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Trial: The Court Agenda For Friday And Saturday Includes Witnesses On The Night

Posted by Peter Quennell

The judges and jury will be hearing testimony from the various eyewitnesses on the night of the crime.

Some of these names below, obtained for us by TJMK main poster Stewart Home in Perugia, have never before been released by the police or the prosecutors.

So we are still figuring out who some of them are. This post may have to remain a work in progress for the next two trial days. Tips via the comments or email would be welcome.

Friday witnesses

1) Nara Capezzali

2) Maria Ilaria Dramis

3) Antonella Monacchia

    A young woman who lives with her parents in an apartment above Meredith’s house, who heard some heated arguing from the house on the night in question, and then a loud woman’s scream.

4) Giampaolo Lombardi

    Mr Lombardi was the operator of the tow-truck that came to remove a passenger van that would not start at the intersection above the house on the night of the murder.
    Mr Kokomani has indicated that he saw Mr Loambardi’s truck at the intersection, which is one reason why he is still a witness (see below).

5) Francesco Tavernese

    Head of the hall of residence Sollecito stayed at in his early days in Perugia, which is run by the Fondazione Opera Nazionale Assistenza Orfani Sanitari for special cases

6) Leonardo Fazio

    Mr Fazio is a young guy who was friends with Sollecito at one point, and can describe what his personality was like.

Saturday witnesses

1) Hekuran Kokomani

2) Antonio Aiello

    Mr Aiello is Mr Kokomani’s lawyer, called as a character witness for Kokomani. He will testify to give Mr Kokomani (who first told him what he saw) due credibility.

3) Fabrizio Gioffredi

    Mr Gioffredi is a professor who claims he saw Knox, Sollecito and Guede together with Meredith in Via della Pergola on 1 November.

4) Antonio Curatolo

    Mr Curatolo hangs out in the neighborhood park, and he claims he saw Knox and Sollecito casing the gate of the house from the park on the night.
    Despite defense-campaign claims to the contrary, as you can see below the gate of Meredith’s house is very easy to see from the park; this shot was taken right by where Knox and Sollecito are said to have been anxiously seated. Click on it for a larger image.The gate area is extremely brightly lit at night.

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