Add “Duper’s Delight” To Knox’s Many Strange Symptoms?

1. Pointer To A Syndrome

The excellent Liz Houle posted this perceptive video in March of last year.

It’s been suggested that we also carry a mention of Knox’s duper’s delight (aka duping delight) syndrome - or, perhaps more accurately, telling symptom.

The reason being that we have so often noted but without labeling it Knox’s tendency to blatant, malicious and obviously enjoyable lying, often for profit, when either a subtle shading of the truth or a mere shutting-up could serve her long-term interests well.

For example, when she gleefully fleeces paying audiences in claiming she wrongly served four year in Cappanne Prison because of those perverse Italians.

Of course three of those years inside were fully justified in the eyes of every Italian court that examined her framing of Patrick and Knox is rightly a convicted felon for life. She has never sued for damages, and not on those grounds complained to the ECHR.

So here we go.

2. Some Telling Analysis

Click for Article:  Dupers delight and the joy of conning

...sociopaths struggle with boredom and ways to get excitement. One way that they can get a rush is by manipulation and deceit, and deliberately conning someone. This is called dupers delight. The rush that they feel when they are conning someone who they feel is more stupid, and can’t see through their lies.

Click for Article:  Duping Delight - The Thrill of Lying

When Hitler so successfully lied to Chamberlain concealing that he had already mobilized the German army to attack Poland, he asked for a time-out from their meeting. With his generals who had been witnessing his most successful lies, Hitler went into an anteroom, where he reportedly jumped up and down with joy, and then having reduced his duping delight, he returned to the meeting.

Click for Article:  Psychopaths and Duping Delight

The phrase was coined by the psychologist and body language expert Dr Paul Ekman. and was defined by him as “the pleasure we get over having someone else in our control and being able to manipulate them”.

Duping delight most often manifests as a grin or a smirk which will flash across a person’s face, and is usually completely inappropriate to the situation or the topic that is being spoken about. The psychopath is either about to lie, or is lying to someone and they are believing it, and the smirk is a leaked expression of pleasure that they are getting away with it.

Click for Article:  Duping Delight, Eye Contact And Smiling

Two possible explanations exist for an increase in eye contact and smiling. One is that smiling happens more often because the liar is experiencing pleasure with the act of lying which has been extensively proven through research on psychopaths, con-men and pathological liars, the second says that a smile is in fact due to stress and embarrassment which causes a stress smile. An increase in eye contact is also explained in terms of a desire to measure the efficacy of the lie.

Click for Article:  Why do narcissists want to destroy people?

All narcissists are struggling to keep their duper’s delight and sadistic delight from taking over and turning them [from Dr Jekyll] into Mr. Hyde. The bloodlust stays under control as long as nothing triggers it too much.

But sometimes, circumstances just happen, and one thing leads to another, and they get full blown duper’s delight transformed into uncontrollable cruelty, or full-blown sadistic delight transformed into its hyper-form, homicide. And, metaphorically speaking, before you know it, the cute kitten suddenly gets squeezed to death.

Click for Article:  Pathological Lying: A Psychopathic Manipulation Tool

Unlike lies told out of fear or to hide shame, psychopathic lies are often told because they bring a shallow form of pleasure to the liar. This is called “Duper’s Delight.” This explains why psychopaths sometimes lie when it is completely unnecessary or when the truth would be more advantageous. Psychopaths also include a variety of details in their lies, not only because it makes their lies sound more credible, but also because they enjoy constructing a false reality and making others believe it. It feeds their need for power and provides them with sick entertainment.

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Dupers Delight also appears in the written word or, as in this case, Knox’s e-mail.

This, she probably thought, was a masterpiece of creative writing. A fictional account created to deceive everyone.

We know it is fictional because there are many things in her account which do not make sense when it is analysed carefully, although on a first read the account would seem plausible to the reader.

What we need to factor in is what she did not when writing it. That was due to her confidence that the initial draft of that account had, she thought, already been accepted by the investigators. What was not factored in (inter alia) was the fact that the break in would later be determined to have been staged, and that likewise there was evidence that the crime scene had been tampered with by the strategic removal of visible blood traces which would otherwise not have sat easily easy with her account of having visited the cottage to have a shower before the discovery of the murder.

But she had dealt with the blood, had she not? No worries. So she can go a bit over the top with her account of returning to the cottage with Raffaele after “the shower”.

She starts as follows -

“I unlocked the door and I’m going to tell this really slowly to get everything right so just have patience with me.”

I think this is “dupers delight”. Whereas she was all dizzy and confused before with her account of the first visit now she is going to take her time over the second visit, not to just to get it right (though that is partially it - though not in the sense she wants the reader to know) but because she is going to relish it. This, after all, is what the staging and manipulation of the crime scene was all for. She has seen this moment in her mind’s eye before and now she is experiencing it as she would hope that the others shortly to pile in (i.e Filomena and her pals, and the police) would.

This part actually does start slowly but then all of a sudden she is flying around the cottage in a complete state (or panic, as she would have it) -  and this is where most of the inconsistencies in her account occur, probably due to the thrill of the deception in which she is engaged.

The other instance of “dupers delight” is at the end of the following passage.

“While we were waiting two ununiformed police investigators came to our house. I showed them what I could and told them what I knew. Gave them phone numbers and explained a bit in broken Italian, and then Filomena arrived with her boyfriend Marco-f and two other friends of hers. All together we checked the house out, talked to the police and in a big [word missing] they all opened Meredith’s door. I was [standing] aside really having done my part for the situation.”

“I was [standing] aside really having done my part for the situation.”

What situation was that then, and what part had she played in it? She knew the answer to that. Pure dupers delight. A confession hidden in plain sight if only the dopes had any evidence and brains.

Posted by James Raper on 11/05/20 at 06:06 PM | #

@James Raper, thank you for citing her duper’s delight in her writings. She is better at writing lies than in voicing them. I knew the minute I saw that prison email she sent to multiple people right after her arrest that it was nothing but a tissue of lies and misdirection, a dramatic breathless performance as she loves to engage in.

In this post by TJMK the old interviews of her with Elizabeth Vargas and others reveal her duper’s delight to the max. They show her squirming. Her body language, the slight grins, the big grins, the tense and inappropriate affect are clearly visible.

The man with German? accent who analyzes her body language slows down the film to show her clever ways, how she freezes, lowers her eyelids to gain time to think up a story in the embarrassing moment. She gives herself away to anyone with discernment.

He points out her deception upon her release from prison as she thanked her supporters at microphone. She stood beside Edda, Chris Mellas and with old boyfriend Colin Sutherland behind her. There she is overwhelmed at her release as is understandable but the expert says she is completely “making a drama” as the body expert knows. “You saved my life.” “I’m the lucky one.”  He said it’s all theatre. She has cognitive overload, no natural emotions that flow and is thus lost for words, struggling to say the expected thing.

Knox is a case study in duper’s delight and in how a criminal lies about his innocence. She is valuable to the world as a great example of the Liar’s Art.

She is truly a good example for the textbooks of how a proven liar will continue the deception for decades, getting ever smoother with his performance.

She loves to stand before gatherings of attorneys and people of achievement and dupe them with her fake innocence when she could barely speak the words, “I didn’t kill Meredith Kercher.” “I didn’t kill her.” A simple declarative sentence without modifiers is the strong statement of the innocent according to statement analysis.

She spoke all around the subject about Meredith’s “broken body” and her “corpse”. She couldn’t say directly, “I did not have her blood on me” (the point she was trying to make). Instead she resorts to the words “broken body” so she doesn’t have to use the word “blood” because it’s nearly certain she had copious amounts of Meredith’s blood on her and her clothes.

In the Vargas interview Knox is stiffly seated between her mom and her sister Deanna with the rigid Curt Knox to the side of the three women on studio couch as they celebrated Knox’s return to the States after acquittal. Boy is that interview excruciating to watch. Knox is particularly uncomfortable.

Knox looks so nervous around her mom and family, and this is after she has been released and her trials are over. An innocent person would be more relaxed than ever and shouting for joy and probably yelling for revenge on the system that had misread her. But Knox is tense, still hiding things, picking her words extra carefully. And some of that caution is wise after dealing with legal issues for years when every word can be used against one.

But Knox acts guilty yet relieved in the interview, and pretending otherwise.

She cannot lie quite as effortlessly with her family sitting on either side of her, watching her intently. They know her too well, yet she must put on a performance of innocence she doesn’t believe in herself.

And how crude of her to bring up the youngest daughter Delaney, saying it was Delaney’s childlike reassurance when Delaney spoke to Knox and said it’s going to be all right, that buoyed Knox the most during her ordeal. Delaney is Curt’s child by Cassandra, a second marriage (although the child’s words might have truly been a help to Knox, that’s not the issue).

The issue is Knox’s ingratitude right on the couch with cameras rolling. Knox makes a big point of praising Delaney’s childlike remarks when she had Deanna her full blood sister sitting right beside her and her mom Edda beside her both of whom as adults had made great sacrifices to support her during her Perugia trial. Her big clapping for Delaney (although she may be a wonderful child) just seemed like a diss at Edda and Deanna by comparison.

Knox looked over at Curt to garner his support when she mentioned Delaney so the remark was obviously meant for him, to flatter him, but it seemed a clumsy and unkind way to minimize all her Mom and Deanna had done for her to thank someone from Curt’s “other” family rather than be more fulsome with her verbal gratitude to the ones with her on the TV set who had sacrificed so much more financially and physically in effort to travel abroad for her.

These videos of Knox are like a walk in the Past. She has certainly aged and not very well. They show her at early stages of getting her mask on and first learning how to polish the facets of her deception.

She showed such fakeness then and for those who know the whole story even now she is such a fraud and duper. She can’t cover it entirely despite years of practice.

She and her Mom both seem to be always at the edge of giddiness when interviewed.

Knox can barely keep a straight face no matter how grim the subject. Is this a hint of bipolar creeping out?

Posted by Hopeful on 11/05/20 at 07:20 PM | #

Wow. We had not discussed this in emails first, there was merely an emailed tip from someone who does not post, but James R and Hopeful sure took off down this road fast. Powerful insights there. A textbook case for the ages perhaps?

Assuming that they are among the duped (some of them may be dupers too) what to make of the groveling throng described here? Or Knox’s “better half” described here? Do they have named clinical syndromes too?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/06/20 at 08:03 AM | #

This is also a very interesting vid by Nick van der Leek, about her narcissism:

He says that the reason Knox tweeted “Whatever happens, the next four years can’t be as bad as that four-year study abroad I did in Italy, right?” was because there was no news about the anniversary of the murder on 1st November, so Knox put that tweet out there so as to get herself back in the spotlight.

He is surely right about that!

Posted by DavidB on 11/08/20 at 04:39 AM | #

Hi DavidB

Yes the anniversary of Meredith’s murder provides this sort of ghoulish opportunity for Knox and a few others.

Meredith’s birthday does not do that, which is why the family make that their day of remembrance.

They suggested others might like to do that also, and we go along with that.

And of course, for three of those four years Knox was serving a prison sentence for felony defamation. I dont see that mentioned in the YouTube comments.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/08/20 at 10:09 AM | #

Coronavirus: Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine found to be 90% effective in ‘great day for science and humanity’

This is fantastic news.

Posted by The Machine on 11/09/20 at 11:30 AM | #

Thank you, DavidB, for Nick van der Leek. His True Crime Rocket is interesting. He is very very savvy on psychology and motive. He’s so right on why Knox tweeted about her Perugia 4 years comparing it with the pandemic and U.S. election unrest, riots. It was because she was all hyped up about the anniversary of the murder and yet it was absent from the media.  So she stirred things back up, pointing to herself as usual.

Who agrees that she probably starts getting antsy, nervous, anxious and frustrated and panicky about the time October 1st appears on the calendar every year? Those weeks in the run up to the tragic November murder must have Knox flailing mentally in near panic. What dreams and nightmares she must endure each autumn.

She probably gets more miserable with every passing year at the anniversary of Meredith’s death, not because of any love for Meredith but maybe more and more regret that she killed her? Or because of the attendant difficulties that entered her life that November and her parents’ lives: the avalanche of suspicion, the aftermath of arrest, incarceration, litigation?

More and more regret must pile up when she realizes that evil notoriety and negative fame despite its power to finance her, puts her in a lifetime rut of performing a one-act show. One act for the rest of her life.

The 2007 crime also tars her with a brush that she can’t wash away. Every year must get harder and more futile. An axe hangs over her head that may fall at any time with forensic breakthroughs or humans who confess all. Her life is a tightrope walk over an abyss.

@The Machine, Thank God for Pfizer’s new vaccine against Covid 19. This is good news to the max. I hope it saves many many people from that dreadful virus. Science is wonderful. Amazing how fast they have found a preventive. The miserable CV 19 is very very tough on anyone who is not in fairly good health. It can kick in some bad complications if a patient has comorbidity.

I think I had a form of it in June 2019.

Then I had a beloved but aging cat (really on his last legs). It was hot hot summer and fleas became a problem. I had the yard fumigated. Had the interior of house “fogged” or flea-bombed. I fled to a local hotel to avoid the fumes. There I stayed for weeks away from the compromised air.

I had no idea what crud I had contracted but I was sick as a dog with a cannon like cough and immovable chest congestion that was like trying to breathe through lungs full of polyester fiber-fill or packed cotton.

I thought it was flu.

Covid19 was unknown at the time.

A month later I was still coughing every other breath after going through bottle after bottle of mucus thinners, Nyquil, Mucinex, Hall’s Mentholyptus drops. The only real comfort was hot baths for steam although the hotel water supply never seemed hot enough.

I had zero appetite for a week or more, very unlike me. I drove to a nearby Olive Garden restaurant, brought food back to hotel room wondering when I could ever breathe again and not cough through every bite. It ruined “eating out” lest I disturb other diners with the loud cough.

Six weeks passed, still the barking cough.

Finally my adult children urged me to see a doctor.

One shot of steroids and a Z-pack (zithromycin) and I was new person in 24 hours! God bless the doctors.

I kept trying to kick it on my own, mostly succeeded but it had nearly morphed into pneumonia.

Later I read online about “The German New Medicine” some wild theories that illness occurs only AFTER a psychic shock and is the body’s way of healing itself. They flip the script with this theory, saying that sickness is not to be feared but is the body actively restoring itself?!!!

I had received some bad news immediately before my 2019 “covid” so was intrigued at the German New Medicine theory.

The bad news turned out to be unfounded.

This covid is what I call not the bubonic plague but the “pneumonic plague” becomes instant pneumonia or bronchitis.

I never go to doctors but next time I will go super fast for steroids, Zpack and maybe hydroxychloroquine or Regeneron? or other new meds.

They say even aspirin helps (it prevents blood clots in lungs that Covid is bad about causing) but I already was taking fish oil. It’s like aspirin but a natural blood thinner.

I don’t worry as much as I used to about illness. I stand on faith from Psalm “He will make all your bed in sickness” (if you remember the poor) so just give$$ to the poor and trust God.

Even alone at hotel I always slept in a clean bed. If the illness had gotten worse or ever sickness one day leads to extreme weakness I believe He will raise up help for me in that day. He’ll make the bed when you are sick.

Now I am frisky as a lamb. Yesterday I painted walls in a bedroom, am buying new rugs, jewelry, dishes, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, hair products, eating goodies, taking road trips, painting canvases of seahorses, glitter, stencils, watching YouTube history about Hannibal, Thirty Years’ War, Spain as Napoleon’s Vietnam and of course End Times Bible prophecy websites, also true crime Snapped and Dateline, hairstyle videos, from sublime to ridiculous, learning stuff I never knew:  up to my old tricks.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/09/20 at 02:32 PM | #

Great to have TJMK back. I’ve been without for about 2 weeks.

Hopeful, God knows how she gets on. She has her disgraceful supporters of course who always repeat the lie: ‘no evidence whatsoever’.  But they can’t wash away the blatant truth.

Sometimes I wonder if her bf is a real person or a puppet.  I just can’t understand how he or anyone around him doesn’t know the truth.

Posted by DavidB on 11/17/20 at 03:44 PM | #

Hi DavidB.

Yes, very sorry to our loyal followers for the lost 2 weeks. The upside is that nothing much happened - on our case at least! Our last big push is still on hold pending the US election dust settling.

BTW the permissions for defined groups to be able to see the various templates that make up our layout (header, footer, side columns, main posting page, and this comments page) are actually a feature not a bug in our latest software.

When we create a breaking news box at the top of the main posting page template, it sometimes switches off readers not logged in (most readers) until we confirm that we know what we are doing! Emailed tips really help here.

Very secure software. No attempts at meddling (there seem to have been some) have been effective in 12 years. 😊

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/18/20 at 08:42 AM | #

Excellent work as ever all. It’s always a pleasure to read everyone’s insights. I would love to know your take(s) on the Jens Soering story which I have looked into for some time with interest. My conclusion is that he is guilty and so I was unsurprised to find that Amanda Knox is an advocate of his and he is the subject of one of her podcasts. Naturally she scarcely alludes to the mountain of evidence against him and draws numerous parallels between herself and him. This, we have come to expect and is typical. Knox inserts herself into every story as a major protagonist. There is a good article in Quillette on the case headed Fabricated Innocence.

I don’t know if any of you have seen this youtube clip where AK blatantly lies about not knowing Rudy. I saw it for the first time today and of course it contradicts her own court testimony. Outrageous.

In the Crime Story podcast about Jens Soering she lies about the date of her wedding. “Chris and I got married on February 29th, 2020”.  I believe the wedding was Dec 7 2019.

Posted by pensky on 11/20/20 at 09:07 AM | #

Sorry everyone,I did not realise there was a great piece about Jens Soering on here already. So ignore my post!

Posted by pensky on 11/21/20 at 04:52 AM | #

Further to my comment at the top here, I should have given the full quote as there has always been something in that part of the e-mail that has puzzled me but which I have passed over. What knox writes is this -

“I unlocked the door and I’m going to tell this really slowly to get everything right so just have patience with me. The living room/kitchen was fine. Looked perfectly normal. I was checking for signs of our things missing, should there have been a burglar in our house the night before. Filomena’s room was closed, but when I opened the door her room was a mess and her window was open and completely broken, but her computer was still sitting on her desk like it always was and this confused me. Convinced that we had been robbed ......”

Yes, I have also been confused by her assertion (and bear in mind that she telling this really slowly to get everything right) that Filomena’s computer was still sitting on her desk like it always was.

Filomena’s testimony on the point is clear enough. When she left the day of Meredith’s murder she had left her computer in it’s case or bag standing on it’s base by the side of and towards the bottom of her bed. That is where she found it the next day but knocked over, with glass on top. And incidentally it could not have been knocked over by the rock as that was sitting in Filomena’s bag to the other side of the window.

There was nothing on the table that could have been mistaken for a computer, in it’s bag or not.

So, that has to be a straightforward misrepresentation (in other words a lie) but nevertheless it is puzzling that she should make that error.

I think it was all part of the thrill of the duper’s delight that she should discount what Filomena might subsequently have to say about it.

It is difficult to see what otherwise would explain this mistake unless she already knew what Filomena had to say and was setting up a deliberate contradiction.However that wouldn’t make much sense as she couldn’t be sure it would be a case of her word against mine bearing in mind that there were other witnesses present.

Posted by James Raper on 11/23/20 at 05:47 AM | #

Hi James

(1) Sharp eyes. These images below, do they help? The Wiki will have some more.

(2) I believe you actually point to two Knox lies. The second one is this.

“...her window was open and completely broken

No it wasn’t. There was a hole. It was in the wrong place. The latch to open up the window was higher up, and would be out of reach from that hole.

As Kermit explained:




Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/23/20 at 12:01 PM | #

In your 2nd photograph, in the foreground is, I think, Filomena’s bag/case for her computer. It’s not exactly where she had left it because she had picked it up to check to see that her computer was still inside.

Another section of her e-mail is also puzzling -

“....I then went into the bathroom where I had dried my hair and looked really quickly into the toilet. In my panic I thought I hadn’t seen anything there, which to me meant whoever was in my house had been there when I had been there.”

As it turned out the toilet was full, as she later remarks she is told by the police. No photographs, please, Pete!

Another bit of creative writing to enhance her panic?! But it really doesn’t make sense except to explain why she had sent Sollecito to speak to Napoleoni to draw her attention to the shit (or, apparently, as she would have it, lack thereof).

Getting Sollecito to do that was really no more than a device to drive home to the investigators that there had indeed been an intruder in the cottage, and hence the point of entry through Filomena’s window was for real.

These two observations she makes. about the computer and the excrement, are
really very difficult to credit as just simple mistakes.

Posted by James Raper on 11/24/20 at 05:00 AM | #

@Peter Quennell @Pensky @James Raper, et al. I am so glad TJMK is back. I enjoy all of the insights, so many thoughtful photos and facts.

@Pensky, oh that Jens Soring is a real piece of work. He is soooo guilty, IMHO. His girlfriend was a manipulative devil of the first order. Jens was like Raffaele, blinded by love and lust. Knox understands that dynamic because she engaged in it. She got a guy to do her bidding. The Jens Soring nightmare, a very interesting case and a young man strangely deep in his blind commitment to his first love yet strangely stupid, ergo Sollecito. It’s no wonder Knox resonates to that stabbing crime. 

@James Raper, you bring up 2 fine points about Knox’s duping delight. One is about where Filomena’s computer was after the supposed break-in, and (2) the state of the toilet. Knox pushed Raf to tell police someone had used the bathroom other than the occupants who would have most certainly flushed it. That is a touch of spite on Knox’s part since she’d been reprimanded about not flushing the toilet herself, probably by Meredith who sadly had to share the ladies’ room with her.

Knox is a devious piece of work, you are so right. She lied about things simply to enjoy deceiving, as well as to undermine other tenants’ reports to police and to mislead. The toilet issue was all about reinforcing the intruder falsehood.

The lie Knox wrote about where she “saw” Filomena’s computer makes me wonder if Knox made the error by recalling from memory where the computer normally had been located in Filomena’s room.

Maybe she fell back on memory to describe a scene she had often noticed in Filomena’s bedroom, and made the mistake? In her haste to lie she had forgotten the computer had been moved during the fake ransack that perhaps Raf had done to help Knox move it to the foot of the bed in computer case?

They say a pathological liar like Knox enjoys lying just for the thrill of insulting the listener.

Well, folks, good week to all. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day. That is this week on Thursday, November 26. 

Time for pumpkin pies, gratitude, feasting and football or whatever your pleasure.  😊

Posted by Hopeful on 11/24/20 at 01:31 PM | #

Oh thank you Hopeful. I sometimes don’t have time to read everything on here and am always amazed at the sheer volume of intelligent and well-researched content. The transcript of Jens Soering’s confession seems very compelling and yet Knox seems to think that picking on a few minor details regarding dna (on which she is an authority) exonerates him. She is intoxicated with her infamy and despite her own narcissistic self-love she does not come across as very intelligent in any real sense. She has learnt the jargon of obfuscation and is articulate in that language. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US from London.

Posted by pensky on 11/25/20 at 11:41 AM | #

Hi everyone, new member here! ‘Long term listener, first time caller’ though. Love all of the work you all do here.

I like the concept of duper’s delight- & the Hitler anecdote is a good one. When I see Knox smile in all of these interviews though, I don’t see genuine delight, I see someone who is primarily angry/annoyed at the idea of being asked such a silly question (like did you murder Meredith?) and the brief smile is a relatively conscious attempt to pretend she finds it almost funny but which very quickly segues into something more real, which is irritation which she then harnesses to give her subsequent denial some energy/emotion.

It shows just how quick to anger she is, which is obviously key to the whole puzzle of motive.

Having just finished reading Follains and James’ wonderful books, I was also struck by how during the trial, when Knox made several interruptions to make personal statements- they were often to contradict witnesses who portrayed Knox as in some way or other a negative light (or as I believe she would have it in her mind ‘a bad person’). It’s evidence she finds it absolutely intolerable to be held in others’ minds negatively. Meredith complaining about her hygiene and particularly saying in the days before that she wouldn’t cheat on a bf back home like Knox was doing would have been equally intolerable to her, to a degree which I think many adults would struggle to imagine, Knox being a child after all.

I might be wrong about duper’s delight, but I see it as faux politeness/mock laughter concealing the genuine irritation which follows. It’s certainly an aggressive conversational behaviour though.

Posted by HotAir on 11/27/20 at 09:33 AM | #

Following on from above, does anyone else remember in Rafs prison diary when he gives an account of the night, he randomly says something like ‘funny thing, Meredith was wearing the jeans of her ex bf from England’ struck me as a strange detail, one thing when you think about it most likely would have been communicated to him via Knox- perhaps in a bitchy way in response to Merediths comment about never cheating on a bf back home like Knox was in the days preceding the murder.

I’m extrapolating hugely so probably completely wrong about this, but it was just something that occurred to me after thinking ‘why the heck is Raf mentioning this irrelevant detail about her jeans??’

Posted by HotAir on 11/27/20 at 09:42 AM | #

Hi HotAir I agree with you that AK is very quick to become irritated. At times she displays a genuine Duchenne smile but at inappropriate moments. Chilling. Most of her interviews see her struggling to manipulative her interlocutor with myriad facial expressions, hammy vocal inflections, darting eyes, gulps and exaggerated hand movements. This arsenal of props is over used and therefore unconvincing. A truthful person does not seek to persuade but Amanda with her contempt for others has not learnt that her audience is not necessarily dimwitted and vulnerable to cheap, laboured playacting. Most of us feel a sense of profound embarrassment and revulsion watching her try and try again and again to make herself believable.

Posted by pensky on 11/28/20 at 05:41 AM | #

That’s a very good description Pensky and I agree utterly revolting to watch the simulation of normal human emotion. She’s really in a difficult situation, not just having to pretend she’s innocent all the time but also in having to fake being a normal person despite lacking the real, social impulses.

I bet she wishes she was OJ and could rob people and write books about being guilty with reckless abandon!

Posted by HotAir on 11/28/20 at 10:07 AM | #

That’s a very good description Pensky and I agree utterly revolting to watch the simulation of normal human emotion. She’s really in a difficult situation, not just having to pretend she’s innocent all the time but also in having to fake being a normal person despite lacking the real, social impulses.

I bet she wishes she was OJ and could rob people and write books about being guilty with reckless abandon!

Posted by HotAir on 11/28/20 at 10:07 AM | #

Welcome, HotAir! Your observations about Knox trying to hide anger with a smile, simulating normal emotion but having mostly one emotion which is “anger”, are all very intriguing ideas. You have perceived many things about Knox especially her easy irritation, it’s true. Thanks for reading TJMK and sharing.

You mentioned Knox’s verbal rebuffs on the witness stand against those who had slighted her, as if she finds the slightest criticism intolerable. Amen to that, she has a very short fuse.

Why? She is scarred from her early years torn between mouthy Edda and silent Curt. At an early age she felt unsafe when father left the family, then as first born she took a lot on her shoulders for mother’s sake but maybe with hidden resentment.

She grew up in a world of females and wanted to be the boss cow among them. When the cottage in Italy presented her with a similar all-female dynamic, she wanted to establish herself at top of the pecking order but Meredith greatly challenged that ego, not on purpose but she generated envy in Knox. As pensky says, her narcissistic self-love was about all Knox had.

When Knox felt less-than when compared with the classy Italian women in the cottage and the incredibly lovely and gifted Meredith, she had some kind of internal crisis and snapped. She probably lost herself in drugs, sex, madcap activities and exhaustion of late night hours, partying and acting stupid, anything to feel something.

Raf himself claimed he’d always yearned to experience extreme emotions, probably because he was so muffled and shut down, tired of surviving by passivity. Maybe both he and Knox were secret rageaholics.

Then the Halloween atmosphere of carnival threw Knox the black cat off her precarious balance internally so that she was ready to be offended as a good excuse to fight it out, to try to restore dominance through bizarre physical aggression. Maybe it was simply to “cow” Meredith at first, impress her, shake her up or shatter her confidence but then Meredith showed her mettle and struck out. Knox was injured and surprised by Meredith’s courageous response to fight back, ashamed of herself and further enraged.

That escalated everything.

As you say, she is quick to anger at the best of times.

And as pensky said Knox doesn’t appear to have any real deep intelligence. The combo is awkward. She has learned a lot since 2007 of course, but most of it is the art of “obfuscation” as pensky realizes. I agree.

HotAir, please keep sharing your thoughts on this case when you can.

@pensky, one thing you said that puts Knox in a nutshell: “she is intoxicated with her infamy.” Hear hear, love that, that is beautiful. Says it all.

Speaking of intoxication: Knox was always drawn to substance abuse. Just ask the folks who knew her at UW as a student.

Maybe substance abuse is behind her (Raf had a problem with substance abuse, too, he probably still does) but the intoxication of infamy, the extravagant emotional mountains of fame are Knox’s new cocktail of choice.

Intoxication of infamy: it will prove a difficult ride as many have found on that roller coaster.

I think Knox was damaged in youth by a fractured family. She was foolishly allowed too much free rein considering her poor judgment and her mom Edda has paid for indulging her.

Knox should have pursued a career in acting, she might have been a natural there.

@pensky, I went back to research Jens Soring and his accomplice Elizabeth. It was fruitful to recollect that case.

Jens is out of prison now, early release. He’s back in his home country of Germany. He has found as always a following of foolish believers in his “innocence”.

He is estranged from his father now.

I believe in prison he converted to Catholicism. I’d be very happy for that except that:
He has become yet another entrenched liar. He goes on German TV shows loudly clamoring for his innocence and finger-pointing at the former girlfriend, Elizabeth Haysom.

As for Ms. Haysom, she did well behind bars. She calmed herself down completely.
She taught fellow inmates and used her intellect. She came from a very privileged background, had received an excellent education.

I think she was some kind of schizophrenic, personally. They say she’s borderline personality.

In prison she somewhat “took the veil” in the sense she kept her head down and didn’t make waves but accepted her lot in life as deserved.
And it was, considering she was an absolute dyed in the wool liar who had wanted her parents dead for years. She had even tried casting spells to kill them.

Then she found the perfect tool in stupid boyfriend, Jens, to kill them for her after she lied to him about being abused by her mother, and about being sent to a mental institution against her will by her parents.

Jens almost went mad at the thought.
Based on her lies he verbally defended her so excitedly that he had a shaking fit (literally) as he was wildly accusing them of cruelty to their daughter at a meal the parents had pleasantly arranged.

Seeing his runaway emotion, the parents realized he was a nut job ready to crack up at a moment’s notice. They wanted Elizabeth to have nothing further to do with him.

Haysom like Knox also was into drugs.
After high school she ran off from her family to kick up her heels in Europe and act wild, much like Knox with the dream of liberation and self-discovery free from all restraint (or reality). Money got tight, it didn’t end well.

But her parents rescued her.

Jens Soring is guilty of double murder; he’s an unrepentant liar, so is his newfound faith real?

Elizabeth seems to be a bit remorseful but who knows? She’s been released early to Canada where she had citizenship.

She’s no spring chicken. How do such released prisoners of her age ever start over or survive?

She may yet return to her evil ways. I hope not but Time will tell.

Who can she turn to for finances now?

She needlessly killed her wealthy parents who might have helped her with money all her life. They might have left her a small fortune at their natural death. Talk about shortsighted.

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