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Meredith’s Birthday: A Year During Which Justice Did Make Some Gains

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An Italian piece (Scarlatti) by American Elaine Comparone which we used before

Meredith’s birthday comes around again on the 28th so for her family in London which now includes some grandchildren the years’ end emotions are mixed.

Her family clearly likes any ongoing notions of what she might have achieved, what others are achieving that are of her generation, moreso than an annual reminder of the days since she passed.

This post was responding to that.

We didn’t think we needed to explain the post and sure enough almost everybody did see the point. The scorching Moonlight Sonata was many peoples’ first choice.

Hence the harpsichord piece! 

Music and ballet did mean a lot for Meredith, and both could use wider audiences these days.  If there’s a video on that same theme we can add it here. Words also will do fine.

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Ooops! Hopeful’s note of Christmas cheer was buried below the previous post. Here it is again!

Merry Christmas! I’m celebrating with peppermint tea, crunchy peanut butter on apple slices, and walnut fudge from Gethsemani monastery in Kentucky made by Trappist monks (a gift).

A pot of creamed chicken breasts for later, way more food than is healthy but bring it on, it’s Christmas. O holy night, Joyeux Noel, a Savior is born Emmanuel, the Word made flesh and we beheld His glory.

So peace on earth, goodwill to men and let your heart be light. Happy 2018.

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Why the standing harpsichord? It allows more downward force which a harpsichord needs more than a piano.

The great Canadian piano player Glenn Gould also wanted more downward force for his Bach. So he would sit unusually low at the piano (on his pet chair) and pull the keys down. You can see him doing that here from the 5 minute mark.

Hands of God… He never made mistakes.

<iframe width=“640” height=“360” src=“” frameborder=“0” gesture=“media” allow=“encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Happy Birthday, Meredith! What a lovely lady you are and always will be. You were a jewel and a rose, crowned with glory and honor for your extra kindness. You were not a braggart which is why little is known about your good mind and clever wit. Your wisdom was to be compassionate and try not to hurt others. You cared about people’s feelings, a lot. You were smart but not conceited, loving and diplomatic with others but not a coward. You loved your family.  Happy Birthday to You, December 28th.


Before I comment on the above post, a flashback to Dr. Mignini. “Dr. Mignini Corrects the Record”. He was “stunned” at some of Judy Bachrach’s false quotations she attributed to him. Bachrach has come out in blind support of the Netflix documentary which as TJMK writer said, leaves out 95% of the facts of the case.

Dr. Mignini absolutely denied Bachrach’s accusation that he was swayed by Knox’s private morality. He said a suspect’s morality never determines if a crime was committed, they are two separate things.

Dr. Mignini:  “A suspect’s personality can only be considered if necessary to understand the context of a crime.” He reminded Bachrach that a crime is a breach of codified law. The law is the issue, not moral standards but legal standards. He would never consider a person’s morality in determining if they had broken a law, but her article made it seem he was acting as a moral policeman, the furthest thing from his objective training.

Dr. Mignini stated that it was not himself and the prosecution who highlighted the defendants’ personality traits but the judges themselves:

Judge Matteini
Judge Ricciarelli
Judge Micheli

And Mignini reminded Bachrach that he had cited observations “made by criminal psychiatrist Dr. Mastronardi”, an expert. Mignini’s supposed witch hunt of Knox based on disgust at her morals is a PR invention to obscure the facts against her.

Dr. Mignini said of Bachrach’s article, “All statements within quotation marks as reported in the article by Bachrach are false…they are the product of a making-up, a spin…”

Mignini said he was “stunned” at some of the deception.

Recently Bachrach has been cheerleader for the Netflix documentary. Mignini emphasizes the omissions in that false picture.

The documentary hides the “proven fact” that Knox was present at the crime scene when the crime was committed. Cassation also ruled that Meredith was murdered by more than one person, that Guede acted together with others. This was proven fact. The Court emphasized that Knox was certainly there, she washed her hands of Meredith’s blood. It was only her active participation in the killing that became the question.

All these court ruled and ESTABLISHED FACTS were shockingly left out of the Netflix documentary. Netflix preferred to paint a dishonest portrait of the case against Knox. In essence, Netflix became Knox propaganda.

It would be helpful if Dr. Mignini could continue to weigh in against the deceitfulness of media that tries to corrupt the truth about Knox’s involvement in the crime, and which does a disservice to Meredith’s case.

Yes, let Dr. M correct the record. Knox’s fawning sycophants certainly won’t.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/28/17 at 06:17 PM | #

Important news is in on this front from Italy, where the pretty universal perception, after a wave of analyses and panels, is that THREE courts were bent to fix this case.

We have long explained the direct Sollecito/mafia link. That has been in motion since 2010 and the bent Hellman and Marasca/Bruno courts were the results.

Now a direct Knox/mafia link is emerging also.

To Knox’s advantage, the Boninsegna court was bent as well. That was the Florence court which in 2016 heard complaints from the Questura staff about how she mischaracterized the “interrogation” at trial.

It ruled for Knox.  What?!?! The report has to be the dopiest explanation of the entire case. It is dopier even than the Marasca/Bruno report.

Did Boninsegna (who has known mafia ties, the reason he is in Florence was to get him away from his chums in the south) read ANY court transcripts at all!?

A translation of that ridiculous report proudly appears on a Knox site. The Ndrangheta helped to put it there. Nice going, Dalla Vedova and Knox.

More in the next few days. The current series of posts on Knox’s early questionings at the Questura relate.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/28/17 at 10:50 PM | #

As Hopeful says, ‘let Dr. M correct the record. Knox’s fawning sycophants certainly won’t.’ 

Her sycophants will also continue to shield her against any tricky questions.

Posted by DavidB on 12/28/17 at 11:42 PM | #

Happy Birthday, Meredith! 

We will not rest until justice is done.  You were taken down by those not fit to share your company.  Knox & Sollecito must be brought to justice.  Thanks to TJ & PMF.Net for continuing to fight for justice and for telling the truth about what happened 01 November 2007.

Posted by whatswisdom on 12/29/17 at 04:28 AM | #

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