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Powerpoints #15: Justice For Meredith - The Thoughts Inspired By Two Mountains

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And here, first, is what inspired them.

I was recently in the little town of Lone Pine just east of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains .If you’re not familiar with this area, the vistas along the Owens Valley and up into the huge mountains - which at that point rise 10,000-plus feet almost vertically from the plain - are absolutely stunning. 

This is where the rock legends U2 found the inspiration for and shot the cover art for their Joshua Tree recording and, like just about everyone else who ever visits, I found myself in reflective mood.

I was lucky to secure a last minute permit for hiking and climbing in the popular and highly regulated Sierras, in an area that included the magnificent Mount Whitney (14,505 feet) which is the highest mountain peak of the lower 48 states - only Mount McKinley in Alaska (20320 feet) is higher.

My goal for this trip, however, was not to climb Mount Whitney which I’d previously climbed. It was instead to head up nearby Mount Russell (14,094 feet) which is one of the more difficult California peaks.

I hiked in and established a base camp at 11,200 feet, at Upper Boy Scout Lake, where I had a fine view of both Mount Whitney and Mount Russell. I was greatly impressed by the silhouettes of these two imposing and similar-appearing pyramids of granite in the soft light. 

But as I continued to observe them I found myself considering just how different these peaks really are upon closer examination. 

That night I dreamed, as many people do, camped very high up in the mountains.

My own strange dream was of Meredith Kercher as Mount Whitney, and of Amanda Knox as Mount Russell. The two were surrounded by the odd and shadowy characters you might encounter in a mountainous dream world.

This is how this tale of two peaks came to be, and I wrote it down later as a summer-break companion for reflection. 

The one thing I find myself reflecting on most is this:  Was it really just a dream? You tell me.

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Here’s -David Byrne, Animals Know (from the liner notes to Grown Backwards): “I dream that my cats, my daughter’s cats, can actually understand everything I say. And have for many years. Therefore they know that I’ve been saying they’re retarded, or stupid or crazy. They also know what I sometimes think of them—they go on as if they don’t, but they do. This secret knowledge eats at them and makes them even crazier than they were to begin with. The effort they maintain to keep up the pretense of geniality and routine is sometimes too much for them, which is why they sometimes lash out at me, or at others, for no apparent reason.”

I happened to read the above a few weeks ago, on the same day I had my second chance encounter with Curt Knox, who shows no signs of extraordinary wear.

AK has, we assume, a larger and more sophisticated brain than the average cat, and should, therefore, be sufficiently evolved not to lash out unexpectedly at someone whose biggest crime was to ‘diss’ her to a few other girls. ( I once got a faceful of rage from my mega-tarty flatmate after she overheard me tell a girlfriend I thought the flatmate had missed her calling in not choosing a career as a call girl).

AK has, of course, been referred to as a stupid retard, by her loving stepdad, and who knows how often, or from how young an age. That would have to injure the self esteem.

As for dreams, I found myself for weeks (months?) having dreams about that peculiarly situated carpark. I didn’t realise it until I visited Kermit’s powerpoint about the idiot Ciolino “reenacting” what Nara heard.

I like to imagine Meredith, somewhere just above us, being able to see beauty and the larger picture that we, still entrapped in our earthly bodies, will ourselves have to wait to appreciate.

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