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The Steel Stairs That Suspiciously Clanged On The Night ADD SHOT

Posted by Peter Quennell

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Neighbor and witness Nara Capezzali has testified that she heard feet running across the top deck of the parking facility and up some steel stairs.

Despite some truly absurd claims to the contrary we believe every word of this testimony.

Click here for a series of images of the route Ak and RS appear to have followed.

The top of the parking facility at night is well, deathly quiet. You can hear anything that moves. And those steel stairs are so noisy, you would think they had been designed as a giant musical instrument.

Because of something the witness in the park said, we think it was TWO sets of feet: Knox’s and Sollecito’s. What the witness in the park said was that Knox and Sollecito approached the park from the street ABOVE the park.

And also, two witnesses have confirmed that it was Rudy Guede who ran up the stone steps alone, and bumped into one of them.

Across the deck, up the steel stairs, through the arch, up the street, past the gelateria, and down a few of the stone steps to the park.

About a half of a kilometer or a quarter of a mile in total.

By the way, from the point by the arch up the street and down the stone steps, this is the route that MEREDITH also followed that evening, not long before, on her final way home from the English girls’ place.


Wow! Really great website and comments. I came to the game late as I only learned of this crime a few months ago but now I read everything on it I can get my hands on. I am still undecided as to the guilt of Knox and Sollecito but I try very hard to keep an open mind and let the evidence speak for itself. And obviously want justice served to the guilty person(s). I have come to one definite conclusion however, and that is that Knox and Sollecito are either very guilty or very, very stupid. One observation I did make on my own and feel free to agree/disagree but Knox said she went home to shower the morning after the crime. I have heard several times that she and Sollecito were enamoured with eachother. Why not shower at his place? She was not in the presence of parents and had no class that day (correct?) so why not shower there instead of coming home? Does she ever say why? Did she need a change of clothes or? It seemed as if they spent every spare moment together so why leave only to (presumably) come back later that day especially if there was no class? Just a nagging detail, hope I have all the facts straight! Thanks again for a great site.

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I agree, especially with the “very guilty or very stupid” comment - I think that is what is vexing me about this case.

The whole story surrounding the shower seems quite fishy on many accounts…especially since the photos of her just a few hours later that day once the crime scene was discovered and the police got there show someone looking quite tired with a look more akin to bedhead/too busy to take a shower - up all hours with a mop/up at the crack of dawn at the Conad store, etc than someone who had done nothing more that day than sleep in til 10:30 and take a shower 2-3 hours beforehand.

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Four members of Sollecto’s family and two journalists have received ‘notification of the end of investigation’ for their part in the screening of images of Meredith’s body from the investigation of November 2 2007. These were transmitted on 31 March 2008 by the local TV station Telenorba.

The possible charges are deflamation, invasion of privacy, and displaying horrific material.

This stage is normally the prelude to trial, as I understand it.

La Nazione

I believe that the family’s attempts to interfere with the course of justice, revealed in telephone intercepts, is still being investigated.

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