So If You Need To Get To Italy But Due To COVID Really Can’t…

Interesting idea! But frustrating for us, too.

Several of us at the Wiki and TJMK have been waiting for over a year to get back in Italy for a few days to command all of the high ground in our pending final push

We need a final batch of documents, and the answers to myriad open question, and we need to hear how things are breaking with Dr Mignini’s book - apparently pretty well.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/27/21 at 03:03 PM in

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After Knox’s perhaps the worst book on the case was published only in German by Doug Preston. I can’t immediately see it on Amazon Germany and dont recall the title, perhaps someone can spot it there.

Why Preston thought he would have a readership in Germany is puzzling; German readers in touch have always been very accurately informed - perhaps that put a bee up Preston’s tail!?

Here’s a German tribute we were just informed about. I do like Meredith in a shell.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/29/21 at 03:39 PM | #

The only books he has written on the case are, as far as I am aware, Forgotten Killer, Trial by Fury and the Afterword to the Monster of Florence.

Posted by James Raper on 03/30/21 at 04:40 AM | #

Cool video. Can’t wait to see what you guys managed dig up and collate. Also excited to hear about Migninis book, I hope there is an English translation.

One thing I thought was interesting, which I hadn’t seen pointed out anywhere before and may be useful to add to any case against Knox, was that when you listen to Knox’s first prison meeting with her mum several days after the murder and initial arrest, she says that a few items were confiscated off of her which she had on her. One of which was 200 Euros….which is the exact amount which Fillemena testified that Meredith said she had withdrawn In advance for the rent (the rent being 300) and which went missing after the murder. I appreciate Knox would just say it was her own rent money, but given we have Knox being told of the money beforehand; Rudy suggesting an argument over rent money being stolen followed by a search of Knoxs room (which is supported by Merediths fingerprints on Knoxs Wardrobe door); and then Knox herself saying she had the same amount in her wallet when arrested, there’s a consistent thread here, just in case it adds anything to your master document.

(NB I may have to check it was 200 but I’m sure it was the same amount mentioned by both Knox and Fillomena)

Also thank you for the recommendation of the HBO Investigation series, I very much enjoyed it, who knew that cadaver dogs could smell body’s in the sea!

Posted by HotAir on 04/01/21 at 08:23 AM | #

@HotAir, yes. The theft of Meredith’s rent money might have kickstarted the fatal fight. Maybe that’s why Knox broke the window, to suggest to Meredith that the cottage had been burgled, to explain Meredith’s missing 200euros cash?

Money was a real issue for Knox, much more than she ever wanted to admit. She was spending $$ prolifically, maybe on drugs, and at same time losing some of her income from Le Chic.

She might have easily tried to pinch Meredith’s cash to cover her rent and planned to pin the theft on an intruder, possibly Guede.

Then Guede might have verbally defended himself against the false claim.

At that point the argument could easily have heated up and everyone lost their heads.

Money missing may also have been why Guede talked about the missing rent money after the crime. We may hear more about that when he writes a book, although he is such an incorrigible liar one never knows what to believe. He and Knox are two peas in a pod.

Meredith was very money conscious herself. We’re told she’d walk a long way for a cheaper meal in Perugia.

She worked hard for her money with jobs as a sightseer’s guide on tour buses back in England. She lived frugally, had worked hard to get to Perugia.

Suddenly to find her rent money gone and discover herself living with a thief for a roommate would have greatly alarmed her.

She was brave enough to confront Knox who then probably became enraged due to her “thin skin” and guilty conscience if she had pinched the 200 euros.

That money would have reduced the amount Meredith may have hoped to spend on the upcoming Christmas holidays if she travelled back to her parents.

Theft is a very real possibility of what caused the angry fight.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/05/21 at 12:20 PM | #

@ Hopeful   Nice to hear from you, and that the money theory sounds plausible to you! I know it’s not novel, but I thought the fact she admitted to having the same amount with her afterwards is, perhaps, something new to add to that scenario. It’s always sad to reflect on their differences in characters and it’s not hard to imagine these kinds of conflicts building up like you suggested. Your description of Guede made me laugh- it will be inevitably be both fascinating and frustrating trying to distinguish fact from fiction in his book!

Posted by HotAir on 04/07/21 at 12:14 PM | #

Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, has died. The news made me sad.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/09/21 at 07:32 PM | #
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