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Murder Rate In Baltimore, St Louis, New Orleans, Detroit, Etc, over FIFTY TIMES Murder Rate In Italy

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Polar Opposites

Murder rates have actually been trending down a bit in the US.

But you are still around fifty times more likely to be murdered in several dozen US cities than in any city in Europe, where the average is down around 1 in 100,000 now.

And with regard to the exceptionally safe Italy, as usual the rate remains even lower than the European average still.

Would you hear this from the mafia poodles Doug Preston, Michael Heavey, John Douglas, Steve Moore, Bruce Fischer, Greg Hampikian and Co? Hardly likely….

Here is the Italian news service ANSA’s report.

(ANSA) Rome, November 15

The Italian murder rated dropped to 0.7 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2017 against an EU average of one per 100,000, ISTAT said Thursday.

Eight out of 10 victims of femicide knew their killers, the study also found.

The killer was not identified in 43% of murders, it said.

The south of Italy holds the record for murders of men, with a rate of 1.01 per 100,000.

Some 21.7% of murders were committed by foreigners, the survey showed.

Note that (1) more than 1/5 of all murders are by foreigners, and (2) 8 out of 10 women murdered knew their killer.

So the barbaric Knox fits those sad trends.

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The “My Brilliant Friend” series of wildly popular books originally in Italian is about two super-smart Italian girls.

They are seen growing up in poverty in Naples post WWII and staying friends for their lifetimes.

“Elena Ferrante” is a pseudonym. Nobody is sure who wrote the books - maybe a Rome translator, maybe her husband, maybe someone else, but it’s a secret most of the readers want kept.

HBO has turned the books into four series for TV and advance notice is the production is quite remarkable. The first series starts airing in the US this sunday.

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Headlines November 16, 2018: “Foxy Knoxy engaged. Amanda Knox reveals her bizarre E.T.-themed proposal where her novelist boyfriend declares them a ‘power couple’—three years after being cleared of murdering her British roommate in 2007.”

Story by Jennifer Smith for

Knox put a video of the space-themed proposal on YouTube Friday Nov. 16.  It began with her hemming a cloak as he filmed her.

He then took her to the front yard where he had staged a fake meteor that seemed to smoke and lit up. Meteor had a ‘data crystal’ that said their union ‘creates a coalescence’

Meteor claims they are a ‘power couple whose union creates cerebral heat’.

Robinson got down on one knee a proposed to Knox. She said yes. He had no ring for her but said he had ‘a big rock’ (the meteor, one supposes) and clarifies that Amanda does not wear rings, “for the record”. They kissed as the cameras rolled, then uploaded portions of the ridiculous spectacle to YouTube to advance their silliness.

The data crystal seems to read that their initial encounter was when Knox reviewed Robinson’s debut novel, “leading to a situation of mutually assured conflation: the Knox-Robinson Effect.” The meteor says that their life together would be a “play for mortal stakes.” Robinson took a year to prepare the presentation of this proposal.

They have been dating since 2015. Comments are critical mostly:

- Be nice to her. Really nice. Don’t annoy her.

- Go away, you loathsome creature.

- He’s one lucky bloke, she’s gorgeous.

- If I was him I would hide all the sharp knives when he goes to sleep.

- Horrible person. At least she CAN get married and have a future unlike poor Meredith.

-  he really seems like a fruit loop.

- She’s guilty.

- Go away you loathsome creature.


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Knox screws the pooch. Emails also are pointing out that the comments under YouTubes and media reports are running 10 to 1 or more against. Some have taken their talking points from here, for example the Machiavelli/James Raper posts on the real Cassation outcome, which even today is not reflected in any major US report.

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I think Chris Robinson has come to terms and accepts what Knox did.
But, and maybe I am being old fashioned, I don’t think that is enough to sustain a marriage.

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Strange case in London. Woman may have murdered a man - using a gun. Not normally a woman’s weapon of choice.

And here is another odd British crime (half a million? good grief, leave the little furry creatures alone.)

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Brave Abraham Badru, viciously murdered. “Only the good die young”. He received a police bravery medal for stopping a sex attack. May his killers be fully prosecuted and punished to the max.

Happy Thanksgiving Day. Pray for me (ha ha), I have 2 pumpkin pies cooling from the oven, ingredients for 2 more, and have wolfed dressing, rice casserole and cranberry sauce, watched Guy Fieri on tv cooking his T’giving and Barefoot Contessa and Giada DeLaurentis. My own pumpkin pies: they’re my downfall.

Watched Macy’s Thanksgiving parade this morning, brrrr, it was the coldest one on record. Parade adorable, NBC news anchors bundled up but cheerful and the brave bands marched on. New balloons include Paw Patrol puppy.

You New Yorkers and folks in northeast stay warm, tough cold front.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/23/18 at 02:19 AM | #

Pumpkin pies are way too seasonal, of the three I have so far tried Trader Joes’ rules. Dec is a very good month to visit NYC, as the museums and stores and 3 open-air skating rinks really are something to behold. Seventy million visitors are predicted for next year. There seems to be room to fit them all in as they can be found walking almost every street (in Brooklyn etc too) and they keep 40-plus theaters alive, that’s 40,000 people every night. News dampened this year by the storm in Florida and fires in California - and a scenario of what is coming up.

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Everything we work on now is intended to end up in the laps of the media in a short while. Next we look at THEM (delayed through tomorrow because a pending-failed 1 TB hard-drive is being cloned - quicker than downloading the backup from the cloud, but not by much).

It is hard to fault the Italian media 2007-18 as they operate under tough legal rules and still, most of the truth has spilled out. The UK media are under lesser rules and the US media under none at all - but little of the truth has spilled out and nastiness against Italy and Italians has for the most part ruled.

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A note for US followers, I dont think this applies to Europe at all.

TJMK is set to load fairly fast (to cache etc); but internet providers (IPs) in the US such as AT&T and Verizon now have the legal power to throttle back heavy broadband content propagators, like Twitter, YouTube and Netflix, which they accuse of paying less than a fair share.

This throttling-back is not announced, but my guess is that big providers (for example Verizon which I use) are sometimes throttling back Twitter and YouTube.

That can affect TJMK load times as we have so many embeds and links. If you see “net neutrality” pushed for in politics or the courts it’s a good thing for all internet end-users to want to see resumed.  😊

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Breaking news Monday from Italy is that the weird coalition government has decided not to run such a large deficit in 2019 after all.

Stocks have gone up today and the cost of borrowing (which was maybe the main factor in this backing-down) are heading back down toward Planet Earth.

The persuasive news earlier:

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And a very bold move in Rome by the Interior Minister with one of those large destruction devices…

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Tourism is overwhelming many hotspots in Italy. This one just a few miles south of where Sollecito was born is adopting economic measures.

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