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Questons For Knox: Adding A Dozen More To The Several Hundred Knox So Far Avoided

Posted by Chimera

Knox during a pause in questioning at trial; her answers destroyed many Italians’ trust

1. State Of Play On The Questions Front

Sollecito and his father Francesco actually take questions without 99% of them being agreed-on in advance. 

They evade a lot and lose a little but they also gain some points, unlike a seemingly terrified Knox and a seemingly terrified PR who now seem stuck in tongue-tied and consistently-losing modes.

In Italy last night on the much-watched crime show Porta a Porta Francesco Sollecito had to go along with the official reconstruction of the prolonged pack attack on Meredith which rules out any lone wolf though he again maintained that Raffaele was not there.

Not by any means does TJMK give Sollecito a pass. He WAS there at the attack, the evidence is very strong. And we do have many dozens of pending questions waiting for him to respond.

But the truly evasive one is Amanda Knox. Previously helped by the fawning arm of the American press.

2. Pending Questions We Have Already Asked

These are ordered chronologically with the first questions, by Kermit in mid trial in 2009,  at the bottom of the list.

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3. My Own Dozen Questions More

I have mentioned before my belief that Meredith Kercher’s attack and possibly death was premeditated, at least on the part of Amanda Knox.  Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede, while accomplices, and also liable, did not plan this out.

Below is my own list of a dozen more hard questions Knox should be asked. This post focuses on questions that point towards forethought and premeditation.  And no, crying, having a fit, and refusing to answer just won’t do it.  An open challenge to not answer in a Hellmann-court-type wail.

1. Keeping the ‘‘See you later’’ Text to Patrick

You kept the message that you sent to Lumumba, which you wrote in Italian.  The literal translation from English implies that you actually intend to meet, rather than the English one that means a parting of ways.  As a language student, this common expression was likely one of the first things you learned, if you didn’t know already.

At your voluntary questioning, of November 5th/6th, you give that message to the police, and claim it as proof that you left Raffaele’s apartment to meet him.  The police didn’t force this knowledge from you, rather you volunteered it after Raffaele withdrew your alibi.  Patrick was falsely arrested, due entirely to your statements, and that message.

I considered, and rejected the idea that you might have kept the message in case Patrick might have wondered why you didn’t show.  If that were the case, you would have kept his message not to come in, and not your response.

Here is the 2009 trial video, the relevant part starts at about the 7:30 mark.  At the 10:30 mark, she talks about the message. At 12:15, she says she doesn’t know how to delete sent messages.

Question for Knox: Why did you keep Patrick’s message, if not to use later as a backup plan?

2. The Lack of Videotaping for the ‘‘Interrogation’‘

You and your supporters in the U.S. frequently complain that your November 5th/6th ‘‘interrogation’’ was never recorded.  You claim that if there was such a record, it would corroborate your claims, and prove you were beaten/smacked around/tortured.  A video would go both ways: it could either prove police brutality and misconduct, or it could definitively prove a suspect or witness was lying.

Until that night, you claim nearly 50 hours of interrogation (see December 2013 email to Judge Nencini), yet none of it was recorded.  Odd, if you were the suspect all along.  Witness summaries routinely are not, but suspect interrogations almost always are, if only to cover the police officer’(s) butt(s).

That night, when you said you witnessed a crime you did not report (Patrick attacking Meredith), your legal status changed from a witness to a possible suspect.  You were given a miranda warning, but still continued to talk.

At this point with your new status, the police would have wanted to videotape or audio record any questionings.  And if they had, any claims of the ‘‘police beat me’’ would have been very easy to refute.  So, by staying away from the camera, it actually creates at least a bit of ambiguity, and gives some wiggle room, should you decide to make complaints later.  It turns an open-and-shut matter into your-word-against-theirs where you lose.

Question for Knox: Did the police ever ask to videotape any of your ‘‘questionings’‘?  And if so, why did you refuse?

3. Transporting Raffaele’s Knife to Your Apartment

You and Raffaele were charged in addition to murder and sexual assault, with transport of a weapon, namely, a knife to your apartment and back.  Despite all the denials of your lawyers, it had Meredith’s DNA on the blade, and your DNA on the hilt (the infamous ‘‘double DNA knife’‘).  Most spontaneous violent crimes involve objects in the immediate area, such as the room, whereas this knife was taken from another location and brought to the crime scene.  Frankly, it reeks of pre-planning.

I considered, and rejected the argument of needing protection.  Knox never claimed she felt unsafe walking around Perugia, heck she sleeps with random people there.  If she did feel afraid at times, many women just clench keys in their fists, for something like that.

Even more disturbing, (as you admit you are a CSI fan) the knife was brought back to Raffaele’s apartment, cleaned with bleach, and put back.  Had the bleach actually destroyed all the DNA—it tends to miss DNA in cracks and grooves—it would have implicated Raffaele only, being his knife, and would not implicate you.  Rather than throw it away, like a ‘‘smart’’ killer would do, it is put back, where it is fairly easy to be found.

Question for Knox: Why did you bring the knife from Raffaele’s apartment, if not to use against someone?

Question for Knox: Why was the knife returned to Raffaele’s kitchen?  Were you hoping (as a fallback), that it might lead to him alone?

4. The Staged Break-In

You finally admitted, after long denying, that you staged an April Fool’s Day prank on April 1st, 2007, by simulating a burglary against a housemate.  You found it funny, while others found it disturbing.  However, in order to do such a prank, you needed to think in advance about how you wanted things to look. In short, this had to be planned out.

Well, the November 1st ‘‘break-in’’ at your apartment when Meredith was killed, was ruled by the courts to be a staged burglary.  There are just too many holes in your story, and in the crime scene, to believe it was legitimate.

But what is not clear, is whether the killers staged the burglary as a panicked response to Meredith’s death, or whether some of the details were worked out ahead of time.  And you had, as a prank, done this before.

I considered, and rejected the claim that it was a real burglary.  However, Judges Micheli, Massei, Nencini and the Court of Cassation disagree, and they can summarize it better.

Question for Knox: Did you think of simulating a break in at your home BEFORE or AFTER Meredith was murdered?

5. Rudy Guede’s Involvement

FoAK has long smeared Guede as a drifter, drug dealer, orphan, burglar, and many other things.  There was one bit of truth there: Guede had broken into at least one place, prior to Meredith’s death, although he had not been charged at the time.  He recently got his jail time extended though, as a result of this.

Interestingly, while you claim to not know Guede, your book seems to include a lot of detail about him.  You knew he was interested you.  You say he had done a break in, and you had staged a break in.  You allege his was done in Perugia, while your prank was far away, in Seattle, where no police were involved.  And let’s be frank: men say dumb things to impress women.  What an interesting person to bring along.

Question for Knox: Did you know about Guede’s prior break in BEFORE or AFTER Meredith was murdered?

6. Turning Off the Cellphones (you and Raffaele)

It is now common knowledge that most cellphones contain GPS that can track the movement of a user.  Police know this, and can often track suspects’ movements this way.  Smart people looking to avoid police attention have figured this out, and can turn their cell phones off (or leave them at home), to make their movements more ‘‘anonymous’‘.

Even smarter police have now figured out that people know, and can now find out if turning off phones is routine, or just a one time thing.  Jodi Arias was caught out this way.  Thomasdinh (Dinh) Bowman was caught out this way. See this.

You and Raffaele had never turned off your cellphones, but chose to (and together) the evening before Meredith was killed.

You gave multiple excuses. (1) Sollecito says in his book it was so you could fool around undisturbed.  (2) You say in your book it was so you wouldn’t receive a message from Patrick if he changed his mind and wanted you to work.  (3) You said in your December 2007 questioning with Mignini that it was done to preserve the charge in your phone.  (4) At trial, your lawyers disputed that the phones were shut off?

Question for Knox: Why did you and Raffele turn off your phones the night Meredith died, if not to cover your movements?

7. Ditching Meredith’s Phones

Meredith’s phones, both her English and Italian phones, were found well away from the home.  While it is normal to have a cell phone, very few people have more than one, and other than a friend, family member, or roommate, who would know this?  Meredith’s attackers took them both, and rather try to sell them or use them, dumped them.

Police have speculated that this was done to divert attention, and to give out false leads.  However, this amount of thought in a ‘‘hurried and rushed’’ crime seems very much out of place.  The unexpected consequence is that it helped narrow the focus.

I considered, and rejected the idea that they were part of an actual robbery.  A killer who seems to know so much about evidence, and about cell phone evidence, would take them, knowing the GPS would help track his movements.  Really, what smart killer would take a mobile ‘‘ankle bracelet’’ with him?

Question for Knox: Why did you take Meredith’s phones, if not to throw off the police investigation?

8. Keeping Frederico Martini’s Number in Your Phone

It is now well known, even if not reported at the time, that Frederico Martini (a.k.a. the ‘‘Cristiano’’ in your book), was a drug dealer you met on the train to Perugia.  You ditched your sister, Deanna, to be with him.  And since then, he had been supplying you with free drugs in return for sex.

It is also well known that you gave Frederico’s number to police, probably trying to divert attention from yourself once again, and that he ended up serving time for drug dealing.

You have enough sense to turn your cell phone off prior to phones (see sections 1, 6, and 7), so you clearly knew that phones can provide serious evidence against you.  If you truly were worried about the police searching your phone, you could have deleted his number, changed a digit or 2, changed the name, or otherwise hidden that information.

The police weren’t concerned with drugs, only with catching a killer. 

Question for Knox: Why did you keep Freddy’s number, and then give it to police, other than just another diversion tactic?

9. The Lamp From Your Room on Meredith’s Floor

The lamp from your room, the only source of light in your room, was found on the floor in Meredith’s room.  This would seem odd, as Meredith had two lamps of her own, and your room would be left dark.  Police have speculated that the lamp was used during the clean-up, and then forgotten.

This demonstrates a lot of control, as rather than grabbing an available lamp from Meredith’s room (if it were needed for cleanup), the killers would have moved outside the bedroom, grabbed a lamp from another room and brought it back.

It further demonstrates control, as there was no bloody footprints into your room.  Therefore, the killer must have cleaned his or her feet, then gone into your room to grab the lamp.  And that lamp was found wiped off prints, so whoever took it had the foresight to make sure their own weren’t on it, but had Meredith’s lamp been used, finding it wiped clean would have been a dead give away.

All of this smacks of planning, and had the lamp not been forgotten in the locked room, we would never have known any of this.

Question for Knox: Why was your lamp found on Meredith’s floor, if not to clean or search for evidence?

10. Gloves Used for Cleanup?

The police went through the house.  Although they did not test everything, very few fingerprints were found at all in the house, and only one belonging to Knox, on a glass.  Of course, it raises the question of why any random burglar or killer would do that, and points to someone who is there regularly—a resident.

Such an undertaking would have taken a long time, again, pointing to a resident of the building.  And while a sock or a cloth may be used a few times, it seems extremely impractical to use for any length of time.  That leads another obvious suggestion: gloves.

However, Perugia was still warm.  Amanda, (in that God-awful interview with Simon Hattenstone), said that she could sunbathe in October.  Even if she had them in her luggage, they would probably take time to find.  She was not known for wearing gloves as a fashion accessory.

Given her living habits, it is extremely unlikely she had her own cleaning gloves, and Laura and Filomena never reported such things missing.  Nor did anyone else.  So, where would they come from?

Question for Knox: Did you purchase (or steal) gloves prior to Meredith’s death?

11. Clothes and Supplies

You were seen in Quintavalle’s shop first thing in the morning on November 2nd, even if your lawyers contest it.  He claims you were looking in the cleaning section, but then left.  Strange, as you are not much of a cleaner, however he has no reason to lie.  You also claim that you were not ‘‘missing’’ any clothes, even though Filomena mentions a sweater you were wearing but has not been recovered.

It is also known that you have made many cash withdrawls in the month of October, with seemingly little to spend on.  Police and the media have speculated drugs, but with absolutely no paper trail, there is no way to know for sure how much was spent on what.

Question for Knox: Did you purchase any cleaning supplies, or extra clothes, either before or after Meredith’s murder?

12. Concerning The Gubbio Trip

You have travelled to many places, sure, but hadn’t really gone anywhere after settling in Perugia.  Yes, you had given serious thought to ditching the town, even buying a ticket to China.  Since meeting Raffaele, you two had kept in a relatively small area.  Therefore, the trip planned to Gubbio, for the day after Meredith was killed, seems somewhat out of place.

I may very well be wrong, but was this the first road trip you had taken with him?  You hadn’t packed anything, and you left your house (after the shower) without taking anything.  You apparently also didn’t notice Filomena’s broken window in front of you.

Question for Knox: Was the Gubbio trip for real, or was this a staged cover?


Chimera, it’s worth waiting for. Thanks.

It’s also worth remembering that Meredith’s Lamp was still in the murder-room, but apparently knocked flying in Meredith’s fight-for-life, and unusable.

Posted by Cardiol MD on 03/14/15 at 01:14 AM | #

Chimera, you are hard at work on this as usual, thanks very much. I love to read the new posts daily.

We’ll never get those answers because Knox doesn’t answer questions—she obfuscates.

Not long now..I’m starting to feel that anticipation build, just like last year.

Posted by Wascana on 03/14/15 at 09:31 AM | #

I encourage every single British poster on TJMK to contact Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, before 25 March.

Here are his contact details:
Philip Hammond
House of Commons
t: 020 7219 4055
e: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

It will literally take a few minutes to write an e-mail to him. Amanda Knox shouldn’t be allowed to get away with murder. Sexual assault and murder should never acceptable in a civilised and just society.

Immunity shouldn’t be given to Knox just because she is a white, middle-class American woman who committed her crimes abroad.

Meredith Kercher was a British citizen and the British government should ensure that justice is served in this case.

Posted by The Machine on 03/14/15 at 01:50 PM | #

I see that Karen Pruett has submitted the so called petition to the state department. It was accepted by a secretary who said she would pass it on to John Kerry the Secretary of State. At least that is what Karen Pruett maintains.

The fact that it has just over 3’400 signatures has it seems not stopped her from filing. A petition needs 50’000 to even be noticed and since it has been filed having it filed once more will be difficult. However such things have happened I suppose.

Karen Pruett, on the other hand, has proven once again just how dirty the FOA is because the petition also includes Meredith Kercher’s name in the title so as to disguise it’s true meaning.

Karen Pruett you may remember accused Merediths family of trying to cash in upon her murder and by their smear campaign of the Kercher family once more prove that they will try anything to save the convicted murderer Amanda Marie Knox from the true justice she so richly deserves.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/15/15 at 05:22 AM | #

Thanks guys.  Glad you liked it.

Posted by Chimera on 03/15/15 at 09:54 AM | #

The more she refuses to answer, the more questions pile up. There is no escape till you come clean and face the justice. She can run but cannot hide. The arm of justice is a bit long!

The cover up of the Gubbio trip was rather badly done. She went to a small and cold bathroom leaving behind a warm and large bathroom. I do not know what nice clothes she changed into but I presume they wanted to go there in the morning. It appears that the first priority was to delay the discovery but to be present when it is finally made.

Like most of her cover ups, this one is badly done.  She has never given any satisfactory answer to the money deposit in her account either. I lived in Milan during the same period and on that day I was in Genoa and I have a fair idea of expenses. She had expensive living style and habits.

Great job, Chimera! I have only one question: why, why, why?

Posted by chami on 03/15/15 at 03:15 PM | #

I’ve sent tweets to Philip Hammond and copied in a number of British newspaper editors, Nick Clegg and David Cameron.

Please retweet. Thanks.

Posted by The Machine on 03/15/15 at 06:28 PM | #

Each page on The Meredith Kercher Wiki now has a “share it” button in the heading and also on the navigation pane to the left. Makes it easier to post individual articles on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc and share by e-mail to reporters and news editors.

Suggest something similar for every True Justice article.

Posted by Ergon on 03/15/15 at 06:47 PM | #

The lamp has always been a red flag, but Chimera’s explanation that Knox avoided Meredith’s lamp because she couldn’t wipe it clean of fingerprints when Meredith’s prints would normally be expected on it, and that moving the lamp risked carrying bloody footprints into Amanda’s room which were never found does show careful planning and subterfuge.

The cleanup paired with the fake burglary told the police it was an inside job.

Meanwhile Raffaele early on was clinging to omerta to be like the Mafia who keep silent and don’t rat on each other. His vow of silence must have been signed in blood. It has cost him enough.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/16/15 at 01:19 AM | #

Of course then there’s the Raphael quote that “Meredith cut her finger while he was cleaning fish”, and him knowing full well she had never been to his place. The FOAKers have tried to explain this away by claiming that the knife was originally from Meredith’s kitchen which of course opens up another argument they can’t counter so the just ignore it hoping it will go away.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/16/15 at 01:39 AM | #

Speaking of fish, this paragraph has always bothered me (along with most of the rest of the lies that bother me): 

“One of the things I am sure that definitely happened the night on which Meredith was murdered was that Raffaele and I ate fairly late, I think around 11 in the evening, although I can’t be sure because I didn’t look at the clock. After dinner I noticed there was blood on Raffaele’s hand, but I was under the impression that it was blood from the fish”. 

I don’t know what kind of fish people eat in Italy but from all of my experience eating many various types of fish including some sushi, it seems to me that the instances where a person would get fish blood on their hands is very limited.  Most fish comes already cleaned from the market.  Even if they purchased a whole fresh fish, the blood is always coagulated so during cleaning it comes out in a sort of jellied clumps.
In that case if the blood were mashed against one’s hands (unlikely) it could leave a residue but rarely.  In addition, who after cleaning fish does not wash thoroughly to get all the raw fish smell off before eating?  Then to complete a meal and still have fish guts on his hands? That seems to me to have about the same likelihood as any woman taking a shower in a bloody bathroom of a broken into house, with a locked door behind which had not been inspected.

Posted by Mark on 03/16/15 at 02:54 AM | #

Hi Mark
Sounds like Knox laying the groundwork in order to implicate Sollecito later on so that if she was convicted she could say that it was all Sollecitos fault, because she was scared of him and his knife fetish plus his supposed lust for Meredith. ie “It’s all Sollecitos fault. I did not kill my friend.”

She abandoned that later of course in order to implicate Patrick Lamumba which was also another way of trying to get rid of Guede who knew far too much. Look for Guede and Sollecito to start to spill the beans after the 25th.

Although this is about premeditated murderer you have to keep in mind that Knox will use anybody and anything to try to convince others that she is innocent. Unlike Jody Arias she has had seven years to practice this whereas Arias did not.

I just listened to the ‘Slenderman’ interrogation tapes. The similarity between the two is striking due to the total detachment of both girls to the actual stabbing. In other words, to both these girls, it is not real and has taken on a dream like quality. Therefore they believe they are innocent even though one of them said. “If we had been more careful we wouldn’t have been caught.”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/16/15 at 03:41 AM | #

I know my submission seems a bit cynical.  Thank you all 😊

However, there have always been many, MANY unanswered questions that people were trying to understand.  But, (at least in my mind), if you look at these actions from the lens of premeditation, it makes a lot more sense.

Yes, the cleanup was bungled, and yes, the postal police showed up before the cleanup was done. That threw Knox’s ‘‘plan’’ off.

Had they finished, and had they just gone on the trip, there would have been far fewer questions.  Knox and Sollecito get tongue tied because they didn’t plan for the questions that would come up partway.

My own thought: Knox did have a plan, Sollecito was going along, but after the Postal Police showed up, they were just winging it.  Hence the false alibis, and false accusations.

I like the suggestion that Knox accused PL to let Guede get away.  He would be a far more useful patsy if identified, but not caught.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

Posted by Chimera on 03/16/15 at 04:47 AM | #

Mark, the same thing occurred to me about the fish. They don’t bleed and it’s implausible to imagine anyone leaving blood on their hands. That image was introduced to obfuscate, to muddy the waters a little more. The same with the ear piercing story. Most ears which have been pierced produce little or no blood. Even when infected the blood seepage is not enough to drip anywhere.

Posted by pensky on 03/16/15 at 11:20 AM | #

I strongly believe in divine justice. It’s there already. So no worries about that. All unseen wheels are seen!

What is left is the peering internet, we watching Hellmans, headsups, the notion that media want struggling individuals, not institutes.

Whatever the outcome, it will become worse for AK and RS.

Posted by Helder Licht on 03/16/15 at 11:56 AM | #

Hi there, Dan, you want to know what happened that night (I assume you want to know the gory details of the torture, rape and murder, minute by minute), ask Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, but I don’t think they’re gonna tell you, and Curt Knox (The Friendly One) may kick your teeth in before you get a chance to open your mouth.

Posted by Bjorn on 03/26/15 at 03:13 AM | #
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