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Knox Squawks About Her Sick, Dishonest Slime-Italy Franchise At Risk

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The “Stillwater” Film

In the new “Stillwater” film Matt Damon’s character is in Marseille.

He is sort-of trying to get his murder-suspect daughter out of the hands of those meanies the French.

He and others have said that the film’s idea came in part from the myth that Knox still widely peddles for cash.

The film is said to be ambivalent about the daughter’s role - it comes across to many that she did do the deed.

Comments are mostly hostile to Knox under the YouTube at the top (see here).

Knox herself in the guise of several invented YouTube personas (confirmed to us by insiders; Imateapot51 is a main one) is there trying to fight back with fake facts.

At the moment Knox’s three main angles as her own sock-puppets are these:

(1) Knox was forced in illegal interrogation to confess

First, Knox did not confess, she blamed Patrick not herself, and second she was only ever interrogated twice - in December 2007 and July 2009 - both times at her own request. Even she testified at trial her pre-arrest treatment was just fine. 

(2) The Supreme Court vindicated her as there was no evidence

First, it was the Supreme Court’s Sixth Chambers (family-law court) not the First Chambers (murder court) that was “mysteriously” assigned the final appeal, and second under Italian law IT SHOULD NOT EVEN HAVE LOOKED AT THE EVIDENCE.

Any evidence quibbles should have been sent down to the Nencini Appeal Court. The evidence is massive and very damning in fact.

(3) Those Italian meanies refused compensation for her jail stay

Knox DID NOT EVEN APPLY FOR COMPENSATION though had she really been wrongly imprisoned a big award would have been a walk in the park.

Sollecito did apply for compensation. All courts squashed him like a bug, because of his numerous lies pre and post arrest, which wasted police time for months.

Try telling people this, Knox: It was actually the Supreme Court in Rome early in 2009 that ordered the two of you held till the legal process was done.

That was because it was advised that you might skip out - or cause bodily harm. Judge Hellman’s release of you late in 2011 was illegal in fact.

And you have incited bodily harm ever since.

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