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Timely Contrasting Of The Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Psychologists

Posted by Peter Quennell

The Context

Defamation trials are rare in the United States. Ones on “telly” and streaming video with 10-20 million viewership are even rarer.

Some here feel that this is a real pity, that it has become so incredibly tough and expensive to get a reputation back, not least because it has led to an explosion of toxic PR-emanated hit-jobs - just as in both this case and our own main interest.

This invidious sub-optimal system has allowed, not least, Amanda Knox to demonize dozens in Italian law enforcement highly dishonestly for huge bucks for a full decade now.

Particularly unusual is to see warring psychologists sharing diagnoses with the jury of the other party. But this actually could prove to be a very good thing; in a first for any media, hundreds of domestic violence survivors have posted valuable insights from what they lived through.

We came in with Dr Shannon Curry offering a razor-sharp diagnosis of Amber Heard over the past decade (borderline and histrionic personality disorders) startling similar to what Amanda Knox has long been demonstrating.

All professional psychologists who have posted for us have inclined in this direction, and discounted that Knox is simply psychopathic or sociopathic, even if she tests high on those scales. They have noted how much she believes in her illusions, and how she could be moving further and further way from hopes of recovery.

In this new video, Australian court analyst Katherine Elizabeth does the first comparison online between the takes of the two psychologists - impressive, as she does it without a script, and apparently into a cellphone!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

A Clinical Psychologist Gets Widespread Praise Today For Shapeshifting Expert Testimony

Posted by Peter Quennell

Actor Johnny Depp’s Defamation Suit

This is the second week in a courtroom just outside Washington DC for actor Johnny Depp and his ex wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp (net worth $150 million) is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard (net worth $8 million) for defamation, for having implied in a Washington Post article in 2018 that he had frequently been violent with her.

Court proceedings are being shown live on several TV channels and various streaming YouTube channels. The national audience may have jumped by several million today while forensic psychologist Dr Shannon Curry testified for Depp’s team.

There were strong shades of Amanda Knox’s apparent syndromes in this testimony. As The Guardian reported:

An expert in intimate partner violence called to give evidence in Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard has testified that her evaluation of the actor revealed two psychiatric diagnoses – borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder.

Depp’s witness, Shannon Curry, said that the diagnosis came from examination of Heard’s previous psychological assessments, coupled with direct examination on two occasions, and participation in a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test, a court in Alexandria, Virginia, heard on Tuesday.

Curry said that Heard, 36, displayed a “reactive”, “overly dramatic presentation” and used words like “magical” and “wonderful” to describe events. Heard, she said, flitted between “princess and victim”.

As sophisticated, “cute and girlish” as such people may present, Curry said, they “may in reality be very destructive”, “dramatic, erratic and unpredictable” and possessed of an “underlying drive to not be abandoned but also to be center of attention”.

Curry said borderline personality disorder represented an unstable personality, alert to rejection, with little access to self-regulation and marked by “a lot of anger, cruelty toward people less powerful, concerned with image, attention seeking and prone to externalizing blame, a lot of suppressed anger that may explode outwards”.

Anyone attempting an intimate relationship with such a personality, Curry said, would likely go from “idolized to dumpster”. It was typical of borderline personalities, she added, to be “assaultive as partners. They’ll make threats using the legal system, threaten to file for a restraining order, claim abuse.”

There are several full-day versions of today’s testimony on YouTube. Amber Heard did not seem to be enjoying it. YouTube comments are worth reading (scroll down). One comment:

A movie or show could never equate to this woman as a witness. Hands down best witness I’ve ever seen in all the court cases I’ve ever seen.

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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Der Spiegel, Mafia Tool?! Yet More Fake News Inflames Millions Against Italian Justice

Posted by Peter Quennell

Editor-in-Chief Clemens Höges oversaw this fake news

1. Spiegel’s Fake-News Past

It now appears that Der Spiegel has grossly mangled the facts of the case TWICE!

The first instance consisted of Der Spiegel mindlessly channeling Knox’s greatest fraud. We posted on that the other day.

Now the second consists of Der Spiegel mindlessly channeling Sollecito’s greatest fraud. The low points are summarized below.

Clemens Höges, Der Spiegel Editor in Chief (image above) is greatly respected in German publishing. He was brought in specifically to stamp out fake news after a damaging incident hit Der Spiegel in 2018.

“Fool me once, shame on you… Fool me twice, shame on me!” One instance of fake news can perhaps be blamed only on the reporter. But two instances?! Especially at Der Spiegel, they are a sure sign of editorial mismanagement, or of grandstanding intent at top-manager level. Herr Höges??

2. Spiegel’s Fake News #2

For a current Sollecito baseline, you might do well to read this first. It is along the lines of what Der Spiegel should have reported.

Better than the weird nonsense about “I’m the real victim” Sollecito below. More about the one that all Italians know only too well in the next post.

You destroyed our life” Raffaele Sollecito was falsely charged [untrue] ... [He says] hardly anyone knows his name [untrue] ... Spiegel: Knox and Sollecito were finally acquitted [untrue] ... Spiegel: Quickly, the officials take in two suspects [untrue] ...  an unprecedented media hype develops [untrue] ... Sollecito features in the reports only on the edge [untrue] ... Sollecito [says] my fate was completely overlooked, no-one was interested in me, not even the police [untrue] ... Spiegel: Knox and Sollecito were falsely arrested and accused of murder [untrue] ... The police had thought up this screenplay that Amanda and I would have allegedly killed Meredith [untrue] ... I was only a minor figure [untrue]: even the prosecutor was especially interested in Amanda [untrue] ... Sollecito [was] described by friends as restrained and thoughtful [untrue] ... Sollecito: The night of November 1st, Amanda and I spent together in my apartment [untrue]. We looked at a movie, heard music and slept [untrue] ... Spiegel: Knox’s parents advise her to leave Italy, but Knox remains in good faith to help the police [untrue] ...  What we do not know is ... they already suspect us of the murder of Kercher [untrue]...

Knox had been afraid since the murder to stay alone in his apartment, and [for that reason] accompanies him [untrue]... The officials decide to interview her as well [untrue]...  Spiegel: You and Knox both posted confessions that night [untrue]... Sollecito: We immediately withdrew the confessions next day [untrue]... The police manipulated us and played us against each other [untrue]... After hours of interrogation [untrue] they presented to me a prefabricated document [untrue], Amanda similarly [untrue]... When I asked them to change it because I did not agree, they said, I should not worry, it’s all accurate [untrue]... Spiegel: Knox says these days the police had put them under great pressure [untrue] ... Both - Knox and Sollecito - are arrested, although DNA analysis from the scene later prove that they had not been in Kercher’s room [untrue]...  Sollecito: The investigators know [untrue] that there are traces of a police informant [untrue] named Rudy Guede ... He had a criminal prehistory for burglaries [untrue], his traces were everywhere on the crime location [untrue] - it was clear that he was the killer [untrue]...  The investigators constructed the absurd theory that Amanda, I and Guede had killed Meredith together [untrue]... In the first months in court I had to laugh, it was almost as if the police invented their evidence [untrue]... A bra clasp of Meredith, allegedly with my DNA, lay around 46 days [forgotten] at the scene [untrue] ... But the police and the prosecutors were so in love with their murder theory that they did not want to give it up [untrue]...

Spiegel: Media worldwide reported on the “angel with the ice eyes” [untrue] The Italian judiciary is being observed by the global public - and under enormous pressure [untrue]... “Giving that she had been wrong, was not an option [for the officials],” writes the journalist [untrue] Nina Burleigh ... Spiegel: It was suggested several times you testify against Knox, in return for a milder prison sentence. You rejected this [untrue]. Sollecito: Of course [untrue] ...  Spiegel: In 2011, an appeal court released Knox and Sollecito [finally] from the allegation of the murder [untrue] ... Two independent [untrue] experts certify the police previously made blatant mistakes in the evidence collection and analysis [untrue]... Today it is assumed that the footsteps and Knox and Sollecito traces came from impurities [untrue] ... Knox and Sollecito have spent four years wrongly imprisoned [untrue] ... A new court [untrue] sentenced him and Knox in 2013 to long prison sentences [untrue] ... Two years later, 2015, Italy’s ultimate court exonerates him and Knox [untrue] ... Sollecito sued the Italian state for damages - and lost. The argument of the judges: he was wrong to defend himself [untrue]...

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Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Correcting Fake-News Fraud In Der Spiegel By Alexandra Rojkov

Posted by Peter Quennell

Clemens Höges Der Spiegel Editor in Chief

1. Rojkov’s Defamatory Claims

These claims below are all taken verbatim straight from Rojkov’s Der Spiegel report.

All are 100% false. The interrogation hoax is Amanda Knox’s key hoax. She typically shrieks and wails, amid false claims that she was made to “confess”.

But Knox did not confess. She was not made to do anything. The Q&A on 6 Nov was purely voluntary. In fact it was suggested she go home and sleep, but she refused. It lasted less than 90 minutes, mostly listing some names.

While doing continued considerable harm in Italy and elsewhere, such as now in Germany, that hoax has paid Knox an estimated million or two to this date. Rojkov swallowed and propagates the hoax whole, and even makes it more inflammatory.

Reporters report [prosecution claims] that the murder was a satanic ritual [untrue]... They call the woman “Luciferina,” the devil [untrue]... The prosecutor claimed that Knox had committed the crime out of sheer lust and seduced the men into helping her [untrue]... Sometimes he speculated about a sexual orgy, sometimes about a satanic ceremony [untrue]... Sollecito was summoned by the Perugia police as a witness [untrue]... The couple claimed to have spent the night together [untrue]... This answer was not enough for the officials [untrue]... [Many] hours of interrogation [untrue]... police claimed they had evidence that Knox was lying [untrue]... Her lack of memory is a consequence of the trauma [untrue]... For hours after, the officers repeatedly demanded that Knox “remember the truth” [untrue]... In the process, they became more and more angry [untrue]... twice someone hit her head [untrue]... [Knox was] 24 hours without sleep [untrue]... she suddenly saw pictures and heard screams [untrue]...

Knox finally signed a statement that would cost her four years of her life [untrue]. “Of all that happened, this interrogation was the worst experience” [untrue] says Knox, “I was as scared and confused as I have never been in my life [untrue]... many people still don’t understand how police could incriminate someone just like that” [untrue]... A recording or transcript of the interrogation does not exist [untrue] although all other conversations were recorded [on paper] with Knox… Sollecito signs a statement saying that Knox was staying in [untrue]... Knox also signed a confession [untrue]... Both withdraw their statements shortly afterwards [untrue]...  the prosecution’s theory quickly crumbled [untrue]... The forensic experts… found neither their fingerprints nor DNA [untrue]... Guede had already been noted several times: for burglary, theft, attempted assault [untrue]... the forensic investigation of the crime scene acquitted Knox and Sollecito [untrue] but the judiciary did not let them go… a two-year pre-trial detention began [untrue]... supposed evidence that later turned out to be the product of a sloppy investigation [untrue]...

Sometimes it seemed as if the authorities were bullying [untrue]... Independent experts will later explain that the DNA may come from impurities [untrue]... After an appeal Guede’s sentence changes to 16 years [untrue]... Independent experts investigating the bra clasp again after some years conclude that it has probably been contaminated [untrue]... numerous errors were found by the investigators in the tracing and analysis [untrue]... March 27, 2015: Italy’s Supreme Court finally acquits [untrue] Knox and Sollecito of the charges of murdering Kercher.. [Knox] was an invention of the Italian authorities and the media who reported on the case [untrue]. Robinson had never heard of Knox’s case [untrue]... Knox grew up in sheltered conditions, nothing bad had ever happened to her [untrue]... What she experienced in prison and in court shook Knox [untrue].

All of the above is incorrect. For starters read our interrogation hoax series here, and some or all of these posts.

True to the Knox PR’s barbaric rules, Rojkov makes Meredith a non-person: Rojkov barely mentions her, and calls her only “Kercher” then. True to the Knox PR’s barbaric rules, Rojkov makes Knox the REAL victim here. 

There was zero interrogation on 6-7 Nov, merely a session of just over an hour listing names of visitors to the house; Knox’s notes and diagrams exist. Her status was “person with possible useful information”. She was not even a witness at that point. Same with RS.

Knox never confessed anything. She framed an innocent man, when under no pressure, and rightly served three years (Rojkov does not bother to mention that).

Knox confirmed at trial she was treated well. Sollecito absolutely did not ever back up Knox’s (third) alibi. Neither ever recanted what they had said. Knox herself insisted (twice) on writing her claims down. She signed every page of the typed records for every Q&A with the police.

Guede was not known for burglary. Evidence the three attacked Meredith is overwhelming - as even defenses agreed. There was zero evidence of anyone else. Knox and RS didn’t make bail in 2007-08 because evidence was so strong - even the Supreme Court ruled that.

In prison Knox survived just fine and there are shots of her enjoying herself. The untruthful husband Robinson is actually the son of the West Seattle Herald’s owner; in which from 2007 he published the nastiest and most defamatory of all US reports.

2. Rojkov’s Numerous Omissions

Example: The illegalities of the enormous and brutal PR in bending three courts ls totally left out; also the known mafia role.

Example: Knox was not an exchange student with the normal funding and supervision; she was (very unusually) freelance, with her foolish and irresponsible parents in the know.

Example: Knox spent more time in Perugia doing drugs and chasing guys (mostly unsuccessfully; she was not much liked as her manner and hygiene were repellant) than anything else.

Example: The investigation was overseen by a magistrate (Matteini) and decision to go to trial (at which there were TWO prosecutors, one a woman) was made by a judge (Micheli).

Example: The evidence gathering took a full eight months, and its presentation at trial (much behind closed doors) left the pair and their defenses distraught.

Example: Most of the trial was shown on live TV. Media did not bend what Italians could see with their own eyes. Knox was an unmitigated disaster on the stand.

Example: Knox rightly served three years, and is a convicted felon for life. Because of that, dangerous trashing of Italy has been her only day-job for a decade. 

3. Tough Reaction From Dr Mignini

Rojkov’s article was published only in German (of course). Compared to suing reporters for libel in the US, suing in Germany is a walk in the park. Libel laws are tough, and newspapers are required to print the truth, not target justice officials in a country Germany is very friendly with. For starters Dr Mignini has published this for his team.

Kercher Case: Amanda Knox falsely attacks investigators again

First response from former deputy chief prosecutor Mignini: “Why keep lying so seriously?”

Amanda Knox again attacks the investigators and again presents herself as a victim of misjustice. An expression that produced this immediate reply from trial co-prosecutor Giuliano Mignini.

“I am forced, once again, to intervene on a trial I dealt with and which ended in 2015, with the second judgment of the Court of Cassation, opposing the judgment of the First Chamber of the same Court, 2013, on the trial for the murder of Meredith Kercher.

I can understand different opinions about the evaluation of evidence, in a process, like the majority, circumstantial and linked to biological assessments. And I can understand, if not justify, that everyone feels empowered to deal with such complex matters, without a modicum of expertise in this regard.

What is not tolerable, however, is the total omission of facts which cannot be called into question and which have become irreversible; or the false interpretation of judgments wrongly stated to have been issued under Article 201 EC. 530, first paragraph, of the code, whereas they were actually issued under Article 530, second paragraph, of the same article. That is to say, in a “mitigated” and “doubtful” form [can be reversed in a further trial].

Also it is intolerable to ignore that there were two convictions handed down by two Courts of Assizes, of first instance of Perugia, and of second instance of Florence. In total, sixteen judges, highly competent and respected,  have condemned the two “Caucasian” defendants.

Instead, the De Spiegel article focuses on the police and the PM, which would be me, who merely asked for conviction [based on overwhelming fact].

It should be pointed out that the most detached expressions from reality did not come from Amanda Knox, but from the columnist Alexandra Rojkov, awarded by CNN, and by the American journalist Nina Burleigh who is notorious for a total, striking misunderstanding of the Italian legal system.

Why do they keep lying so seriously? Is it possible that they did not understand and did not even take a quick look at the judgment [2015] of the Fifth Chamber? Or the definitive and of opposite conclusion [2013] of the First Chamber? They may pretend to forget this, but it is also there and is definitive. Why do they continue to ignore the final sentence [of Knox] for calunnia [for which she served three years] ?

These are questions that neither Rojkov nor Burleigh will answer because they don’t know how.  We live in an age of decadence, not only because of wars but also and perhaps above all because of the contempt for the truth that characterizes this historical moment.

Giuliano Mignini, retired deputy prosecutor

4. Legal Assessment

The false claims made to very large and influential audiences are damaging and court-worthy in Germany and Italy. Bennett and Rojkov have put their reputations and careers on the line, soaking up defamatory talking points of the Knox PR, lying to their readers, harming their newspapers, and putting people in Italy they never even consulted at real risk.

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Thursday, March 03, 2022

Russian Alexandra Rojkov Channels Anti-Italy Bigotry In Der Spiegel

Posted by Peter Quennell

Added: there are now text versions in German and English below in Comments. On Page 2 Knox hoodwinks Rojkov with her Interrogation Hoax (see link in our left column). Knox was not interrogated at all until 17 December, and on the night of 6 November she was merely building a list of visitors and spontaneously fingered Patrick, for which she rightly served three years. She did NOT confess. Rojkov is obviously ignorant of the fact that Knox is a convicted felon for life, and of many other aspects of the case. Appalling reporting for Der Spiegel.

Yet Another Amanda Knox Con-Job

Bizarre timing for a “Russian Jessica Bennett”...

This reporter, based in Berlin, flew to Seattle against the better advice of her colleagues (see the podcast summary below in Comments) for a gushy Knox interview, very obviously with zero due diligence.

German followers of the case know their facts and have generally tilted strongly on the side of caution. This pro-Knox fraud seems a first for Germany. However, despite it occupying four pages in Der Spiegel, it seems to have created zero buzz and spinoff, unlike the frequent misreporting in the New York Times

One of our German readers kindly sent us these page-images below. He could not offer good translation, but if anyone else with German might help us, we’d be grateful.

Main source appears to be the mafia tool Nina Burleigh, who we have warned about often. 

Below: click for larger images

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Correcting NY Times 24: No It Was Not TABLOIDS That So Misrepresented The Case

Posted by Our Main Posters

Pisa among those who reported objectively and fast

This is a repeat of a Nov 2016 post showing that “the tabloids” actually turned up in court, unlike the NY Times, and typically got their reporting 100% correct - unlike the NY Times. You can find Jessica Bennett’s several smears of “the tabloids” in this list and our earlier rebuttals in Part 5 of the mafia/p-r playbook list.

1. Context Of This Post

The Netflix report “Amanda Knox” showed British reporter Nick Pisa relishing some early headlines, and a scene where the solving of the crime by the national and Perugia police is announced to the press.

From those seemingly damning episodes, the audience is encouraged to make the vast extrapolation that it was a voracious media and an overzealous police that drove the whole case.

Also that this was fundamentally unfair to a self-effacing, publicity-shy Knox, and that it caused the verdicts to go the “wrong” way - twice, first in the 2009 Massei trial, and second in the 2013-14 Nencini appeal.

2. The Real Police “Slant”

The police announcement - typical of such announcements in the US and UK when the local population is freaked out - was NOT made simply to win points for the police or to isolate and slam Knox (Sollecito and at that point Patrick were also described as suspects in the crime).

There had not been a single murder in Perugia for many years. This murder was reported (rightly) as singularly depraved and (rightly) as a pack attack with knives.

Many people could not sleep at night. The immediate effect upon Perugia and in particular its huge student population (over 20,000) of Meredith’s death was that many men and women, especially women as a sex crime was (rightly) described, did indeed become freaked out.

Literally thousands began to leave town.

Both the town managers and the university managers were quite desperately demanding an early break or major assurances to stem this tide. The police announcement did in fact do that.

Thereafter the investigators went on about their work for the better part of a year, and the documentation is huge - it was put at 10,000 pages early on but is now substantially larger than that.

Here is one example of just how much work was done after the police calmed things down.

At the infamous “interrogation” of Knox on 5-6 November 2007 she in fact worked on a list of seven names of people who might be able to help the police. The police took that list and they tracked down all seven, and the cross-checking of their accounts went on for months.

Complicated, of course, because Knox most heavily pointed at Patrick, and used the list to point away from herself. Her drug dealer, which police soon found out about, did not appear on the list though he had repeatedly been at her house.

3. The Real Media “Slant”

In the next post, we shall show how there really was a huge slant - but not what Netflix depicts.

All of the Netflix’s global demonization of the media flows from Nick Pisa’s few deprecating words. No extensive checking of his reports is seen.

No Italian media disposition was examined at all - the Italian media was by far the most likely to have an effect on a jury of Italian speakers who are encouraged by the system to do some research.

Netflix maybe omitted this for their own convenience - there was little or no slant to point to at all.

Italian media reported methodically before and during trial and long thereafter on what the US and UK media mostly did not - all the crucial process steps pre-trial were reported in Italy but largely ignored by the UK and US press.

You can read about the remorselessly building evidence in this eye-opening series here.

The Netflix team dont appear to have read even one official document on the case.

The key two documents here would be the report on the Massei guilty verdict in 2009 and the report on the Nencini guilty verdict in 2014. That was respectively two years and over seven years after the early “damning” media reports. 

Take a look.

In fact try to find even ONE instance where a UK reporter writing in English for an English audience in late 2007 got inside an entire panel of Italian judges’ heads late in 2009, and again in 2014, which is what Netflix would like you to believe.

4. Nick Pisa’s Real Reporting On The Case

Fortunately for the hard truth, what we often called the “Rome pool” of foreign correspondents included nearly a dozen exceptionally talented reporters (those posted in other countries usually are the cream of the crop).

Thanks to their very hard work and their incessant costly travel to Perugia, we were able to repost on the 2008 and 2009 developments with a scope far beyond what any one “man on the spot” could do (we did have several of those too).

Free-lancer Nick Pisa in fact reported from the court for a lot of media outlets in the UK, not simply one. He was the only non-Italian reporter to pretty consistently have a cameraman along, for his reports for Sky News, and some of his good video reports still show.

This kind of fast, comprehensive coverage badly rattled the Knoxes and Mellases and their camps and especially diminished their PR, and they openly displayed angry aggression at times.

We’ll describe in the next post their desperate attempts to demonize all of the few reporters they did not have on a chain as coming straight from hell. 

We have carried a total of 43 of Nick Pisa’s reports, in whole or in part. Check them all out below. Do you see ANY bias here?

5. Reports We Used As Trusted Valuable Source

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty On Most Charges Of Severe Damage To Young Women

Posted by Peter Quennell

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

2011 Hellman Appeal Verdict Annulled Misrepresentations Fog Reality Still

Posted by James Raper

Hellman Misrepresentations Explained

Here’s an interesting vignette on Hellmann’s modus operandi in his Motivation.

In the quote below he pins Guede with sole responsibility and provides Knox and Sollecito with an alibi.

Here’s what Hellmann wrote -

“In that chat, furthermore, [ed : Hellmann is referring to the 2nd Skype chat with Giocamo Benedetti] Rudy Guede states that he was in Via della Pergola between 9 and 9.30 pm; and this fact which significantly brings forward the time of death of Meredith Kercher, in respect of that held in the sentence under appeal, does not reconcile with the prosecution hypothesis in regard to the present accused who, even with the desire to recognize as credible some elements held by the prosecution in support of it’s own hypothesis, at the time were certainly at the house of Raffaele Sollecito and not at Via della Pergola.”

There are three basic elements to this argument.

1. Time Of Death (TOD) between 9.00 and 9.30 pm
2. Guede was in the cottage with Meredith between these times
3. Neither Knox nor Sollecito were.

Ergo, it was Guede, or perhaps, at a push, Guede and others but not including Knox and Sollecito, who murdered Meredith.

This is important because it appears towards the beginning of the report and, reading on through it, we can see that virtually the whole report, and the ludicrous waiving away of all the other evidence, is predicated on it.

However, what’s the evidence for these propositions - and is it reliable?

Although TOD could have been between these times there is no evidence that it was other than, as we shall see in a moment, Guede’s own words.

So, if an appeal judge can hold Guede to be reliable in this respect do the little angels have an alibi? However just check the record of that skype chat.

In Italian -

Guede - “allora siamo entrati, e penso che saranno state le otto e mezza così, le otto e venti, è stato, è stato detto che lei aveva detto alle sue amiche che era stanca che sarebbe andata a casa. Invece no, ci dovevamo vedere, ci eravamo dati puntamento la sera prima nella festa di Halloween, che abbiamo passato a casa di questi ragazzi spagnoli e posso dire anche dove, non so la via ma posso indicare dove.”

Translation -

Guede - “So we went in, and I think it was about eight‐thirty, or eight‐twenty, they’re saying that she told her friends she was tired and wanted to go home. But in fact no, we were supposed to see each other, we had made an appointment the evening before during the Halloween party, at the Spanish kids’ house, and I can also say, well I don’t know the street but I can say where it was.”

Although this does not exclude Hellmann’s time frame of 9.00 to 9.30 there is a manifest problem with Guede’s account.

Guede has himself and Meredith meeting up at the cottage by prior appointment at a time when Meredith could not possibly have been there, because she was still at the house of her english friends and she and Sophie Purton did not part ways until they were near the cottage at 9 pm.

Given what is certainly a falsehood why give credence to any of Guede’s times? But Hellmann does. It is true that in the Skype chat Guede goes on to say the following.

“R. I was in the bathroom, in the bathroom maybe five minutes. So, I really had to take this shit, but then I heard a scream, but let me tell you, a really loud scream, so loud that according to me, if anyone was passing by, nearby, they would have heard this scream, because she screamed so loud…and then, then, I got a bit worried and I got out of the bathroom right away, without even putting my pants back on, they were practically falling down, I was wearing just my underwear and my pants were falling around my…
G. But if I understand, I mean like where was this…I mean, what time do you think this happened, I don’t know…
R. Around nine, nine twenty or so, because in the meantime we had gotten to talking and all.
G. I see.
R. I think nine‐twenty, nine‐thirty, around then, and then, when I heard the scream…………”

This is where Hellmann gets his time frame for Time of Death. Hellmann does not give us the full context and details of Guede’s remark. But if one is going to give credence to these times then the context in which they arise has to be evaluated and given some credence too. This would also have to involve evaluating the impact on Guede’s account of the fact that Meredith was not at the cottage until 9 pm. Instead, what he writes is as follows -

“In fact Rudy Guede, while confiding to his friend in a moment when he did not know that the police was also listening in, and while talking about a point (the time of the assault) which he had no reason to lie about, given that he stated he was present at the time in the house of via della Pergola 7 albeit denying his responsibility, he indicates a time between 9 PM and 9:30 PM.”

However even if any of the foregoing were to be true it does not give Knox and Sollecito a complete alibi. It can not be held to be certain that Knox and Sollecito were at the latter’s flat for all of that time. The last alibi corroboration is the manual interaction with Sollecito’s computer at 9.10 pm and Guede’s “nine-twenty, nine-thirty” looks the more definite time in it’s context and given that Meredith was only in the process of arriving at 9 pm. He could perhaps seek some tenuous assistance from Curatolo’s testimony but he has already held that witness as unreliable.

So, putting his two quotes together Hellmann conveniently has Guede in the cottage between 9 and 9.30, with the same time frame for TOD. Given the verdict it is obvious why he would want to do this but equally it is obvious why Hellmann shirks from quoting what Guede had actually said, as to his time of arrival with Meredith, because of the obvious difficulty as to his credibility that causes, and as to what he was doing when he heard the scream, because if the scream (and hence TOD, if in fact the two are related) was between, say, 9 and 9.10, thus giving probably at least Sollecito an alibi, that gives us the added unlikely scenario of Guede arriving with Meredith (no earlier than 9.00 pm it now has to be) and then immediately excusing himself from the presence of his attractive date, and diving in to the toilet for a crap. But that is not how Guede has it and in that respect he is probably right.

If the scream was between 9 and 9.10, and Guede did not in fact go immediately to the toilet, then we have him turning violently upon his date within a very short space of time and then going for a crap after the murder. No, I don’t think so.

It could be speculated that Guede was already at the cottage, having broken in earlier, and being surprised by Meredith’s arrival, but a genuine break in is a dead duck topic on any rational evaluation of the evidence, not that Hellmann shirks from bringing the same MOD to that topic as well.

Before I go on there are some observations to make about a genuine break in based on what Guede said. Guede, one can reasonably surmise, would have been keeping abreast of developments in the media about the case and so would have known about the reports of a break in, none of which suggested, at the time, that it had been staged. By placing his arrival at the cottage with Meredith at 8.30 he can therefore disassociate himself from responsibility for that and, furthermore, imply that the break in was not what it seemed.

On the other hand had he broken in earlier then obviously he knew that Meredith was not there. He was taking a risk by running with a story that he and Meredith had met at the cottage at 8.30 pm when he would know, as a consequence of the foregoing, that there was at least the chance that others could vouchsafe for Meredith’s whereabouts elsewhere at the time. His state of mind on the subject may be confused by the Catch 22 situation he was putting himself in but would surely be different if he knew there had been no such break in. He would still be taking a chance but not, in his mind, such an obvious one.

But Hellmann should not go unchallenged when he states that Guede had no reason to lie.

That we know of no reason for Guede to lie about these times does not mean that he was not making it up or simply making a hash of the times (and looking at the excerpt he does seem rather unprepared for Benedetti’s question) or that he did not have a good reason to lie, especially if TOD was much later. He could have been anticipating more witnesses coming forward, like Alessandra Formica who, with her friend Lucio Minciotti, were walking down the stairs towards the cottage at around 10.40 pm when they were bumped into by a dark man rushing up the stairs. Or Nara Capezalli and Antonella Monacchia who had heard the ear splitting scream much later.

There is, of course, another obvious motive for placing himself at the cottage at 8.30 pm. He has already, in the 1st Skype chat, explicitly denied that Knox was at the cottage. Needless to say Hellmann picked up on that and accepts Guede’s word for it. However, in Guede’s account he is on the toilet when a man and a woman, whom he either did not see or was unable to identify, arrive and commit the murder. So, given that it was only the male that he actually encountered, why so positive that Knox was not there?

What he is suggesting is that others, but who could be Knox and Sollecito, did it. What benefit does Guede derive from this?  The answer, again, is the obvious one that by being more specific he would be running the risk of a counter allegation from Knox and Sollecito as to his precise involvement in the murder.

Also, just in case his explanation were not to be considered all that convincing he gives the duo, and himself, the added protection of having himself arrive at the cottage without them at 8.30 pm. That is at a time when he might well have known (from his own personal knowledge) that they would be able to put together an alibi.

In any event perhaps, as to the scream, it was not so much a question of lying as just a matter (even if only in his own mind and, we have to remember, he was just chatting with a friend, not giving a deposition) of making it seem likely with his own account. After all he has himself there with Meredith at about 8.30. Did Guede have a watch? Was he checking times? Are we supposed to believe that Guede would check on the time when he went to the toilet, and when he heard a loud scream outside and rushed out of the toilet with his trousers round his ankles. He did not say, and no-one seems to know.

Then we have the chatting, petting, searching for Meredith’s missing rent money, and then he’s off to the toilet. Perhaps he thinks an hour for that looks right and indeed most of that makes him look like the irresistible and OK kind of guy any gal would find good company and later after she finds her money missing, a good listener. Of course, Meredith did not come to the cottage until 9 pm but Guede does not factor that in. How would anyone, maybe even himself, know that anyway? So, we are actually up to 10 pm, not the 9.30 pm, when in his story he says he hears a scream.

Now we are moving towards the territory occupied by the witnesses Capezalli, Monacchia, and Formica.

Hellmann’s original hypothesis was that the murder had occurred no later than 10.13 pm.

“… it is more consistent…. to hypothesize that in fact the attack, and hence the death shortly thereafter, occurred much earlier than the time held by the Court of first instance, certainly not later than 10.13 pm”.

Here Hellmann refers to the time of the last interaction on Meredith’s English phone on the 1st November, before it rang again and the ringing was noticed by Mrs Lana’s daughter the next morning.

Notice that Hellmann makes an assertion and a linkage for which there is no corroborative evidence – “the attack, and hence the death shortly thereafter”, linking this to the last interaction on Meredith’s phone at 10.13 pm. But there could have been a non fatal attack at 10.13 ( e.g a wresting of her phones away from her) followed by the fatal one a little later.

Hellmann seems to think his supposition is the more consistent. Perhaps so. We do not really know, nor do we know for how long Meredith lived after the fatal blow.

But then, dispensing with consistency, he has the TOD come forward by at least another 45 minutes. Hellmann is more than ready to brand Guede as an out and out liar, but then, making a lone exception to his (and our) distrust of everything Guede has had to say, and without any other evidence to back it up, and as if there was any credence to be given to the exercise, he asserts, without ambivalence, Time of Death as between 9 – 9.30 pm, purely as a consequence of his own uncritical thinking, deceptions, agile skipping around the evidence, and cherry picking on a liar’s say so as to when he was there, and whether Knox was, and this despite Guede’s own stated time of his and Meredith’s arrival at the cottage being demonstrably unreliable, and in Meredith’s case untrue.

Hellmann has had to leap through a number of hoops in order to stick with his own pre-formulated premise that Guede was the sole perpetrator in this murder. And indeed Guede was already definitively convicted of the murder by this time, but in “complicity with others”. Hence the attempt to posit an alibi in the argument he put forward.

Not even the 5th Chambers was prepared to countenance that.

The quotes do nothing to establish TOD or provide Knox and Sollecito with an alibi but they are an example (among many one could give) of Hellmann’s bias toward the defendants and unwillingness, or inability, as a result, to evaluate the evidence rigorously and properly, a trait which was manifest throughout his Motivation.

That was the reason why his acquittal verdicts were annulled. Surprisingly though none of the foregoing even got a mention in the appeal recourse and annulment. Perhaps because there were more egregious defects in the Motivation.

It’s not surprising that he got a backlash from his professional colleagues and resigned from the judiciary shortly thereafter. But the damage to justice had been done.

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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Raffaele Sollecito, Once Again Being His Usual Muddled Self…

Posted by James Raper

Terrifying. Terrifying!

Corriere has published on the Internet Raffaele’s Sollecito’s latest outburst by social media video against the real media in Italy.

Here is what Corriere wrote -

“Raffaele Sollecito publishes on his social channels an outburst entitled “[Guede] found guilty in complicity with others is an invention of the media” against him by some of those he calls “newsagents” who, says Sollecito, continue to report “stupidities and falsehoods “. And he adds: “Below this video I will post the excerpt from the judgment with which Rudy Guede is sentenced. If one day I again observe that there are newsagents who write, or insinuate, that Guede has been convicted in complicity with others, and that therefore it remains necessary to find out who is this other culprit, I will be forced to file a complaint for defamation against me. Because it is thus being suggested that Amanda Knox and I [accused and then acquitted in the Perugia trial for the crime of Meredith Kercher, which took place in 2007, ed.] were acquitted either by luck or by chance.”

Below the video is Sollecito’s text.

“Sottolineo il tentativo della difesa di Rudy Guede di coinvolgere la responsabilità mia e di Amanda Knox ... tale tentativo miseramente fallito. In qualsiasi momento la Corte che ha giudicato Rudy Guede poteva chiamarci a deporre se qualcuno avesse mai dato fondamento a questo fantomatico concorso. Ciò non è mai avvenuto. D’altronde, nel processo contro di me e Amanda Knox, abbiamo chiesto di far deporre Rudy Guede che si è avvalso della facoltà di non rispondere.

I giornalai (giornalisti che hanno inventato la favola del concorso), non desiderano la verità ma vogliono soltanto arricchirsi alle spalle della vita di persone innocent.”

Translation -

“I emphasize there was an attempt by the defense of Rudy Guede to assign to myself and Amanda Knox responsibility ... this attempt failed miserably. At any time the Court that judged Rudy Guede could call us to testify if anyone had ever given grounds to this phantom competition. This never happened. But on the other hand, in the trial against me and Amanda Knox, we asked for Rudy Guede to testify, but he made use of the right not to answer.

Journalists (journalists who invented the story of the contest) do not want the truth but only want to enrich themselves at the expense of innocent people.”

What on earth is Sollecito talking about?! What attempt by “the defense of Rudy Guede”? What contest or competition? What judge could have called on them but didn’t? Micheli?

It was Judge Micheli who committed the pair to trial!

I do not think that Guede ever did try to directly implicate Knox or Sollecito before or at trial, not by name, not as a witness who saw them there at the time, not by stating what he saw them do.

Well… okay, so in his statements to the police he did do a bit of insinuating and implying. Presumably Judge Micheli at his 2008 trial had read those, but he still committed the pair to trial in 2009 in front of a different judge, Judge Massei.

No Guede statements were placed in evidence at their 2009 trial because Guede refused to testify for the prosecution fearing perjury charges (not for the defense, who did not even call him) rendering them inadmissable.

Despite not calling him, the pair’s own lawyers tried to have a field-day throughout the 2009 trial on the absent Guede. Recall the unproven drug-dealer nonsense, and the unproven serial-burglar nonsense.

Sollecito’s text continues, quoting from the Giordano Motivation dismissing Guede’s final Supreme Court appeal in 2011.

Incidentally I have re-read the Giordano Motivation and there is nothing there that states or implies that Guede acted alone or was responsible alone, in Meredith’s murder, as Sollecito apparently believes it says.

“8 - Il ricorso non ha fondamento e, pertanto, va rigettato.
Per intanto occorre da subito sfuggire al tentativo, perseguito dall’impostazione tutta della difesa, ma fuori luogo nel contesto della decisione, di coinvolgere il collegio nell’avallo della tesi di una responsabilità di altri, che sono S.R. ed K.A., per l’omicidio aggravato dalla violenza sessuale, di Ke.Me.. La decisione a cui è chiamata questa Corte concerne, e solo, la responsabilità del G. in ordine al fatto contestato e dell’eventuale partecipazione di altri al delitto si dovrà tener conto solo nella misura in cui una tale circostanza valga ad incidere sul tema che costituisce l’impegno esclusivo in punto di riforma o conferma della declaratoria di responsabilità dell’imputato, quest’ultima del tutto condivisa dai giudici di primo e secondo grado.”

Translation -

8 – The appeal has no basis and therefore must be rejected.

In the meantime it is now necessary to escape the attempt, pursued by the overall setting of the defence, but out of place in the context of this decision, to involve the Court in supporting the thesis of the responsibility of others, namely Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox, for the murder aggravated by the sexual assault of Meredith Kercher. The decision to which this court is called concerns uniquely the responsibility of Guede regarding the deed with which he is charged, and the possible participation of others in the crime should be taken into account only to the extent to which such a circumstance would have an impact on the exclusive commitment of the Court to either modifying or confirming the verdict of guilt of the defendant, which was entirely shared by the courts of first and second instance.”

So? Will this cause Italian media to be shaking in their boots!

Even the Supreme Court, in its bent final ruling on the case against Knox and Sollecito, found that Meredith had been attacked by more than one assailant.

Maybe is this an indirect attempt by Sollecito to warn Guede away from further involvement? Who knows? Isn’t the media already speculating on what might happen when Guede has finally served his sentence in December 2023?

Sollecito does appear to be feeling some heat, and this all really looks as if he is once again losing it a bit.

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Thursday, July 01, 2021

Yet ANOTHER Nail In The Coffin Of The Faked Break-In

Posted by James Raper

Scuri is white object at left

Again, Things Just Don’t Add Up

I was looking at a Powerpoint by our former main poster Brmull debunking Hellmann’s take on the rock apparently thrown at Filomena’s window.

According to Hellmann there was a genuine break-in, but if not, then there was no reason to think that Knox and Sollecito were the stagers. That guff apart, Brmull made some good points and displayed a close up of the crush-mark on the scuri (inner shutter) which I found interesting.

Unfortunately I cannot use my snipping tool on a Powerpoint so I am not able to re-produce that picture. You will just have to take my word for what I say next.

First up, of course the rock could easily have been thrown or tossed from the corner of the residents’ car park, breaking the glass. Amusingly Hellmann refers to the defence expert’s report for this blindingly obvious clarification. The trajectory of a rock so cast is on a 90 degree angle with Filomena’s window, i.e straight at it, so no problem.

There are, however, some problems with this.

The crush mark is full on the upper edge, and inside this edge, of a recess on the scuri. Assuming that the crush mark was caused by the rock then this suggests that the impact was from a trajectory that was on a different angle from that of a rock thrown from the car park.

There are a couple of points to flow from this, both by way of confirmation but which also debunk another point raised in defence.

First, the very existence of the crush mark (and there was a fragment of glass embedded in the scuri close by) confirms that the scuri was in position behind the window. Filomena had said it was, even if she could not be sure that it had been clipped firmly into place.

Short of throwing a heavy rock at the window to find out, how would the intruder have known that it was not so latched into place? And if it was, throwing the rock would not have made any difference, just a lot of noise. The intruder could not have been unaware of the existence of the scuri.

Secondly, the only mark on the scuri was that crush mark. I am surprised that there is no other damage that I can see to the scuri i.e dents or chipped paint, which is what I would expect to see, from a rock weighing 4 kilos tossed full on at the window from just several feet away.

In fact the scuri looks remarkably pristine but for the crush mark. This, for me, establishes that the crush mark was not a glancing blow past that edge. Indeed the white paint is crushed down into the dent, hardly compatible with a glancing blow.

Hence a head on crush the result of a different trajectory from a rock thrown from the car park. Both these observations support the view that it was an inside job.

Hence, a staging, it sure seems.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Van Gogh “Immersion” Show, Selling Out In Numerous Cities Worldwide, Created By…

Posted by Peter Quennell

Two Italians. The show, designed by Italian digital artist Massimiliano Siccardi with music composed by Italian Luca Longobardi, and art (of course) by the late Vincent Van Gogh, consists of some 400 images projected onto 500,000 square feet for about one hour.

It’s on now in various countries in Europe. In north America, shows have concluded in Toronto, St Petersburg and Chicago, and are opening soon in various other cities including New York.

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Millions Of Conspiracy Theorists Take A Big Hit; Disillusion Reigns

Posted by Peter Quennell

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The QAnon conspiracy theory

This is one of a massive ongoing crime by political leaders. Especially though not only leaders of the US.

While Amanda Knox dishonestly smears only Italian officialdom, the purpose is no different: money, prestige, plenty of attention, to the considerable risk of those so demonized. 

Millions of gullible QAnon adherents were holding their breaths late Tuesday and early Wednesday believing that then-President Trump was about to initiate martial law, mass arrests, and mass executions.

That this didn’t actually pan out has left the cult pretty rudderless.

It could well be that millions will look twice before they leap next time - and react more strongly soon against Knox’s own malicious inventions.

Gee, thanks Q and your minions…

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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Time To Celebrate? Meredith’s Birthday (28th) And Maybe A Better New Year

Posted by Our Main Posters

Most preferred video of the season of one regular reader above!

“This is Alexandra Dovgan, a 12-year-old Russian girl playing. Her incredible talent of bringing out the beauty in this Bach’s piece is truly miraculous.”

Brilliant women musicians - of which the world now seems awash, shades of Italy when Scarlatti and Vivaldi were alive - have been a popular choice here at this time of year.

We are told Meredith talked about music a lot. She liked classical and ballet music; her first choices in final years were 80’s disco and the Rodgers-and-Hammerstein kind of musical show.

Many YouTube commenters consider this above to be the finest ever Rhapsody in Blue. Polish pianist Maja Babyszka was FIFTEEN when she recorded this. Watch her hands from 16’ 45” on. Nuts, right?!

The mandolin concerto Czardas, above, is by an Italian composer (of course!).

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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Italy, Lament: Though US Violent Crime Rate Has Dropped 75% In 30 Years, Now This

Posted by Peter Quennell

Breaking news: Guede leaving prison, doing community service during rest of term, for “social re-integration”. Decided by Rome supervisory court at request of Guede lawyer Ballarini. His “tell-all” book said to be step closer, Knox acting frantic.

1. Re the YouTube: There’s More…

After 17 years of zero executions by the Federal Government, suddenly we get this.

Click for Post:  Eighth federal execution of the year set for Thursday

Click for Post:  U.S. carries out 8th federal execution of 2020

Click for Post:  DOJ set to execute five [more] federal prisoners before Inauguration Day

Click for Post:  U.S. To Continue Executions Through Transition In Break With Precedent

2. So, A Question…

For the Knox sycophants: Where would YOU want to be tried?

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Monday, October 12, 2020

Another Sollecito Fail: Court Says NO Malpractice By 20 Prosecutors & Judges

Posted by Peter Quennell

Genoa Courthouse

1. Genoa Court Smacks RS Down

Amanda Knox’s delusions of grandeur sail on, for now, but RS’s have taken a third big knock.

(1) Back in June 2017 we posted this report: “Sollecito Loses [Rome] Supreme Court Appeal Against Florence Court Ruling Refusing $0.55M Damages Claim”.

(2) And last year he and his fatuous co-writer Andrew Gumbel lost big to Dr Mignini in a Florence court for defamations in Sollecito’s book. They had to pay substantial damages and sign a document admitting they had lied in the book. 

(3) And now with Bongiorno’s and Maori’s seemingly incompetent legal help (they have yet to win in a single court that was not bent) Sollecito sued for malpractice some 20 of the prosecutors and judges in the case.

Unsurprisingly, the names of the judges in the failed 2011 first appeal and the successful 2015 Supreme Court appeal (all of whom were bent) did not appear on the list.

For these two main reasons Sollecito has lost once again:

(a) Because he (and Knox) had obstructed justice and told numerous lies to prosecutors and police in the days after Meredith’s death.

(b) Because all twenty judges and prosecutors named had diligently followed the rules and there had been no malpractice at all.

The lead judge was Pietro Spera. This was only the second case to occur under the recently enacted civil liability law.

Sollecito is reported in the Italian media as owing his lawyers nearly $1 million in fees (E660,000) though he may be able to argue that they advised him badly and took the several cases on spec.

Sollecito is said to owe his father a substantial sum, and his inherited properties are reported as being mortgaged to the hilt.

Tellingly, Knox of course has initiated only one suit of her own: the “appeal” to the European Court of Human Rights, for half a million Euros or so. 

Knox was awarded E15,000 or so, but wrongly, because her appeal was laden with lies and the hard-pressed ECHR judges in Strasbourg bought some of them.

Knox has never sued Italy for damages for wrong imprisonment. Also unsurprisingly, as that would draw attention to a fact she incessantly hides: that she is a rightly convicted felon for life.

2. First Details Of RS’s Claims

This reporting by Il Giornale is among the first. There will be a written judges’ report detailing the Sollecito team charges against the 20 and why they failed.

While the Giornale reporter Rosa Scognamiglio has done quite a good job, she is wrong to imply that Guede acted alone; that was not the final ruling of the Supreme Court.

Having been jailed while innocent, Sollecito still owes over €600,000 to his lawyers

Raffaele Sollecito, convicted and then acquitted for the murder of Meredith Kercher, still owes 660,000 euros to his defense team Bongiorno and Maori.

Four years of detention, trials and appeals were not enough to mark the end of the sentences for Raffaele Sollecito, finally acquitted by the Court of Cassation in 2015 for the murder of the English student Meredith Kercher, murdered in an apartment in Perugia on November 1st 2007 by the Ivorian Rudy Guede.

Today, 13 years after the start of the judicial ordeal that first convicted him and then cleared him of the charge of complicity in murder, the computer engineer originally from Giovinazzo (Bari) still carries the waste of the troubled procedural process. “Slag” translates into debts and outstanding payments towards his lawyers Giulia Bongiorno and Luca Maori for an amount of 636,212.23 euros.

The cause of the debt is the costs of a long legal battle in which Sollecito not only had to prove his extraneousness to the events in Perugia but also to fight for compensation for “unjust detention”.

In 2017, the Court of Appeal of Florence rejected the 37-year-old’s request for a monetary refund for the sensational judicial error that had overwhelmed him ten years earlier.

“There is an unjust detention given the acquittal of the plaintive - the judges of the third criminal section explained - but he himself contributed to causing it with his own willful or grossly negligent conduct”.

His poor conduct, wrote the magistrates, “consisted in making to the judicial police, investigators, and judges, particularly in the initial stages of the investigations, contradictory or even frankly false statements, which were also found to be such in the assessment inncluded in the confirming verdict of Cassation”.

After which failure, Sollecito tried another path, in suing the judges who convicted him. He could do this in the context of the “Vassalli law” on the civil liability of magistrates for “gross negligence and/or willful misconduct”.

His lawyers, Giulia Bongiorno and Luca Maori, had asked the Genoa court for 3.6 million euros for material and non-material damages.

The process played out in a Genoa court since, as Marco Preve explains well in an article in La Repubblica, the Ligurian capital has jurisdiction over judicial matters involving Florentine magistrates, and the Florence Court of Appeal was the one that convicted Sollecito and his ex-girlfriend Amanda Knox before the final acquittal.

Sollecito’s defense team had highlighted how the client had been found guilty and locked up in prison for “multiple misrepresentations of facts and evidence”.

Nonetheless, the court of Genoa sent the request back to the sender, arguing that ‘’ such reconstructions - although they may not be agreed with and be criticized - nevertheless demonstrate that the Florence Appeal sentenced them following a fair analysis and argued process..

The claims to the Genoa court had included this: that the psychological strains of the stormy judicial affair involving the 37-year-old are still being felt. Sollecito’s claims are attached to the documents of the Genoa court judgment.

“He will have to take drugs for the rest of his life for an anxious-depressive syndrome, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, hypervigidity [this may mean hypervigilance], ease of crying, despair, low self-esteem, and extensive and extreme, behavioral isolation.”

Not to mention the costs of legal fees, E400 thousand already paid by mortgaging family properties, and the balance due to the legal team: E330,189.21 to the lawyer Bongiorno and E336,022.92 to the lawyer Maori.

In short, in addition to the damage also an insult. A very barbed joke.

As with Sollecito’s failed damages claim (see point (1) above) his team could appeal the Genoa court outcome to the Supreme Court

Good luck with that.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hit Early And Hard, Italy’s Systems Now Seen As The Best In Europe

Posted by Peter Quennell


More Praise In The Media

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Click for Post:  [BBC] Coronavirus: How Italy has fought back from virus disaster

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Friday, September 11, 2020

RIP Meredith’s Beloved Mum Who We Believe Knew Even US Mood Is Turning Pro AK & RS Guilt

Posted by Our Main Posters

Mrs Arline Kercher passed away unpublicised back in June, as just established by main poster James Raper.

Her grave is right beside Meredith’s. Father John was killed in a still-unsolved hit-and-run at night in Croydon four months before.

Arline began the Kercher-family connection with Italy when she did excavation work at Pompeii in her youth. That factoid is from John Kercher’s beautifully written book.

The video above reports the end of the failed Knox-Sollecito repeat first appeal in 2014, often wrongly referred to as a second trial.

That was the last concrete good news that Arline would have received.

She spoke out low-key but compellingly in protest after the corrupted 2011 and 2015 appeal verdicts were announced. 

She knew to the end that Italian opinion was hard-line pro-guilt and that anger even in the UK and US is still gathering steam.

The next of a series of televised panels examining how the judicial process was corrupted and the outcome illegal will take place at Perugia University on October 8th.

RIP Meredith, John, and now Arline.

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Saturday, August 08, 2020

Seems Relevant Here: A Viral YouTube About One Family’s Loss

Posted by Peter Quennell

You can read the viewer comments here.

Many non-Japanese-speaking viewers (there’s a Japanese upload with many more views) said it dawned on them what was going on.

Quite a few said they began to cry. If you need them, here from the comments is one translation of the words.

00:00 (Announcement) “Everyone, may I have your attention please. Here we have our bride’s father Mr. Yasuhiro with a message to share. Mr. Yasuhiro, please, the moment is yours.”
00:30 Groom “Your father can play the piano?”
00:33 Bride: Shakes her head.
00:57 Bride “Stop it.”
01:09 Bride “Stop it plz…”
01:13 Bride “The song is… Why do you play this…” (Past scene, Bride’s mother played CANON when Bride was a child.)
01:35 Bride “Unskilled…”
01:45 Bride “Play gently at the part…”
01:55 (Funeral scene, holding the remains of Bride’s mother in car.)
02:05 (After Bride’s mother was dead, Bride fell out with her father.)
02:13 Bride “Though you are awkward…”
02:41 Bride (shocked by the sudden pause) “Eh?”
02:48 Bride “You can do it…”
02:54 Bride “You can do it!”
02:59 Bride “You can do it, Dad…!!”
03:12 (Message) Music is able to surpass Words.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

This Reporter Exposed Epstein & Enablers, Getting The FBI Back Into Action

Posted by Peter Quennell

1. Constraints Of The US System

Back in 2007 the FBI found their hands tied on this case - and it was Julie Brown, a Miami reporter, who got them back in the game again.

In general we’ve been warmish toward the FBI because of its major co-operation with the Italian counterparts.

Italian agents work at FBI HQ and Quantico and American agents are embedded in Italian law enforcement. We get occasional tips from both parties.

But the FBI has it less easy than the Carabinieri and Italian law enforcement generally.

The “wonderful” American political/legal system that is so much revered is really tailor-made for inefficiency, corruption, and disruption.

The FBI has to contend with the peculiarly American problem of the thousands upon thousands of ideological political appointees completely dominating the top layers of government (and costing US taxpayers many billions).

They are by far the biggest cause of legal disruptions, not least in Meredith’s case.

As we are seeing in the American news right now, urban areas, districts, counties, states, and the federal government have very ill defined legal boundaries. Tailor made for gaming.

Those thousands of political appointees make sure that hundreds and even thousands of legal cases fall through the cracks every year.

Contrast all this with Italy’s implacable fight against top-level corruption.

2. The FBI Found Its Hands Tied

The FBI was first invited in to the Epstein case by Florida prosecutors in 2006. They initiated “Operation Leap Year” leading to a 53-page indictment. What happened next, from Wikipedia: 

[Political appointee] Alexander Acosta, then the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, agreed to a plea deal, which Alan Dershowitz helped to negotiate, to grant immunity from all federal criminal charges to Epstein, along with four named co-conspirators and any unnamed “potential co-conspirators”.

According to the Miami Herald, the non-prosecution agreement “essentially shut down an ongoing FBI probe into whether there were more victims and other powerful people who took part in Epstein’s sex crimes”. At the time, this halted the investigation and sealed the indictment. The Miami Herald said: “Acosta agreed, despite a federal law to the contrary, that the deal would be kept from the victims.”

Acosta later said he offered a lenient plea deal because he was told that Epstein “belonged to intelligence”, was “above his pay grade” and to “leave it alone”. Epstein agreed to plead guilty in Florida state court to two felony prostitution charges, register as a sex offender, and pay restitution to three dozen victims identified by the FBI. The plea deal was later described as a “sweetheart deal”.

For the next decade that was pretty well “it” for the FBI and there seemed no way forward for them.

But now, thanks to the implacable Julie Harris, they are roaring back with a vengeance.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Knox’s Damning Luminol-Revealed Footprints, In Her Own Room

Posted by The Machine

Dr Stefanoni with Dr Comodi, main DNA prosecutor

Long post. Click here to go straight to Comments.

1. Post Overview

If you visit those few sites and twitter feeds still craven to Knox and her unsavory pals, you’ll see true desperation now.

Ignoring the other vast swathes of evidence, they still beat their brains out “proving” that Italy bungled and misread the DNA. 

They desperately want you to ignore these telling facts: that on the DNA the defense teams were all over the map, that after prosecution presentations they usually tiptoed on, and that they had had observers at every single collection and processing of DNA -  and not even one complained or found fault.

At the Massei trial in 2009, Dr Stefanoni gave a 137-slide PowerPoint presentation to the judges and lay judges to give them a basic understanding of DNA evidence and to help them understand the significance of the DNA evidence in this case.

It included the main forensic findings, images, photographs, the DNA profiles of Meredith and the three defendants and the electropherograms.

One of the last pieces of forensic evidence Dr Stefanoni presented to the court during this PowerPoint presentation was a Luminol footprint - Rep.180 - that was found in Amanda Knox’s room.

Rep 180 was attributed to Knox because it matched her foot size. There were two other Luminol footprints in her room, but Dr Stefanoni regarded this Luminol footprint as particularly significant evidence against her.

Rep 180 - see version with Knox measurements below

2. Why Rep 180 Is So Telling

In this post, I’ll carefully examine the reasons why Dr Stefanoni considers Rep 180 to be significant evidence against Amanda Knox as well as consider the significance of the other Luminol prints in Amanda Knox’s room.

I’ll also explain why Judge Masse and Judge Marasca were both wrong to think they know about forensic science that some of Italy top DNA experts and debunk the myth that a negative TMB test result means the Luminol wasn’t reacting to blood.

Prosecution case on bedroom prints

On 18 December 2007, the Scientific Police completed their forensic investigation at the cottage. They collected more DNA evidence and they sprayed Luminol on the floor of different rooms in the cottage to see whether there were any traces of blood that had been cleaned up.

It was a safe bet that there would be bare bloody footprints at the cottage because there wasn’t a trail of bare bloody footprints leading up to the bare bloody footprint in the small bathroom. The Scientific Police sprayed the hallway outside the small bathroom and a number of bare bloody footprints magically appeared.

Unsurprisingly, they matched the foot sizes of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. They had been arrested on 6 November 2007 after they had both lied repeatedly to the police and changed their stories dramatically. The DNA and forensic evidence was starting to provide the explanation for Knox and Sollecito’s multiple false alibis and numerous lies

There were two Luminol traces in Filomena’s room - where the break-in was staged - and three Luminol footprints in Amanda Knox’s room. Two of the luminol prints contained the DNA of Amanda Knox and Meredith; one was in the hallway and the other was in Filomena’s room.

Judge Massei and Judge Nencini accepted the Luminol prints as damning evidence against Knox and Sollecito because they matched their feet and they reasoned the Luminol must have reacting to Meredith’s blood as there was an abundance of her blood at the cottage.

The defence experts had pointed out that Luminol also reacts to other substances such as rust and fruit juice. The idea that Knox and Sollecito had dipped their feet in rust or turnip juice and then walked around the cottage in bare feet is too ridiculous to take seriously.

Judge Massei interprets Knox’s prints

Judge Massei thinks Amanda Knox tracked Meredith’s blood into Filomena’s room and her own room when she was checking to see what the situation was outside of the cottage.

These traces, besides constituting further evidence of the presence of Amanda in Meredith’s room when she was killed, lead us to believe that Amanda and Raffaele, before deciding to break the glass in the window of Romanelli’s room and leave the house, wished to make sure that there was no-one in the street; a worry that may have had its basis both in the scream let out by Meredith and which could have been heard by someone who, being in the street, had stopped in curiosity, and in the presence, only slightly earlier, of a broken-down car, in the very near [409] vicinity of the house on Via della Pergola, a car which both Amanda and Raffaele must have noticed when they entered the house; in fact, it should be considered that Raffaele must have already noticed the presence of such a vehicle when he was in the square in front of the University when, as Curatolo testified, he went close to the grating located there in order to look below, where that same broken-down car, causing an obstruction to the traffic, may have caused horns to be blown.

“The biological traces attributable to Amanda (one to Amanda alone and one to Amanda and Meredith) highlighted by Luminol and present in the rooms of Amanda and Romanelli can therefore be adequately explained by the need to check what the situation outside the house was, and to do this Amanda had to look from the window of her own room and from the window of Romanelli’s room, leaving in these areas the prints which were then highlighted by Luminol.” (Judge Massei’s report, pages 380-381).

This is a very plausible scenario. However, it should be pointed out that Dr Stefanoni and Judge Massei don’t completely agree on the DNA evidence and the Luminol prints.

Dr Stefanoni claims Amanda Knox was bleeding on the night of the murder and her blood was mixed with Meredith’s blood in three different locations at the cottage: in three sports in the small bathroom, in a Luminol footprint the hallway and in a Luminol trace in Filomena’s room.

Dr Stefanoni’s forensic finding that Amanda Knox’s blood was mixed with Meredith’s blood in three different locations at the cottage has been confirmed by Professor Biondo - the head of the DNA Unit of the Scientific Police - and Professor Garofano - the former head of the RIS Carabinieri.

Judge Massei thinks Amanda Knox’s DNA - not her blood - was mixed with Meredith’s blood in the small bathroom, the hallway and Filomena’s room. However, he doesn’t provide any scientific evidence to support his assertion. As I’ve pointed out before, Judge Massei has no forensic qualifications, experience or training. He clearly doesn’t know more about forensic science than Dr Stefanoni, Professor Garofano and Professor Biondo.

Dr Stefanoni is regarded as one of Italy’s leading forensic experts and that’s the reason why she was part of the disaster investigations team that was sent to the scene of the 2004 Asian tsunami to identify victims and she was appointed the Chief Technical Director in the Forensic Genetics Investigations section of the Scientific Police.

Why Dr Stefanoni sees Rep. 180 as hard evidence against Knox

On slide 136 of Dr Stefanoni’s PowerPoint presentation, she states that Rep. 180 is one of the “more significant biological results.”

alcuni risultati biologici più significativi
Rep.180: campionatura di presunta sostanza ematica evidenziata
mediante test del Luminol (st. KNOX)”

In-depth analysis
some more significant biological results
Rep. 180: sampling of presumed blood substance highlighted
by Luminol test (st. KNOX)

If you look at the electropherogram for Rep.180, you’ll understand why Dr Stefanoni regards it as significant evidence against Amanda Knox. Her DNA peaks are extremely high. Even higher than her peaks on the electropherogram for the cotton bud box. 14 peaks are over 1,000 RFUs, four peaks are over 2,000 RFUs and one peak is over 3,000 RFUs.

In other words, Amanda Knox’s DNA in this Luminol footprint clearly wasn’t touch DNA. It must have come from a source that provides an immense amount of DNA e.g. blood.

Professor Garofano pointed out that extremely high DNA peaks indicates the sample is undoubtedly blood:

“However, here is the electropherogram and you can see that the RFU value is very high, so the sample is undoubtedly blood, which is the body fluid that provides the greatest amount of DNA.” (Luciano Garafano, Darkness Descending, page 371).

There were three Luminol footprints in Amanda Knox’s room: Rep. 178, 179, 180 (L3, L4, L5). Dr Stefanoni thinks they all contained blood.

The pertinent question is: Whose blood was it?

The DNA test results can help us answer the question: all three of the Luminol prints in Amanda Knox’s room contained her DNA. None of them contained Meredith’s DNA.

The fact that that 14 of Amanda Knox DNA peaks in Rep.180 were over 1,000 RFUs indicates it was her blood.

These three forensic findings corroborate Professor Garofano’s claims there was “copious blood loss by Amanda” and that she “walked around in her own blood, blood that she also had on her body.”

Amanda Knox’s supporters like to point out that Judge Marasca claimed that TMB (Tetramethylbenzidine) test results proved there was no blood in the Luminol prints:

With reference to the asserted hematic traces in the other environments, especially in the corridor, there’s also an obvious misrepresentation of the proof. In fact, the progress-of-works reports of the Scientific Police had excluded, consequent to the use of a particular chemical reagent, that, in the examined environments, the traces highlighted by the luminol were of hematic nature. The work status reports despite being regularly compiled and registered in evidence, were not considered.” (Judge Marasca’s Supreme Court report).

Apart from the fact Judge Marasca isn’t a DNA expert, this is also clearly not true. Luminol and TMB tests are both presumptive tests - not confirmatory ones. In other words, a negative TMB test result doesn’t mean there was no blood.

Dr Sarah Gino - Amanda Knox’s forensic expert - acknowledged in court that a negative TMB test result doesn’t mean there was no blood in the Luminol prints:

“[Dr Sarah Gino] She underlined that the SAL [stato di avanzamento lavoro – work status report] reports which had been made available had shown that a generic diagnosis for blood had been performed and had given a negative result, and therefore it could not be said with certainty that blood was present in the material revealed by Luminol.” (The Massei report, page 282).

Judge Massei noted the reasons why there were negative TMB test results i.e. there wasn’t sufficient material to indicate the presence of blood and Dr Stefanoni had used most of the DNA to determine who it belonged to:

But it must be noted that the negative result for blood does not necessarily indicate that no blood was present. The result may have been negative because there was not sufficient material to indicate the presence of blood. Dr. Gino stated that in her experience there is a probabilistic relation to the number of cases in which the blood test comes out positive or negative. The negative result was also partly a consequence of Dr. Stefanoni’s choice to use most of the DNA to determine the individual profiles and only the remainder to attempt to determine the nature of the trace. “ (The Massei report, 282).

Judge Massei also noted out that Dr Stefanoni had explained it was preferable to know to whom the biological specimen belonged to rather than ascertaining the nature of it:

“The negative result of the test performed to determine the haematological nature of the material of specimen B does not per se exclude the haematological nature of the specimen.

Dr. Stefanoni, [when] questioned on this specific aspect, noted that since any DNA that might be present on the trace in question was certainly of a very small quantity, a minimal quantity was used to determine whether the trace was of a haematological nature or not: consequently the outcome of test, [which was] negative for blood, did not necessarily signify the non-haematological nature of the trace, as it might have been derived from too small a quantity of material to have allowed a positive result, even if that substance had been [310] blood.

She [Dr. Stefanoni] explained that such a choice, whereby the greatest quantity of DNA had been used to determine the biological profile rather than the nature of the specimen, provided a basis for the subsequent assessments: it is preferable to know to whom a given biological specimen is attributable, rather than ascertaining the nature of that same specimen, without any possibility of attributing it to anyone.” (The Massei report, page 288).

Judge Massei pointed out that the defence experts didn’t put forward a significant counter-argument to Dr Stefanoni’s claim that a negative TMB test doesn’t necessarily mean there was no blood:

With respect to the affirmation according to which the negative test for blood does not necessarily signify absence of blood in the sample being analysed, no significant counter-arguments were put forward. Moreover, Dr. Stefanoni’s explanation of this point seems convincing: if the quantity is minimal, the negative outcome of the test may also be a result of the insufficient quantity used for the test itself.” (The Massei report, page 288).

Judge Marasa’s ignorance with regard to forensic science led him to assuming that a negative TMB test result means there was no blood in the Luminol prints and traces at the cottage. He essentially accused Dr Stefanoni of misleading the Massei court about the TMB test results when she did no such thing.

She specifically pointed out that the Luminol identified presumed blood traces in the Luminol prints in her official court report for the Massei trial.:

‘‘un profilo genetico derivante da mistura di sostanze biologiche (conententi presumibilemente ematica) appartenenti ad almeno dui individui entrambi di sesso femminile”

‘‘a genetic profile deriving from a mixture of biological substances (presumably containing blood) belonging to at least two individuals both of female gender.”

She also pointed out that TMB tests on blood traces revealed by Luminol have negative results about half the time,

“She added that, in her own experience, analyses performed with TMB on traces revealed by Luminol give about even results: 50% negative, 50% positive,” (The Massei report, page 258).

This is to be expected because Luminol is significantly more sensitive than TMB and that’s the reason why It is the blood detection technique most commonly used by forensic investigators.

Judge Marasca has not only accused Dr Stefanoni of being dishonest, he has also by extension accused Professor Garofano and Professor Biondo of being dishonest because they confirmed Dr Stefanoni’s forensic finding that the Luminol was reacting to blood. The only person who is guilty of misrepresenting the evidence is Judge Marasca.

It defies belief that Judge Marasca who has no forensic qualifications, experience or training thinks he knows more about the forensic science than two DNA experts who have PhDs in forensic science.

Dr Stefanoni and Professor Garofano have both pointed out that you can determine whether the Luminol was reacting to blood by the luminosity of the presumed blood trace and the DNA test results.

“But let’s see what the prints actually mean. First of all, from their sheer luminosity they are blood. The DNA test showed Meredith’s blood in all cases except for two places in which we have a mixed Amanda and Meredith sample.” (Professor Garofano).

“So I, with genetic analysis, can say with certainty that there was blood”. (Dr Stefanoni).

“in other words everything that is not blood, is nonetheless different even if it is still a bluish fluorescence: that is, the colour does not change, [but] the intensity and the duration change. So in effect, the intensity, thus, of that blue or that azure, so intense, is not given off, in general, by other reagents that are not blood: they give a weaker fluorescence”. (Dr Stefanoni).

3. Some conclusions from the above

Sometimes judges make embarrassing schoolboy errors. This usually happens when they arrogantly opine about subjects they know nothing about.

Judge Masipa didn’t understand the legal concept of dolus evantualis and applied it incorrectly when acquitting Pistorius of the murder of Reeva Steenkamp.

In South African law, under the principle of dolus eventualis, a person can be convicted of murder if they foresaw the possibility of their actions resulting in the death of someone but continued regardless.

Judge Hellmann claimed obtaining the same result twice does not increase the reliability of the result. He was referring to carrying on a test on the remaining DNA on the blade of Sollecito’s kitchen knife.

Mathematicians Leila Schneps and Coralie Colmez point out in their excellent book Math on Trial that Hellmann’s comments show a ‘’complete misunderstanding of the probabilistic result of considering two separate results from two performances of the same test.’’

Judge Marasca’s claim the TMB test results means there was was no blood in the Luminol prints is demonstrably false. The defence experts didn’t even claim this. He can be inducted into the hall of shame alongside Judge Masipa and Judge Hellman for judges who have made embarrassing and painfully stupid mistakes.

But let’s not let the stupidity of the judges mentioned above distract us from the significance of the three Luminol prints found in Amanda Knox’s room, especially Rep.180.

Judge Massei thinks Amanda Knox tracked Meredith’s blood into her own room when she was checking to see what the situation was outside of the cottage. It seems she also tracked her own blood into her room and a lot of it.

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