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Really nice videos. Perugia is definitely an extremely romantic city.

Though when I saw the trumpeters I could also see Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito; trumpeting over the memory of Meredith - 

- on a remote, cold, desolate island. With the last of their dwindling supporters watching.

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There are places not far south of Perugia where you can see half a dozen of these hilltop towns all at once.

The top of the massif of Perugia has a nice feel to it, and the zigzag drives up (there are only a few) are great fun.

Also from many places there are nice views in all directions. Meredith had a great view north from her bedroom.




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Hi Machine etc

With your help we’ve already posted comprehensive overviews of the mafia poodles Greg Hampikian, Steve Moore and John Douglas in the “expert” community.

Michael Heavey and Doug Preston are also in line for overview posts.

Our next post and also a new TJMK page will overview the mafia poodles in the paid-reporter community. Nina Burleigh has been done. Can you suggest any others?

Judy Bachrach Vanity Fair

Colleen Barry Assoc Press

Lisa Marie Basile Huff Post

Niki Battiste ABC News

Mark Baumgarten??

Julie Bindel Guardian

Kara Bindrim??

Tim Black Spiked

Jeff Burbank Huff Post

Linda Byron King5

Nina Burleigh Newsweek Etc [First overview already posted]

Paul Ciolino CBS 48 Hours

Ann Cooper CPJ

Patricia Cornwell USA Today etc

Katie Crouch

Candace Dempsey Seatlle PI

Juliet Dunlop Scotsman

Jim Edwards Biz Insider

Leigh Egan Crime Online

Timothy Egan NY Times

Edward Jay Epstein Daily Mail

Natalie Finn ENews

Jan Goodwin MarieClaire

Bob Graham Daily Mail

Drew Griffin CNN

Simon Hattenstone Guardian

John Hooper Guardian

Amy Jenkins The Independent

Olga Khazan The Atlantic

Barbara King NPR

Maggie Lange Gawker

Brian Lisi NY Daily News

Doug Longhini CBS 48 Hours

Amanda Marcotte Raw Story

Jonathan Martin Seattle Times

Hadda Messia CNN

Brooke Miller Morton Report

Dan Norder

Peter Popham The Independent

Doug Preston CBS 48 Hours Etc

Benjamin Radford

Megan Nicol Reed

Nathaniel Rich Rolling Stone

Geraldo Rivera Fox News

Michael Rowe

Frank Sforza

Steve Shay West Seattle Herald

Joel Simon CPJ

Joan Smith Guardian

Nick Squires Telegraph etc

Nicki Swift YouTube

Yaron Steinbuch NY Post

Jeff Truesdell People etc

Peter Van Sant CBS

Elizabeth Vargas ABC News

Jane Velez Mitchell CNN

Robert Walsh

Oprah Winfrey Syndicated

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