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The Lima + Aruba Murder Suspect Appears To Be Frantically Dealing: A Lesson For AK And RS?

Posted by Peter Quennell

Not surprising considering the thought of this.

That would grab any half-smart perp’s attention. Smart of the Lima authorities to make that hellish future quite plain.

Dealing is the only way Van Der Sloot can go now, several of our lawyer posters believe. His latest defense lawyer was talking of trying to have his confession to Stephany’s murder revoked, apparently on the grounds that his first lawyer (from Peruvian legal aid) was not a “real lawyer” whatever that means.

Perhaps he is not thinking things through.

Rudy Guede clearly dealt with the system too. He gave away a few things, but not very much (less than we would have liked) but still, he did end up facing only 16 years.

There is a rumor (just a rumor at the moment) out of Italy that Sollecito might - might - be separating himself out. He just might have offered to talk, and to do some sort of a deal.

Our lawyers suspect that Della Vedova and Ghirga might have wanted to try to deal for Amanda Knox too - maybe a psychological or hard-drugs based defense.

But that the hard-liners on the Knox bandwagon in Seattle and elsewhere (Preston, Ciolino, Anne Bremner, Michael Heavey, John Q Kelly, and so on) seem to have duped the Knoxes and Mellases into thinking that an innocence outcome was a very high probability with a hard-line PR campaign and defense.

And now look at where Amanda Knox stands. Not at all pretty. 

In our lawyers’ views, what is the worst move of all moves that the Knox bandwagon drivers and the AK groupies have made?

Arguing that this was simply a lone-wolf attack, and probably only by a seemingly very very very nimble Rudy Guede.

A lone-wolf- attack was totally ruled out over a year ago by Judge Micheli.

He based that on (1) the evidence from Meredith’s autopsy which showed 100% that two or three had to have been involved, (2) the overwhelming signs of a clean-up and the moving of Meredith’s body - several hours after the attack, (3) the various witness statements, and (4) the total meltdown of AK’s and RS’s various alibis.

And the AK + RS sentencing report due out soon on PMF and TJMK in English will be absolutely the kiss of death to any serious defense based on the lone-wolf scenarios (such as they are).

There is not the slightest possibility that Meredith was attacked by just one perp - with TWO knives - while being sexually attacked - while attracting all of THOSE wounds to her body - and not revealing ANY signs of being able to fight back.

Frankly, if the lone-wolf theory is the Knox campaign’s last best shot,  Amanda Knox is well and truly cooked.  She might still achieve a shorter sentence, some final peace of mind for Meredith’s family and friends, and some self-respect for herself through the rest of her life.

But she does need to deal.


By the way ... Aviello said his brother told him that he and a friend went into the house to steal paintings (for mafiosi, they had to be really dumb to go in a house rented to students to find valuable paintings!!!) and that Meredith saw them while Rudy was in the bathroom.

The brother and friend fought with her, she scratched and kicked and the brother stabbed her.

But we know that Meredith did not have a chance to fight back. We know this is a lie. Plus, why hide the keys and the jacket when you can get rid of them in a river or the fire? It does not make any sense.

Plus the brother is nowhere to be found, how convenient ....

But Aviello got in touch with the Sollecitos. Maybe he is just paid to make some smoke, it does not have to be true, it just has to put doubts, allowing the defense to say something. We have to agree that they have few ammunitions! They are gathering stones and pebbles now….

Posted by Patou on 06/11/10 at 07:17 PM | #

Thanks Patou, as always. Our poster Machine will have a full long post on Aviello’s claims up in a day or two, it involves scanning a lot of Italian-language media to find out all about him and his claims.

The UK press seem to be taking him very seriously. Weird. Nobody in Italy is.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/11/10 at 07:25 PM | #

Van Der Sloot has now been charged with Stephany’s murder. A post on this development late today or early tomorrow.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/11/10 at 08:28 PM | #

Thanks for the comments on Aviello - it would seem that he is trying to ‘help’ RS. Maybe Machine will have more on this.

Posted by Ann-Marie on 06/11/10 at 09:01 PM | #

vd Sloot has been transferred to prison now..

as good a summary as i’ve seen of the situation so far

Posted by mojo on 06/11/10 at 10:47 PM | #

In order not to get lost, maybe we should give numbers to all the jailbirds who claim to have some knowledge about the case?

The PR machine run by the Knox family seems to get more professional - new haircut for AK, better color of her T-shirt, steady stream of messages how hard it is to be imprisoned, and creating confusion about who was involved in the murder by presenting jailbirds once in a while.

Regarding all that, it’s even more important that the English translation of the court’s decision will be published here soon. Please think about including line numbers to make it quotable easier.

Posted by Dr. Weissnix on 06/12/10 at 06:52 AM | #

Hi Dr. Weissnix. Okay, as they seem to be lining up in prison, we could number the first dozen!

Actually it is very hard to sow doubts and confusion in the minds of juries in Italy, and especially in this case. They are very smart people. That’s the result of the two days a week trials, one of which is saturday - unlike in the US, it is not usual for the smartest people to get out of their jury duty.

Also the body of evidence is ENORMOUS. The autopsy evidence for example goes on - and on - and on - and on. People in the UK and US mostly don’t realise this because the Micheli report was never put into English and released. (We posted summaries.)

The Knox-Mellas lawyer Theodore Simon himself in a NBC Dateline 18 months ago said it is quite impossible to get a non-guilty verdict out of THIS evidence by attacking it point by point - what he called the Whack-A-Mole approach.

Either dealing or a CREDIBLE alternative scenario is absolutely required, 

It will be far tougher on appeal. It will NOT be a whole new trial. The Massei report will be the point of departure - and it is very very tough.

As a result, Knox’s team seem now to be conceding that she is guilty. They are repeatedly saying now that they hope for an overturn of the verdict OR a reduction in sentence.

If the Whack-A-Mole approach is dead in the waters (except in the minds of the adolescent groupies), and the alternative scenarios represented by the jail-house snitches each get demolished by Mignini in 5 minutes flat (after which, he charges them with perjury), the answer is obvious.

Like Guede’s and Sollecito’s, Amanda Knox’s team need to start dealing.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/12/10 at 02:38 PM | #

@ Dr. Weissnix -

Don’t forget the nun!  LOL

@ Peter, or perhaps Commissario or Beccare -

I know the convicts are not credible, but if they were telling the truth, would they get their own sentences reduced?  I cannot think of another reason for any of them to come forward unless it was to their own benefit.  If they were not eligible for reduced sentences, then what other motive could there be? 

I keep wondering if Papa Sollecito is doling out cash for convict “confessions”, particularly as his hometown of Bari is not far from Naples, which from what I hear is a place where the Mafia thrives.  Also, as Sollecito’s sister was a carabinieri, perhaps she provided knowledge of which convicts would be willing to perjure themselves for whatever benefit there might be. By the way, beyond Vanessa Sollecito losing her job as carabinieri, is there any other action being taken against the family for attempting to obstruct justice?

I find it curious that we hear nothing of Raffaele since his imprisonment, and cannot help feeling that there is something going on behind the scenes.  I realize that the Italians are not given to the kind of dog and pony shows that the Knox/Mellas people are, but still find it strange to have heard nothing at all from the Sollecito camp.  Perhaps Raffaele is keeping quiet now, only to make a surprise later of “spilling the beans” to get a reduced sentence for himself? 

I still feel that Rudy initiated the sexual assault, but that it was Raffaele that did the actual knifework, and both with with Amanda’s assistance (and perhaps at her instigation and insistence, given her hatred of Meredith), and that Amanda did most of the cleanup.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 06/12/10 at 03:32 PM | #

Hi Mo. See the post above for the rumor about Sollecito. We get that from pretty far inside.

The Massei report seems to have EVERYONE in Italy who has read it subdued and facing reality.

And yes, the cons hope for time-off or lenient treatment. Their problem is that they don’t have a clue about the evidence.

This latest snitch didn’t even know that there are NO signs on Meredith that she was able to fight back. (Not surprising given she had TWO knives at her throat.)

If the cons want to avoid perjury charges and MORE time in prison they should first read the Micheli and Massei reports.

If the Sollecito family or defense is manipulating their efforts (quite possible) this should be Jailhouse Snitching #101.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/12/10 at 03:45 PM | #

By the way Meredith’s death blow was from the larger knife and my guess is Amanda Knox was holding that one.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/12/10 at 03:46 PM | #

@ Peter-
RE: “And yes, the cons hope for time-off or lenient treatment. Their problem is that they don’t have a clue about the evidence.”
Supposedly Aviello knows that keys were missing, and I’m not sure how he’d know that without some exposure to what has been said about the case, although perhaps he heard it before going into jail.

And RE: “By the way Meredith’s death blow was from the larger knife and my guess is Amanda Knox was holding that one.” 
I’m wondering if Amanda’s fingerprints/DNA got on the big knife from washing it and putting it away (poor job due to rush cleanup).

Maybe there is something I’m not seeing/thinking clearly…....

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 06/12/10 at 08:11 PM | #

” “And RE: “By the way Meredith’s death blow was from the larger knife and my guess is Amanda Knox was holding that one.”  I’m wondering if Amanda’s fingerprints/DNA got on the big knife from washing it and putting it away (poor job due to rush cleanup).”

As far as I see it: I don’t clean a crime scene if I wasn’t involved in the crime in the first place. Raffaele Sollecito’s knife (the smaller knife) wasn’t found, but the one Amanda obviously handled was found and it had Meredith’s DNA on the blade. My guess is that she “took care” of the knife she handled and Raffaele Sollecito took care of the knife he handled during the attack.

Two knives and three perps, that leaves one attacker without a knife. The one without knife must have been Rudy, because he restrained and sexually assaulted the victim. He only has two hands, doesn’t he?

If any of these three would have been a mere bystander, he/she would have come forward a long time ago in exchange for leniency.

At the very beginning I thought Amanda might have only been present, because she “broke down” when the drawer with the knives was opened in the kitchen. But now we know that this can only have been acting from her side, because the big kitchen knife as well as the smaller combat knife came both from Raffaele Sollecito’s apartment. Even if someone considers Rudy as the instigator, Amanda Knox was the only one reportedly to have had problems and tensions with the victim.

I don’t know what exactly happened that night, but I feel that Amanda Knox was the instigator of the crime. She is the link between all of them and the only one with a motive.

Posted by Nell on 06/13/10 at 03:52 AM | #
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