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Kristian Leontiou’s “Some Say” Video - And Yes, That Really IS Meredith You See There

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A big surprise to all of us, and to many in the UK and Italy: the UK media just tracked down this video and figured out it was Meredith in the evocative dream sequences.

Pity about the distortion (and that pesky advertising bar). We are hearing that not only Meredith as she comes through the door but the entire video looks more normal in the wide format in which it was shot.

All the several YouTube versions now up have been processed and uploaded wrongly. They are all compressed sideways. If the producers of this very good video ever upload a new version in the original wide format we’ll link to it.

Meanwhile it can be watched undistorted on the free video-ware VirtualDub: first capture and upload the AVI file and then: (1) choose a screen dimension by right-clicking on the left box of the two, (2) pull the edge of the left box to make it larger or full-screen, (3) start playing. Use the dragger bar or mouse wheel to advance it more slowly.

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Here’s a message about Meredith from singer Kristian Leontiou posted on his own website on 09.06.2009.

It has been brought to my attention by the UK media that the young lady, Meredith Kercher,  who was the leading lady in a video I did a few years ago for a song entitled, SOME SAY, is the same young lady that was brutally murdered in Perugia.

While I did not know Meredith and only met her briefly I would like to send my deepest and sincere condolences to her family and friends while they go through this trying and difficult time.

I can only hope that the video gives some solace as it does seem to capture her true beauty, grace and charm.

Kristian One (eskimO)

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/11/09 at 02:37 AM | #

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