Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meredith’s Perugia #29: The Very Elegant City Of Milano Just Half A Day To The North

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Posted by Our Main Posters on 01/30/11 at 03:21 PM in Concerning Meredith

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Posted by ncountryside on 01/30/11 at 07:00 PM | #


thank you for the link! very cool… the beauty of italy surprises and delights me over and over… i will get there some day!

Posted by wayra on 01/30/11 at 07:42 PM | #


… in Milano don’t forget these:’Ambrogio

Posted by ncountryside on 01/30/11 at 08:31 PM | #

Wow what a beautiful country

Posted by DougPDX on 01/30/11 at 11:21 PM | #

Peter, is there any way that you can give me any connections with Americans who teach there? I would like to get information on how hard it is to get a work visa in Italy. I read from sites that it’s almost impossible for a non European Union citizen to get one.

Posted by DougPDX on 01/30/11 at 11:24 PM | #

Hi Doug. Sure. A number of Americans teach in Italy including of course in Perugia so there has to be a way. I emailed already a very good contact in Perugia and I’ll email you what comes back.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/31/11 at 05:37 AM | #

Thanks peter…I’m really looking forward to it.

Posted by DougPDX on 01/31/11 at 09:41 AM | #

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