Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Seattle Case Coverage STILL In Cloud-Cuckooland?

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click above for the West Seattle Herald story by (surprise surprise) Steve Shay.

Again, a complete lack of reporting of any of the hard facts. Again, a cynical, surrealistic and very misleading pull at Seattle’s heartstrings. 

Has news of the Micheli report and of the Friday-Saturday testimony still not reached Seattle? There’s not yet been an inch of good coverage in any Seattle outlet.

Seems Seattleites themselves are getting ready for some real talk now. These contrary perceptions appeared right under Steve Shay’s piece.

To Brian Jones [editor of the West Seattle Herald]

I am fascinated how you and Steve Shay try to benefit from the murder of Meredith Kercher and try to get exposure and publicity for yourselves out of this.

Fascinated is probably the wrong choice of word, disgusted fits better.

To date I have seen one plausible scenario, and one ridiculous attempt at pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

The prosecutor’s scenario makes sense to me, and Amanda Knox’s scenario that she was not even there at the night of the murder does not.

Why was the washing machine running when police arrived, containing Meredith Kercher’s bloody clothes, when she had been dead for more than 12 hours?

A washing machine does not take 12 hours to wash clothes.

Why were Amanda Knox and Raffelle Sollecito at the murder scene with a mob and a bucket?

Why did the police find a receipt for 2 bottles of bleach purchased from a near-by store a few hours earlier?

Why does the shopkeeper of the store issuing the receipt say that it was Amanda Knox who bought the bleach?

Why did Amanda Knox tell police that Meredith Kercher usually locked her room door, when the other roommates say the opposite?

Why did Amanda Knox knew details of the position of the body, even though at the time the door was opened she was in no position to view the body as testified by witnesses?

Seattle media belatedly starting to corroborate or challenge these very damning perceptions would seem to be the best thing to do now.

For Seattle and for Amanda Knox both.

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It’s so biased that it is laughable.

I am looking forward to when Knox gets found guilty and they’ll probably have to report that. Although they will probably put a heavily biased spin that is completely unbased on fact on it.

Posted by bluebird002 on 02/11/09 at 06:33 PM | #

Precisely because they ARE getting exposure and publicity out of this they will continue to ignore evidence and testimony that does not support the “Amanda is Innocent” view.  This will be true at least as long as there are people who are hoping against hope that somehow something will exonerate AK.  When hits on the web site drop far enough, they will fade to black.  This probably will not happen until after the trial if AK loses and after the year 2020 if she wins.

Posted by C3PO on 02/11/09 at 07:10 PM | #
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