A Huge New Book On The Case, A Must-Read, Draws On Massive Documentation Only Now All Online

The lawyer James Raper is very cool. He has been connecting up the dots for years. He reads and reads and reads.

He rarely interacts with others, and has little interest in arguing with the apologists now years behind the curve and lost in a fictitious world. He has posted here on TJMK approximately 30 times on his own, and he prepared this huge and extraordinary Powerpoint with the equally brilliant Kermit which shows how the evidence dots connect.

His huge book Justice On Trial is now available on Amazon. It makes all the other non-Italian books instantly out of date and wildly short on all the facts. He delves very deeply into the law, the first book to ever do that. Without actually saying the process was twice bent (see review below which does say that), he takes apart the two court sentencing reports in 2011 and 2015 that were the results, and leaves two heaps of smoking rubble in their place. 

Justice On Trial: Review On Amazon:

Why is this the must-read book? Because the number of documents available in Italian and the number of translations available in good English have in fact doubled in the past two years. This was a well-handled and massively documented case. The DNA spreadsheet is quite astonishingly large. James Raper is the first writer to draw on all these documents, and he’s really good.

The court testimony by many of those in the questura on the night Knox claims she was hit (she WAS hit, by herself, many times) now all in English is really gripping. We see why her lawyers stated in court that she was never hit by anyone else, and what she was doing at the questura that night (making a list of names) and why Sollecito damned her in writing two days later and cold-shouldered her and refused to confirm her third alibi for 4 years all the way to the end of the Hellmann appeal. Sollecito’s lawyers said in court that she was on cocaine and we now know what Italians all knew, that she had had a drug dealer in tow since she arrived (she met him on the train) and directly caused his guilty verdict 18 months later.

In the UK and US no appeal would have been approved after that 2009 trial, during which the defenses became so overwhelmed, on some days they were no-shows in court. RS and AK would now be in the 8th year of their term. The top criminal judge, Judge Chiari, who had once devastated Bongiorno in court, was pushed aside (and then angrily resigned citing illegal manipulation) for Judge Hellmann, a business judge who had only handled one murder trial, and unsurprisingly a disaster was the result - and he was edged into retirement then. His “independent” DNA consultants were seemingly fed all they wrote from Hampikian in the US (he now admits he dealt with them) and the Carabinieri testimony at the second (Nencini) appeal in 2013-14 quite devastated them. They never proved even one DNA sample to be contaminated. They didnt know how to do a test the Carabinieri did with ease, they kept a key sample in a common fridge, Vecchiotti’s lab has been closed down for its appalling conditions, and investigations into both these guns for hire go on.

The final appeal should have gone back to the Cassation First Chambers (the one that handles murders) but again manipulations placed the case before unqualified judges - Judges Marasca and Bruno were political appointees, in the Fifth Chambers, which handles family and property cases, and neither had done a murder case in their life. That is behind the fiasco of a final report (three months late) which James describes and takes apart. Sollecitos lawyers were allowed to rant on to the Fifth Chambers panel about “corrupt” and “incompetent” cops (with zero proof) for three hours beyond the legal limit in March 2015, while the original Perugia prosecution and the Florence prosecution who really knew the case were not even there! It is MANDATORY that questions of evidence not be addressed by the Supreme Court, they have to be pushed back down to a lower court, but guess what? Judges Marasca and Bruno broke that law and garbled the tiny portion of evidence they did address in ways NO murder judge ever does.

And in their final report, Knox was still firmly placed at the scene at the time with blood on her hands, and Sollecito was probably there too. Why do maybe 90 percent of Italians believe the process was twice fixed? James doesnt say, but he describes all the dots for others to connect. I hope he publishes an Italian edition too, in Italy books like the self-serving and deceptive Preston & Spezi “Monster of Florence” and John Douglas’s book trying to prove a lone-wolf killer with mistakes on every page, merely meet with shrugs. There are some very good books in Italian on the case, and James’s fits in very well with them. A must-read.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/01/16 at 09:40 AM in News media & moviesExcellent reportingMedia developments

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Amazing work by James. Do please state your opinion on Amazon as well. He really did pop out with it after saying his computer was on the blink and he’d need an extended period to get it fixed.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/01/16 at 12:01 PM | #

The Rome forensic labs of the Scientific Police and the Carabinieri are both modern wonders to behold. They work hand in hand with FBI Quantico.

I mentioned in the review of James’s book above the closing of the Vecchiotti labs at Sapienza University.

That was after the Carabinieri lab guys appointed by Judge Nencini went there, and found something of a scene from hell.

See a couple of the images below. And the DNA sample from the knife which they tested when Vecchiotti couldnt was residing in a common unlocked fridge.

It is Conti and Vecchiotti who the Netflix team have as the DNA experts in their film. Really?!! Do they not know how devastating the Carabinieri report was?

Or the fact that their labs were closed down?

The corruption and incompetence of Netflix’s DNA consultants (good buddies of the crank Hampikian) will be one of our posts in the Netflix hoax series coming up.



Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/01/16 at 03:33 PM | #

Great work, everyone. I don’t post much, but I read a ton here and am grateful that this site exists. I find the Netflix situation very difficult (and can’t imagine how unbearable this all is for the kerchers). I live near Toronto and felt sick when I found out she came here for TIFF. On a positive note, it’s a chance to get the truth out there.

I was about to send a friend the link to the BBC documentary but when I went look for it on YouTube it is no longer there! I wonder if someone bought out that search term? It just comes up with all the cringeworthy interviews pandering to AK. They obviously want that documentary hidden! I guess that’s a good sign that they still have fear of the truth emerging. Could someone post the link again please?

Posted by Formerlurker on 10/01/16 at 05:13 PM | #

Sorry, I just found the BBC documentary posted here (a few posts ago). That link still works despite someone’s best efforts to hide it!

Posted by Formerlurker on 10/01/16 at 05:29 PM | #

Good sleuthing Formerlurker!

The original upload which passed 100,000 views suddenly disappeared. It might have been the service the BBC employ to protect copyright material though the makers of the report wanted it watched and they never complained.

There are now at least two copies of the report shwoing up. This is the page link for the one we have used.


Very glad to hear you are sharing it around.

My guess is Netflix has gone so far over the top it simply wont be able to take the heat when the ridicule gains critical mass.

The wave of fact checking of the Avery production by other media got on their nerves.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/01/16 at 05:52 PM | #

Keep an eye on Netflix everyone.

We want to know if “Amanda Knox” disappears. These stories just appeared which suggests all is not well.

Netflix went down Saturday afternoon for about 2½ hours, unleashing a flood of tweets and posts as fans found themselves unable to get to their favorite shows.

The interruption appeared to have begun around 3:00 p.m. ET. The site came back online about 5:30 p.m.The cause of the outage was not immediately known.

Also see this.


You’d think these multi-billion-dollar corporations wouldnt bend.

But sticking pigheadedly with an increasingly proven global slime of Italian justice while the mafias light up cigars wont bring viewers in.

Tweeters are doing just great.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/01/16 at 09:51 PM | #

Congratulations to James Raper for his book, “Justice on Trial”. It sounds awesome, and a great aid to the treasure of facts in the Kercher case.

I hope the James Raper book illuminates the forensics that drew a straight arrow to Knox and Sollecito’s presence at the crime scene. I’m sure it will be unparalleled in its examimation of the legal issues.

I haven’t read it yet, but I recall Raper’s level headed comments on TJMK in abundance. He always knew his stuff and had the extra ability to shed light on the case from his knowledge as an attorney.

This morning (Sunday October 2, 2016) I see the Yahoo trending now headline reads ‘MEREDITH KERCHER’—then it links to a Marie Claire article by Emma Dibdin entitled, “Everything You Need to Know About the Amanda Knox Case”.

She discusses the new Netflix documentary titled “Amanda Knox” in Marie Claire women’s magazine dated October 1, 2016.

Emma Dibdin does a fairly good job of covering the lengthy case. However, as always, she argues away Knox’s involvement in the crime in favor of Guede’s single guilt.

Like they all do, she glaringly omits any discussion of the bloody footprints of Knox’s feet found by Luminol.

This footprint issue needs to be addressed, and loudly. It is primary. Bloody footprints!

I’ve never understood why the Italian prosecution did not emphasize the bloody footprints much more loudly with a bullhorn.

The weak defense argument that these footprints were not in Meredith’s blood but were from bleach or turnip juice or were somehow irrelevant since Knox lived and walked in the apartment all the time, that argument is tripe. Or even weaker, that the footprints if found in Meredith’s blood, could not be attributed firmly to Knox?

Why couldn’t the footprints found by Luminol be determined certainly to be in blood, when we also saw with the naked eye the hammertoe footprint in blood so evident on the blue cotton bathroom rug? The likelihood of footprints in the cottage being in blood rose tremendously, when shoeprints were found in blood, then bare footprint was found in blood. The Luminol was hitting on blood, not a cleaning agent.

How could the prosecution allow this weighty indicator of guilt to be swept under the rug so easily?

To me, Knox’s footprints in Meredith’s blood equals case closed.

This major piece of evidence, bloody footprints, should have been the cornerstone and setpiece of the prosecution case, IMHO.

Posted by Hopeful on 10/02/16 at 11:56 AM | #

Hi Hopeful

“I’ve never understood why the Italian prosecution did not emphasize the bloody footprints much more loudly with a bullhorn.”

Yes, you are not alone in believing the barefeet footprints are the smoking-gun evidence for both Knox and Sollecito.

Guede left only shoeprint evidence and they headed straight out the front door. Only the craziest of AK & RS supporters claim that he mist have taken his socks off and then put them on again, and none have ever managed an explanation. 

Past posts are all mixed in with other DNA posts in this group though you point to a case for splitting them into several groups as the group is the single largest.


You ask: why did the prosecution not make more of them? Quirk of the system. At trial in 2009 the prosecution and their experts did do a great job. The defenses were very keen to move on.

But in all subsequent courts, it was essentially the defenses that set the agenda with their appeal items, and they mainly kept well away from all the damning forensic evidence in the bathroom, corridor, Knox’s room, and Filomena’s room.

The dishonest Knox PR effort worked hard over the years to make everybody in the US believe that ONLY Meredith’s bedroom was the crime scene.

That is well rebutted in the Powerpoint by James Raper with Kermit (link above in the main post) which shows how the investigators and prosecution defined the crime scene to include the bathroom, corridor, Knox’s room, and Filomena’s room, and all the forensic evidence in those places.

Knox keeps claiming there is no forensic evidence to place her in Meredith’s room. Yes there is. There are those bare footprints, in blood, and all the blood traces. She HAD to have been in Meredith’s room to come in contact with Meredith’s blood.


Plus of course Knox’s lamp behind Meredith’s door, which she could not explain. 


Good popst ny The Machine:  http://truejustice.org/ee/index.php?/tjmk/comments/our_take_on_the_case_for_the_prosecution_2_the_footprint_evidence/

Good post by SomeAlibi:  http://truejustice.org/ee/index.php?/tjmk/comments/Tips_For_The_Media_in_fact_theres_far_more_evidence/


Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/02/16 at 12:21 PM | #

Absolutely Hopeful.

It would be laughable (if the subject wasn’t so deadly serious) of Knox claiming her bloody footprints detected by luminol are in fact caused by turnip juice or household cleaner she had been wading about in just inches away from the scene of the most terrible bloodbath anyone could imagine seeing, with copious amounts of blood found all over the walls, floor, furniture and bathroom.

Equally as laughable is the claim of Sollecito that the reason Merediths DNA was on the tip of the knife found in his kitchen was because one day he pricked Meredith on the hand with the point of the blade (she said she was ok) while he was “moving around” with the knife while cooking.

2 big holes in the defence for sure and 2 big holes that newcomers to the truth of the case will find incredible given the fact that it was found that Meredith had never been to Sollecito’s apartment.

Please don’t ask me how anyone could accidentally stab someone in the hand while cooking.

Posted by Deathfish on 10/03/16 at 01:24 AM | #

@Deathfish, thanks for reminder of Sollecito’s bizarre lie that he once cut Meredith on the hand while cooking. He cut her on the hand. He said this to explain away her DNA on his knife.

But this sounds not only like a febrile lie made in desperation and panic when he thought the game was up, but also a very passive-aggressive and underhanded way of letting police know that he HAD cut Meredith with a knife.

Remember the small defensive wound on one of Meredith’s fingers on palm side?

Maybe Sollecito did that while trying to control her with the knife, which is why the cut to Meredith’s hand surfaced quickly to his memory when he had to lie about her dna to “confuse” the police. All he did was expose his own hidden thoughts and tendencies.

His honour is to bury the truth, same as Knox does. In other words neither of them has any honour.

He brags on his honour in his book title which also claims he’s been to hell and back a la Dante’s Inferno and 9 circles of hell with Amanda Knox his Beatrice, his Virgil.

Sollecito the man of constant sorrows, the suffering hero, maybe suffering from going to hell with Amanda.

The real Dante met Beatrice when she was very young, around age 9 or so. Then he once passed her on a street with her ladies. From these two brief encounters he formed a hopeless passion. He kept her central to his writings all his life as his love ideal. Sounds like a smitten Raffaele with Amanda.

In real life Beatrice died very young, like in her 20s… IIRC.  Sounds more like Meredith than Knox who will be 30 next July.

But in her own mind the Fox will always be a kid. Same for Sollecito, who has now taken to wearing a sort of ponytail like Amanda used to wear to court or is it some Japanese ancient ronin hairstyle. Where is the katana blade?

They feel their childhoods were stolen, perhaps that’s why they are emotionally stunted. At universities they both refused to grow up, Raf was scared to graduate and leave Perugia so they did a pack attack on a small young woman once they got the victim ALONE.

Establishing dominance in the cottage and viciously capable of anything, a violent nature enhanced by Manga comics in the case of Sollecito.

failure to launch. We have 3 young people with failure to launch.

In Amanda we saw her jesting of the holocaust with a Jewish coworker; her photo behind gun at German museum.

Long before that was her Baby Brother short story about a rapist who justifies his aggression to his brother because women don’t know what they want.

Maybe these are more than bad taste but are minor yet very real “leaks” or “tells” that Steve Moore claims were not evident in Knox.

Her kidnap and robbery prank on a girl at UW seemed less a joke than a desire to instill fear. She’d also made the girl fear her belongings were stolen.

Finally there was chaos at Knox’s going away “hello Italy” party, with rocks thrown and people draped naked over each another, and a lot of noise.

Changing gears but: there was no forced entry into the cottage by front door, so police could easily see this was a crime done by someone who had access or shared occupancy. That’s why the window was broken, perhaps even more than to suggest a burglary.

A lack of forced entry would point straight to Meredith’s roommates.

The robbery angle would also paint a motive for the attack other than pure hatred.

And Meredith’s money was stolen. Was her money taken only after the fact or was the vanished money the main cause of the confrontation?

Meredith would not take lightly to the theft of her rent money. She’d walk a long way to save money on a meal, she was very careful of her finances.

IMO Knox the winsome American was probably a cunning thief for many reasons but also to feed a growing drug habit. She’d bought an airplane ticket thinking she might be flying to China perhaps never to return to Perugia.

If so, and with her funds low, she might have been emboldened to steal from her roommates at the 11th hour before leaving the country. She might have eventually stolen everything of value from Sollecito before departing to airport to meet David Johnsrud in China.

Or if she left Perugia for Christmas and went to Germany to see family and from there back to Seattle, anything she’d stolen in Italy would be unrecoverable.

She might have returned to Italy a few months later (giving her parents some lame excuse) not to Perugia but to a different Italian city and enrolled in a new school with new classes, confident that she would never see Sollecito or Laura or Filomena or Meredith again. Maybe thinking this, she felt free to abscond with everything of theirs she could stuff into a suitcase or mail to the States.

Do not put anything past that lying fox.

Posted by Hopeful on 10/04/16 at 11:51 AM | #
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