Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some Cool Videos From A Very Cool Country - Stagioni Saluti Everyone

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You brightened up the morning with love songs.  Thanks all and merry Christmas.

Posted by chami on 12/25/11 at 12:06 PM | #

Thanks Chami. The song at top was Italy’s in the 2011 Eurovision song contest and many would have liked it to win.  The video at bottom - the Italian concertos - reflects the fact that Italy’s is the most played classical ensemble music anywhere - same with piano/harpsichord music and the operas. And ballet of course began there. Quite a firehose of serious culture.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/25/11 at 03:19 PM | #

At 6:45pm I was jolted from Christmas cheer and a big salad by the hollering of Jane Velez-Mitchell crowing with glee over Amanda’s 2011 liberation. It was the loudmouth show she hosts called “Issues”. She normally decries the “War on Women”, but in this case Meredith being a woman doesn’t seem to count. She had Douglas Preston give a brief soundbite. He shook his head in grave tones saying that Amanda’s release was wonderful, “But who can give her back 4 years of her life?”

Jane Velez-Mitchell (JVL) showed footage of Amanda’s most distorted face when she was announced not guilty by Hellman court and released amid mobs of cameras following her wailing as she was led out of courtroom.

She flashed large and unflattering pix of Mignini all the while denouncing him with ignorant half-truths. JVL shared her usual repartee with Jean Casares, her female co-anchor, and between the two of them and a third female commentator there wasn’t one word in ten of truth or accuracy. Fortunately the Knox PR moment camouflaged as a news show was brief, followed appropriately by a segment on Ms. Suleiman the Octomom. It’s nice to see news grouped according to IQ.

Jane Velez-Mitchell: a pile of shameless lies, other than a printed quote at bottom of screen with Stephanie Kercher saying, “Meredith has been hugely forgotten.”

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I return to my box of kahlua and rum-filled chocolates to console myself after this disgusting six minutes of tv infotainment, hysteria and stupidity masquerading as truth.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/27/11 at 03:25 AM | #

During this holiday time I wish to extend a thank you to Peter and all of the TJMK and PMF posters for entrusting that the memory of Meredith Kercher lives on.

It is my hope for the New Year that the Kercher family soon finds justice, closure and solace.

This song is dedicated to the memory of Meredith Kercher.

Posted by True North on 12/27/11 at 04:24 AM | #

Tomorrow, December 28 is Meredith Kercher’s birthday. She would have been 26, and my thoughts go to her and the Kerchers.

I hope this upcoming year will be when she receives justice.

She’d been so happy, planning her visit home, and bought a box of chocolates for her mum. And, this christmas, I got a surprise gift of Perugina chocolates. A message from spirit, I think.

Happy Birthday, Meredith.

Posted by Ergon on 12/27/11 at 10:58 PM | #
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