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Knox “Friends” Paul Ciolino & Co Smear Prosecutor Mignini As “An Out Of Control Maniac”

Posted by Peter Quennell

At the Salty’s hatefest in West Seattle, Paul Ciolino whipped up the crowd with a rant about Dr Mignini being “an out-of-control maniac”.

We see no proof. We check this whole point of view almost daily but we never, ever, ever get independent confirmation.  The BBC also checked it out and found zero proof of ANY of Ciolino’s wild-eyed claims.

We are repeatedly told that Mr Mignini is tough, fair, and effective, in an Italian system of justice where things are not particularly loaded on the side of the prosecution.

And that he has the reputation of being very, very caring of the victims and their families. The Kerchers have expressed their full confidence in him.

Also that Mr Mignini’s stepping-aside would probably make just about zero difference to the momentum of the case at this point.

There seems to be just too much suggestive evidence waiting to be explained, and a dozen careful judges have endorsed it as suggestive, and the strongly dominant mood in Italy seems to be one of: let us proceed.

Amanda Knox is of course very well represented by counsel. They have already shown irritation over attacks on the prosecutor.

Calling the prosecutor a maniac sure won’t be music to their ears. Is this whole PR campaign quite loopy, or what?!


Check the proliferating comments under the report, by the way. Most of them skeptical. The FUD one made us laugh.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/25/09 at 04:40 PM | #

So Paul Ciolino P.I. IS still alive and kicking after all, even if his career is not.

‘‘He says it’s up to Knox’s family to take their case to the public, criticize the prosecutor in charge of the case, and fight to get the charges dropped’‘

Rrrrrright. So it’s no use trying to get the case dismissed in court by demonstrating the evidence to be flawed. The charges must be forced to be dropped by public outrage stoked by the Knox clan’s impartial and balanced information, political pressure and a negative PR campaign against the prosecutor.

The PR assault has been in full swing for a year and it’s hardly worked wonders so far. The response? The gambler’s strategy of double your bets. Renew the assault and the libels.

But it is all hot air as it so often is with this attention seeking gumshoe. The charges have already passed several judges at bail and pre-trial hearings who looked at the evidence. The trial is already in progress. Looks like the muppet show are getting ready for a conviction and to label it as a gross miscariage of justice and to carry on the media assault as ever for a retrial / appeal. 

‘‘He says the European media have already convicted Knox in the press, and that it will be an uphill battle to prove her innocence.”

“I’m very afraid of what Amanda’s future is as I sit here today,” he says. “Unless Amanda’s family raises the funds necessary to fight this thing properly, in Europe, she’s gonna go to prison.”

And conversely the Knox press campaign has proclaimed innocence without addressing the evidence. I know this is really hard for you to grasp, Paul, but us European types do have courts that convict or acquit according to evidence, not the latest Daily Mail article.

As for tabloid hysteria and baseless allegations, Paul, have you apologised to Steve Fossett’s widow yet?????

Posted by Faustus on 01/25/09 at 04:56 PM | #

Paul Ciolino

He charges $50,000 as fee, then people have to organise fundraisers, now just look here

Paul J. Ciolino has been hired to commence an investigation into Efren’s wrongful conviction.

A fund raiser to cover payment of the full price for the investigation is underway

Ciolino believes Efren is innocent and has commenced an extensive investigation into his case to help prove his innocence.

His fee to accomplish this (yes well spun again Paul Ciolino - enormous, and the fee too) enormous task is $50,000.

An anonymous businessman from Illinois has provided us with a substantial $10,000 matching grant toward Efren’s private investigator fundraiser.

The terms of the grant were that once Efren’s family, friends and supporters raised $10,000 for the private investigator, the businessman would match the amount with an equal contribution.


Go to site, then in license look-up type Ciolino,

then profession detective,

it shows how Ciolino worked illegally.

Detective Private, Licensed

Licensee’s Name DBA /
AKA License
Number License
Status City, State Original
Date Current
Exprtn Ever
Discplined? Yes
PAUL J CIOLINO   115001156 ACTIVE CHICAGO, IL 03/02/1995 05/31/2011

Information found on:
Action Discipline
Start Date Discipline
End Date Reason For Action
Fine 02/28/1995 Allegedly acted as a private detective without a license. $2000 FINE PAYABLE PRIOR TO 2/27/96
Probation 02/28/1995 03/29/1996 Allegedly acted as a private detective without a license. $2000 FINE PAYABLE PRIOR TO 2/27/96


Now then, let’s talk about hypocritical behaviour and look at what someone else, two lawyers, have been saying about Ciolino and coercion:

But now, two Chicago area attorneys, Jim Sotos and Terry Ekl, contend that Simon was coerced and pressured into that confession and that Simon was not the killer.

“People working on Anthony Porter’s behalf framed Alstory Simon for a crime he did not commit, with fabricated, false, and flimsy evidence,” Sotos said.

“I would not be involved with Alstory Simon unless I felt he was innocent and an injustice had occurred,” Ekl said.

Sotos and Ekl say that veteran private investigator Paul Ciolino made several promises of money and leniency to Simon to persuade him to confess. Ciolino disagrees.

“The only promise I made to him was that I would try to make sure he didn’t get the death penalty,” Ciolino said.

Ciolino denies that he did anything improper.

“I don’t have any rules. The Supreme Court says I can lie, cheat, and do anything I can to get him to say whatever I want him to say”

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 01/25/09 at 07:51 PM | #

Ciolino denies that he did anything improper.

“I don’t have any rules. The Supreme Court says I can lie, cheat, and do anything I can to get him to say whatever I want him to say”


In reply to my own post

well now, what a nerve Ciolino has

pot, kettle


Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 01/25/09 at 08:38 PM | #

So maybe some of the proceeds of the fundraiser will be going to pay Ciolino’s 50,000 dollar fee, which he earns by saying whatever the hell he pleases. He seems proud that he has a license to lie, cheat, steal—whatever it takes. In this respect, he is the perfect poster boy for the movement.

Posted by Skeptical Bystander on 01/25/09 at 09:11 PM | #

Six hours later: Mr Mignini is still a maniac, according to KOMO’s headline on the piece. Just he’s no longer an out-of-control one.

Anyone know if Paul Ciolino got his check in advance? You know, before the “Friends” started doing their due-diligence thing?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/25/09 at 10:48 PM | #

Yeah, funny the faking, or actually, it is not funny at all, I just read on yet another wee webby site, hundreds attend bla bla bla, fundraiser, yet the photos show no more than 10 people.


I mean, the small-minded nationalism stretching from wee willy weporter guy, to the homes of these odd looking people who are gullible enough to trot off to a place to support Knox where Ciolino takes pride of place, where he accuses Mignini of doing what he does to gain celebrity status but poor old Paul IS MUDDLED UP, IT IS HE THAT IS INTO THAT.

He stands there with microphone in hand and looks more like he is imitating Dean Martin or someone singing a few Karaoke numbers, the people watching him look like they are listening to a Karaoke crooner as well, like, Did we really come here, did we really pay all that money?

Because I expect after listening to him for 5 or 10 minutes they wondered whether they are really doing well to believe someone like him, he really is full of himself. Ranting as he does, on and on, with his attempts at making a spectacular impression by using sensationalism, I can just imagine how those who even wanted to believe it started disbelieving after hearing him.

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 01/26/09 at 01:41 AM | #

The above article is the latest example of an endless series of misinformation and lies. So, let’s get some facts straight about Mignini’s supposed “lunacy” and his indictment.

A prosecutor’s job is to prosecute. Mr Mignini coordinates a team of detectives investigating serious crimes, and if he believes that evidence exists pointing at certain individuals, he can detain the suspect(s) for a maximum of 48 hours. After that, it’s up to a very fair system of checks and balances to validate the evidence and therefore the arrest.

A few years ago, Mignini was investigating a complex murder case in Perugia (Narducci) that turned out to be connected to a number of gruesome serial murders committed in Florence (The Monster of Florence) over a period of 30 years. The murders were being investigated by a different prosecutor in Florence. Spezi and Preston were conducting a “parallel investigation” of the case. Spezi publicly claimed that he was aware of facts and evidence showing that the police investigation was all wrong. He was accused of obstructing justice and withholding evidence and arrested. Mignini asked the GIP to validate Spezi’s arrest and the GIP did it. Spezi was released after 23 days in jail, and later cleared of the charges by the Court of Cassazione.

Do prosecutors always win? No. Is infallibility a requirement to be considered “a professional prosecutor”? No, and this is the reason why we have hearings, trials, judges and juries - the same ones that have repeatedly validated Knox’s and Sollecito’s detention, and ultimately ordered them to stand trial.

By the way, the Florence serial murders involved mutilation of the female genitals that were removed and taken away, suggesting some kind of ritual, perhaps satanic sect-related killings. I guess one must be a lunatic NOT to think it. And by the way, it was NOT Mignini who came up with the ritual killings idea, but the Florence prosecutors, since Mignini was NOT investigating the “Monster of Florence” case and he never did, if not because of its supposed connections to the Narducci case in Perugia.

“Mignini is indicted”: True. He is accused of unauthorized wiretapping, i.e abuse of office. If it is true (innocent until proven guilty should work for everybody,not just for Knox), then he was wrong, even if the abuse took place in relation to the investigation of the most gruesome and terrifying serial murders that have ever taken place in Italy .If he is found guilty he will pay, whatever the penalty is, for prosecutors illegally tapping private conversations for murder investigations purpose.

Now, what do Spezi and Knox have in common? Spezi was freed after a few days by the Tribunale of Riesame (Review Court). Knox was not. Spezi was cleared in Cassazione. Knox was not, she was sent to trial. Besides sharing the same prosecutor, I don’t see anything else. So, on what ground is Mignini called an “out of control maniac”? Just because he dared prosecuting Knox?

“They (Knox’s family) have to go to the Italian people and tell them what is going on in this case.” Mr Ciolino: the Italian people are very capable to think on their own.. Rest assured that the sacred “innocent until proven guilty” principle is honored here as well. Italians have not yet decided Knox is innocent, nor that she is guilty, but they will learn the truth about Meredith’s murder from a fair Court of Justice in Italy, No need for the Knoxes to tell them what’s going on in this case from six thousand miles away. 

With friends like these, Amanda surely doesn’t need enemies.

Posted by Nicki on 01/26/09 at 01:49 AM | #

That is an amazing amount of vital information in a short space, Nicki. Mr Mignini was quite peripheral to the murder cases around Florence. And he may have “lost” one or two in the almost endless hearings that go on, but as you say, no prosecutor ever “wins” them all and they usually just shrug and move on. 

And in a way Mignini is already rather peripheral to the ongoing sweep of this case. What really matters is not anything he did or does. It is that in the long process to trial, so many judges have had to read through the huge volume of evidence, which was put at 10,000 pages (it is believed more now) when the prosecutor handed it all over late last year.

Here is the first sentencing statement of Judge Paolo Micheli when he sentenced Rudy Guede at the end of October. Note that he simply did not need to get into motives and alibis and confessions. For him, the hard evidence was enough.

Amanda Knox has two of the best defense lawyers in Italy, and if anyone can get her off by challenging the evidence, it would seem that they can.

The antics in Seattle seem to undermine them and show a profound lack of confidence in their expertise and judgement and powers of persuasion. Have there been any cases in Italy where defense lawyers simply walked off the job?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/26/09 at 02:28 PM | #

Thanks Nicki,

Well said, exactly,

and that info is much needed.

It is amazing how someone, Ciolino, who has no professional training except learning how to kill people in the army, accuses others of not being professional.

In contrast to Ciolino’s own non-academic credentials, a prosecutor is always a professional because the job is not a job given to any old body.
It goes without saying that a prosecutor is a professional.
It does not go without saying that a detective is a professional.
The private detective may gain professional experience but in fact his job is not a profession but an occupation, a job.

He has no broader scope than the linings of his own pockets to adhere to, judges and lawyers and prosecutors have codes of ethical behaviour they have to keep to, just like doctors do too.

Ciolino can go about falsely accusing people and much more, he can get away with it, especially from 600 miles away, that is what makes him the amateur and the raving lunatic.
A simple case of projection Watson.

There is no such thing as a professional prosecutor.

All prosecutors are professionals, by saying the word prosecutor, one says, professional person.

The two words do not go together.

Ciolino is allowed to operate as a private detective through obtaining a simple license.
The license test is simple.

In many States of America a license is not required.

The license is in no way an academic qualification.

A prosecutor can in no way act as a prosecutor with the low or non-existent academic level Ciolino has.

Seems to me if anyone is amateurish it is Ciolino, he can’t work as a prosecutor, a lawyer or a judge but it seems by hounding people then accusing others of being the hound dogs he likes to think he can be all of those things.

Any prosecutor in Italy (and I imagine all prosecutors in other countries have to gain a Masters in Law too) has to work for a Masters degree in Law first.

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 01/26/09 at 02:38 PM | #

Yes Pete, there are cases of defense lawyers walking out. The most recent that I am aware of, is the Cogne murder case (avvocato Taormina). The standard formula is ” the trust relationship between attorney and client has ceased to exists”.

The attorney must detail the reasons why, but I don’t know if the information is made public.

Posted by Nicki on 01/26/09 at 02:53 PM | #

Illinois- so far

We’re sorry, but we were not able to locate expert listings with names that match “ciolino” at this time. Please check the spelling; For your information, updating of listings details may take 1 to 2 business days.

Have loacated the HIGHLLY ACCLAIMED type of credentials Mr. Ciolino has.

Sounds great eh, BCFE.

Truth is, if your goldfish could type, it could also become an expert on a wide range of things.

Think how many books you could write with all of those important looking letters behind your name, nobody will have enough courage to look up what they mean so they never will realise the letters mean just about nothing at all in academic terms.

Yes folks do you want to become a board certified forensic expert?

Well, get your free registration here and pay just $25 dollars per course, please see our other list of courses

How to become a forensic nurse

How to analyse blood spatter at a crime scene

and about a hundred and one more courses, all available TO TAKE, ONLINE,

all costing $25

become someone now

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 01/26/09 at 04:43 PM | #

Have located the HIGHLY ACCLAIMED type of credentials Mr. Ciolino has.

Sounds great eh, BCFE. 

Truth is, if your goldfish could type, it could also become an expert on a wide range of things.

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 01/26/09 at 04:45 PM | #


These are Ciolino’s academic credentials.

Certified Fraud Examiner

This one you get 30 days to complete it, using your computer at home in a series of tests that take a couple of hours.
Seeing as you can find everything online, then it can’t be too hard.

Once completed, hey presto you are a CFE.
Crack open the Champagne or if it was your 10 year old daughter who got certification, crack open the lemon pop.

But you are still not a lawyer, scientist, economist, doctor, psychologist, policeman, prosecutor or judge.


CII Council of International Investigators

Which means, a club where if you say you are an investigator, you can become a member and then add yet another title of important looking, quite meaningless letters, to your grand resume.

Like a pen-pal club of yesteryear, you join the other pen-pals and call yourself a member of the Council of Pen-pal Pushers or the right honourable CPP or


We ran through this title is isn’t academic.

Some of these cats, not Ciolino, do have a true/proper/credible basis, like a PhD, a past as a policeman, etc.

To me, in Ciolino’s case, it looks like he was a typical army guy, on leaving the military they seem to try this line of work as it is a good earner.

Ciolino had no basis to talk of as far as academic standing goes.

Certainly if you are good at the one-line rants using it as a kind of hypnosis, the money can certainly be had, scaring folk out of their wits, manipulating scenes and situations, like; well, it looks like, I’m sorry to say, though your kid is innocent if(s)he don’t get help (from me of course), (s)he’s gonna stay in jail, those Italians are savages.

A couple of Paul’s favourites, the handles have fallen off he’s repeated them so often in different cases, word for word.

1/ The case REEKED of ...
2/ We must now AGGRESSIVELY seek to educate the public about his
3/ wrongful conviction

Respectfully, correctly and articulately, instead of arrogantly asserting “WRONGFUL conviction” the proper way would be to talk/write without sensationalism, to say; Conviction that we feel is wrong.

Ciolino, in this way, is most surely guilty of brainwashing techniques, he uses that to try to mislead people through the media frenzy he sets out to create.

I’m sure my dog would bite him.
Down Rover down.

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 01/26/09 at 05:38 PM | #

A judge has reportedly determined that a British student killed in Perugia was the victim of a plan by her assailants to satisfy their sexual instincts that then got out of control.

The ANSA news agency said the finding was contained in Judge Paolo Micheli’s written explanation of his October ruling to convict one of the three suspects in the slaying of Meredith Kercher. Micheli sentenced Ivory Coast national Rudy Hermann Guede to 30 years in prison after he underwent a fast-track trial.

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 01/27/09 at 01:17 AM | #

Guede, according to Micheli, is equally guilty in the violence.

None of the three attempted to stop what was happening at the point it turned from threats, into real violence, and all three are co-criminals in everything that happened.

Guede said he was in the WC, but then, said Micheli, why did Meredith not try to call him for help, if she knew he was there but the others did not?

For these reasons Micheli refused to believe Guede’s story-lines.

It was ascertained from the presence of drops of blood on the desk that when Meredith received the first wounds from the knife she was still standing up.

Meredith was then forced backwards to the ground where Guede tried to rape her against which Meredith reacted with persistent resistance.
Until she was murdered.

Guede was, according to Micheli, let into the cottage by Knox, most likely.

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 01/27/09 at 01:37 AM | #

As of Monday afternoon, the full Micheli report on the Guede verdict had not been released, though the above seems accurate

The report should be out Monday night Italy time, and widely quoted from on Tuesday. Including here, of course.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/27/09 at 04:15 PM | #

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