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The Meredith Case Wiki Now Has The Key Sollecito Statement 6 Nov 2007 In Full

Posted by Our Main Posters

Perugia’s central police station where Sollecito made the statement posted here

The ever-expanding Wiki can of course be found here.

A post follows soon with guidance to the numerous new documents it contains. This was an extremely well documented case with discussions carefully recorded and decisions explained every step of the way.

We have frequently noted for example that RS and AK were provided with an extraordinary total of SIX opportunities in 2007 and 2008 to head off a trial and to be released.

Each opportunity is very well documented (Matteini hearings, Ricciarelli hearings, Mignini hearings, Supreme Court rulings, and the two Micheli rulings) and the transcripts and reports make very clear why RS and AK failed each time.

Not one of those transcripts or rulings has been “explained” or rebutted by the RS and AK apologists. It is very clear now that their falsifying efforts are being left way back there in the dust.

Document after document after document proving the case is going live in English for which they have been able to create no response.  For example, the “brutal” Knox “interrogation” on 6 November is absolutely vital to their body of claims.

But document after document has shown that to be simply a huge hoax.  Dumb silence is the only response.

This new translation of Sollecito’s statement of 6 November 2007 in the central police station, complete for the first time, has just gone live on the Wiki here. As always, we sure appreciate the translation help.

Note: Many of the claims here were proved wrong by phone and computer records and those dropping Knox in the soup contradict claims by Knox.

Sollecito never agreed to testify or be cross-examined on this or many other statements . Smart move, from his point of view. At the same time from 20007 to 2016 Sollecito NEVER testified that Knox was simply at his home all of the 5 November 2007 night. 

Perugia Police Headquarters
Flying Squad
General Affairs Area.

SUBJECT: Witness statement of person informed of the facts given by SOLLECITO Raffaele, already identified.

On November 5th 2007 at 22:40 in the offices of the Flying Squad of the Perugia Police Headquarters. Before the undersigned of the Criminal Investigation Dept. Deputy Commissioner MONICA NAPOLEONI, Chief Inspector Antonio FACCHINI Vice Superintendent of Police Daniele MOSCATELLI, Assistant Chief Ettore FUOCO is present the above-mentioned who, to supplement the declarations made [November] in these Offices, in regards to the facts being investigated, declares as follows: [*A.D.R. = Question Answer = QA]

QA I have known Amanda for about two weeks. From the night that I met her she started sleeping at my house. On November 1st, I woke up at around 11, I had breakfast with Amanda then she went out and I went back to bed. Then around 13:00-14:00 I met her at her house again. Meredith was there too. Amanda and I had lunch while Meredith did not have lunch with us.

QA Around 16:00 Meredith left in a hurry without saying where she was going. Amanda and I stayed home until about 17:30-18:00.

QA We left the house, we went into town, but I don’t remember what we did.
QA We stayed there from 18:00 until 20:30/21:00. At 21:00 I went home alone because Amanda told me that she was going to go to the pub Le Chic because she wanted to meet some friends.

QA At this point we said goodbye and I headed home while she headed towards the center.

QA I went home alone, sat at the computer and rolled myself a spliff. Surely I had dinner but I don’t remember what I ate. Around 23:00 my father called at my home number 075.9660789. During that time I remember Amanda had not come back yet.

QA I browsed at my computer for another two hours after my father’s phone call and only stopped when Amanda came back presumably around 1:00.

QA I don’t remember how she was dressed and if she was dressed the same way as when we said goodbye before dinner.

QA I don’t remember if we had sex that night.

QA The following morning around 10:00 we woke up, she told me she wanted to go home and take a shower and change clothes.

QA In fact at around 10:30 she went out and I went back to sleep. When she went out that morning to go to her house, Amanda also took an empty bag telling me she needed it for dirty clothes.

QA At around 11:30 she came back home and I remember she had changed clothes; she had her usual bag with her.

QA I don’t know the contents of her bag.

QA I remember we immediately went to the kitchen, we sat down and talked for a while, perhaps we had breakfast. In that circumstance Amanda told me that when she got to her house she found the entrance door wide open and some traces of blood in the small bathroom and she asked me if it sounded strange. I answered that it did and I also advised her to call her housemates. She said she had called Filomena but that Meredith was not answering.

QA At around 12:00 we left the house; passing through Corso Garibaldi we arrived in Piazza Grimana, then we went through the Sant’ Antonio parking lot and reached Amanda’s house. To walk there it took us about 10 minutes.

QA As soon as we got there she opened the door with her keys, I went in and I noticed that Filomena’s door was wide open with some glass on the floor and her room was in a complete mess. The door to Amanda’s room was open and I noticed that it was tidy. Then I went towards Meredith’s door and saw that it was locked. Before this I looked to see if it was true what Amanda had told me about the blood in the bathroom and I noticed drops of blood in the sink, while on the mat there was something strange - a mixture of blood and water, while the rest of the bathroom was clean.

QA I went to the kitchen and saw that everything was in order, then went around the rest of the house, I went to Laura’s room and noticed it was tidy. In that moment Amanda went inside the big bathroom, next to the kitchen and came out frightened and hugging me tight telling me that earlier, when she took the shower, she had seen feces inside the toilet, while now the toilet was clean. QA I just took a rapid glance at the bathroom trusting what Amanda had told me.

QA At that point I was asking myself what could have happened and I went out to find Meredith’s window to see if I could climb to it. I went outside with Amanda and she tried to climb to it, I immediately stopped her telling her to not do it because it was dangerous. I then told Amanda that the best solution was to break down the door, I tried to kick it and shoulder it open but I didn’t manage to open it. Then I called my sister on her cellphone and asked her what I should do since she is a Carabinieri lieutenant. My sister told me to call the Carabinieri (112, the Italian emergency number), which I did, but in the meantime the Postal Police showed up.

QA In my previous statement I told a load of rubbish because Amanda had convinced me of her version of the facts and I didn’t think about the inconsistencies. I heard the first statements that she made to the Postal Police who intervened at the place.

QA She always carried a big bag that she also had the night of November 1st.

The investigating officials acknowledge that the deposition ends at 3:30 (AM) of November 6th 2007.


If honesty is the best policy, is insanity a better defense?

What is the current version number of your statement? What was the real deal with your murder partner? Do you have any real plan to come clean?

Posted by chami on 03/09/15 at 06:54 PM | #

Chami, I’ll try to answer everything.

Not sure insanity would fly, but he could try these:

  (a) Was high on drugs/drunk
  (b) It was only a game for me, Knox wanted to kill her.
  (c) I’m spineless and weak-willed.  Knox made me a slave.
  (d) I’m really, REALLY sorry.
  (e) Some combination of the above.

Of course, it is really, far, FAR too late for any of that.


About the version number, count for yourself:

  (1) RS originally told police, and Kate Mansey, a reporter with the Sunday Mirror, that he was at a party with Amanda.  Obviously, this would be hard to prove, so it was abandoned later.

  (2) RS later said Amanda was at his apartment the entire time.  She confirms this.  (HB, Page 117).

  (3) This statement, where he says he was alone from 9pm to 1am, (internet surfing).  He also says his father called him.

  (4) RS refused to testify one way or the other at the 2009 Massei trial.

  (5) RS claimed once again Amanda was with him at his apartment at the 2011 Hellmann appeal, but did not actually testify.

  (6) RS claimed in his ‘‘coauthored with Andrew Gumbel’’ book he was with Amanda at this place, and that he on his computer part of the time, and they shut off their phones so they could fool around.  At trial, the defence contested the phones were off.

  (7) RS lawyer Bongiorno, at the Nencini appeal, tries a convoluted defence saying that he is not Amanda’s twin, and the accusation is ‘‘excessive’‘, essentially a coded confession and plea for mitigation.  Sollecito refused Judge Nencini’s invitation to testify.

  (8) RS goes on American TV after Nencini rules against him, claiming he is innocent, but has questions about Amanda’s odd behaviour.

  (9) RS and Bongiorno, July 1, 2014, have a press conference to try to ‘‘split the defence’‘. RS claims Knox was with him in the evening, but not the night.  Of course, he doesn’t be more precise.

And laughably, he says that he is not changing his story, that only a madman or criminal would do that.

Also laughably, he says he believes in Knox, his (former) alibi, although he wants her statements to be used against her and not him. Bongiorno is such a clown.
  (10) RS goes on Porta a Porta to explain Knox went out, but is evasive with host Bruno Vespa about the exact times. He also claims that Knox didn’t tell him about the blood until they got back (which completely contradicts both books).

Other major false claims:

  (11) RS tries to explain Meredith’s DNA on his knife as a ‘‘cooking accident’’ at his apartment.  She was never there, (HB, Page 91).

  (12) RS father (in Honor Bound) tries to explain RS DNA on Meredith’s bra-clasp as Amanda having worn the bra too, (HB, Page 121).

  (13) RS claimed to have called the police to report the break in BEFORE the postal police arrived. This was proven false.

  (14) RS claims to have spoken to his father when Amanda ‘‘went out’‘.  This was proven wrong.  (HB, Page 22).

  (15) RS claims of surfing the internet, and sending emails were proven false.

  (16) RS claims he was never asked to testify.  Not true.  Mignini did at the trial, and Nencini did at the Florence appeal. Raffy refused.

  (17) RS claims (in Honor Bound), that he didn’t testify because he had nothing to say, (HB, Page 112).  Well, he went on a book tour.  So clearly he had things to say.  But once back in court (the Nencini appeal), he suddenly had nothing to say again.

  (18) RS complains (in Honor Bound) that the courts were interested in hearing what they [he and Amanda] had to say, (HB, Page 173).  Wait a minute.  He just said that he declined because he had nothing to say.  Now he tries to have it both ways, saying the authorities didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

  (19) RS claims that Filomena’s door was ajar (HB, Page 24), but had previously said it was open.

  (20) RS claims at the Matteini hearing, to have never met Patrick Lumumba, who was arrested by Knox’s false accusation.  He had. (HB, Pagge 77).

  (21) RS claims at the Matteini hearing, his shoes—which were seized as evidence—may have been stolen by the killer.  Then presumbably returned. (HB, Page 77).

  (22) RS is annoyed that courts decide to keep him and Amanda locked up.  He sees it as without cause, (HB, Page 110).  He then bolts for the Austrian border during the Florence appeal, and Knox refuses to come back altogether.  Way to prove them wrong.

  (23) RS makes the stunning admission that he and Knox collaborated on an alibi together, (HB, Page 186).  Innocent people don’t do that.

So, Chami ... at least 10 versions here, and at least 13 major whoppers.  There are probably even more variations.


The real deal with Knox:

  (a) Narcissistic and self absorbed
  (b) Self esteem issues - hence the need for heavy drinking, drug use, and casual sex.
  (c) Related to self esteem, an exhibitionist.
  (d) Likes to write about sex and violence.
  (e) Shallow, with no real accomplishments in life.
  (f) A pathological liar. Just read her statements.
  (g) Just smart enough that she can cause tremendous damage with her games/lies (Patrick).
  (h) In her mind, being shown up by someone prettier, better liked, more ambitious, who had her act together.
  (i) Prone to anger and violence.
  (j) In short, a loose cannon waiting for someone to lash out at.

Colin Sutherland’s parents must be in shock at the ‘‘engagement’‘.  I hope for their sake it really is just a publicity stunt.


Sollecito coming clean?  Would be nice, but don’t hold your breath on that.  He refused to ever take the stand in court, but does ‘‘give his version’’ to the media.

Posted by Chimera on 03/09/15 at 10:22 PM | #

RS: “Then I went towards Meredith’s door and saw that it was locked”.

Q: How would you know that Meredith’s bedroom door (or any door, for that matter), was locked by looking at it?

The only possible answer is that you already knew it was locked because you yourself had locked it, or had seen Knox lock it, immediately after the repositioning of Meredith’s body and the subsequent clean up.

By the same reasoning, Knox had called Meredith’s phone, on the day after the murder, but only allowed the phone to ring for four seconds because she already knew Meredith was dead by her hand.

Only the guilty can behave with such foreknowledge and then, stupidly, reveal their guilt by their subsequent actions or words.

Posted by Mealer on 03/10/15 at 12:25 AM | #

TJMK Main Posters expose the endless contradictions in Raffaele’s story. Chimera notes the incredible statements that raise red flags.

It’s obvious that from the very beginning Raffaele was desperately trying to impress on police that he himself was home alone far from Knox whom he describes as always leaving his home and going out without him. He literally starts to separate from her on “Day One”.

He says “From day one” she started sleeping at his house, where of course he was ensconced, the point being he stayed at his house a lot. Always he is at his house but Knox is going out, and he seems to doubt her word on where she was going.

“She left and I went back to bed….She went out and I went back to bed”. He mentions two separate occasions of that.

He says Amanda and I stayed home till about 5:30 pm…We left the house, went to town…

The minute he leaves his house his memory starts to fade: “But I don’t remember what we did” (of course he remembers but must lie about it). He quickly reverts to his first emphasis of separating from her when he says “At 9 pm I went home alone….We said goodbye and I headed home while she headed towards the center….I went home alone, sat at computer…”

Now that he’s back home alone without his dear one he again starts the I don’t remember song. “I don’t remember what I ate”. Oh, but by some incredible coincidence he does remember Amanda came in around 1:00 a.m. “I don’t remember how she was dressed…I don’t remember if we had sex.”

Next day he says she went out and “I went back to sleep” into forgetful land again the land of Nod. He is so slippery with this story, but he was deffo trying to separate himself from a night out with Amanda. Rather he was all snug in his bed alone.

And I don’t believe a word about him not noticing what Amanda was wearing, because he even noticed with great interest when Meredith was wearing her boyfriend jeans. Sollecito is a fashion addict and he does notice clothes. He was possibly trying in a sneaky way to draw attention to Amanda’s clothes (unless the question was put to him by police so that he was forced to mention her clothes, that’s very possible).

But he goes real foggy on what Amanda was wearing right after the time of death as she re-enters his apartment.

I agree with Chimera that it was probably because Amanda had changed clothes either in anticipation of the crime, or afterwards because her clothes were bloody and had to be disposed of in one of those many sacks and bags he refers to so often. Perhaps something about her clothes horrified him as they both returned to his apartment, maybe she had borrowed something of his to wear and it was covered with Meredith’s blood and he was concerned about how to dispose of it.

The discrepancies among the books, the interviews, and the TV talk shows are proof he can’t keep his story straight, one they had broadly agreed on.

Maybe each of the ex-lovebirds delights in tripping up the other with small changes in the fictional narrative despite the fact Sollecito comments on how risky it is to change even one word of their alibi story.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/10/15 at 03:03 AM | #

Thank you Hopeful.  You raise many great points.  I didn’t know Raffy noticed Meredith wearing Giacomo’s jeans.  No biggie, many women do it, but still odd for him to note that.  Interesting viewpoint, Raffy is not just incoherent, he really is trying to wash his hands of her that first night.

You mention the idea they delight in tripping each other up.  Very possible.  Food for thought: for many couples whose relationships are breaking up (usually long term relationships), the love they share seems to mutate into an intense hatred.  AK and RS might be just experiencing a much accelerated version of it.  Of course, few broken couples involve murdered roommates.  They can get their ‘‘act’’ together, when it is mutually beneficial, but in all the media appearances, the spite seems to show through.

So, perhaps it isn’t guilt, this couple of one week is having 7 years worth of relationship issues. 

My personal thoughts on this (and take it for what it’s worth), are this:

-Amanda premeditated Meredith’s murder, from the beginning.
-Raffaele was up for ‘‘some fun’‘, likely didn’t know it would escalate to murder.
-Rudy really didn’t know what he was getting into, but ended up participating anyway.

Reasons for the premeditation belief:
(1) Knox kept Patrick’s ‘‘see you later’’ message.  She said she normally doesn’t keep such messages, and gave some line about not knowing how to delete sent messages.  Fall guy 1.

(2) Knox brought Rudy Guede into it. She knew he was interested in her.  And as it turns out, there was a bit of truth in the smears he had received.  He had broken into at least one place, (though not charged at the time).  He recently got extra time for it.  Rudy has done a break in, Knox has staged a break in ... and they didn’t share these details? Yeah, right Fall guy 2.

(3) Knox brought a knife from Sollecito’s place.  She was charged with him for illegal transport.  Let’s be frank, bringing a weapon to a crime scene screams premeditation. Also, if traced back to anyone, it would be Raffaele.  Fall guy 3.

(4) Knox kept Cristiano’s (I mean Frederico Martini’s) number in her phone, even though it would have been better in a way to erase it.  Freddy is a dealer, he could be viewed as a killer too.  Fall guy 4.

(5) The planned road trip to Gubbio - convenient alibi, or was this for real?

(6) The upstairs floor being empty of everyone else, how often does that happen?

(7) This happens to fall right when the rent is due, and people will have cash?

(8) Both turning off their phones—together—even though it is something they NEVER do…

(9) On a related note, Knox has the foresight to ditch Meredith’s phones far away, to throw off the trail.  Improvising, or thought out?

(10) For someone without many clothes, the only thing that seems to be missing is a top.  Did she change beforehand?  Maybe buy extra clothes?  Maybe she wasn’t only burning through cash for drugs.

(11) The post death sexual assault: the police would certainly think some (male) rapist did it, right?  After all, women can’t be violent, sexual predators.  If Knox was in shock, how would she think to do it, unless it was a followup?

(12) Knox is known for being messy, and she just happens to have some supplies needed?  Remember, Laura and Filomena didn’t report any cleaning stuff missing.

Let’s think about this: 4+ potential patzies, including 2 sketchy accomplices, weapon transported to the scene, phones turned off in advance, clothes no one will miss, extra cleaners, other residents gone, alibi for next day ....

... Spontaneous?

Posted by Chimera on 03/10/15 at 04:01 AM | #

Knox hated Meredith. She was everything that Knox wanted to be but couldn’t. When dislike turns to hate, particularly since Knox grew up in a society where you are judged by the colour of your skin then that becomes impossible. Sure it was premeditated (I didn’t always think so but now I do.) Given that dynamic it would’nt take much of a combination of drugs and alcohol to tip Knox over the edge. I believe that Knox and Sollecito were stoned for weeks on end. That would explaina lot of things including forgetting anything plus Knox strumming one chord over and over. That is the mark of a serious drug taker. Yes it was pre meditated but only so far as rape by Guede was concerned. After all to Knox what could be more demeaning than being raped by a black guy. Sollecito is also racist, check out his family who just like Knox are conspicuous in their view of superiority. It was then that the planned rape spiralled out of control and Knox killed Meredith. Another thing. Some Knox supporters still believe Steve Moores argument that Guede was a police informer working on the inside of the Mafia. When Moore tried this on he was laughed off CNN. Lovely. They crawl amongst us.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/10/15 at 06:21 AM | #

I’m wondering a bit about the comment that Knox grew up in a society where you are judged by the color of your skin.

That would not be my opinion of West Seattle, Seattle Prep high school, or the University of Washington, is there something I am missing?

Posted by Mark on 03/10/15 at 07:00 AM | #

Yes. What is considered racist in some societies to these people is just a normal course of every day life. These people do not consider themselves to be racist it’s just that they know they are superior. I’m not talking about West Seattle per se. I am talking about the Knox family in particular and those they surround themselves with. Consider Steve and Michelle Moore Consider Bruce Fischer and the observation becomes obvious. Let me say once more They do not consider themselves racist they just except the fact that they feel superior because they are white. There has never been a person associated with any of them who is black.

Perhaps you can remember the plot of the film ‘To kill a mockingbird’ where the dirt poor girl accused the black guy of rape who eventually was convicted not because the jury considered him guilty but because he said he felt sorry for the girl and by saying that how dare he have feelings of superiority That’s a similar thing here, at least in my opinion having observed how AK works and how she thinks. Sollecito is the same. Point is if Guede had not been black they would not have invited him along since his availability with drugs was minimal. If Knox and Sollecito wanted to buy drugs then there was always Roberto Martini who Knox had on speed dial. Knox invited Guede because in her mind him raping Meredith was the worst thing she could envisage The best truth she could think…

They needed money. Meredith had money and Knox hated her. Even in Knox interviews she is unable to say Merediths name but just insists “. I did not kill my friend” knowing damn well the Meredith was not her friend at all. All the other girls in the cottage have said so in sworn statements, As far as racism is concerned remember Patrick Lamumba. It all fits

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/10/15 at 08:35 AM | #

“There has never been a person associated with any of them who is black.”

Once, I saw AK on a Innocence Project photo, aside with a black person. Her message seemed: “C’mon people, you EVEN fight for the black, so fight for me”.

Posted by Helder Licht on 03/10/15 at 11:49 AM | #

The perception of anti-black racism among the Knox-Mellas supporters comes up now and then. The Vashon Island photo (below) perhaps fueled that, as does what is now being said by some of them (who knows how many - maybe less than a dozen) about Guede and Lumumba.

To me it seems more an easy willingness to hit out against anything which stirs people which includes some playing of the race card cynically (as they do very much more against Italians).  We had one post suggesting this, when Oprah (normally hypersensitive to unfairness) unwittingly joined in against Guede.

The inflammatory PR shill Nina Burleigh was highly condescending against both Guede and Italians - and women - and with her book and articles she substantially fuelled the nastiness.

I dont think it is fair or fruitful to paint Seattle, or anywhere, with a broad brush. There are good people everywhere. There are better strategies. Our readership is pretty inclusive, and certainly includes a number of concerned people in Seattle unhappy to see their city (unusually) caught in a polarising situation.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/10/15 at 01:17 PM | #

Hi, Grahame, I don’t share your opinion on racism as far as the American society goes, and I’m pretty sure Knox wrote a letter in prison in which she rejoiced that Mr. Obama had been elected president (for good reason, but she hadn’t been paying attention). If you believe America is racist in the direction you indicate, try to imagine trying to deport Knox if she were black - I would speculate that that would been practically impossible today, and frankly, I am glad she is white and I don’t have to put up with the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, and Beyonce.

Posted by Bjorn on 03/10/15 at 04:58 PM | #

@Chimera, “This couple of one week is having 7 years worth of relationship issues.” That’s a good way to put it. If so they’re near the 7 year itch when many couples break up. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong but the jeans Meredith wore were those of an ex-boyfriend named David (forgot his last name) a guy she had known in England. TJMK did a post about him with photos. He had moved to Australia.

It’s ironic that both Meredith and Amanda each had an ex named David, which is why the purported conversation they had at the cottage when Meredith expounded the virtues of being faithful to the person you were with may have been intense.

Meredith seems to have made a clean break with her David while Knox had an on-again off-again feeling for David Johnsrud and stayed in contact with him. She’d even bought a ticket to China to visit him while she dabbled with Raffaele and kept her options open.

Meredith may have regarded this as patently unfair.

The sorrowful irony would be if Meredith was courageously defending Raffaele’s rights to an honest relationship and told Knox that Raf should be able to expect a sincere girlfriend but then she was killed by his girlfriend and him.

Maybe that’s why the double injustice of this case makes the need for justice for Meredith all the greater.

I agree with Chimera that love can mutate into an intense hatred when some couples break up. Anger is easier than grieving the pain of loss especially if you don’t believe like I do that all can be restored through a different venue. A substitute can be better than the original. It seems to be Christ’s message from the cross. He suffered so everyone else wouldn’t have to. He came to end our suffering not lay more on us.

“The thief (the devil) must restore four-fold”. Also King David at one point returned to find his camp decimated and his people carried off by enemies.

The upshot was that after praying whether to pursue or not, “David recovered all”. We can recover all the devil has stolen from us, four times more is our due. Believe and receive.

It never helps to get angry and start sowing bad seed. Been there done that.

Amanda from the moment she went to Berlin and on to Perugia was probably repressing deep hurt over her and David Johnsrud’s failed relationship. That’s why she was so volatile, she didn’t have closure or peace. She thought going abroad would ease the pain, that the Italian adventure would rid her of that focus.

She was self-medicating her depression, anything to help her forget lost love.

David Johnsrud attended her trial in Perugia IIRC.

Her response to Meredith’s perceived rejection was hatred and shock.

She felt alone and was jealous of Meredith’s British friends and their unity. She may have envied Meredith her money, her scholarship and so much more.

Maybe as she and Knox discussed men, Meredith’s courage to cut the cord with her David was a silent rebuke to Amanda who wanted to avoid taking the final step with Johnsrud, so that Knox thought Meredith challenged all her dreams for future happiness or urged her to do something she wasn’t ready for.

This threw Knox into inner turmoil and rage. Maybe she felt that Meredith’s raised eyebrow threw a dark cloud over her and Raf’s new relationship.

Knox, knowing Raf wasn’t totally her type, saw with Meredith’s eyes that even the rebound relationship with Raf was doomed. Knox felt desperate if she could not have David but could not attach to anyone else either, not even a new and smitten lover like the young Italian. Knox felt panicky and blamed this feeling on Meredith. Abandonment issues. And irate reaction like “how dare you diss me and my boyfriend”.

If only Knox had taken a bus to Gubbio all by herself and left them all behind, gotten her head straight and calmed down.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/10/15 at 06:28 PM | #

Hi, The TJMK Main Posters, and thanks for the excellent write up. The Murder Of Meredith Kercher Wiki Site has indeed expanded with a major redesign of the main page so perhaps if the link in para 1. Current Status Of The Wiki can be changed to ? Thanks.

We just received another translation, of prosecutor Mignini’s arrest/remand order of November 06, 2007. It hasn’t been indexed at the Wiki yet, but a copy given to TJMK for inclusion in your new series.

Interesting quotes from Giuliano Mignini’s summing up of the reasons for arrest:

KNOX in her witness statement from today has then confessed that, meeting DIYA in the basketball court of Piazza Grimana went to, together with DIYA, Meredith’s house, where DIYA, after having sex with the victim, killed her.

The sexual intercourse must be deemed violent in nature considering the particularly threatening context in which it took place and in which KNOX has surely aided DIYA.

As far as the essential facts against SOLLECITO there are numerous verifiable inconsistencies in his first declarations, in respect to the last ones..

In regards to KNOX she has shown a particular ruthlessness in lying repeatedly to the investigators and in involving in such a serious event the young SOLLECITO.

Posted by Ergon on 03/10/15 at 08:15 PM | #


“In regards to KNOX she has shown a particular ruthlessness in lying repeatedly to the investigators…”

That’s about right. It’s all she knows - sad but true. Her parents really have a lot to answer for but they are unlikely to admit any culpability until their wayward daughter is finally branded, way beyond all farcical PR effort, as the murderer she is. At that point it’s not just AK that will need to reflect very deeply. Are any of her milieu capable of this? I doubt it.

In his first marriage Curt seems to have had a knee-jerk response to deny any culpability for anything, so no hope for reflection there I would say. Edda will of course always be maternal and cry, because for her AK will always be an innocent baby - and that will be the sum of her response. Pretty depressing really. In all likelihood the truth will remain too painful for family and followers and they will continue to be in denial. So be it. The rest of the world simply awaits justice and can’t be concerned about a depressingly bourgeois American family that take some strange pride in keep everything hidden - at all costs - rather than face social humiliation.

Posted by Odysseus on 03/10/15 at 10:21 PM | #

Hi Bjorn. Yes that’s OK. As to racism that is in he eye of the beholder as to what is racist and what is not. Racism in the US is confined mostly to the Southern states such as Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia etc: Where the KKK is mostly situated. That aside though I was referring mainly to the Knox family as a case study. Since 2007 I have become fascinated with not just AK but the entire pantheon of psychological reasons why someone would kill another with the minimal of reasons or no reasons at all. It’s been quite the journey and led me in directions (plus the further study of psychology which I took as an elective in University) I would never have though possible. Mind you my early military career prepared me to observe that combat soldiers can kill without a moments thought since they are programed to do so. Hence my continuing interest in Amanda Knox, Jodi Arias, Christine Paolilla Karla Homolka etc:

@ Odysseus Hello
Regarding your comment concerning Edda. I am reminded that it was she who said when asked about the supposed torture of her daughter,
“We only repeated what Amanda told us.”
Therefore I suspect that the apple does not fall far from the tree in shifting blame. She can still be maternal as you point out but there seems to be an element of hedging her bet.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/11/15 at 03:00 AM | #

I am loathe to mention race as there is so much race-baiting going on in the US at this time and I have often preferred mentioning issues concerning the poor and lower classes (the least of these) since I believe this is a major component often overlooked. In this case, it does seem obvious that race is a factor in this situation-poor Patrick and the gullible Guede-especially vexing is that Patrick gave AK a chance. I had always been under the impression that Guide might have been supplying the drugs for the night. Also, I am under the impression that the verdict is “murder” but not ‘first-degree murder’ or ‘pre-meditated’ murder as we in the States like to say? From all accounts AK is from a lower middle class existence not the ‘bourgeois’ like RS. Just a plain vanilla class such as I. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not represent true Gospel Orientated Ministers and do not represent the Christian Faith but seek the limelight and do harm to those who truly represent Reconciliation. I am sure they did not start out this way. There could be aspects of the case we may never know as they were “held behind closed doors”. I do not know if it would even be healthy for us ‘to’ know. What I already do know is enough to send “shudders” down my spine. Long gone are any chances for ‘mitigating’ factors and the perps still show no remorse and continue in their deceit and lies. They are menaces to society and exhibit sociopathetic (my word) behavior and thus need to be locked up. Just my humble two-cents.

Posted by Vinnie on 03/11/15 at 05:08 AM | #

Just a question, didn’t Raff or his lawyer say that Amanda was with him that night, but that she had gone out by herself in the evening? I thought their line of thinking was that he has always stated the they were together that night, but he hadn’t said there were together all evening. I also thought a reporter asked when they considered the evening to end and night time begin, they answered around 10 or 11.

Posted by John on 03/11/15 at 07:01 AM | #

I so agree.
It’s really not about racism to me.  It is about a spur of the moment thing that got out of hand due to drugs and drink.  Edda knows.

Posted by zinnia on 03/11/15 at 07:35 AM | #

Hi John

Yes you are recalling correctly what Bongiorno said about evening v night at the Rome press conference in the middle of last year.

The 2014 items here may be worth a re-read.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/11/15 at 04:21 PM | #

It all makes such sense, Hopeful, when you talk about inner turmoil and rage and also abandonment issues.

Everything you describe and suppose fits well into the personality disorder called Borderline. In particular when these persons experience rejection they can react dramatically, immoderately, and at times with what can only be called vindictiveness or viciousness.

Also, of course, insecurity and feelings of inferiority or inadequacy loom huge, and, as ever, express negatively as put downs or attempts to appear superior in compensation. I feel if there are racial undertones, it is most likely part of this wider behavioural pattern.
I personally think the rape or sexual humiliation was premeditated, but not the murder - until a much shorter time beforehand, when with the frenzy and group energy etc. it did emerge.
Also, as the perps were somewhat if not wholly in la-la land, they totally ignored the likelihood of poor M not simply submitting passively to their sadistic, horrific ‘game’. If there is unreality it surely is here. So, in other words, when M started fighting back, (as she absolutely should ) AK totally fell apart, as unprepared as ever.
The lower middle class mindset of her parents was too mediocre to have any insight or wisdom into how to handle her -  tragically for everyone - and so continues?

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 03/13/15 at 01:15 AM | #
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