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New $160 Million Washington Museum Astonishing On Vast War Between Fake News And Hard Facts

Posted by Peter Quennell

Video by Agence France Presse.

The old Washington DC spy museum was a dusty predictable place with smallish crowds.

The ultra-modern “International Spy Museum” (called that because the focus is worldwide) opened two months ago, and is already one of DC’s biggest magnets for museum crowds.

It has leapfrogged such museums world-wide in the external look and the immersive hands-on experiences in numerous high-tech rooms. Maybe allow two days! Hard to see it all in one.

The design was by the London architect firm that Richard Rodgers heads. He designed various transparent and inside-out buildings that are really fun to be around, such as the London Stock Exchange and the Beaubourg Museum in Paris, France.

This expose could leave folks like us mentally rewinding it for days, as it hits home the true vast scale of today’s information v disinformation war - of which we too are a part.

A trend strongly on our side is that more and more people are becoming picky in what they accept. The more hard facts, the better, both science and website hits say. Serious media is gaining greatly from this.

There was a time when TJMK and the Wiki could have been dismissed (or sued). But we got beyond that point back in 2015 when our hard-facts posts rebutting the Marasca-Bruno sentencing report went up and when we found out about Rocco Sollecito’s role.

Posts on those has sure made some of the mafia poodles disappear!

We already have enough hard facts at hand to show up all of the biased reporters, and all of their false claims. But first, those have to be gathered into a single tough read.

See the previous post as an example of this, and see the redesigned Wiki soon.

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The note above is based on a first quick unplanned look which became a day-long visit last week. The crowd was large, but they spread out, and the excitement throughout was quite intense.

This is intellectually on a high plane, like a one-day university in the stuff. No James Bond or other fictional spies, except for the Aston Martin DB5 in the lobby as you arrive.

The profiles of American and Russian and British WWII and Cold War spies took some time, as did the intelligence pointers to where Bin Laden might be holed up among which one is forced to choose.

But it’s the up-to-the-minute exhibits on tracking terrorism and fake news on social media and escalating cyber-war (not shown in the video at top) that really eat up time. What huge wars these are still.

LEDs are a godsend for this timely show, which was put together by some very smart and connected guys.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/21/19 at 06:00 PM | #

I’ve wanted to see the new Spy Museum ever since I heard about it! Great report.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/22/19 at 05:33 PM | #

I’m sure the above video isn’t new to readers here.  However it is 2 hours long and I thought to share these bits:

12 mins and 20 secs
17 mins and 40 secs (very interesting how she instantly corrects herself - Mr Robinson is in the studio!)

19 mins
22 mins and 30 secs
25 mins and 50 secs
53 mins and 40 secs
1 hour and 49 mins

At no point does she even mention Meredith’s name.  Only at 1 hour and 49 mins when she is asked about Meredith’s family.

Throughout she talks about love, humanity, spirituality, understanding, seeing things from a different perspective, empathy. Lots of abstract thoughts. Oh, she tries to deflect.

When she is asked about what happened she becomes very withdrawn but when the subject changes she becomes more animated. As though relieved that she can talk about something else.

For me she doesn’t look right.  Her face is pale. And her eyes wander all over the place. There’s no congruency for someone innocent.  I can’t understand how others don’t see it. But I always see guilt in her.

Posted by DavidB on 08/24/19 at 05:36 AM | #

Very useful catch DavidB. Will watch for sure next week. Lotta negative comments below the video about Knox.

And on September 10 we will have this by Malcolm Gladwell to rebut. The claim that Knox was charged and convicted only because those pesky Italians dont know how to read body language!!

Gladwell is scheduled to run a workshop of sorts in Atlanta on Oct 10 if anyone can make it there.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/24/19 at 11:22 AM | #

PS: If anyone spots a detailed summary or interview of Gladwell’s Knox claims, please post here or email it in?

We could then rebut him right away. That will make Gladwell and his publishers (Little, Brown, headquarters here in New York) squirm.

BTW Little, Brown is owned by Hachette, another arm of which (Hodder) published John Kercher’s “Meredith” book.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/24/19 at 12:22 PM | #

@DavidB, many thanks for link to Theo Von podcast#225. Great look at a professional liar, Amanda is self-deceived and believes her own baloney. Duper’s delight by the truckload. And she’s still lying about her marital status to the interviewer. I’m exhausted from listening to her madness, but the black hole she falls into is same as her former cellmate who killed her own children, a story Knox tells to minimize her own crimes, IMO.

She also champions the young killer Brendan Dassey (oh it was all a false confession, police pressure, yada yada yada). She wants Adnan Syed? (sp) to get a new trial. Laments Jeffrey Epstein’s recent suicide in prison. I agree with her reasons on that in some ways (prison has duty of care). No doubt she often thought of suiciding herself in Capanne.

She uses the F-word way too much for my taste, seems Chris’s foul mouth has not been a good influence. She has a tramp stamp on her middle finger of right hand, and one long tattoo on same arm. Not a fan.

She was hurt by a comedian who made joke about her killing him with knitting needles after he’d observed her doing a Mario cross-stitch.

She couldn’t tell Theo Von how much the long ordeal cost $$$ her and her family, for which Knox claims to still be paying. Interviewer Theo Von injects: And it wasn’t your fault! Knox’s reply, she lifts both shoulders up in giant shrug of discomfort and says a weak “No.” Notice the same shoulder movements and shift in chair when asked about her spurious wedding date. She’s still lying about being married, a shameless hustler.

In closing after a very very long and rather rambling interview she was asked to name 3 things she likes about Chris Robinson her “fiance”—really her disavowed husband. She came up with two things and in true coarse Knox fashion ended up pretending to laugh or be bewildered at how Chris can’t stop staring at boobs in malls. Or is this attempt to prop up his odd masculinity? He was waiting in the wings during the interview. Yes, the whole thing was really edifying (not).

A study in the slippery slope or liars’ audacity.

Absolute tripe and titanic vanity starting with her lament that “I wasn’t there” for my “little sisters”, that Knox didn’t get a Van 21 run party like she attended recently for a li’l sis. She was mostly oozing resentment at the younger daughters having assumed her Big Sister role while she was in lock-up.

More later. The podcast was grueling for those who know the real Knox. 

Posted by Hopeful on 08/24/19 at 05:55 PM | #

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