An Improvement To The Old City of Perugia: The End Of Civilization As We Know It?!

Probably not.

The Italians are veritable geniuses at design, and all over Italy you can see the starkly ancient and the starkly modern working very well side-by-side.

Boutiques in the ancient city-center buildings throughout Italy are often stunning in their interior modernity. Some Perugia examples can be seen here and here.

And the mountain autostradas (see bottom shot here) swoop and swerve along through tunnels and over bridges, often hundreds of feet high, in a way that makes you want to keep driving forever.

Perugia already has one major modern project that looks really good, is extremely useful, and generates an enormous amount of fun. Namely this one.

And another project now in the works is a very long escalator from hard by Meredith’s house to the highest point in the city.

This solar structure above and below is over the Via Mazzini which connects the great Corso Vanucci and its larger piazza with the smaller piazza slightly below where the courthouse complex is located.

You can see the courthouse directly ahead in the shot above, and in the shot below the courthouse is directly behind.

The blue vans carrying the defendants to trial usually unload right here.

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