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Amanda Knox Defence Team Strongly Objects To Seattle Sliming Strategy

Posted by Peter Quennell

Above: Luciano Ghirga (left) and Carlo Della Vedova.

Click for a larger image. They are apparently thoroughly ticked off. Here’s our previous post on exactly what made them so ticked.

Once again, the demand from the Amanda Knox legal team goes out: Pipe down, Seattle. And give Amanda Knox a break.

Translation below by poster Kermit is of the story in today’s La Nazione

“Those American personalities are not helping Amanda”

Lawyer Ghirga: “I have spoken with Prosecutor Mignini”

by Enzo Beretta - Perugia

“There are people around the figure of Amanda who have no formal role in the student’s defence team, which is formed by myself together with my colleague Carlo Dalla Vedova.

These people are not only not helping our client in the difficult judicial process in the Corte d’Assise in which we have to defend her, but on the contrary, they are harming her judicial position.”

Luciano Ghirga, lawyer for the American accused by the prosecutor of sexually assaulting and killing Meredith Kercher with her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Hermann Guede, once again distances himself from the Stars-and-Stripes “know-it-alls” who repeatedly have tried to throw mud on the work of investigators and have even personally attacked Giuliano Mignini, head of the murder investigation.

There is strong evidence which supports the prosecution, unlike the “macaroni” pleading endlessly and one after the other on American television broadcasts, who pay lawyers, show-men and private investigators not much inclined to read the documentation.

That documentation was studied a lot by the Review and Court of Appeal judges, who confirmed preventive prison for the suspects, and the GUP Paolo Micheli, who has sentenced Rudy to thirty years in prison (with the abbreviated trial) and sent the ex-boyfriend and girlfriend to trial. This is a validation of the good work done by the investigators.

Lawyer Ghirga has not acted on a video in which the correctness of the findings of the forensic investigators is called into question, thereby attacking the protagonists of the case. But he will play his cards at the appropriate time in the trial, which resumes Friday.

“On a personal level I expressed my impressions to Dr. Mignini,” Ghirga said.

The lobbying work by Amanda’s side fits into a framework of traditional adversity by Americans when their fellow citizens are left in the hands of another country’s justice.


I posted this below elsewhere but I think (and so does Pete thankfully) that it should be under this post.  If anyone reads here who is supportive of Amanda, I’m genuinely interested to hear your response to the Italian lawyers’ comments, bearing in mind this came out yesterday, yet there was Edda on The View today, doing exactly what half a million dollars of Italian legal advice just said NOT to do?  Email it to the editor here. Thanks. 

So let me get this straight, Knox’s official legal team, who are two of the most expensive Italian lawyers money can buy are telling Ciolino, Heavy and Bremner to STFU in no uncertain terms as they are visibly adding years to Amanda’s possible sentence whilst whittling down her chances of avoiding that sentence to nil (excuse the abbreviated swearing of STFU but it’s the phrase which in its basest form matches what I think the lawyers want to say but cannot in a family newspaper) Is that right? If so, excuse me while I spit tea over my keyboard and drop to the floor laughing til I rupture.

I hope DJ/Sam, Edda & Chris Mellas, Curt & whatsit Knox & Madison Paxton are reading this because every single press interview done by those idiots they have fronting the Knox PR campaign are digging her in deeper with every single appearance. Yet there they all are telling anyone on Perugia Shock, IW or anywhere else that Amanda is being screwed by Italy where the truth is they are FUNDING the people digging her in deeper. Here’s a newsflash - public opinion in Australia did not get Schapelle Corby out of her 20 yr sentence, because an INDONESIAN sentenced her not an Australian; like an Italian and not an American will sentence Amanda if found guilty.

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