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American Lawyer Ted Simon Appointed To Help Out Italian Team On Appeal

Posted by Peter Quennell

A couple of US media websites and many in Italy are reporting that Theodore Simon is joining the Ghirga-Della Vedova defense team in Italy for Amanda Knox’s appeal.

The Press Association quotes him as follows.

Mr Simon said: “Amanda’s conviction stands as a tragic example of a wrongful conviction which requires meaningful review.  “I look forward to working with Amanda and her family and with her Italian legal team, as we approach an appellate process that is designed, capable and empowered to ‘right this wrong’ which hopefully will result in her deserved release.”

Three points here.

First, Theodore Simon came across well in NBC’s excellent second Dateline report on Meredith’s case last year when he was then more neutral and even a tad pro-prosecution.

Mr Simon then predicted an uphill fight for the defense, and he explained the real danger of a whack-a-mole defense, where all the effort is put into trying to discredit a few straw-men elements when the body of the whole remains unshaken.

Second, the Ghirga-Della Vedova team never seem to have shown any appreciation for the “help” offered from the US which has seemingly turned many Italians off and possibly made their own task harder.

And third, Theodore Simon himself now seems to have moved sharply into his own whack-a-mole mode. When another prominent US defense lawyer attempted an intervention, we pointed out the real strength of the entire body of evidence.

John Q Kelly has been invisible on the case ever since.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/06/10 at 06:39 PM in The wider contextsN America contextKnox-Mellas team


If one has to judge this lawyer from the knowledge he has of Italian law, I don’t think it was money well spent. In the Dateline report he seems to think that in Italy they don’t have to prove somebody guilty “beyond any reasonable doubt”.

I beg your pardon Mr. Simon!? Italian law (art. 533 of the CPP) explicitly requires the “beyond any reasonable doubt” standard for a criminal conviction.

I wonder what Ghirga and Della Vedova will think of this move! If I were them I would feel somewhat insulted if my client hired somebody who has no knowledge of the Italian Law (and language) to guide me in an Italian court.

Certainly Italians at large seem to think that way! The first comments in the newspapers that reported this piece of news yesterday, are very sarcastic at this move by the Knox family.

One even said that all Italians should go to Perugia to have a good laugh when the American “Perry Mason” will try to explain in English the concepts of the Common Law precedent to a Roman Law Court of Italian judges who won’t be able to understand a word he’s saying.

Posted by Commissario Montalbano on 01/06/10 at 07:54 PM | #

Thanks Commissario. Yes Theodore Simon made that uninformed claim about “beyond any reasonable doubt” not applying to Italy in the third Dateline report broadcast by NBC in the US about the time of the verdict a month ago.

By then, Mr Simon was coming out with pure defense-speak, and all of his former objectivity was gone.

That false claim has been shot down again and again, here on TJMK and in other places. And yet unfortunately, NBC chose to give him the very last word (this wrong word!) in what was otherwise an excellent report.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/06/10 at 08:18 PM | #


Mr. Simon will be able to unravel the legal issues in plain language for the Knoxes. He can be a gentle go-between. He sounds confident, but I envision him learning more from Ghirga and Della Vedova than vice versa.

He will have a cosmopolitan education with this case, and frequent flyer miles. He may be a comfort to Edda and Curt more than legal muscle.

If he lasts, he will take home big bucks. He might consider it huge success to trim a decade off AK’s jail time.

This appeal is Curt and Edda’s last ditch stand to get Amanda’s sentence reduced and they may have been smart to go for broke.

May the truth win out, no matter what lawyers.

Mr. Simon is aware this is a high profile case and seems ready to dare it. Attorney Simon, turn up the courage dial. You will need it.

He looks nice enough. Maybe Knox/Mellas just hired him to take the heat, or they’ve lost confidence in Ghirga and Della Vedova. They may let Simon substitute for their dozens of jail visits with Amanda, trying to pace themselves.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/06/10 at 10:13 PM | #

Hi Hopeful. Yes it is true that this arrangement could beat the failing and fading PR campaign which seems to have cost an arm and a leg to liitle constructive purpose.

Typically in US cases it is lawyers that do the talking for defendants and their families who are rarely seen on TV. It is usually the victims families which appear front and center and get the support of crime show anchors like Nancy Grace.

Maybe two year and a million dollars too late, something positive is happening here.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/07/10 at 02:38 AM | #

Fine, a commenter on the Perugia Murder File forum, just posted this interesting hypothesis.


“The motive in hiring Ted Simon is transparent. He is to “facilitate” the transfer of Amanda to the U.S. after her appeal process in Italy is exhausted, which should be a couple years from now. He has experience is these matters. Hiring him illustrates that the Knox/Mellas clan recognizes—-after a unanimous guilty verdict—- that Amanda’s appeals will prove futile.”

“Ordinarily, a prisoner transfer would be routine, once the convict, Italy, and the U.S. approve. But in this case there is an IMPEDIMENT….those huge damage awards—- several million dollars—-that would have to be paid to Patrick and the Kercher family before the angel is returned home. So, one role for Mr. Simon in the appeal process it will be to LOWER the dollar amount of the damage awards. And this, presumably, entails negotations with Patrick and the Kerchers.”

“Hiring Mr. Simon also reveals the primary motive behind the Marriott PR campaign. To create a sympathetic “climate” in the U.S. where an early parole date for Amanda would be approved. With Senator Cantwell, Judge Heavey, Mike James, and other select members of the entourage, showing up at the first parole hearing, one can expect Amanda to receive favorable treatment. (Or dare we say “preferential treatment”?) What Edda calls “fixing this mess.” An early release. After spending four years in an Italian jail and a few more in an American jail Amanda will be free. A short circuit of justice, of course, but probably unavoidable.”

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/07/10 at 05:54 AM | #

>>>“To create a sympathetic “climate” in the U.S. where an early parole date for Amanda would be approved. With Senator Cantwell, Judge Heavey, Mike James, and other select members of the entourage, showing up at the first parole hearing, one can expect Amanda to receive favorable treatment.”<<<

Just one more attempt by the “obKNOXious Knox” clan to circumnavigate justice.

1) I doubt they will find a “sympathetic climate” here in the U.S., as I think the majority who have followed this case feel Knox is guilty.

2) I think Senator Cantwell might as well kiss her next election goodbye.

3) Amanda will wish she’d stayed in Capanne, as their prisons are reportedly far better than ours.

Plus, with her arrogance and smug attitude she is likely to get the poop pounded out of her in prison here.  Also, though she may receive favorable treatment by the judicial system, that favorable treatment might just be a source of angst to other prisoners.

And then, of course, what about when Amanda is paroled?  What kind of life can she expect?  With all the brouhaha she and her family have created, her name will not soon be forgotten (will anyone ever forget Monica Lewinsky’s name?) and she will likely find only a small part of the population (the staunch FOA defenders) wanting anything to do with her. Her best bet after parole might be to legally change her name and move to another country (but not have any roommates).

By the way, since Donald Trump sounded off about her in his blog, we haven’t heard another peep from him.  Could it be that he took the advice of all the commenters and actually read the evidence against her?

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 01/07/10 at 01:34 PM | #

Well, I am afraid Fine is right.

But then, to be paroled, isn’t it mandatory to “show remorse”? If she still claims she is innocent, she of course will not show remorse, right?

And would the Kerchers not have to have their say? Would Italy still prevail on the decision?

Posted by Patou on 01/07/10 at 07:15 PM | #

Do you really think she will be back in the USA to serve her time instead of being made to stay in Italy? If so I see her out within a few days of her arrival in the USA.

As for the “new Lawyer” I think he is going to learn a few things from the Italian Lawyers that she already had.

Posted by jasmine1998 on 01/08/10 at 04:31 AM | #

Isn’t there also the impediment that Italy won’t transfer to the U.S. because we have the death penalty? Or is that only prior to trial?

If Fne is right (and generally s/he’s very sharp and I respect his/her opinions), this is very disheartening. A reduction in both the money award to the Kerchers and Amanda’s term of incarceration hardly seems in keeping with justice for Meredith Kercher.

Is Simon some sort of miracle worker? I don’t believe that the Italian judiciary is going to send Amanda to America if they know it means she’ll basically avoid serving her sentence. So far, the Italians have stood firm.

As Commissario and other have stated, their judiciary is very independent. Let’s hope it stays that way!

And if Amanda thinks Capanne is bad, she should try a max-security in Washington State. Not a good trade-off.

Posted by Earthling on 01/08/10 at 08:27 AM | #

Imagine how the school, the medias, and a senator would have been quiet, discreet, mute, if Amanda were black. No funds raising, no Larry King, no interventions whatsoever. Life would go on.

Accusations would be made against her divorced parents, her drug abuse would be emphasized, her sexual life would be on all the night shows…

It is a shame!

Posted by Patou on 01/08/10 at 03:31 PM | #


You are right! However, I think this is still a bad move. Sometimes other countries do not like the U.S. trying to take over and run things the way things are done in the U.S. I hate using this as an example, but, with the Natalee Holloway case, it angered their judicial system, as well as the population. The judicial system was so heavily criticized that U.S. newspapers are no longer welcome on the islands. In fact, they (U.S. media) have not been on the islands since 2005. I think, this will backfire. To me, it’s like saying, “you’re not qualified to do this.”

Also, I am getting tired of American parents running to the defense and enabling there kids to do wrong. Remember, Michael Fay, the teenager that caused extensive vandalism in Singapore? See

There’s the case of the American kids on a military base in Germany, throwing rocks on the Autobahn, which resulted in the death of driver(s).

A few days ago, an American medical student was forging prescriptions. see student fined & deported over prescription fraud

This one, May 2009, I kinda have some sympathy for this guy because, afterall, it is definitely not safe for Americans to be in this jail. Article, “Glenolden Guardsman Stuck in Dubai Prison.” But, what’s telling about this one, Michael Joslin, was a Pennsylvania Nat’l Guardsman, civilian contractor; he was arrested for carrying an unloaded weapon in his checked luggage, and prescription pills. He stated to the newspaper, “I am American, I’m white, and I’m a soldier.”

Again, incidents like this makes me wonder if Americans think they can do whatever they want when in foreign countries without consequences.  A perfect example, Mexico doesn’t recognize bounty hunters. Yet, “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” went to Mexico to capture a rich, suspected rapist. The Mexican judicial system was also heavily criticized.

Posted by annjell on 01/09/10 at 06:31 AM | #

There is definitely something rotten in the kingdom here!

I am Belgian, and have been here 15 years. I just came to experience another kind of life, working in English, and trying to see a bit of this huge part of the world.

I’ve never seen brats like kids here, and more indulging parents. Working in a printing shop, a lady asked the kid to pay me… he spat the coins in my hand, and she just carelessly said “I told you not to put money in your mouth, you will get germs!”

How many times have I been asked by people trying to be nice and just being idiots if we were hungry in my country, if Brussels is near Russia, if we recovered yet from the war, and if I came here through an arranged marriage. The natural rudeness/innocence is exasperating, and their senseless feeling of being superior is tiresome.

There is definitely something rotten here, and my American friends, the ones I find “normal”, agree with me. They (my friends) joke a lot about the “we are American!” that gives the color on many American movies (the American is always smart, the others still need to be colonized…)

The Amanda PR is clearly of this idea, and is showing a dangerous lack of respect towards Italy. The disdain they showed, most of them, while “explaining” the Italian procedure and describing Dr Mignini is outrageous!

Posted by Patou on 01/09/10 at 03:03 PM | #

Patou -
>>“Imagine how the school, the medias, and a senator would have been quiet, discreet, mute, if Amanda were black. No funds raising, no Larry King, no interventions whatsoever. Life would go on.
Accusations would be made against her divorced parents, her drug abuse would be emphasized, her sexual life would be on all the night shows…”<<

Though Amanda is NOT black, everything you said in your second paragraph has occurred.

>>“How many times have I been asked by people TRYING TO BE NICE and just being idiots if we were”<<

Yes, some people are uneducated about foreigners and foreign countries, but the intent is not rudeness.

It is disheartening when people feel the need to bring race into the issues regarding this crime.  Race has nothing to do with this.  Country of origin really has nothing to do with this, either, except in the Friends of Amanda camp, as they are playing the anti-Americanism as the equivalent of the race card.

Yes, there are many American brats.  Amanda is an American brat.  Sollecito is an Italian brat.  Amanda may be getting preferential treatment by some, but let’s be honest, most Americans do not feel that she is innocent, and if her trial was held in the United States, she’d still have been found guilty, and would have had a longer sentence and possibly the death penalty. 

I’d rather not speculate and generalize about Americans or anyone else, and just stay on topic regarding the evidence and the trial process.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 01/09/10 at 04:51 PM | #

Please let me begin by apologizing for the length, and perhaps tone and content of this comment, but I believe everything i have written is true, and wherever I have used profanity or what I would describe as ” brutal and graphic ” honesty, I have done so soley because I believe it is totally necessary to get the point across, and not for any other reason. Everybody has to face the absolute truths and reality of what has happened to Meredith and what has been as is being done to her family by the Knoxes and their supporters. I have tried my level best to remain objective, neutral and give Amanda Knox and the Knoxes the benefit of the doubt, but I just can’t do that anymore. When I first read this post about Theodore Simon being hired by the Knoxes and subsequently reading the follow up comment by Commissario, who said something to the effect that Mr Simon couldn’t speak Italian and had no knowledge of Italian law. I felt that if these remarks were indeed accurate then this is like something from a Marx brothers or 3 Stooges movie, with Homer Simpson advising the Knoxes every step of the way. Then today I read some of the other comments, and I adopted a different attitude.

First of all it has been said or at least hinted at in other posts or comments that Curt Knox and Edda Mellas may well be “innocent ” victims in this mess created by their daughter. Yes I know every parent wants to believe his or her child can do no wrong, and you or I would be in the same boat. BUT somewhere along the line even with the greatest love in the world for our child, we would honestly say to ourselves ” did he or she do it ” ? Curt and Edda are NO DIFFERENT. They have of course asked themselves the same question, and clearly they have answered ” YES “. I am not Einstein, one doesn’t have to be a genius to figure this out. If you or I were in Curt and Edda’s shoes and REALLY LOVED OUR DAUGHTER DEARLY AND BELIEVED HER TO BE INNOCENT - and of course had access to their money, we would do everything humanly possible to hire her the best defense possible to help win our innocent daughter her just freedom.

In my case, as well as getting her the best possible legal team in Italy, but because of the gravity of the situation and my own personal lack of knowledge of Italian law, and my inability to speak Italian - I would hire the best possible in my case ” Irish ” attorney ( as I am Irish ) with expertise in this matter to work hand in hand with the Italian legal team, and of course liaise between me and them - or first I might hire the best ” Irish ” attorney with expertise in this matter, when the instruction to him to recommend and hire the best Italian legal team for my daughter. BUT what did Curt and Edda do ? To the best of my knowledge instead of getting her the best defense their money could pay for - obviously realizing that their daughter was indeed GUILTY - they poured their money and efforts into a PR campaign in the US, spouting nothing but hate and lies, and have tried their level best to undermine the country and judicial system that was destined to find their GUILTY daughter GUILTY as they knew themselves she was GUILTY and did not have a snowballs chance in hell in the ” fair fight ” ( fair trial ) in Perugia.

So the Knoxes team played as low and as dirty as they could trying to win by any means and in their case of course this means ” foul means “. The Knoxes camp have stuck to lies all the way through this, and they intend to do that until the bitter end. Please forgive me, but how anyone can claim to have sympathy for Curt Knox and Edda Mellas is beyond me. They have and are knowingly aiding and abetting a murderer. The fact that they are her parents does not redeem them or make it all right or understandable in any way. Any person who thinks that way needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and remember what has happened here. An innocent you girl has been brutally - please forgive the expression - BUTCHERED by a seriously depraved BITCH ( please forgive my profanity ). ANYONE who knowingly helps Ms Knox in her bid to get away with such a HEINOUS CRIME is every bit as GUILTY as she is.

I come from Ireland, and yes it’s a small country, and sadly we do get too many crimes including murder, but in very many instances where a family member or friend knows the perpetrator of the crime, especially murder - that family member or friend either convinces the perpetrator to hand themselves into the police or approaches the police and ” hands them in “. There is an innate instinct in all of us to protect our own, but there is also an innate instinct in all decent people that knows human life is special, especially the life of another person. For us to be the cause or a part of, or in anyway associated with the taking of another person’s life is unthinkable - it is unfathomable - something any right minded person could not live with. The knowledge would be too much to bear. The thought of a poor innocent young girl’s life mercilessly taken by a clearly ( at best ) unwell girl, if not indeed a girl with a twisted and sadistic personality would be too much for any normal parents to bear - as they would be shattered, broken, ashamed, and of course a tremendous feeling of guilt.

But not Curt and Edda. They have knowingly continued there merciless campaign of lies and bullying, and have tortured the Kercher family all the way, with total disregard for Meredith and her family. Those animals Curt, Edda, being and their supporters are brutally murdering and raping Meredith over and over again ever minute this case continues, and they are doing the exact same to Meredith’s family - without the slightest feeling of remorse or GUILT. Virtually from day one, this has nothing to do with defending an ” innocent ” girl - instead it has everything to do with trying to force, intimidate, and abuse the justice system, and indeed the general public, into releasing their GUILTY daughter of a brutal and horrific murder of an innocent young life -  the ” positive ” outcome they are after - regardless of the consequences to the aggrieved ( putting it very mildly ) Kercher family, without the slightest bit of REGRET, REMORSE, OR SHAME

What a twisted bunch of people. These people are truly sick. They care about nothing or no one only themselves. Please forgive the profanity. but they have tried to ” nail shit to a stick ” to try to suit THEIR OWN ENDS. People can make all the excuses they like for Curt and Edda, but at the end of the day people must remember the VICTIM IN THIS IS MEREDITH KERCHER AND HER FAMILY, AND WHAT CURT KNOX AND EDDA MELLAS HAVE DONE, AND ARE CONTINUING TO DO TO THESE PEOPLE, IS A FURTHER VIOLATION OF THEM ( to say the very least ).

In actual fact in their own way Curt and Edda are far more GUILTY than their daughter. Their actions are totally cold and calculating - sickening and depraved. They owe it to the Kerchers and perhaps even Amanda to stop this nonsense immediately and ADMIT THE TRUTH - if only to themselves - and stop the additional suffering they are putting the Kerchers through and BEG their forgiveness. There is only so much any decent person can excuse of a decent person trying to believe in his or her daughter, but no decent, right minded person can excuse the actions of the Knoxes. I can give you too well known examples of decent, right minded family or parents of perpetrators that spring easily to mind - 1 the family of the ” Uni Bomber ” turned him in, and number 2 The father of the the Nigerian man who recently tried to blow up a plane in Chicago on Christmas day - to the best of my knowledge also tried to warn the authorities about his own son. These are just 2 examples of decent, right minded people.

The obKNOXious Knoxes clearly do not fit into this category - and no amount of excuses will change that. These people are truly sick and depraved, and when they are like that what can anyone expect from their daughter - after all they are her parents - her role models. As one saying puts it ” the apple does fall far from the tree ” or as another less eloquent saying puts it, and again please forgive the profanity ” shit flows downhill “. Everything they have and are doing is aimed at trying to preserve their careers, their perceived social status, and of course their image, and of course their name, without any concern for the Kerchers or the effects all of their actions are having on the Kerchers. Well it appears clear that the Kerchers are little ” nobodies ” on the other side of the atlantic - like they are mere ” nothings ” from another planet. Afterall for the knoxes it is a matter of mind over matter ” the Knoxes don’t mind, and the Kerchers don’t matter.

They or their supporters have stooped so low as to encourage children at ” Seattle Prep ” to write a letter campaign in support or seeking support for a convicted ” Butcherer ” ( again please forgive the graphic detail - but it is true ). What kind of parents would want their children to have Amanda Knox as a role model. If she is what those children are going to look up to - God help Seattle ( no I am not into religion ). Not only that, but apparently the children at Seattle Prep are also going to write a letter campaign to the Kerchers offering their condolences over the brutal murder of their daughter, whose murderer they are campaigning is innocent of the crime and should be set free. How obnoxious can these obKNOXious Knoxes get. The depths of their depravity seems to know no limits. 

I cannot help but wonder what the ” good ” people running Seattle Prep, the ” good ” parents of the children in Seattle Prep, and of course the ” good ” people of Seattle as a whole would think of Amanda Knox if it were another young girl from her school, or another young girl from a block away that Amanda had murdered? Sadly it is so easy for the Knoxes and their supporters, including Seattle Prep and those people in Seattle who support them, to ignore the SAVAGERY of Amanda Knox.  After all she is ” one of their own ” but Meredith Kercher, well she apparently was a ” nobody ” from thousands of miles away, whose life and death has merely been a shocking irritation, an inconvenience who just doesn’t matter - afterall they don’t mind and she didn’t/doesn’t matter - and obviously they feel exactly the same way about Meredith’s family.

It’s so easy for people to basically band together like an ignorant backward tribe, and gang up on the outsider - the stranger. I’m sure if the Knox clan, supporters, and their Seattle tribe, could, they would probably blame Meredith for somehow killing herself and managing somehow to set Amanda up and cause all this trouble for her. It is a well known fact that it is part of human nature, that when some people are confronted by a reality that they just cannot/refuse to face and accept - that these people always ” CHOOSE ” to block out the truth, and simply blame something else or someone else for the situation. For me there are a lot of very narrow minded, blind people, with their ” heads buried in the sand ”  like ostriches, and very sad to say in the 21st century, very backward people, be they part of the Knox clan, supporters, or their Seattle tribe doing exactly this - playing an active role in torturing and abusing the Kercher family in a manner than is disgusting and disgraceful beyond human comprehension.

Amanda Knox savagely brutalized Meredith Kercher, plummeting the depths of human depravity - but the horrific truth is the obKNOXious Knoxes, their supporters, and their Seattle tribe have plummeted the depths of human depravity even further, every second they continue this despicable charade - they are merely raping and murdering Meredith all over again, and for want of a better expression they are doing the exact same to her family. The Knoxes, their supporters, and their Seattle tribe are beneath contempt. The old saying is clearly true - ” Birds of a feather, flock together “. So now the Knox camp are now doing what they should have done on day one, if they thought she was innocent. Their campaign of bullying and intimidation has not worked - so now they are forced to change tactics. Perhaps this Theodore Simon can help the Knox camp to grab some form of victory from the jaws of defeat - and who knows maybe he can help them pull a rabbit out of a hat and grab total victory - after all the ” truth ” means very little in court - it very often comes down to who has the best lawyers and the most money - and insofar as Commissario mentioned Mr. Simon cannot speak Italian - well, money speaks all languages fluently. So nothing that might happen would surprise me.

Unfortunately for the Kerchers this is not truly over until ” the fat lady sings ” and even then it may not be over as Amanda may go on to benefit financially from books and movie deals. Hopefully that will not happen. As that would only add insult to injury - unless of course the Kerchers can garner all the profits. Hopefully one way or another the Kercher family will get ” TRUE JUSTICE FOR MEREDITH “. I truly believe they will. I am 48 years old - not old - not young - but old enough to know that there are many twists and turns in life, and whatever the final outcome of the appeal - she will pay one way or another for the rest of her life. Life has a way of coming around and biting a person on the ass when they least expect it - and life does dish out justice one way or another to everyone. There is a saying ” no one escapes ” - and that is so true. And as another saying goes ” we reap what we sow ” - and again I’m in no way religious, but in my own words ” we get what we give ” - And even if Amanda lives to be 100 - she, her father, and her mother, will not get away with this - just as sure as day follows night. All the money, possessions, partners, sexual or otherwise, so called social status, position, drink or drugs - can never ever silence the TRUTH and mean absolutely nothing.

As a famous boxer Joe Louis nicknamed the ” Brown Bomber ” used to tell his opponents- ” you can run, but you can’t hide ” - And the exact same is true of Amanda and her parents Curt and Edda. As we all know Meredith was, and her family are innocent victims in all of this - but there are also some other innocent victims in this - Amanda’s siblings. I feel so sorry for them. They are also so lost in this whole mess - and they need so much help and support if they are going to grow up to be healthy, productive human beings but in that family circle - without huge changes - then sadly I don’t see much of a future for them. Hopefully in some way they too will be able to heal somehow and move on with their lives. SHAME, SHAME , SHAME on you Curt, Edda, and of course Amanda - not only are your actions and everything you are destroying the Kerchers, but you are also destroying your own family - WHAT IDIOTS ( see what I mean by ” life biting you on the ass ” - and ” you always getting what you give ” ).

Again I apologize for the length, tone and content etc of this comment. It isn’t a rant, at least it’s not meant to be. Everything I have said I believe to be true. I am sorry if I have sounded rude or offensive at times, but I have found the conduct of the Know side to be totally rude, offensive, and beneath contempt - and I feel one has to call it as it is, to get to point across - and a time comes when everyone must face the truth, and call a spade a spade. I am not trying to offend anyone. I am merely stating the absolute truth as I see it. What I have written is brutally honest in my view, and everything that was done to Meredith, and has since been done, and continues to be done to the Kerchers by the obKNOXios Knoxes has been far, more brutal, and not one iota honest. There was nothing sanitary about was was done to Meredith, by Amanda, and subsequently to her family by the Knoxes - except of course for those attempts to sanitize the crime scene.

As everyone knows ” the truth often offends ” - but it is always the truth. Well if Curt Knox, Edda Mellas, Amanda herself, their supporters including those Seattle people who support them, the people running Seattle Prep who are organizing or aiding this letter campaign, and of course Senator Maria Cantwell, as well as ” Mr.”  Donald Trump are offended by what I have written - then they must ALL ask themselves WHY?. Does the truth ” hit them where it hurts “? I truly hope so. If the truth offends them, then that’s their problem. As far as I, and I believe all decent, right minded people are concerned, they should all be truly ashamed of themselves. They are a disgrace.

I am in absolute awe of this website and the posts and comments herein. You people are great, and a huge breath of fresh air. You people clearly put a lot of genuine hard work and effort into this - and you are to be commended and applauded for everything you are doing. Be extremely proud of yourselves and know that you are on the side of truth and justice - AND KNOW THAT YOU WILL WIN. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Happy Hannukah or whatever, and I wish you all the absolutely very best of everything in 2010.

Good luck to all of you. Thank you all.

Posted by Paddy5000 on 01/09/10 at 08:05 PM | #

What a good rant, Paddy5000 ! I can only agree with you on most of your post, anger included! I feel terrible when I think about what the Kerchers have to bear with all the Knox/Mellas show about their innocent lamb… I actually, sorry if it hurts your feeling, feel a bit – a tiny bit - of compassion for them because I can understand it is an horrible blow on their lives too. But as you do, I am definitely of the idea they should face the truth, help their daughter facing it too, and … fix the mess, the mess their daughter is. And I find their behavior absolutely repulsive.

Mo-in-Mass, I apologize if I sounded offensive, that was not meant.

With saying that had Amanda been black all this fuss would not have happened, I thought about the fact that Amanda is best seller material. White, cute, good education. If she had been simply .. lets’ say “not cute”, or black, or Native American (or else that is also not selling material), they would not have been so anxious to fight for her on TV or news. And if she had made it through the news, they would have jumped on her broken family and bad habits to look the other way. It is true that we all know about Amanda’s bad behavior and broken family, but it is in a very soft way. Like it was not that bad, after all. That’s just Amanda being Amanda. The parents are invited as honor guests, even when their lies are more and more absurd and apparent. These lies are used as it to “show” everybody she has obviously been railroaded and Italy is a barbarian country, Mignini a terrifying American eater, etc… Amanda, as someone anticipated already, will sell and sell and sell. Lifetime and other docudramas movies, books, follow up, the money they claim to have lost in their fight for their daughter will pour on them.

As for my experience here, I felt that yes, it was still related to the case, in the way that I’ve noticed that too many people here assume that they are the best and the rest of the world does not compare. It is fine for one to be proud of his country, it is a mistake not to be open minded. It is a mistake to judge without knowing, without experience about what’s outside America. Italy is a very civilized country, where even in the countryside people can sing opera airs, where an everyday beauty is celebrated, and with a very advanced technology and culture. I hate this bullying against Italy. I hate this lack of respect for the Kerchers and trashing the way Italy dealt with the case is insulting their intelligence after killing their happiness.

That was how my posts were, I felt, related to the case. I certainly did not want to offend anyone!

By the way … who is making fuss about Amanda’s room mate, the American woman incarcerated for drug charges… Has she been railroaded because of an anti-American feeling too? When will we see something on Fox News about her?

Posted by Patou on 01/10/10 at 02:57 PM | #

In response to jasmine1998.  Yes, if the second trial, the full trial, confirms Ms. Knox’s conviction (and there appears to be only slightly greater than a 50% probability of such), there will be a request to remove her to the USA to serve out the sentence.  However, the parole process in the USA is quite lenient.  And it is very possible that she will be out of prison in short order, as described by Peter Quennell above.  [This is one possible reason why Senator Cantwell has removed herself to the background for the time being.  Another reason being, US Senators are not required to answer questions posed by anyone short of a Grand Jury.  And I believe there are some limitations attached thereto as well.]

Although there is an abundance of both direct and circumstantial evidence implicating AK & RS, such does not assure conviction.  Trials, especially “capital” crime type trials, are social events. Events staged and directed by a large number of institutions and individuals who have some stake in the performance itself.  If such performance proves beneficial to these “players”, then, the evidence is less likely to play a significant role in the outcome than it would if there was no real “profit” to these parties.  In other words, those on trial are often rewarded with freedom for taking part in the performance. 

This is simply a sad part of the system of justice wherever it is being practiced in the world today as our network of mass communications can “reward or condemn” any individual, anytime, and anywhere, for any reason.  Furthermore, each communications network enjoys it own self-direction and point of view, however illogical or unusual such may be.  This, then, is where the effort of marketing enters the justice arena.  The big PR firms sample the system, through the release of countless trial balloons (talk shows, news articles, etc.) testing the public’s awareness and sentiment of whatever social issue is presently in vogue.  Then, the individual networks run with the results.  Competing for market share regardless of the consequences for justice.  Ultimately, social sentiment wins the day.  The victim is not in attendance to speak for him or herself, and, the system is present to but certify the loss. 

Always remember, as Bob Dylan wrote, “ doesn’t talk, it swears…” 

If I recall correctly, one of the most recent stories in the tabloids has reported that Mr. Trump has become involved in this matter.

Posted by Sanity on 01/10/10 at 05:18 PM | #

Thanks Patou:+). I forgot to add probably the most important thing - ” Good luck Meredith - I know you’re happy where you are - You’re looking and laughing at all of us now - Keep smiling - The beauty that is you is eternal. You are forever. Thank you for being you R.I.P.”

Posted by Paddy5000 on 01/11/10 at 03:10 AM | #


Apology accepted, though not necessary - and thank you for your kindness in extending it.

It seems that there is a prevailing opinion that the people who support Knox do so because she is white and American and attractive, but I think the true reason to be that the Knox/Friends of Amanda/Cantwell/Trump camp have portrayed her as someone who was wrongly accused, and most people with a heart do tend to fight for the underdog.  In this case, however, there is enough evidence and so many callous behaviors on Knox’s part that most people see through that and see that she is guilty.

They are playing the anti-American card primarily because they don’t have many arrows in their quiver to fight with.  They will utilize any strategy possible to decry her innocence, because they have listened to the misinformed spouting off about it and once on the bandwagon, they have a resistance to looking at the real evidence.

Meredith, though not 100% caucasian, IS the true “girl next door”, and that is my basis for saying throughout my posts here that race does not have a place in this with regard to anyone involved.  It is because Meredith is a shining example of how a young woman should be that we have all come to this site.  No one cares that she was not 100% caucasian, just as those who are pro-Amanda are not so because of her being white.

There have also been some rather unkind comments about Americans in general and I wish to add my two cents.  Yes, though I am American, I do see that SOME people, in SOME parts of this country are bigoted.  However, that being said, this country is changing and more than half of the voters in this country voted a man of mixed black/white ancestry into office as president.  I think that speaks volumes about how far we have come in that regard.  We also have many interracial couples and marriages taking place in this country, and that also says that America is rising above it’s former ways in that respect.

As for why Americans take so much pride in our country….....well, perhaps it’s because we have a tendency to step in and help so many other countries.  We have provided more food, money, medical and military help to other countries than any other nation on earth.  Throughout our history, many of our military personnel have died fighting for other countries’ human rights. We also are a country that is comprised of more different ethnic backgrounds than others, and we have long been regarded as the “melting pot” of diverse cultures. I believe all of those issues do merit the right to have a sense of pride.

I am not saying that people from other countries should be any less proud of their homeland, but I do take exception to the “ugly American” position taken by many.  For every “ugly American” there is an equivalent in other cultures, as well.

Have patience with everyone. God is not done with any of us yet.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 01/11/10 at 06:57 AM | #



I hope you don’t consider this as being confrontational, because truly, it’s not. However, IMHO, it appears you are being confrontational with some of the posters here. You have asked people by name, explain this, explain that….which, again, appears confrontational.

I think most of us here are in support of Meredith. And, I have to admit, you caught me off guard at the beginning. I have apologized to you, as well as others.

I do like reading your posts, however, I think you may scare some unsuspecting poster away that is in support of Meredith.

Posted by annjell on 01/11/10 at 11:44 PM | #

Patou! Incisive coverage of Everything Important to Real Americans will be coming to Fox News. I just read on my yahoo page that America’s bespectacled Barbiedoll, Sarah Palin, has consented to take on a job as Commentator! We are sure to get to the truth, now. Word!

Posted by mimi on 01/12/10 at 05:21 AM | #


All I have asked is that posters refrain from generalizations about race, age or country of origin.  Amanda Knox is on trial - not the United States or any other country, not caucasians and not persons of color.  People are defined by their deeds and their attitudes and their intent, not by their ancestry. I would like to see the posts not degenerate into racial or ethnic biases, and stay true to the evidence and facts of the case. 

I do have one question to ask of you personally, and perhaps you will view this as confrontational, as well.  In reading about this case on various websites, there is a poster on several sites using the same moniker “annjell”, and I wondered if those posters are also you… Just a couple of them here, redacted….....

i.e., this one from

>>“It’s interesting that you claim injustice in this case. Yet, in the U.S. there are more than 2 million people in prison. Most of the people are victims of corruption, racial profiling, overzealous prosecution (meaning the prosecutor will likely do anything to rack up prosecutions under his belt - later when running for higher office to validate claim, “tough on crime.”)
Did you bother to look into the case where last night, a British citizen was executed in China?
I’m not trying to make you look stupid. However, you’re need a better argument. You need more proof to complement your claims.”<<

and, this one from “Racialicious”:

>>“I guess the moral of the story, people should treat everyone the same. Americans can mistreat people around the world, but, people never forget. Look how we treat legal/illegal immigrants from Mexico, South/Central America – do you remember how Dog the Bounty Hunter was scared for his life – yet, he is Native American.
When the “Ugly American” travel, they leave footprints. This will set the tone for generations to come!”<<

Were these posts done by you?  If not, then perhaps someone is just using the same handle.  These posts seem confrontational to me.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 01/12/10 at 06:04 AM | #

We are ugly Americans.  We have too much, we give to little, and we believe that we are destined to rule the earth.  A large percentage of us are bigoted, racist, and prone to exaggeration.  That pretty much sums up the American character.

When I first visited Europe many years ago I was surprised to find that many people with less than a college education were actually quite bright.  The same is not true in America.  Education here is considered right up there with attaining the age of majority.  Something that has to be endured until one can legally purchase alcohol.  More often than not, education is used as a vehicle to a big paying job in sports, any means to an end.  Those who do not make it in the sports arena, become lawyers.  The high priests of the corporation.  Most with less knowledge than a wombat.

Yes, there are some of us who can see further than others.  But, that group is small and out numbered by the NASCAR group and the Bush/Cheney/Bob Jones University Republicans.  In other words, “...those from the salt of the earth or of the common clay…”, “ know, morons…” [Mel Brooks]

The University of Washington is not one of our “elite” universities, e.g., Harvard, Yale, MIT, Johns Hopkins, and The University of Chicago, as the media would have you believe.  While not having the reputation of a party school similar to those institutions in Arizona, it is not one of the top schools.  I have been associated with academics for many years and I am not aware of anyone who ever suggested they wished to apply to that school.  However, they have an undergraduate population of 26,397, so some must enjoy living in the far northwest.  Yes, it is ranked as number 42 in the USA, but, its score is only 59, a far cry from that of Johns Hopkins with an 86 or the University of Chicago with a 91. 

To say that Ms. Knox would not have been subjected to trial in the US is silly.  Simply because the DNA regular significance range is 150 - 2000, does not mean that 0 - 150 can be excluded.  That too was a red herring offered by the defense.  Such low range readings are just as viable as those with the much higher peaks.  In fact, the low range readings have also been used in many trial situations here and abroad to free wrongly accused individuals.  Why can it not be used for the alternative.

As regards an earlier post and how we as Americans have provided cash and know how to assist other countries.  We did so for only one reason, so that each country would ally with us.  We are not that helpful.  We want control and power.  Exactly like everyone other state.  To suggest differently is inaccurate.

Finally, as I see it, based upon over 25 years in the legal profession, the entire case rests on only a few points:

1.  the DNA evidence (some of which was not presented),
2.  the cell phone hoax (the first item considered in Judge Micheli’s report),
3.  the clean up of the cottage (who would have a reason to do such a thing),
4.  neither AK or RS have alibis on the date in question,
5.  the mixed blood evidence (this strongly suggests guilt), and
6.  the Lumumba situation.

Americans can be good people, but, we are only slightly more than 200 years old.  Give us a few more centuries to catch up.

Posted by Sanity on 01/12/10 at 08:26 PM | #

This is just something I have been wondering since the very first time I heard that Mr. Simon was now entering the affray - is Donald Trump paying for Mr. Simon? Which to me seems very likely, especially with Donald Trump’s comments on his own blog. As for Donny’s continued requests to boycott Italy, and likewise his continued declarations that he will not be traveling to Italy while AK is still in jail - Well all I can say is “Whoppie for Italy ” Lucky you. I’m sure there are many people in Scotland who wish he would do the same with Scotland - and the same is probably true for most countries in the world. INSTEAD there should be a boycott of Donny. It’s clear that money, intergrity, intelligence, respect, decency and honesty - rarely go hand and hand - and Donald Trump you are a perfect example of this. Donny money doesn’t ” BUY ” any of the qualities mentioned above - so Donny please, please do the world a favor, and STAY AT HOME. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH LOL

Posted by Paddy5000 on 01/13/10 at 09:16 PM | #

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