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Drew Griffin Report This Sunday At 8:00 Seems Intent On Sustaining CNN’s Persistent Extreme Bias

Posted by Peter Quennell

CNN and CNN International have aired more biased reporting and inaccurate commentary on Meredith’s case than all other US networks - combined.

At bottom here is a video of a typically biased CNN panel.

Jingoism, defamation and xenophobia remain pervasive throughout, though the videos for the worst of the worst - an entire CNN panel baying for Italian blood - have been mysteriously disappeared.

Larry King, Elliott Spitzer, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell, Jeffrey Toobin, and so on and on, have all helped to seriously mislead CNN viewers about the real evidence, and about the very strong case against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

The Micheli Report and the Massei Report and the recent very hardline Supreme Court ruling on Rudy Guede stating that three people did it - all of those reports comprehensive, meticulous, and very damning - don’t even seem to have simply been MENTIONED yet on CNN.

CNN never seems to have had a competent legal reporter actually present in the courtroom. There is a very conspicuous lack on CNN of any Italian interviewees or legal analysts. CNN has seemingly never ever presented an accurate description of how cautious the Italian justice system really is, or how many hoops Italian prosecutors have to jump through.

No mention ever on CNN that the US State Department and Rome Embassy observed the trial and found absolutely nothing wrong. No mention ever on CNN that not one human rights and prisoners rights organization such as Amnesty International has ever shown interest in this case.

Here are about three dozen CNN headlines taken from CNN’s own website. Do you notice any suggestive pattern?

  • Amanda Knox’s family speaks out
  • Amanda Knox’s parents say their daughter is no killer
  • Knox innocent, parents say
  • Murder case brings ‘Foxy Knoxy’ infamy in Italy
  • Knox scared but insists on innocence, Italian lawmaker says
  • Sollecito: Amanda Knox ‘incapable of killing’
  • Knox aunt: Italians supportive
  • Is Amanda being railroaded?
  • Amanda Knox tells Italian jury she’s not an ‘assassin’
  • Lawyer: Vague theories and bias, but no evidence in Knox murder trial
  • U.S. student testifies Italian police pressured her
  • Amanda Knox’s parents hope acquittal is near in murder case
  • Disputed evidence in spotlight as Amanda Knox trial nears end
  • Amanda Knox lawyer makes emotional plea for acquittal
  • Amanda Knox sobs as guilty verdict read
  • Knox’s parents react to conviction
  • Knox’s parents blame media
  • Knox’s parents: ‘huge mistake’
  • Amanda Knox: Court has made ‘huge mistake’
  • Knox jury, prosecutor decried
  • Knox ‘ready to fight on,’ parents say
  • Knox family, friends react
  • Amanda Knox’s aunt says hearing verdict was ‘gut-wrenching’
  • Knox verdict leaves many questions unanswered
  • Judge allows appeal in Amanda Knox case [actually it’s automatic]
  • Jailed mobster claims he can prove Amanda Knox is innocent
  • Knox’s mother reacts to libel case
  • Knox’s mom: This feels personal
  • Toobin: Knox libel charge ‘very strange’

Notice any bias in that list? You think CNN took the same position on the convicted brutal murderer Scott Peterson now on Death Row for whom there was actually much LESS evidence?

This sunday at 8:00 US east coast time, on CNN and CNN International, the aimiable and lightweight CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin (image at top) will seemingly present an hour more of the same.

CNN investigative correspondent Drew Griffin reveals new details that cast doubts upon controversial blood, knife, DNA, and other evidence presented in Knox’s original trial….

Griffin also has a rare television interview with the chief prosecutor in the case, Giuliano Mignini, and reveals a pattern of prosecutorial behavior that raises questions about the original conviction.

He debriefs viewers on Knox’s now-disputed confession ““ obtained after days of unrelenting questioning, and according to Knox, even physical abuse by police interrogators.

Pattern of prosecutorial misbehavior? Really? A confession obtained after days of unrelenting questioning? Really? Which days precisely? And exactly what confession was that?

No mention at all that both Amanda Knox and her parents Curt and Edda now face separate calunnia trials in Perugia for serious wrong charges that were pretty well exactly like these. 

Drew Griffin’s normal beat is aimiable, lightweight political muckraking. He apparently has not previously reported on crime or on court cases, or for that matter on Italy.

No matter. He simply gets told to follow the CNN party line - and like a robot, he does so.

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CNN International are promoting this report by Drew Griffin very heavily. There are brief trailers showing up for it every hour or so.

It will be only the first or second long report (CNN aired their last long report late in 2007 and we don’t know if it was aired on CNN International) ever beamed almost simultaneously at a global audience.

Certainly it will be viewable in Italy. Many other US reports by other networks have been viewable there too.

So let us see here.

The complaint is that a couple of mild stories on Knox in UK newspapers not even read in Italy (which mostly turned out to be true) more than a year before the trial terminally tainted the jury pool.

Whereas all these other sliming and inaccurate TV reports seen cumulatively by many millions had not the slightest effect? Really? Audiences must be smart.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/06/11 at 06:40 PM | #

Excellent report Peter! I cannot believe that after all this time and all of the info out there on the case that the media, particularly CNN, would just rehash old nonsense and inaccuracies. This is very disturbing. I’m sure I will be gritting my teeth the whole hour. In my opinion, this is a clear attempt by CNN to create what they believe is the most news-worthy story, as opposed to reporting up the middle. The “Knoxofiles” will double by Monday.

Posted by willsavive on 05/06/11 at 06:53 PM | #

Thanks Will. I see you posted a very critical piece about CNN and this report too.

Here is yet another gushy and misleading piece about Knox that appeared today on CNN’s website.

The comments there really are all over the map.Here is one that is quite telling:  “Why am I looking at childhood photos of a sadistic killer?  Thanks, CNN. You’re making Fox News look moderate.”

Digimav is actually spot-on here. Fox New’s reporting by comparison has been impeccable.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/06/11 at 08:56 PM | #

Hi, this is my first comment. I’ve been following this case and commenting on Huffington Post. I find CNN very sensationalistic in its crime reporting and sadly, very Amerocentric.

Posted by Ergon on 05/06/11 at 10:09 PM | #

I understand the DNA report submission date has been moved forward to June?

Posted by Ergon on 05/06/11 at 10:23 PM | #

Hey CNN if ak is an victim here why all the lies and story changes? Meredith is still dead and the 3 killers are in prison. CNN you are losing credibility and looking like a knox PR puppet.

Posted by friar fudd on 05/06/11 at 10:41 PM | #

Hi Ergon and welcome. The two Rome experts asked to review the DNA and the methods have requested an extension but the Perugia court still has to agree. We’ll post on that when we get a full picture.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/06/11 at 10:45 PM | #

Drew Griffin’s report for CNN is going to be nothing more than a free advertisement for the Friends of Amanda. CNN have always relied primarily on Amanda Knox’s family, friends and supporters for their information about the case and it seems they have done so again.

There are verbatim quotes from Edda Mellas, Deanna Knox and Andrew Seliber on today’s article on CNN by Emanuella Grinberg and not one quote from someone who thinks Amanda Knox is guilty. The CNN article also includes images of Amanda Knox as baby and a young child in a shameful attempt to manipulate the viewers’ emotions.

Any journalist worth their salt would not be content to toss Knox’s family soft ball questions, but ask them for a plausible innocent explanation for every one of Amanda Knox’s lies.

Posted by The Machine on 05/06/11 at 10:53 PM | #

Thanks for the welcome, Peter. I’m fascinated to see how MSM manipulates human psychology to shape public opinion all the time, imo in a way that is detrimental to the proper functioning of a democracy.
That was my argument on Huffington Post, that public opinion was being manipulated by a slick PR campaign to undermine respect for the law in Italy. And the more I looked at the facts of the case as presented in the Micheli and Massei reports, the more outraged I became.
Italy is a democracy, yet it seemed every time I suggested people respect the court’s ruling, I got responses straight out of mob psychology 101.

Posted by Ergon on 05/07/11 at 01:07 AM | #

Do you think that this constant misinformation will have any influence on the outcome, to pressure the Italians to release her? I hope the Italians dont cave. That’s what I’m worried about.

Posted by Barry on 05/07/11 at 01:19 AM | #

Isn’t this the very same CNN television network where on October 15, 2009, CNN’s own Wolf Blitzer outed and exposed the parents of Balloon Boy, Richard and Mayumi Heene for telling their lies about their son to the world?

Why hasn’t CNN outed and exposed the parents of Amanda Knox for telling their lies about their daughter to the world?

It’s no wonder why after 4 years, John Kercher and the family of murder victim Meredith Kercher,  have never given any television interviews to CNN.

Posted by True North on 05/07/11 at 01:23 AM | #

Not one of those headlines mentions Meredith.  Rhetorically, this is very telling: aside from being tainted by the Knox PR campaign, they have no interest in the crime per se; only in the trial.

Posted by Vivianna on 05/07/11 at 05:53 AM | #

Just seen this AP report on Google:

I concur with Barry.  I fear AK may benefit from a scientists’ report citing ‘inconclusive results’ and raising the question of doubt - especially as there appear to have been no traces of her in Meredith’s room.

I wonder whether the scientists may now request permission to open up the knife handle as at first suggested.

Posted by thundering on 05/07/11 at 06:23 AM | #

I just read the story linked in the article (CNN story) and some of the comments. Wow, the bias and lack of research were extraordinary.  I have no idea how they get away with it and even get paid to write such drivel.  As far as the comments go, I was shocked by the blatant jingoism, as well as the stupidity and ignorance of the average poster. I guess these are the people the Knox PR campaign feeds on - utterly uneducated about the case, but convinced they are entitled to voice their opinions.

Posted by Vivianna on 05/07/11 at 06:24 AM | #

something seems to be up…and going amanda’s way?? only time will tell.

Posted by mojo on 05/07/11 at 06:21 PM | #

CNN is timing this puff piece to drum up interest in Knox case as they lead up to May 21 court date, which will be a letdown if 40 day extension is granted. CNN doesn’t care about balance or accuracy with this. It’s mere entertainment and Plan B to fill a news slot.

FOA and CNN—they got nothing so this is a substitute, and astutely timed filler as we await DNA re-test.

Knox left DNA mixed with Meredith’s blood in several places at the crime scene, not just on the knife. She blamed another person for the crime while saying she was not there. In one version of her imaginings, she said she overheard violence toward Meredith as she (Knox) waited in the kitchen.

She said she used drugs the day of the murder. She said she didn’t know the man who was found guilty of the crime, yet it was proved she did know him and had met him.

She said she couldn’t remember where she was the night of the murder. She said she was at a boyfriend’s apartment all evening but he didn’t vouche for her completely. An outdoor witness says he saw her around the time of the murder near the crime scene.

In interrogation she started reeling off “visions” and thoughts in her head that were as real to her as facts. She said fact and fiction to her were indistinguishable. She claimed utter confusion. She put on a grand show of forgetfulness and foggy uncertainty. “I can’t remember” defense.

She showed disdain for the victim despite claiming friendship. She made up stories about mops and water spills and showers in an effort to explain away the action of cleaning at that particular time.

She was greatly concerned with an unflushed toilet, when she herself had been guilty of similar behavior.

She claimed nothing had been taken from her bedroom, yet her study lamp was missing. She spoke of her bleeding earlobes to excuse her droplets of blood (should any remain after the cleaning).

She conveniently forgot a phone call to her mother, the timing of which was suspicious.

She was seen very early in the morning after the killing at a local shop as soon as its doors opened, waiting to get in. A few hours later police would arrive at her cottage and find a body. Yet she said that she had slept in late that morning at her boyfriend’s, until 10:00ish, and had not gone to a store.

She spoke in phone calls about blood in a bathroom but there was very little blood visible to the eye as the police discovered. Raffaele spoke of a lot of blood in his first phone calls to police, yet very little blood was visible until they opened a door and saw Meredith lying dead in a lot of blood on the floor in that bedroom.

Ms. Knox knew the victim would be at the cottage alone for the first time in months. She knew the boys downstairs were out of town and the girls upstairs were sleeping away from the cottage. 

Amanda is guilty. They’ve got nothing to refute it, so they spin this foolish puff piece to beg for sympathy. CNN, SORRY but this is one step above National Enquirer. I hear drumbeats of Charlie Sheen: “I’m winning! Tigerblood”, torpedo of truth, and his nationally televised meltdown as the obvious falsehood of his happy claims reveals him to be in the grip of a terrible bipolar episode fueled by narcissism, shamelessness, drugs and alcohol. He’s an angry wreck and proud as Lucifer. Similar to Amanda.

Marriott’s probably behind the injection of this puff stuff with its false “You can’t get me down” theme. Oh, the poor misunderstood college girl, the poor baby so wrongly condemned. It is sleight of hand to remove our gaze from Knox sitting in Capanne prison at her wit’s end knowing appeal is useless.

Posted by Hopeful on 05/07/11 at 07:02 PM | #

Hi Mojo,

Nick Pisa hasn’t revealed anything new. Stefano Conti and Carla Vecchiotti weren’t able to carry out new tests on the knife and the bra clasp. They will now have to look at the same data as Dr. Renato Biondo, Professor Francesca Torricelli, Luciano Garofano and Professor Giuseppe Novelli. The fact that these independent experts looked at the data and came to the same conclusions as Dr. Stefanoni is ominous for Knox and Sollecito.

Posted by The Machine on 05/07/11 at 07:28 PM | #

thx Machine…this case has seemed so clearly a case against Knox, Sollecito and Guede and yet, somehow, I have been expecting the unexpected from day one. nothing will surprise me, good to hear from those following far more closely than I that this is not news!

Posted by mojo on 05/07/11 at 09:03 PM | #

Well it does appear the court’s given a 40 day extension to allow the DNA experts to review the documentation filed by the original experts.

Seems they’re trying to be sure before they publish their report. We don’t know how that will go, but somehow I doubt this will be conclusive in determining guilt or innocence, Italian law looks at the entire body of evidence instead of acquitting on the basis of ONE reasonable doubt.

Posted by Ergon on 05/07/11 at 09:55 PM | #

Hi Ergon,

Dr. Stefanoni’s findings have already been confirmed by a number of independent experts: Dr. Renato Biondo, Professor Francesca Torricelli, Luciano Garofano and Professor Giuseppe Novelli. If there had been any evidence of contamination, the defence experts would have provided it at the trial.

According to Sollecito’s forensic expert, Professor Vinci, Knox’s DNA was on Meredith’s bra. Luciano Garofano also claims that Amanda Knox’s DNA was on the bra because ten out of sixteen loci in one sample have peaks that correspond to her DNA profile. Garofano thinks the result is perfect and it is a strong clue against Knox. I expect Stefano Conti and Carla Vecchiotti to shed more light on this in their report.

A number of criminal biologists testified at the trial that Amanda Knox’s blood was mixed with Meredith’s blood. Luciano Garofano stated that this was undoubtedly the case and even Amanda Knox’s lawyers conceded that her blood was mixed with Meredith’s blood. Stefano Conti and Carla Vecchiotti could also confirm this and reject Judge Massei’s theory that the mixed biological traces were the result of Knox cleaning herself.

Posted by The Machine on 05/07/11 at 10:36 PM | #

Hi Machine. Important comment. It is also worth recalling that the defenses pulled TWO tricks early on when it comes to the DNA to open the door to this whole appeal review taking place.

One was to fail to be present at what they were warned was the one time testing of the DNA on the blade of the knife - if they had been there, they could not now squeal about supposed wrong procedures.

The other was to drag their heels for six weeks when the Stefanoni team wanted to go back to the house to collect the bra clasp and some other evidence - if they had not delayed so long, they could not now squeal about supposed DNA contamination.

These two tricks seem unknown to CNN (so what’s new) but were factored in in weighing the evidence by Micheli and Massei, and almost certainly now by the two Rome experts that will be reporting to Hellman.

The defense attempt to “disallow” or “throw out” Curatolo’s testimony is another stunt, as his main timing of what he saw was based on it happening the night before the cops in white arrived.

Not whether someone was still dressed up for Halloween.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/07/11 at 10:51 PM | #

Nick Pisa wrote in his article:
“In March leaked details of their initial findings appeared to give fresh hope to Knox - jailed for the murder of student Meredith Kercher in Italy - after the new experts said the evidence was “insufficient to convict her”.”

The experts never said that. They noted that the material found on the items were insufficient in quantity to be retested. They never said that the evidence was “insufficient to convict her”.

Nick Pisa wrote:
“Key to her conviction was a 30cm kitchen knife which contained her DNA on the handle and genetic material - but not blood - from Miss Kercher was found on the blade.”

His remark about “no blood on the knife” wants to mislead the reader that the DNA on the knife doesn’t stem from blood (a constant spin from the FOA), but of course blood is rich in DNA and the DNA tested was identified as belonging to Meredith Kercher. So if she never touched that knife - and she didn’t - how did her DNA ended up on the blade of the knife? Not a far stretch to assume she was stabbed with that knife.

What the FOA and Amanda’s family don’t dare to acknowledge is that without the bra clasp and the knife, there is still enough evidence to convict Amanda Knox. Staged break-in, mixed blood, lies, no alibi, eye witnesses, the accusation of an innocent man ... I don’t think this will have a happy ending for Knox.

Posted by Nell on 05/08/11 at 03:16 AM | #

Barry & Thunderling, The appeal will be decided in the courtroom, not by Nick Pisa or CNN. Personally, I don’t believe that Italy will falter to any pressure, particularly the pressure of bias journalists as opposed to actual U.S. government officials—who I do not believe will get involved. Machine brings up a great point! And, if the leaks are true regarding the knife—Conti & Vecchiottia claim that the quantity of Kercher’s DNA on the knife (5 picograms) is too small to perform new tests—then they will be forced to give their analysis as Machine explained. That being said, I expect them to provide similar analysis as the independent expert in the original trial, Mariano Cingolani, who concluded (in regard to the alleged murder weapon) “no firm conclusion could be drawn” about whether it was or was not the murder weapon “without knowing the position of Kercher’s neck during the attack or the elasticity of her tissues.” Furthermore, Stefanoni’s data appears to be thorough, as one would expect from one of the top forensic biologists in the country. So, if they are really only reviewing her data, are they going to poke holes in that? I don’t think so!

I believe we are on the rite side of history, period. I remain confident in this. It’s also important to note that both defense teams are only actively contesting three pieces of evidence in this appeal: Curatolo’s testimony, the Marietti knife, and the bra clasp. It is a long-shot by the defense, in my opinion, to overlook the rest of the evidence in the case and focus strictly on these items, which may really be the only things that they can contest. Let’s also remember that Sollecito, himself, stated that he pricked Meredith with the knife accidentally, which was clearly his way of justifying her DNA on that knife (knowing that the knife was used). Let’s remember that the judges and jury members are considering all of this evidence meticulously, and not simply excluding all other evidence or turning a blind eye to facts—as are the bias Knox supporters. Nell, your last paragraph says it all! The jury is not approaching this appeal with blind optimism; they are looking at a culmination of the facts, which prove the guilt of three—it really is that simple.

And, as for the bra clasp: there is absolutely no question whether Sollecito’s DNA was or was not on it—it was! There is less than one chance in a trillion that this was not Sollecito’s DNA. This is a mathematical fact, as plenty of his cells were present to provide a reliable test! The only thing that can be contested was contamination from the machine [not the machine on this message board], which is virtually impossible to prove—and would almost have to be performed by monkeys to occur. Or, due to some type of physical transfer, prior to removal or testing, that would involve an incalculable improbability, considering that Sollecito’s DNA was not found in the cottage anywhere else (other than Kercher’s door handle) even close to the amount found on the bra (1.4 nanogram or 1400 picograms—which contains approximately 160 cells).

Posted by willsavive on 05/08/11 at 07:00 AM | #

Hi Machine and others,

Massei theorized that the mixed biological (blood) traces in the bathroom were due to Knox cleaning M’s blood off herself. M’s blood could also have come from the knife which could also have been washed and wiped. AK’s blood could have come from a nose bleed, or from a previous ear piercing if you choose to believe that but I don’t think the experts or the courts do. So either way I don’t think Massei’s theory is all that important and I don’t think the independent experts could draw any specific conclusion (and thus reject Massei’s theory) though it would be useful to have any ear piercing inference ruled out.

Moreover the mixed samples and the bra possibly containing a sample which may be a strong clue against AK both appear to be outside the independent expert’s remit at present, which is a shame.

It beats me what documentation the IEs want now (given the time they have already had) to justify a 40 day extension unless it is to do with contamination issues (such as they are) on the bra clasp and knife (as originally reported) and if that is so then it suggests that the IEs have already validated the original testing and contamination is the last throw of the dice for the defense. I should think that the IEs are happy to consider whatever the defense want them to as no doubt they are being paid by the hour.

Incidentally, John Follain’s book is due for publication in August. However, the case seems likely to run on very close to then and publication may have to be delayed if it is still to lay claim to being “The definitive account”!

Posted by James Raper on 05/08/11 at 12:03 PM | #

Hi James,

It’s my understanding that Stefano Conti and Carla Vecchiotti will look at the all the data connected to Meredith’s bra clasp and this includes the sample that contains ten out of sixteen loci that have peaks that correspond to Amanda Knox’s DNA profile.

Posted by The Machine on 05/08/11 at 12:50 PM | #

Concerning the rumor the Knox cult are feverishly trying to promote about me which some readers might have come across. I cannot comment specifically on the rumor as it is in the hands of the lawyers. But in general terms, as an investor and skilled growth manager, I am helping professional ballet companies in danger of collapse (some have collapsed) and hard pressed dancers (including some laid off) to get into much better situations financially. I do this for nothing. Only they benefit. I help as many men as women.

Anyone curious can for now read more at these two links.  and (read the footer there)

Mundane stuff where I look okay is all this really is. The Knox cultists have lost all traction on the evidence and on American public opinion - and now they want to look like idiots on this?! Note that not one of us here, ever, was “persuaded” to stop supporting Meredith.

By the way, a few months ago, to give her a break, we dropped all we had posted on Anne Bremner. Our take was she needed that break even if her take on the case is muddled. Pity that Doug Bremner and Chris Mellas don’t take the high road.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/08/11 at 12:59 PM | #

These desperate and immaterial maneuvers by the Knox/Mellas clan show they really have no solid arguments or rebuttals.

PR teams and muckraking will not release Knox from jail. They have to go through the Italian court system. Get used to it.

Posted by giustizia on 05/08/11 at 04:49 PM | #

I haven´t read rumors about Peter yet.
I will not search for them too.
I have never had the slightest doubt about his skills and qualifications.
Add ¨skilled webmaster¨to your CV, Pete!

Posted by Helder Licht on 05/08/11 at 05:29 PM | #

“Not one of those headlines mentions Meredith… they have no interest in the crime per se; only in the trial…”

Excellent point, Vivianna. IOW, no interest in the truth…

Posted by wayra on 05/08/11 at 05:34 PM | #

Thanks for the reply, machine. It boggles the mind that FOA refuse to see she was caught with a mop and bucket when she was interrupted by the postal police. No wonder the mixed blood/DNA was still around in the bathroom!

Posted by Ergon on 05/09/11 at 06:08 AM | #

Hi Ergon. No, actually there was no mop and bucket. Micheli and Masssei did not record one at the front foor, and we have never posted claiming there was one.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/09/11 at 06:19 AM | #

Hi Peter, sorry but i must have got that mixed up. The burst pipe in Sollecito’s apartment, the pasta, and that Amanda had to bring her mop over?

Posted by Ergon on 05/09/11 at 06:23 AM | #

Hi Will.

What I meant was that it may be possible to establish an element (however small) of reasonable doubt which could have a positive impact on the appeal outcome for AK / RS.

Posted by thundering on 05/10/11 at 06:26 PM | #

Hi Thundering. I really don’t see it. The requested appeal grounds were very severely circumscribed by Judge Hellman. Think of them as maybe 5 percent of the significant points in Massei’s thinking. Establishing reasonable doubt would require much more than weakening that 5 percent.

All the other forensic evidence in the house is off-limits.  No repeat requests have been made for any further examinations. Nobody else seems to be headed for the witness stand. The fact that Knox and Sollecito don’t get on the stand will look bad even if it is meant to be discounted.

And the Micheli report accepted by the Supreme Court of Cassation as describing THE scenario involving three people in the death of Meredith and omitting only the names of Knox and Sollecito are ported into the Knox/Sollecito appeal. The defenses have offered zero other scenarios.

Several of our American lawyers have said that American judges would probably have refused this appeal, because the original case is so strong. Actual proof of official malfeasance or of DNA contamination would weight against the police and prosecution but can we see signs of that?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/10/11 at 06:43 PM | #

Hi Peter.

Yes, thank you.  I think I am pessimistic when it comes to these matters as it often seems that the victims do not receive proper redress.  It is clear that the case would probably not have gone as far in the USA - or the UK - and I also believe that AK would find life much harsher in a US prison than she does in the Capanne Prison. 

I think this is why I wonder whether she may end up benefiting from a few lopped-off years at the end of the day.  If it is a relief for those of us following the case to finally reach the end of the appeals and know the outcome, it will certainly be more so for those most concerned by this dreadful crime, the Kercher family.

Posted by thundering on 05/11/11 at 04:47 PM | #
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