Sentiment Runs Deep In Perugia For Meredith But Not At All For Sollecito, Knox, Or Guede

Here are two examples of how the sentiment for Meredith stays alive.

The Perugia lawyer and law professor Francesco Bastianelli often comments online pro-Meredith and pro-prosecution. He first became active in irritation over the Perugia-Seattle twin cities arrangement, reacting to the disparaging comments in the Seattle media about Perugia.

He was pushing for the twin-cities thing to be abolished.

With the comment “that sucks” he linked a couple of days ago to a cynical disparaging post on how the defense lawyers are fattening their lot in life by way of this case. The post is on a Perugia blog called Pulchritudo Est Veritatis Splendor (Latin for “Truth is Beautiful”).

The Pulchritudo post is kindly translated below by our main poster Jools.


I know a few things about the process that is celebrated in my city to shed light on the Kercher murder:

I know what were my impressions in the immediacy of the news;

I know that the President of a parliamentary commission [Bongiorno] should be acting as President of the commission, and not requiring fees up to 5 zeros to attend yet another show-trial, and forcing a whole tribunal to do court hearings on Saturdays and having to pay extra respective fees to judges, clerks and ushers;

I know there’s a convicted man in the final phase (we want to call him a murderer) for “complicity in murder” (but in complicity with whom?);

I know that lawyers in Perugia have been slaughtering each other in order to join the defence team, go on TV, and be the posers in front of the cameras of CNN;

I know that lawyer Bongiorno [beforehand] disclosed the results of the [DNA] experts that had to be secreted;

I know that five relatives of Raffaele Sollecito and two journalists, in adjournment after adjournment of court, thanks to the statute of limitations, will never be held accountable for the [Telenorba] broadcasting of the infamous video of the forensic police;

I know that DNA evidence has become “the only evidence” and “the key proof” only just now that it is in favor of the defendants. But what about other “evidence” that came out during the course of the trial;

I know, in the end, that in case of acquittal the same tribunal will be giving birth to an aberrant sentence with two people acquitted, and acquitted despite their peculiar behavior over a murder that was vociferously committed in the room right next to the room that one of them happens to live in.

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Judge Hellman did indeed instruct that the hearings be held mainly on saturdays as a courtesy to the new mom Giulia Bongiorno.

And it does mean that many people get a day and a half in overtime pay, which must make all of them very grateful to the defenses.

It is being suggested on the grapevine that Bongiorno, ticked at her appalling performance last Monday in grilling Guede, was the one to leak the DNA tests with only the defenses’ spin on them.

Those that the DNA report disparaged are all public servants and will not get any comeback until they testify in court on 25 July.

For almost a month the DNA report will sit out there with unanswered question marks over it.

A big lesson here for new lawyers in the making. If you cannot win fairly on the facts then leak and play every trick in the book.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/02/11 at 03:28 PM | #

A question then about Italian law, Peter.In the unlikely event the defense win this appeal, are they released, or it will automatically go to the Supreme Court?
I was a little thrown off by the “I’ll be home by Christmas” singing and dancing.

Posted by Ergon on 07/02/11 at 04:31 PM | #

Hi Ergon. For sure it must go to the Supreme Court. That is automatic even if the prosecution don’t lodge grounds for an appeal. Their passports will probably remain confiscated and they would have to remain in Italy for another year and a half.

None of our Italian lawyers can see Cassation backing down on their finding that three perps were there at the crime. There are no other perps in sight.

Remember how trials really work. If there is ONE solid piece of evidence (the case in a majority of murders) that is enough for a conviction, even if there are hundreds of other items where their role is not quite certain.

The defense has done nothing to shake the mixed blood evidence or footprints or alibis or eye witnesses or computer or cellphone activities.

And the prosecution now have an eyewitness to the role of AK and RS in the murders. Guede testified under oath that they were there.

Bongiorno beat her brains out last Monday trying to intimidate Guede to back down. He didnt - and the unilateral release of the DNA report seems to have been her move of pure desperation.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/02/11 at 05:00 PM | #

Bastianelli’s indignation comes through all the more because of his restraint. Presumably he knows—because he says he does—that it was Bongiorno who disclosed prematurely the judgement of the last two experts “that had to be secreted.”

But if so & considering the sensationalist press response, I call this conflict of interest. Among the responses: a report of Amanda’s having danced in her cell at the news & breaking into song & hugging a cellmate.

I have been much affected during these trials by the collision between the pathology of the crime & Amanda’s image as a vital American girl studying abroad.

The collision reverberates. Rape of her flatmate conceived by Amanda Knox out of her own sex-mad, drug-fueled irascibility & carried out with such brutality that her murder was a final, ghastly, bloody necessity.

We DO HAVE the murder weapon & I think it should not be surrendered to any passing anxiety or transitory relief which the report of the last two experts’ has aroused.

Without reviewing detail (although it stands up nicely) we have had Meredith’s DNA on the blade of a knife taken from Sollecito’s apartment & with Amanda’s DNA on the underside of the handle. We have seen it in the graphs.

Placing of Amanda’s DNA is not from any ordinary slicing but indicates an upward thrust savage enough to sever the hyoid bone situated just above the larynx at the base of the tongue—a bone round as a duck’s breastbone & much resembling it.

No way can the pathological Amanda Knox be excused from this crime notwithstanding a publicity campaign driven by her father & full of lies.

Posted by Ernest Werner on 07/02/11 at 06:42 PM | #

And of course the defense will try every dirty trick in the book with the added help of the vile propaganda emanating from Seattle and CNN. However in my book this is a hysterical last gasp for the defense since much of the evidence remains undisputed. It remains my dearest wish that AK and RF serve to the fullest the extent of their sentences and the jury refuse to be intimidated by the bribes that Bongioro will attempt and has attempted in the past.
sincerely Grahame Rhodes

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/02/11 at 06:51 PM | #

Peter, I wish Professor and Attorney Bastianelli great success with his “Truth Is Beautiful” Perugia blog. He is pro-prosecution because he’s pro-Meredith. He is privy to local truth.

Your photo of Christine Collins played by Angelina Jolie in “The Changeling” is powerful. Her 1928 hat reminds me of one my daughter bought (green velvet with feather) at antique store while she was in college. She hung it on a floor lamp that had necklace-like strings of amber crystals. 

Christine Collins is a symbol of tenacity to seek the truth despite adversity like TJMK has done.  Collins refused to accept a child fobbed off on her by the L.A. police saying it was her son. She knew the boy was not her son. She finally won by fearless determination against all odds.

I agree with Werner, it’s no time for transitory anxiety over two DNA uncertainties. The case is bigger than that.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/02/11 at 07:39 PM | #

I am genuinely shocked at the recent reports about Giulia Bongiorno as I had credited her with an integrity which would not contemplate such actions!

Posted by thundering on 07/03/11 at 02:58 PM | #

Hi thundering,

I am genuinely shocked that you credited Giulia Bongiorno with any integrity at all. She is representing somebody who is clearly guilty of one of most the sadistic sex killings in recent memory. If she had any integrity, she would have refused to represent Sollecito.

Bongiorno’s complete disregard for the truth is evidenced by her objection to Vincenzo Pascali’s findings about the bra clasp - he hinted that it contained Amanda Knox’s DNA.

She also argued at the trial that Amanda Knox was innocent despite the fact she often back-handed Knox at early press conferences, telling journalists that the evidence against Sollecito was minute compared to the evidence against Knox and Guede.

Posted by The Machine on 07/03/11 at 03:31 PM | #

Hi, The Machine.  I have always seen GB as someone standing up against the corruption in politics in Italy - e.g. Sylvio Burluscini (spelling?).  I have seen her on VDO clips speaking about it.  Although defense strategies may have been iffy I hadn’t seen them as downright WRONG up until now!

Even though RS is guilty as anything, he still needs a lawyer.  I asked this before re AK and her lawyers and that was also the response I got.  I would sure want a lawyer to defend me if I were in their position! 😊

Posted by thundering on 07/03/11 at 05:45 PM | #


You missed this:

Posted by ncountryside on 07/03/11 at 06:27 PM | #

I was surprised when the experts report was filed a day earlier than expected. So, meeting with some socks on Huffington Post, I stated the report was ‘leaked’ which put them on the defensive
“Blame the FOA for that rumour then. They’re the ones planting news stories about ‘leaks’ from the experts since March, and since the report mirrrors what they said, therefore, it WAS leaked. I would say to and by Giulia Bongiorno, who does have a powerful position on the Italian parliament’s judiciary committee”

Posted by Ergon on 07/05/11 at 09:12 PM | #
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