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Best of The Real-Crime Series: Strongly Recommending HBO’s “The Investigation”

Posted by Peter Quennell

Similarity To The Perugia Case

How long did Meredith’s case take to be investigated?

The Knox-Sollecito conspiracy theorists would have everyone outside Italy believe the cops and prosecutors downed tools in days if not hours.

In fact it continued flat-out for EIGHT MONTHS and years later evidence was still being added, for example the DNA analysis during the Nencini appeal, in large part by crack national-level experts.

“The Investigation” is about the death of a very smart 30-year-old woman reporter, Kim Wall, by Peter Madsen, an industrialist, in a small submarine off Copenhagen. It is a series in six parts and has just begun airing on HBO and several streaming services.

This investigation was equally exhaustive, taking over two years, and it led to a life sentence for the sex-deviant Madsen (there is a lot about his obsessive history on-line) and even finally a confession.

With scant evidence of an intentional killing, it was far less open-and-shut than Meredith’s case. And yet the investigators remorselessly kept crushing the murderer’s changing alibis and explanations.

Neither the murderer nor his victim ever appear on-screen. An interesting idea for a movie update on Meredith’s case.


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