Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meredith’s Leeds #3: Where The High-Achieving Meredith Spent Several Very Happy Years

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There are many more videos about Leeds University posted here. Meredith posthumously received a degree from this fine university (collected for her by Stephanie) which is generally rated as on a par with the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London and at least as serious. When she arrived in Perugia she hit a flying start and was already near-fluent in Italian.


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I didn’t get north to Leeds, but I’m back from England. It’s refreshing to see pix of Meredith here: her blue outfit as she shows silver heart bracelet, photo of her with Arline by chocolate cake. The flood of memories of this case returns. I plan to buy John Kercher’s book, “Meredith”.

All heck had broken loose in family matters while I was blissfully in U.K.

I’ve bought a new laptop, an ASUS at Best Buy. My son installed Windows for me. I’ve scrolled through TJMK and PMF for first time today and learn that Rafaelle visited the States, posed with the judge, and has a book of his own, “Presumed Guilty”. I see Cardiol’s mention of the Leveson Inquiry, that was big news on BBC in my last weeks in England. Gosh I miss David Cameron and Ed Miliband and Daily Mail already, such lovely people over there, the Kerchers are in good company.

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Hmmm…kind of reminds me of my own university.

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