers are stupid enough to believe) that if a computer or a hard drive is destroyed, all the emails in it are lost as well. Come on already, surely they taught him the mechanisms of email in his computer classes.

Look at his statements regarding emails. In chapter 2 (Love and Death) of his book, he describes the morning after the murder -

I’d been up several times in the night””listening to music, answering e-mail, making love””and wanted only to go back to sleep

Right, so he got up many times in the night to answer e-mails. You’d think that this would be his biggest alibi for the night of the murder, right? No, wrong. Raffaele could not prove his alibi because, in his own words -

I did not yet know that the Polizia Postale””supposedly experts in handling technology issues””had seized two of my computers along with Amanda’s and Meredith’s and somehow wrecked three of the four hard disks while trying to decipher them. The bottom line was that the damaged disks were now deemed unreadable. That left just my MacBook Pro to provide an alibi for the night of the murder.

But modern emails DON"T EVEN RESIDE on local hard drives unless one DELIBERATELY downloads them. And even if one does (and hardly anyone ever does) there rarely is reason to completely delete the original, and here there seems about zero reason to do that.

And even if the original IS deleted Facebook and email services have shown under legal pressure that they maintain complete backups going back many months. No way Sollecito’s supposed emails on the night could have been made to simply no longer exist.

Again, when he talks about Amanda and Meredith’s friendship, he says -

If either Meredith’s or Amanda’s computer had survived the police examination, there might have been photographs, emails, and other evidence to point to a more meaningful interaction

Here we go with the elusive emails again. Will someone explain the point of email to this guy? What difference would the local computers surviving or not surviving make to any emails residing on his host’s servers?

He actually has the nerve to criticize the Polizia Postale’s technical competence after making a statement to the effect that he and Amanda could not retrieve their emails as the hard disks were damaged.

Whether the hard disks were destroyed or not, whether it was the Polizia Postale’s fault or not is hardly important here. Admittedly, Amanda is not a “technical genius” (After all, she does not know how to delete messages from her sent items).

But what is stopping this resident technical genius from simply accessing his email box from some other computer or iphone, and printing out a copy from his sent items? Why doesn’t he ask even one of the happy recipients of his emails - by the way, who were they? - to forward it back to him?

Did all of them delete his mails from their in boxes and trash too? Even if we defy all logic and accept that they did, what’s stopping at least one of them from coming forward and testifying that they received a mail from him that night? Did all of them get selective amnesia at the same time too?

Similarly, if any emails that proved the “close friendship” between Amanda and Meredith existed wouldn’t they still be retrievable from Amanda’s mailbox? She could have printed a copy any time. Did she go around deleting all of Meredith’s mails the minute they arrived as well as her own replies to them, and clearing her trash box and all her host’s backups as well, just to be doubly sure they can’t be retrieved?.

Ok, let’s say the emails were deleted. What about the photographs? If there had been any photographs that would establish their “close” friendship, wouldn’t they be there on the camera or phone from which they were taken? Or wouldn’t either Meredith or Amanda have sent them to someone or posted them on their Facebook?

How did EVERYTHING vanish without a trace? If neither of them ever sent the photos to anyone or posted them online anywhere, or even kept them on file, you really have to wonder what was the point of taking them at all.

No one is claiming that Amanda and Meredith were at loggerheads all the time, they might even have gotten along initially. Meredith was not a person who judged people harshly. By all accounts, she did try her best to get along with Amanda, trying to include her in outings and defending her when she got into trouble.

It was Amanda who pulled away saying she wanted to socialize only with Italians. But the fact is that there were clashes and there were differences between them.  Trying to make out that they were the best of friends by claiming the destruction of non-existent proofs is not only unbelievable but also utterly stupid.

Like our main poster Hopeful summarized it: this claimed computer genius has never in four years been able to prove he sent an email? Ridiculous.


In such a deep hole, he should have stopped digging. One of our Italian lawyers just remarked that he has not seen so much disrespect for the role of defense counsel. “Leave it to the lawyers and shut up”.

FOA still carry on (see Amazon reviews) as if 1,000 points of evidence are required to convict. But often only one is enough if a jury cannot be made to swallow a non-incriminating reason why. Now this claim of emailing which has never surfaced in five years must be ‘splained.

If Giulia Bongiorno hangs in there with Sollecito as the book slowly seeps into Italy (that will be a surprise) she now has a lot more ‘splaining to do.

“Throwing to the wolves” was really started by Sollecito himself in the book where in various astonishing ways he undermines Amanda Knox and more blatantly his own dad.

Francesco Sollecito is sharp-elbowed and hard talking at times, but he has had a fine medical career, went to bat hard for his kid, paid all legal fees and often attended court and faces possible conviction along with several others in his family for releasing an evidence tape and being caught in tapped calls taking of swaying politicians. .

Andrew Gumbel is lightyears away from capturing the real Sollecito, who was a weak loner full of supposed grudges and power fantasies who received little respect within his small circle of friends. This image shows him rather pathetically trying to fit in.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/20/12 at 01:28 PM | #

Thanks for pointing out Sollecito’s ridiculous lie. He has now given at least four different alibis for the night of the murder. First, he claimed that he and Knox were at a party. He then he told a completely story and said they were at his apartment. After he was questioned by the police on 5 November 2007, he dramatically changed his alibi again and said that Knox wasn’t actually at his apartment. His new and demonstrably false alibi includes details which he hasn’t mentioned before. How can anyone take this compulsive liar seriously?

Posted by The Machine on 10/20/12 at 02:35 PM | #

Hello and Good Morning/Evening,

Thank You for this update on Sollecito’s book.

What is just as laughable as Sollecito’s statement about the e-mails is that Gumbel actually “went with” Raf’s excuses and put his signature on it.

Gumbel knows the basic “technicalities” of how e-mails work, even “sixth graders” know this.  Did he not question this ?  This gives Gumbel just as much credibility as Sollecito :  a big zero !

Interesting comments about Amanda who has been very “quiet” lately ... Has anyone “spotted” her in Seattle lately ?  Does anyone know what she is really doing ? 

Keep up the great work ! 


Posted by MissMarple on 10/20/12 at 03:08 PM | #


he is slowly getting back his memory- albeit selectively- now that the drug is wearing off. Nothing surprising there, you see. Stuff happens.

of course the emails have disappeared- it happened when the central server crashed- I mean his brain (if it is there at all: I am making some drastic assumptions here). Now that he has reformatted his brain to new evidences, the emails and photographs have suddenly appeared! I am curious about the drugs he was using, real good and charming! For sometime I was thinking that AK was the real drug but I am usually wrong!

One thing I know for sure: he needs a service provider to send and receive emails. Just like his phone. Was he connect to the internet via his cell phone? or via his landline?

Unless he wants to send an email to the devil!

Posted by chami on 10/20/12 at 05:34 PM | #

I am puzzled.  To me the obvious best course of action for Sollecito would be to just shut up and let the public hue and cry die down. But no….!! Here is Sollecito who obviously believes in his own press going forward and proclaiming his innocence in the most stupid way imaginable. Can anyone help me to understand his modus operendi because I can’t. I have read his so called book and it is simply… WELL words fail me in it’s outright stupidity since he all but admits to the murder anyway. Obviously he is living in a dream world of his own making because as he goes Knox goes also. I am reminded of the Drew Peterson case here in the US Or perhaps the more sensational OJ Simpson case. As there is no statute of course the time for them both will run out. Knox has gone into hiding by the way I just bet she shit herself when she read the book.

Wonderful insight to all who have pointed out the thousand or so lies in it. Far better than I could do. My best hope is that the comments herein are translated into Italian and perhaps read by the Italian court.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 10/21/12 at 02:39 AM | #

It appears to me that Sollecito’s use of the computers is remembered AFTER it was discovered that the hard drives were destroyed.

Posted by starsdad on 10/21/12 at 02:27 PM | #

Hi Chami, Grahame and Starsdad.

Yes many claims in the book are indeed made while looking in the rear vision mirror. We are now maybe into the seventh generation. The Machine mapped out the first few generations here.

RS’s lawyers really should have stopped this book, because if the appeal trial is run again as we believe almost certain, he now has all these new contradictions to account for. Seemingly impossible to do so without finally getting on the stand under oath - that could be the supreme damage from this book, that he now has to put up or shut up on the stand.

In 2011 we had several posts suggesting that RS and AK simply couldnt win the first appeal trial without getting on the stand. But we didnt count on two judges being wheeled in who were supremely unqualified and inexperienced. AK made long impromptu pleadings from her seat at the start and end of the appeal trial which to experienced and well qualified judges would have been red flags. Instead they obviously tugged at Judge Zanetti’s heartstrings.

There seems zero chance she or RS can play that game once more. The book is a main reason why.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/21/12 at 04:54 PM | #

@ Peter, thanks for promoting my comment to a main post.

I think we are being rather generous in our assumptions here. Even if we consider that all the downloading, deleting etc are possible theoretically, the question still remains as to when exactly did he do all that anyway.

If he spent the night answering mails, and the next day “discovering” the crime, when exactly did he download the mails, delete them, clear his trash etc? Did he do it in the middle of mopping the floor, when all he wanted to do was go back to sleep?

Or did he do it after the murder was discovered just to make his own alibi weaker? If he did not download anything to the hard drive and just deleted them, then why would the hard drive being ok or not ok make a difference anyway? Not to mention the absurdity of the fact that he claims to have finally “worked” out why Amanda could not have left in the night ( you see, see, she did not have a key). If he was indeed up so many times in the night answering emails and stuff, why would he even need to “work” out all that? if he is lucid enough to answer emails, surely he should be lucid enough to know if his bed was empty or occupied. I could probably go on and on, it utterly baffles me how this pathetic excuse for a book got through the editing process.

@Chami, as usual your comments made me smile 😊

@starsdad, you hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t have put it better 😊

Posted by Sara on 10/21/12 at 06:42 PM | #

When, if at all, is the next appeal scheduled?  I’m wondering if Peter is absolutely sure they are going to have it. It has always seemed to me that the first appeal was rigged from the start, to get the Italians off the hook from having to deal with this American girl or else because Sollecito’s father pulled stings.

I have never thought it was incompetence on the part of that judge, but that it was a fix.  So, if they fixed it once, why would they re-try it? 

If you don’t agree with me that’s fine, but I’m just curious as to your reasoning or evidence that there will be retrial? I hope so.

Posted by NCKat on 10/21/12 at 09:36 PM | #

Hi NCKat,

I recommend reading Galati’s appeal. He systematically catalogues all the clear violations of the Italian Criminal Procedure Code. The judges at the Italian Supreme Court have no choice but to invalidate Hellmann’s insane verdict.

Posted by The Machine on 10/21/12 at 10:02 PM | #


When the bundle of joy metamorphoses into a teenager and thence to an adult nymph, parents usually lose their midnight sleep. It is tough to be a parent and I often wonder what can be more mysterious than a modern teenager! Seriously, I have full sympathy for the parents. What else they could have done? It is particularly difficult for the Italian parents, as they are physically attached to their by-products. I shall not be surprised if AK /RS ever listened to their parents, or anybody for that matter. Talking to them about reason or logic is a pure waste of time and energy. I am not saying that all are like that but they are the majority. I know them because I live with them.

I am almost certain that RS’s lawyers and parents advised against writing or talking anything - but that is not to be. Look at his attraction to Seattle- as if that is the only place in the world where people can read or write.

At some point, not very far, papa will give up. Then the real fun shall start.

Wisely enough, AK has kept her mouth shut. But RS is also being watched with great attention. I think she will delay, as much as possible, publication of her book. But can she? Someday she also will have to face the people.

The kite says: the string is holding me back- else I can reach the stars.
The string says: You cannot fly at all without me

Posted by chami on 10/21/12 at 10:47 PM | #

I wonder if someone should explain to RS why a copy of Knox’s incriminating email to friends and family is available to everyone (probably written on a ‘fried’ computer)
We know that RS accessed a computer at 5.30 am (following the murder) and listened to music. This indicates that his preferred choice of computer was the one he was using. The one that was not ‘fried’.
Also, it is strange that he does not check his emails for replies between 5.30 am and noon, especially 10.30 to noon (when he was supposed to be alone)
As with so many things, somethings not right

Posted by starsdad on 10/22/12 at 01:07 AM | #

When’s the verdict expected again?

Posted by James Higham on 10/23/12 at 12:09 PM | #

hi James

Th Cassation hearing is 25 March and there could be an annnouncement the same day.

There’s a schedule of events via our left column and most are tentative or undated.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/23/12 at 01:58 PM | #

Good observations, Sara.  Not only the emails would be retrievable (by several different means of which the least likely would be a requirement for access to the local hard disk) but so would the alleged music file activity.

Keep in mind that Sollecito offers these indicators with a casual precision contradicted immediately by his claim of smoking pot and having little, if any, recollection of the events of the evening.

My favourite excuse of his, to date, is his claim to have signed his retraction of AK’s alibi, knowingly including statements he later claimed to have been false, because the police were treating him kindly.  This is exactly the opposite of what he’d claimed right up until that point and the opposite of what his newfound internet friend and alleged sniper Steve Moore told him to say.

Posted by Stilicho on 10/23/12 at 09:43 PM | #
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