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In Good Italian Meredith’s Family Remind Italy Of Who Is The Real Victim Here

Posted by Peter Quennell

Stephanie Kercher writes an open letter (two of Meredith’s family are conversant in Italian, and Meredith had been fluent on arrival in Perugia) to Judge Hellman.

She questions the very strange slant of the DNA report in which Greg Hampikian seems to have had a suspect role.

The letter is very widely quoted from in the Italian media which has been highly sympathetic to Meredith and generally left cold by the antics of Knox, Sollecito, and their entourages.

CNN carries one of the few English-language reports. Generally a good one though it omits that Rudy Guede accused Knox and Sollecito to their faces in appeal court.

No English version was issued to our knowledge, and this is our main poster Tiziano’s translation, from TGCom.

In the last week we have been anxiously awaiting and in great agitation at the opinions being spread around about the original DNA tests.  It is extremely difficult to understand how the evidence which had been acquired with care and presented at the first grade trial as valid can now risk becoming irrelevant.

How can a quantity of DNA evidence be considered of little importance when the same experts do not give precise answers on the quantity which ought to be taken into consideration?

Furthermore, it should be remembered that both the parties, the prosecution and the defence, engaged their own respective teams of scientific experts in the first level trial, in addition to the consultants of the Scientific [Police] in Rome.

The [representatives of the] defence seem to be focussed on and to base themselves heavily on these two pieces of DNA evidence, but we want to remember for a moment who this case is about: my sister, a daughter brutally taken away from us almost four years ago and still not a day goes by when we can find a little peace or to put an end to all this.

All those who read this document or who are following this case, please remember our beautiful Meredith.  Her blood mixed with other samples spread around the bathroom, along the corridor and in Filomena’s room, and also so many other bloody prints.  Remember too all the other evidence which has been presented up till today in this trial, 10,000 pages of evidence.

We still have confidence in the Perugia police and all our trust in all those people from the court and the investigations.

We ask that Appeal Court weigh up every single piece of evidence, scientific and circumstantial, together with every witness heard and that [the court] do this independently of every other source of information and [independently] of the media.

In the midst of all the frenzy created by the media, Meredith has been forgotten, she is no longer with us, yet everything that should be for her and [done] in order to understand what really happened that tragic night. 

We have not forgotten her, and we will continue our struggle in order that justice be done with the continuing support of our lawyer Francesco Maresca and of his colleagues, the Police, the Public Prosecutor, the prosecution and all those taking part in this in Italy and also all those who in all the world still think of us and of Mez.

We would like to have the possibilty of working with Universty of Perugia on a project which would offer an annual place to a student in memory of Meredith.  Meredith loved Italy and its people and wanted to immerse herself in Italian culture.  We are well aware of the impact that all this has had on the city and we think that this is an appropriate way to commemorate Meredith in the beautiful place for which she left us to come and study.

Please do not let it be that Meredith died in vain, her courage and her strength continue to struggle and we shall look for justice so that she may rest in peace.  She did not stop struggling that November 1st, and we shall not stop now.

Stephy Kercher


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Good on you, Stephanie. Compare and contrast her eloquence, grace and compassion with the behavior of the Knox family and their acolytes.

Posted by Janus on 09/05/11 at 02:32 PM | #

Thank you Peter for posting this gripping letter. This shows the agony that Meredith’s family are still in and likely will be until the final rulings are completely done. Stephy you seem like a courageous young lady. You and your family have more class in your pinkies than the two murderers family have combined. They are counting on the public forgetting the facts, lawyers twisting the facts, real evidence ignored and rewriting the lies spoken and the false accusations. No Stephy your strength is motivating for those who know the truth and like you want Meredith and the way she died to always be remembered. You humble us.

Posted by friar fudd on 09/05/11 at 04:19 PM | #

Well Pete, despite the rumours coming out of court I believe this letter will have a profound effect.

I’m sure the Kerchers know there are many of us keeping them and Meredith in our prayers and thoughts.

Posted by Ergon on 09/05/11 at 05:20 PM | #

It´s good to hear from Meredith´s family as they hardly ever appear in the media. Last time they spoke up was when John Kercher wrote a letter addressing Knox´s undeserved celebrity status whilst his daughter remained a forgotten victim. I´m not surprised she writes in good Italian , from what I´ve read on TJMK one must conclude that they are highly educated . Moreover, I´m glad to hear from Stephanie, she´s always seemed elegant and mature.  I´ve alwys known that John is a journalist but what are Meredith´s siblings doing ?

Posted by aethelred23 on 09/05/11 at 06:35 PM | #

Good to read the whole letter which has been described as “passionate” in a short article in today’s Seattle PI. Resolute, reasonable, containing reminders & written with feeling, yes: but the letter is not “passionate.”

And there were other instances of bias in the report which I commented on as follows at 8:46 am Seattle time:

The report is couched in the language of advocacy & is far from objective.

It speaks of “revelations” concerning the DNA evidence. There have been no revelations apart from our being informed that the academic experts have impugned the DNA on knife & bra clasp: Meredith’s on the very blade & Amanda’s on the handle. Sollecito’s DNA was found in abundance on the bra clasp but could not be re-tested satisfactorily (after almost four years) because it had corroded.

Other biased language in this report describes a sister’s “impassioned” letter (she writes of being troubled & anxious) or claims “more than 50 glaring errors” in the gathering of evidence with “dirty gloves.” Glaring is an exaggeration. And I have seen in an enlarged photograph the gloves so described. Very minute specks on the thumb & very few of these, far from the material being held in a pinch.

A detail of some interest (but here ignored) is that Ms Knox was given a pair of slippers to wear over her shoes when taken to the scene of the crime. The policeman was surprised enough to report it later that Ms Knox said something like “Oo la la!” when taking the slippers & swiveled her hips before putting them on.

Although the Seattle PI must report to a community very much caring for Ms Knox (& understandably so) the question of final results is a question of evidence. I happen to believe that Ms. Knox’s appeal will fail.

End quote.

Posted by Ernest Werner on 09/05/11 at 07:14 PM | #

“Please do not let it be that Meredith died in vain, her courage and her strength continue to struggle and we shall look for justice so that she may rest in peace.  She did not stop struggling that November 1st”

Don’t worry Stephanie: Meredith and you her family have inspired us all. We will all be supportive of the search for justice for her.

Posted by Kermit on 09/05/11 at 09:01 PM | #

“In the midst of all the frenzy created by the media, Meredith has been forgotten,,,”

Don’t worry, Stephanie.  Here in Seattle, there are many, MANY on the side of justice for Meredith and your family.  All of you are not far from our hearts and are an inspiration to so many across the globe.

We will NEVER forget.

Posted by Tara on 09/05/11 at 09:06 PM | #

There are many times each day that I remember lovely Meredith.  I think of her while watering the tree we planted in her memory, while tending my garden and while walking the lush green paths here in Seattle. I also think of Meredith every time we celebrate a milestone here with one of our kids.  And it strikes me every time, the whole left in the place of Meredith within her family.  It is at times like these that I hold the Kerchers close in thought and especially now during these trying days and nights I send them love and light.  I wish deep peace for the Kerchers now and forever.

Posted by jodyodyo on 09/06/11 at 05:43 AM | #

Thank you for planting a tree in Meredith’s honor, jodyodyo.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/06/11 at 08:47 AM | #
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