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Good Review Of “Meredith” By Ryan Parry In Today’s Edition Of The UK Mirror

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Click the image above for Ryan Parry’s full review. Excerpts here:

1. On Not Ever Wanting To Let Go

When heartbroken John Kercher wakes, he is greeted by a framed photo of his beloved daughter Meredith.

“It’s my favourite picture of Mez,” John says. “She has such a beautiful smile. It’s the first thing I see when I get up every day.”

The photo was taken a year before Meredith left for university in the Italian city of Perugia.

“When I see the photo it makes me smile, but also sad,” says John.

“I always think, why did it happen? Here’s this beautiful young woman ““ and I’m not just talking about looks ““ why would anyone want to kill her?”

2. On Why John Felt He Had To Write The Book

A book that John has written about Meredith was published on Thursday.

It details the painful court hearings but the main focus is the daughter he misses desperately.

“People have forgotten that a young girl has died,” he says.

Leeds University student Meredith ““ who was in Italy on an exchange programme ““ sparkles into life in the book.

John recalls the tiny baby who weighed just 4lbs 12oz. “I could practically hold her in one hand,” he says.

The dad adds: “People ask me, why when I talk about Meredith I always smile. It’s because she was always so witty and laughing.”

3.. And On The Highly Controversial Interim Appeal Verdict

“We’re still trying to make sense of it. It’s not as if someone broke in and killed her, there was no robbery or real motive,” John says.

He does not believe Guede acted alone. “Meredith had 47 bruises. Two knives were meant to have been used. Meredith did karate, for goodness’ sake.”

He adds: “We would never want innocent people put in prison.

“But when you’re presented with that whole body of evidence, by forensic investigators, and it is just overturned without question, it is very hard.”

The Supreme Court in Italy is now examining whether it was right to acquit Knox and Sollecito, with a decision not expected until the autumn.

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I am a Brazilian Italian who lived in Milan for a few years when my parents moved back and am in Boston doing post grad work.

Posted by Severino518 on 04/28/12 at 05:04 PM | #

Posted by Miriam on 04/28/12 at 07:22 PM | #

So difficult to read these articles. What lovely photos of Meredith.

Posted by Miriam on 04/28/12 at 09:59 PM | #

May Meredith rest in peace.  May her family one day receive justice so that they may find peace.  May the wicked
murderers be brought finally to justice.

Posted by Tiziano on 04/29/12 at 12:21 AM | #

Lest we forget!

Posted by Tiziano on 04/29/12 at 12:23 AM | #

The BBC have an article about John Kercher’s book on their website:

It’s the fourth most read story on the website.

Posted by The Machine on 04/29/12 at 03:09 PM | #

Thing is there are two America’s, in the Northeast in Boston and NY most people haven’t been fooled by the xenophobia and propaganda. People here are highly educated and usually research things as apposed to going along with what they see on the tv. In the rest of the country its Amerika, where they believe what they are told, especially where it involves minorities and foreigners.

Posted by Severino518 on 04/29/12 at 09:26 PM | #

Hairdresser Karen Pruett reveals her ignorance of the basic facts of the case with the following claim in her latest blog article on Gather:

“Guede’s DNA is present in over 400 samples gathered at the scene.”

Karen is an aspiring writer. She should stick to cutting hair.

Posted by The Machine on 04/29/12 at 09:43 PM | #

@The Machine thank you for the link. What a flowery story. And editorialised for readers too.

Makes me think that AK’s book will read along these lines. The story about Meredith interrupting the breakin etc., I agree Karen Pruett should continue her hairdressing career.

Its wonderful that John Kercher’s book is now available and with some wonderful photographs of Meredith who is even more beautiful than i had thought.

In the beginning the only one we saw was the one where Meredith was dressed up for halloween.But in the new pics we can see her great beauty.

Posted by mason2 on 04/29/12 at 11:01 PM | #

I’ve read the piece by Karen Pruett, and the comments. The sanctimonious tone is sickening. How did it come to this? A young woman dies in an horrific attack - that IS the story.

Posted by TruthWillOut on 04/30/12 at 09:54 AM | #

@ The Machine,
The hairdresser is plainly what I call a ‘howling at the moon’ Knox cult member.
I wonder if they have group ‘howlings’ on each halloween?
Knox surely seems to attract all manner of oddballs and looney tunes,and I wouldn’t feel right with Karen stood behind me with a pair of scissors in hand.
Knox has been released, why are they still doing this?
Do they have a guilt complex?

Posted by Black Dog on 04/30/12 at 05:42 PM | #

-and she says they are crying and praying for Meredith.
Yeah sure.

Posted by Black Dog on 04/30/12 at 05:46 PM | #

Hairy Karen - in a previous article - was also banging on about how they “knew” the pillow case contained semen stains, which is funny considering she admitted said pillow was never tested. [facepalm]

Posted by Rocket Queen on 05/02/12 at 05:54 PM | #

I just got done reading John Kercher’s book and was glad I got to learn about his daughter. I found one similarity between her and I, her love of the sport of Rugby which I play. I can see how someone like her would be drawn to a sport that requires hardwork and passion.

With that said, as someone who proudly plays a sport like that the book had me in tears towards the end. I also feel Mr. Kercher feels what I feel that greedy corrupt powers destroyed Justice for Meredith and her family. Ever since I became interested in this case every day I become more and more sickened by the FOAkers and the media.

I don’t understand how people can be so vile and cruel and are willing to lie and bully others to protect their own self serving interests. I was starting to get fed up with these people but after reading the book I personally won’t let up spreading the real truth about this case and fight off the vile FOA animals (I won’t say people, because they are not Human, humans feel compassion, they are a group of vultures).

Posted by Severino518 on 05/10/12 at 09:40 AM | #
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