Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meredith’s Perugia #12: A Colorful Event Right Now That Meredith Might Have Loved

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The flowering of the sunflowers. Il girasoli.

They are flowering right now all around Perugia, and especially to the west in Tuscany.

If you are not pre-warned and happen suddenly on one of these fields, you can drive right off the road, the visual impact is so great!

Meredith missed ever seeing this beautiful sight, sad to say. But many of the foreign students from the university towns do go out to see.

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The green yellow contrast is always unbeatable.

The photos of mustard fields also look equally stunningly beautiful but the black center of the sunflower adds some sparkle.

If you have seen it once, it is enough. You will never forget the scene. Bewitching beauty.

Posted by chami on 07/21/13 at 08:20 PM | #


Posted by Odysseus on 07/21/13 at 09:04 PM | #

Meredith deserved beauty. She was bright as a sunflower.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/22/13 at 03:17 AM | #

Reminds me of the vast landscapes of tulips in the Skadgit (sp) valley.
Really Meredith was so beautiful. Can’t wait for Sept.

Posted by Bettina on 07/22/13 at 11:14 PM | #

This video is dedicated in memory of Meredith Kercher!

Posted by True North on 07/23/13 at 06:55 AM | #

We all know that Meredith´s message of grace, intelligence and kindness will eclipse Amanda´s cruelty and leave an enduring impression on the world.

Posted by aethelred23 on 07/23/13 at 09:28 PM | #

To repeat myself.

It’s because we value above everything else intelligence and education plus an inquiring mind and a desire to become a better person plus the desire to have meaning in this world by taking care of other people and contributing in some small way to the continuous search for peace over uneducated third rate bottom feeders like Knox and her ilk.

Meredith had all of that including the fact that she was a very talented beautiful woman who if Knox hadn’t killed her in a fit of drug educed jealousy would have made a difference in this world.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/24/13 at 12:13 AM | #

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