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Deja Vu All Over Again: In A Time Warp Linda Byron Is STILL Actively Misleading Seattle

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click above for the “scoop” by Linda Byron and an out-of-date and unrelated video.

Linda Byron has in fact had the extraordinary Massei Report on the evidence and the sentencing reasons for Knox and Sollecito for THREE WEEKS and she even acknowledged it with thanks and said she would be sure to read it.

But apparently not yet. Amazingly, Linda Byron does not even MENTION Judge Massei’s Report here.

Linda Byron’s “scoop” on an FBI agent turns out to be about (surprise, surprise)  a claimed ex-FBI agent “Steve Moore” who (if he actually exists) seems to have zero track-record and reputation among current federal and local law enforcement who are watching the case.

Precisely these same few shoot-from-the-hip claims were made by “Steve Moore” several months ago on a website. Nothing new, nothing corrected, and still riddled with errors and false claims. They are so easy to shoot down that the posters over on PMF hardly even bothered to laugh at them before moving back to their usual careful in-depth discussions.

The Massei Report that Linda Byron studiously ignores now contradicts in very great detail the same few claims that “Steve Moore” makes - the evidence collection, the possible motives, the scenario on the night, the physical evidence, and the true nature of the interrogations.

And he simply leaves out altogether huge areas. Perhaps 80 percent of the whole.

The multiple alibis that contradicted one another and STILL contradict one another. The allegations that Knox made IN WRITING against Patrick when alone in a cell. The extensive luminol evidence and the extensive mixed-blood evidence. The telling behavior on the several days after. The sad facts of Meredith’s autopsy. The very extensive and very damning mobile phone records and transcripts. The computer records and recorded times it was switched on and off. The various eye-witness accounts. The facts and the reasoning that showed that there is no way that Rudy Guede could have acted alone. 

The few supportive comments below Linda Byron’s piece seem desperately grateful, and ultra-shallow on the real facts.  More hate-speech about Italy, of course. “The italian government and (in)justice system is regarded as one of the most corrupt in the first world. she would have gotten a fairer trial in mexico.”  Both those claims are untrue. Also as usual, very heavy promotion of a tainted and misleading FOA website apparently paid for by Curt Knox.

Ex FBI agent “Steve Moore” really should download and read the Massei Report and see why ALL of his claimed former colleagues consider this case to be closed.

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It is ‘disturbing’ to see that one or two people who appear to be somewhat ‘disturbed’ have so much time on their hands to wax lyrically in the ‘comments section’ about absolute twaddle, as proposed by one FBI ex-agent and a reporter who blatantly follows his lead! Doesn’t she have an Editor who will ‘kick’ her derriere for such blatant rubbish? What about all the proper FBI agents out there? Are they not embarrassed that this guy is muddying their name? Sheeze…

Posted by Terence on 08/31/10 at 03:02 PM | #

Hi Terence. Assuming that Linda Byron is still connected by the hip to David Marriott’s PR scheme, this seems like an incredibly ill judged move.  It makes her look ridiculous and even less of a credible and unbiased news source.

And it strongly suggests that Marriott and the few remaining FOA remnants who have not jumped ship are absolutely unable to get to grips with the Massei Report. In three weeks they have not made even ONE fact-based statement about it.

Meanwhile, back in Cappanne Prison, Amanda seems increasingly out of synch with the wobbly and confused Seattle party line.

She seems to realise the appeals grounds are very weak (presumably Ghirga and Della Vedova are ignoring the klutzy back-seat-drivers back in Seattle) and to be reconciled to getting on with her sentence

And with her life in Italy, a place that, to her considerable credit, she does seem to love.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/31/10 at 04:29 PM | #

Hi Peter, I was re-reading the email that Amanda knocked together soon after the murder - to conveniently keep her friends and family ‘in-the-loop’ about what was going on (at http://seamusoriley.blogspot.com/ that provides some interesting analysis which I’m sure you have also browsed). Without even considering the analysis, the elaborate story that she typed that day makes for very interesting reading. One well-known phrase regularly springs to mind: “Me thinks she protests too much…”! She is a very dangerous person, yet exceptionally silly…

Posted by Terence on 08/31/10 at 05:07 PM | #

These Knox devotees seem to think if they just ignore the Report, it will..go away. It won’t. They are scared of the Report and don’t seem to understand that the highflown fantasies of a hundred “Steve Moore"s cannot and will not trump the cool, clear logic of the Massei Report. They also don’t understand that the appeal court will pay a great deal of attention to the Report, and no attention at all to “Mr Steve Moore”.

Terence, you are right about that email. It is, in its own way, fascinating. The most significant thing to me is how much of that morning she claims to remember, compared to her foggy, vague and changing memories of the night before. Also, as the Report astutely points out, her claims of panicking and confusion and agitation and concern for Meredith are not supported by her demeanor on the morning of the murder, as reported by police and other witnesses.

Posted by Janus on 08/31/10 at 05:41 PM | #

By Storm Roberts (Innai)

To quote the last paragraph of that report:

“Knox is serving a 26-year prison term and is desperately hoping her conviction will be overturned. But her appeals trial is being held in the medieval town of Perugia, the same town where the murder occurred and where Knox was convicted last December. “

What does this mean?  I know what my interpretation of these words is, but what does the writer actually mean to say.  My reading is ‘Knox is desperately hoping her conviction will be overturned but the appeal is in the same place - mediæval place at that - and thus she doesn’t stand a chance.’ 

It seems to be implying that the Perugian appeals court isn’t up to the job.  Well, given that the judge at the appeal will be of the same calibre as Judges Cristiani and Massei I believe Knox and Sollecito will have a fair and balanced hearing.  I understand from posts on this site that the judge will be a “higher” judge - so the quality of the judiciary and appeal trial is, in my opinion, beyond question.

Posted by Nolongeramember on 08/31/10 at 06:46 PM | #

Real law enforcement tell us that the claim of “Steve Moore” that Amanda Knox does not fit THE profile of a killer indicates that the guy is almost certainly a total phony. 

There is no such thing as THE profile of a killer. 

Impersonating a federal law enforcement officer is of course a serious federal crime.

If ex-FBI agent “Steve Moore” is not a total phony, we can presumably now look forward to his standing up and, after he has actually read the Massei Report, embarking upon the re-education of Linda Byron.

And if he IS a total phony… well, this may not work out to be altogether pretty.

Seattle readers, when you have a minute, could you give your local FBI office a call? See if they can shed any light on this klutzy person who is claiming to King5’s investigative reporter that he was one of them.

Linda Byron should be able to pick him out of a llineup if there is any doubt. Do remember to tell the FBI that.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/31/10 at 07:08 PM | #


Moore: a Louis Freeh wannabe like Robert Hanssen.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/31/10 at 09:33 PM | #

It’s been almost 3 years since Amanda Knox was arrested for the murder of Meredith Kercher.

Knox is currently serving a 26 year prison conviction in Italy.

There is the very real prospect that Knox could have additional years added to this sentence, as the Italian prosecution has appealed and is seeking a life sentence. Also, there’s the upcoming slander trial Knox faces for false accusations she made about the Perugian Police.

Amanda Knox has dug herself into a very dire situation indeed.

And yet, after 3 years what kind of constructive support, if any, has Amanda Knox received from her family?

It is no wonder that the Knox’s and Mellas’s family and the Knox’s PR firm have remained conspicuously silent since the translated Massei Report has been published.

But according to this August 30, 2010 CNN article,


it now appears that the Knox’s/Mellas’s family and their PR firm are apparently worried about what Amanda Knox may have said to Rocco Girlanda, in his upcoming book.

This damning lack of support for Amanda Knox continues after 3 years and is evidenced by this excerpt.


We knew that Girlanda had been meeting with her [Amanda Knox] in prison, but he’s never spoken with Amanda’s family or her lawyer, that we are aware of, specifically about a book”, said David Marriott, a Seattle public relations specialist the Knox family hired. ” The family has no idea what this book is going to say”.


Whether Amanda Knox’s interview responses to Girlanda are unfiltered by her family, remain to be seen.

With Amanda Knox having been given this kind of support by her family and Marriott, why would she need any enemies?

Posted by True North on 08/31/10 at 10:18 PM | #



Thanks for exposing this Steve Moore. I’m speechless at his blindness and gall, and very doubtful of his motives.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/01/10 at 04:07 AM | #
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