1. Demonizations: Knox’s Main Targets In Italy

The book is possibly the most dishonest ever written. Deliberately so. Knox was almost certainly going down for the count. The corruption of the 2011 appeal was unraveling - and so the book doubled-down!

Perfectly obviously to any watching Italian and to objective members of the foreign press, and complained about publicly by prosecutors, Knox’s and Sollecito’s first-level appeal in 2011 was bent.

It was bent via (1) judge shopping by defense teams for an ill-qualified renegade judge, (2) illegally expanded scope of the appeal, (3) illegal appointment of external DNA consultants, in theory neutral but with illegal ties to defense teams and a pro-Knox American academic, and (4) frequent flouting of judicial law.

In such contexts of illegalities, Italian law requires that chief prosecutors file a complaint with the Rome Supreme Court. This was done in February 2012. From then on, the two appellants and their families and legal teams absolutely knew a complete reversal was in the cards.

Curt Knox’s and David Marriott’s intention was to steamroll out this inflammatory work, only in English, long before (1) Italians could catch on, and (2) translations into English of court documents could reach critical mass.

Included among around 100 false accusations: AK accuses (1) Judge Paolo Micheli (pre-trial) and Judge Giancarlo Massei (trial) of professional misconduct; (2) Judge Claudia Matteini (preliminary hearing) of incompetence; (3) Prosecutors Mignini/Comodi of misconduct and suborning perjury; (4) Rita Ficarra of assault; (5) Ficarra, Monica Napoleoni, Marca Chiacchiera, Patrizia Stefanoni of committing perjury; and (5) translator Anna Donnino of misrepresenting herself.

(6) Knox also accuses the justice officials of trying to frame her and RS—and vilify them in the media—to save their careers and to look good.  (7) She also claims that the police coerced/bullied her into making the false accusation of Patrick Lumumba. AK also accuses prison officials (8) of sexual assault; (9) of intimidation; (10) of sexual harassment; (11) of harassment; (12) of covering up police brutality; (13) of leaking confidential medical records; (14) of providing an unsafe environment for her; (15) of keeping her in isolation unnecessarily; and (16) of denying her counsel.

But throughout the judicial process Knox was monitored by (1) her lawyers, (2) her family, (3) the US Rome Embassy, (4) the Italian Member of Parliament Rocco Girlanda, and (5) media insiders weaponized by the Knox public relations. Not ONE complaint was ever put before a judge - a felony by the lawyers if they were hiding abuse claims.

Here is a thumbnail of each false claim, and there is more detail in the posts below:

(1) “Mayor” Mignini—framed her

(2) Comodi—framed her

(3) Ficarra—abuser, hitter

(4) Napoleoni—accused of perjury

(5) Donnino—duplicitous double agent

(6) Court interpreter—useless

(7) Chiacicelli—framed her via the knife he found

(8) Stefanoni—accused of withholding data, and incompetence

(9) Other CSI people (though not Guede evidence)

(10) Dozen of unnamed police Nov 6

(11) Dalla Vedova and Ghirga—alleges they ignored complaints

(12) Neighbor Nina—who heard screams

(13) Qunitavalle—lying shop owner

(14) Curatolo—lying drug addict

(15) Matteini—jumping to conclusions

(16) Patrick—he kind of deserved what happened to him

(17) Prison guards—sexual harassment (Agiro is the only one named)

(18) Prison medical staff—commit sexual assault and leak private information

(19) Filomena—drug use at home

(20) Laura R—drug use at home

(21) Judge Micheli—incompetent pre-trial judge who runs a “farce” of a court

(22) Judge Massei and his panel—idiot trial jury

(23) Kokomani—deranged drug dealer

(24) Spiderman Guede—committed attack alone

(25) Sollecito—the doofus boyfriend

(26) Postal Police—clueless and incompetent

(27) Reporters, in fact virtually everyone in the media

(28) Biscotti—Guede lawyer an opportunist

(29) Kercher family—cold and unforgiving, and whatever else

(30) Battistelli, framed her

(31) Finzi, framed her

(32) Profazio, framed her

(33) Trump, wrong politics

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