Thursday, June 10, 2010

Charges In The Murder Of Stephany Flores In Lima Peru Are Expected Tomorrow

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Above: the father of Stephany Flores describing her to the press in Lima. Below: the hotel where she met a violent fate.

The police and prosecution news conference that had been announced for this morning has been put off for 24 hours, at which time a judge is expected to announce the charges against Joran Van Der Sloot.

Apparently the average time between charges announced and a verdict announced in Peru is about two years. Van Der Sloot would be kept in prison for the whole time, standard practice to prevent disappearance and maybe to prevent further crimes..

Those who think that the actually pretty mild media depiction of Amanda Knox in the weeks after Meredith was found should perhaps take a look at this headline in a New York newspaper this morning.

This is pretty typical of the coverage of suspects in horrific murders in the United States, and the very benign treatment of Knox seems a total outlier. The cable new netwroks between them are giving this case about three hours a day, and all have had crews in Peru.

The FBI and police in Alabama seem to be envisaging a request to extradite Van Der Sloot to the United States for the attempted $250,000 fraud of Natalee’s mother. It is still not clear who paid Van Der Sloot the $25,000 he apparently mostly blew on gambling in Lima.

There is also a report that his mother and, before he died of a heart attack in Febriuary, his father were increasingly distancing themselves from their son.

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We’ll probably have a post up tomorrow on the claims of Luciano Aviello that Amanda Knox didn’t do it, and that his mafioso brother did - together with an Albanian.

There is not a one-in-a-million chance that any of his claims about his brother having done it are true.

Aviello has a considerable history of making things up to his own advantage (like Alessi - and like Van Der Sloot) and there has been some sort of contact in prison with Sollecito - who would have known where the keys and the bloody cloth were hidden, if he was the one that disposed of them.

Amazing that the UK and US press reports “forgot” to include all of this.  Articles about Aviello in the Italian press are no more pretty than articles about Van Der Sloot in the American press.

Welcome to the world of psychopasthia. We don’t mean the media, of course. Or do we?!

The caustic UK news-commentator Anorak was clearly one they failed to convince.

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