1 November 2010: Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher Taken Three Years Ago

Please click here. for our video commemoration page for Meredith Kercher.

Meredith was taken from her family and friends and a waiting world three years ago tonight (Monday night) and private services are being held and flowers placed today and tomorrow to commemorate her.

Meredith’s family are on record as really wishing to see her commemorated as an infectiously happy, ever-lively, very caring and singularly smart young woman, for whom the world was really her oyster.

The world now increasingly sees that someone very special was taken away from us here.  The world seriously NEEDS people like Meredith. Even in death she is making an increasing difference.

All the signs are that Meredith would have had a meteoric career, in organizations that really matter to the world, starting in Brussels, and she would have built a very kind supportive high-achieving family of her own.

If you too would like to post a message expressing your feelings toward Meredith and her family, please do so below this post. That might bring some comfort to those lucky enough to have known her, and to those very many who would have liked to..

And if you have a musical video that resonates for you, please be so kind as to post the link for it here and share with us why.

As absolutely always, our thoughts are with Meredith’s mother, father, sister, and two brothers, in their profound grief in south London. We always wish we could do more.

Below: three white roses attached to the gate this morning by PMF commenter and TJMK main poster Some Alibi.

On the card Some Alibi wrote"01 Nov 2007: For Meredith, with all our thoughts, PMF / TJMK”.

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