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Meredith’s Perugia #37: Aerial Perugia With High Definition Drone Photography

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Posted by Our Main Posters on 05/28/17 at 04:17 PM in

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In the description it says that a team of 70 people was required to make this series.

The first church you see is at the southern limit of Perugia, and slightly east of the N-S line through Meredith’s villa. 

The lead creator found that three main churches are in a dead-straight line (maybe 2 miles long).

The steeple of the one in the center (in the main piazza) blocks the view of the furthest church from either end - the reason was unknown to them but it amused them.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/28/17 at 04:30 PM | #

I saw the name Marco Mignini in the credits. Wonder if he is kin to Prosecutor Mignini? Cool drone photography. Also the time lapse of sea and sky in Sicily, just beautiful.

Yes, exciting times for Italy with President Trump in Rome to meet Pope Francis with beautiful Melania and Ivanka and Jared alongside him to Israel and Middle East, grand finale the G7 in Sicily. Security must have been a tremendous effort but all went well.

These stone built Italian towns look so lovely even into antiquity. So much artwork interwoven with the basic walls. The multiple archways of the monastery with the greenspace in center quad remind me of the Infantry Officer Basic Course barracks at Ft. Benning, Georgia a little bit. That design where the long halls and walls form a square fortress with an enclosed garden seem so practical and lovely. Wish small private homes could be designed the same.

Posted by Hopeful on 05/28/17 at 08:37 PM | #

Re the Paris Accord, yesterday afternoon Michael Bloomberg (net worth $50 billion, suspected at least 100 times what Trump is really worth) and his consortium stepped in, to make up for all possible US federal shortfalls.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/02/17 at 08:39 PM | #

We’ve explained numerous times that law enforcement’s typical anti-mob procedure, as we are witnessing in our case, is to keep everything behind the scenes, announce nothing in the meantime, and take all the time necessary.

Take a look at what just went up on the website of the Manhattan arm of the Federal Justice Department, which typifies this nicely (that office also takes leadership in financial crimes). .

This huge bust is rumored here to have some relationship to the investigations into the Trump election campaign. Is this a case of Squeeze the small guys, and they may squeal on the big guys?

Yesterday, it was announced that the US’s most successful anti-mafia prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, has joined the investigation team of Robert Mueller.

Verrry scary.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/08/17 at 05:30 AM | #

Raffaele Sollecito hearing for compensation will be heard before the Supreme Court June 28, 2017

Posted by Ergon on 06/08/17 at 07:25 AM | #

Motivation report by CSM exonerating prosecutor Giuliano Mignini of all charges of abuse of power relating to the Monster of Florence case

Posted by Ergon on 06/12/17 at 07:19 AM | #

Always appreciated, good friend Ergon.

There is to be a Florence hearing on Sollecito’s attempt to settle for his defamations before Cassation hears his compensation appeal. For him hopefully unfortunate timing!

The Headsup box currently at the top reads as follows.

Headsup: Numerous positive developments, new post by weeks-end on various. Sollecito is attempting to settle financially for numerous defamations in book by himself & Gumbel, bodes very badly for Knox as her book is far more defamatory - and amazingly was re-released with all defamations intact. Dr Mignini comes out ahead on all fronts re past attempts to frame him. Italy follows France and UK in reaffirming internationalism. Etcetera.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/12/17 at 02:17 PM | #

Death to Roosters! Netherlands and France already reacted against Trump’s chest-thumping anti-internationalism, now the UK does the same re Theresa May’s, so does Italy, and Germany seems set to do the same.

The notion being floated in the UK media to have a multi-party commission negotiate any Brexit seems to me the smartest way forward.

“Hard Brexit” (simple no-deal withdrawal) always a loony threat is hopefully dead now, it would have been a total economic abyss for the UK - which remains legally prevented from signing trade deals (if any - I dont see any) before the EC countries ALL sign off on any exit deal.

Tip for everybody. Get a lot better at systems change. The European Community really sucks at it.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/12/17 at 02:30 PM | #

Wow, this never seems to end ...

Anyone here live in/near Kentucky?

Posted by Chimera on 06/13/17 at 12:49 AM | #

Sollecito attempting to settle for defamations in book.
Music to my ears.

Posted by DavidB on 06/13/17 at 11:35 AM | #

@Chimera, Knox speaking to Kentucky Bar Association, she continues her elaborate charade of innocence. You can bet that some of the attendees researched TJMK to try to understand her “case”.

This site continues to enlighten anyone seeking the full truth about Amanda Knox. The facts here are so valuable, so helpful. The Kentucky Bar and other public groups that Knox will try to seduce can find here an arsenal of weapons against her mad chutzpah of duper’s delight.

The attorneys need only click on TJMK, all the work has been done by Peter Quennell and TJMK members to wrestle with the lies. This site has been a lasso to pull years of legal findings together, things Knox will never tell people. Here the researchers whether amateur or professional can see both sides of the matter, not to mention perceptive psychological profiles of the blithe liars and waltzing suspects (Rudy not long to be free completely to join them on the dance floor).

TJMK prevents Knox from deceiving the masses as she struggles constantly to do.

I didn’t see Chimera’s news about the Kentucky bar having to listen to Amanda Marie Pace Liar until today. I hope Ft. Knox with its gold bullion is still intact after her Goldfinger performance. Fortunately James Bond TJMK was there to foil her plans, and remains an armory of truth online against her devious attacks on facts.

Posted by Hopeful on 06/17/17 at 05:16 PM | #

According to Mark Killer on CNN, Amanda Knox has committed suicide and left a note confessing to Meredith’s murder:

Posted by The Machine on 06/19/17 at 10:01 PM | #

Odd. I got 4-5 emails but see no other reporting.

If its fake as I incline to how did it get past CNN’s fact checkers?

I have to be offline for a few hours, helpful if others might post any updates.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/19/17 at 10:26 PM | #

The CNN report is fake news.

Posted by The Machine on 06/19/17 at 10:26 PM | #

Mark Miller is a professional fake-news emanator. He makes real money from clickbait. He wrote a book about it, claiming it as humor (really?).

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/19/17 at 10:49 PM | #

Mark Killer must be seriously sick to write a story like that.

Posted by DavidB on 06/20/17 at 11:19 AM | #

Systems gone haywire always catches my eye. In the case of the two ships colliding off Japan, facts about a whole lot of systems are slowly emerging here.

For example the US Navy ship Fitzgerald is the same class as the Cole, which had its side blown open at the same point by explosives in a fiberglass speedboat in Aden 17 years ago.

The class has been controversial since then. Is it strong enough right there? (Both were built up in Maine.)

Initially it seemed open-and-shut that the Navy ship was 100% in the wrong as it MUST avoid all other vessels to its starboard (right), the side it was hit.

But read about the really bizarre behavior of the container ship before and after the collision. It maybe had both its lights and its transponder switched off, followed a very odd path, and took an hour to make any report.

On the maps there the container ship was moving from bottom to top. The course of the Navy ship is secret for now.

Deliberate hit & run, an act of war?

With all this in mind, plus the apparent angle of the collision based on the damage, the prevailing conspiracy theory is that for some reason the Crystal, which features a bulbous bow that would be well suited to ramming a smaller ship, deliberately plowed into the side of the Fitzgerald. To follow this logic, one of the more likely bad actors in such a scenario would be North Korea, which does have a history of using its own cargo ships, front companies, and unscrupulous foreign firms to move illicit or restricted cargoes to and from the reclusive country. In addition, there has been steadily escalating rhetoric between officials in Washington and Pyongyang, as well as more active incidents, such a bizarre and still largely unexplained scuffle between agents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and North Korean diplomats at New York City’s JFK International Airport on June 18, 2017. North Korea has not shied away from covert actions against its enemies, including the assassination of Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of the country’s premier Kim Jong Un, in Malaysia in February 2017.

But no radar on the US ship?! Or is it shades of the Costa Concordia, where the skipper was drunk? Or the Titanic maybe, where the crew on the bridge maybe saw a mirage of an open sea?

As with every governmental area except justice (grrr!), here the UN has a role in creating systems and ensuring they work.


Added wednesday:

This great report on the global tracking system says that it was actually the Navy ship that had its tracking transponder switched off, it would have been invisible to the container ship.

The problem, however, is that the AIS data tells only half, or less, of the story. That’s because the Fitzgerald had its AIS system turned off, and it was not broadcasting its position and course. That means there’s no current public record of the Fitzgerald’s actions prior to the collision, and the crew of the Crystal would not have received a collision alarm from the system on their bridge.

In Comments some of the ex Navy guys there think maybe the transponder was turned off to hide fleet info from North Korea.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/20/17 at 12:50 PM | #

Another note on maritime systems, those (still largely hidden and guessed at) which in Bermuda this weekend may hand Emirates New Zealand more wins over Oracle US.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/20/17 at 06:00 PM | #

“Amanda Knox and the big bad wolf: Wrongly convicted student makes her Instagram public revealing her Little Red Riding Hood photo shoot and her life travelling around Europe with her boyfriend”—Today’s headline in Daily Mail online for June 21, 2017.

Photos show Knox with red cape in front of waterfall as Chris Robinson in wolf mask menaces her in the Black Forest of Germany where they went. Other pix show them smiling together in Munich last month (May 2017). Chris has grown his tiger striped beard out to normal beard, looks much better IMO.

Knox and Robinson kiss in Alsace, France inside a shop or restaurant, May 2017. Knox wears a rather revealing brown peasant blouse with lace-up front open to a show of décolletage.

Other Instagram pix show Knox wearing black and white t-shirt that says, “It could happen to you” where the letter “O” in the word “you” forms a handcuff.

She and Chris got matching tattoo, shown in one photo on her arm. It’s a black zigly line somewhat like the blips on an EKG machine that shows heart function? It looks like straight line then the letter W and more straight line very black on white skin, not sure what the meaning of the symbol is.

The two live-in lovers also put their initials on a lock and locked it on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. AMK + CGR is written on the lock, along with hundreds of other locks, the new trend to symbolize togetherness.

The Daily Mail says Knox has posted on the Instagram app since 2015 but only today made the photos public. She has traveled to Montana, New York, and France as well as Germany.

One photo shows a spread of dozens of books about criminal justice. (What a laugh.)

I wonder if she has slipped quietly into Italy and gone incognito back to Perugia to show Chris the scene of her infamous crime.

Comments run the gamut, mostly hostile to Knox:

Stop posting pix of “this guilty lying saddo”

“I’m not convinced she’s innocent.”

“She wasn’t wrongly convicted.”

Posted by Hopeful on 06/21/17 at 11:00 PM | #


I saw the article.  She likely has gone to Italy, but not yet posted that. Kind of makes a mockery of her claim that she is being hunted down.  Thought those evil cops/prosecutors never gave up.

And yes, the comments are rather harsh.  “not wired right”, as one notices

Posted by Chimera on 06/22/17 at 01:41 AM | #
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