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Yet Another Nail In The “There Was No Evidence” Knox Apologists’ Coffin?

Posted by Peter Quennell

Sequins; the subject of this post’s Parts 3, 4 and 5. 

1. The Particular Context

The peak of the Knox PR misinformation campaign fell between 2010 and 2015.

Think of the misleading Knox and Sollecito books of 2012-14 which we have extensively taken apart here.

Think of the shrill and frenetic inventions of Michael Heavey, Steve Moore, Bruce Fischer, Greg Hampikian, and the numerous other hoaxers who are linked to in our right column.

None of this had any effect in Italy.

Italians could watch many of the procedings in real time, and no informed Italian saw any miscarriage of Justice.

Nor did the US Embassy in Rome, which cabled State repeatedly after observing in court and meeting with Knox in Capanne, that all was above board.

After 2015 and the corrupted final Supreme Court decision, the PR forces ran dry of material, and their energies largely dissipated.

Some like the xenophobic David Marriott and the defamatory Bruce Fischer claimed victory. But the real victory should be credited to Sollecito’s unsavory relatives.


Meanwhile the populating of our Wiki and our documentation translations continued unabated, and both are now seriously formidable.

This evidence masterlist and this critique of Knox’s book and this list of smoking guns were posted.

To NONE OF WHICH has there ever since been any serious pushback.

Our 30-post series on the Netflix Hoax was actually all about the myriad OMISSIONS of the three Knox PR trolls who actually made that so-called documentary.

They brought nothing new to the table - Knox was encouraged to lie her head off, but those tired and dishonest mantras had all been aired before. Netflix omissions were, to say the least, pretty copious.

Likewise with our eleven posts (and counting) on Malcolm Gladwell’s bizarre Knox-hoax chapter which highlighted Gladwell’s numerous omissions.

And likewise with our five-part series on the Innocence Project and the sordid roles of John Douglas, Michael Heavey, Steve Moore, and Greg Hampikian.

Our final end-run with the media, which will follow right after we post a brief overview of each of the 35 hoaxes in our right column, will concentrate as much as anything on those pesky omissions.

2. The Many Opportunities For Further Digging

We still get tips from followers of the case, which our main posters have appreciated and used in many of their posts.

Increasingly some readers themselves are digging deeper, with promising consequences as in Part 3 and 4 below.

If you spend serious time on the new-form Wiki - which could be a great resource for every law-school on the planet - chances are good that you too could find further clues to guilt.

These were all known to the investigators - in a real sense they and numerous judges actually wrote the Wiki - and to the prosecutors.

But with one main exception discovered by our main poster James Raper - Knox’s lamp locked in Meredith’s bedroom - they confined their testimony to the strongest points (and achieved a unanimous verdict).

It’s the documents that are very much worth further mining. Here is one fine example. 

3. New Evidence Observation By A Reader

Our reader Before-The-Dawn has been looking at the case with fresh eyes to see if he can spot any new angles not explored yet.

This below is his first email and we have chatted back and forth to firm this up and to take note of further insights which he is intending to post in Comments. 

I was recently looking again at the crime scene photos of Meredith Kercher’s room on the Wiki and noticed what appear to be three sequins.

They are about 4mm in diameter, appear to be clean, and are lying on top of the blood-stained floor near the wardrobe.  (Re the 4mm: I enlarged the photo to make the nearby cotton bud life-size - then measured the sequins).

I have circled the sequins in green - but you’ll need to enlarge the photo for a proper view [done; click on images below].

They were not present in earlier photos, and so must have dropped off something when this later photo was taken.

I think they may have been present on a small blue rug which was picked up by the forensic investigators (I also attach this photo). However, I cannot be sure if those are sequins on the rug or not (one or two of them could just be bits of paper).

Incidentally, I noticed that one of the ends of the cotton bud is a bit dirty/dark, and that the bud was originally not quite touching the wall.  It’s moved slightly away in the second photo (perhaps due to the area in front of the wardrobe being cleared).

I believe that Guede claimed to be wearing a silver dollar sign T-shirt the evening of November 1’st (and that this was examined by the Police).

I don’t know if the dollar sign was made up with sequins, or just printed on.  The latter is known as a distressed pattern.  I could only find one photo of RG posing in this shirt p[see below] but enlarging it did not give me the detail needed to examine the dollar sign’s composition.  This could be crucial to the whole question raised by this new find. 

I saw in another photo that there is a brown sequinned scarf lying on AK’s bed [see below].  Enlarging that photo does show what appears to be a number of small and maybe larger sequins.  I do not imply or claim that this is necessarily the source.  They could have come from another garment; and would logically need to be about 4mm. in size (to match the size of those in the floor photos). 

I have seen T-shirts with other types of designs made up of sequins.  So I think the three sequins in the photo could have come from any one of a number of sources.

It could be that these sequins came off in a struggle - but without any corresponding fibres or DNA it’s difficult to do more than speculate.  The sequins are obviously clean, and so were most likely deposited onto the blue rug or a piece of clothing (subsequently moved by Scientific Police) before the deadly knife attack. 

I think that Meredith had already been somewhat subdued by the time her assailant entered her bedroom.  It is obvious that she was struck several times, and with force.  I suggest that such an attacker would probably be familiar and confident with knives.  The neck wounds do not look to me like those produced by overly pressing the blade on poor Meredith’s neck.

Also, I think that someone was obsessed with the idea of injuring her neck: as some sort of insanely over-the-top revenge, and maybe directly linked to Meredith’s Vampire appearance from the evening before.  Horribly, it may be that the assailant/s played some sort of teasing/bullying sick game of pricking her prior to the fatal attack. 

Finally, I can only surmise that the perpetrator of Meredith’s worst wounds was someone with a very sick mind.  Someone probably turned on, sexually and emotionally, by extreme violence.

One can say in RG’s favour that he had no history of violence towards women, and that he would be unlikely to want to threaten either of the two non-Italian students, both of whom he seemed to know slightly.  He enjoyed the student scene, was a long-term resident of Perugia, and friend to the young men in the flat below.  Whatever he was doing there - why would he have carried a knife to the house?

4. Images Submitted By Reader Before-The-Dawn

Click each image for a larger version - these are not all high-resolution, and if there are better we would like to know about them.

5. Finally, Follow-up Advice From The Wiki Manager

In the Nov 2nd crime scene film, the police found a sequin on Meredith’s back when they turn her over.

It’s in the section of the video that is censored, but the sound is intact. It’s at 44:08. So yes, sequins were on the floor. Dr. Stefanoni bagged the sequin, but it’s not mentioned in her DNA report.

I’m not sure of the source however. One would need to check ALL the crime scene photos and the movies to see if it’s possible to spot clothing with sequins.

Sequins are called lustrini in Italian. One would need to search the court testimony documents to see if anything comes up, especially testimony where police were interviewed.

I don’t believe the sequin is mentioned in any reports. It’s not mentioned in the UACV report, or in the crime scene survey:

So. Well done, Before-The-Dawn, and further digging would be welcome.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/16/20 at 10:00 AM in


In the largest possible magnification of a poor image, it rather looks as if the metallic pattern on Guede’s T-shirt was printed on. One can easily find such T-shirts for men in Manhattan - and items for women that do contain sequins.

Here’s a tip about the images available for searching. Wiki managers have told us a users’ guide should be available in due course. Their present thrust is still toward completeness.

The guide will substitute for a search function, because the Wiki documents are almost all in PDF image format and thus not searchable.

Our new poster Before-The-Dawn (welcome!) was mostly combing the Wiki’s images area. While it is now much expanded, there are also many more images embedded in the investigator documents.

Hoaxers like Moore and Gladwell would have us believe that the investigators pretty well downed tools after Knox and Sollecito “confessed” under great pressure on 5-6 November 2007. 

BUT! The investigators’ documents were prepared over a period of about 8 months, starting early in November 2007 and mostly concluding in June 2008.

How are the hoaxers to explain that one?

And how are they to explain the precisely equal treatment of Sollecito?

Preston, Heavey, Moore and co wrote an ebook which they called The Forgotten Killer.

They were referring to Guede, although he was demonized by the defenses almost daily at the 2009 Knox-Sollecito trial.

Exactly how was he forgotten?

The only forgotten killer we can see is in fact Sollecito - forgotten very hard by Preston, Heavey, Moore and co because they have no possible explanation as to why he and Knox were treated exactly equally.

Netflix and Gladwell also tried this sleight of hand. Knox of course has tried it again and again also.

Sollecito has often shown himself miffed about being airbushed out. This post describes one of his reactions; he has also tweeted various others.

We often talk here of the myriad omissions of Knox and her apologists. Sollecito has always been Omission #1 even though it’s through him and his family that Knox walked.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/16/20 at 07:46 PM | #

Good points, Peter.  And it seems that RG had a little cleaning help: since he managed to apparently close and lock Meredith’s door, leaving no bloodstains on the door or handle.  His bloody footprints simply lead straight out into the corridor, and out of the house.  There was clearly no turning around to secure Meredith’s door, or to leave that disputed bloody footprint on the bathmat.

Easy to overlook, I suppose when someone is busy cleaning so many other things overnight! RG was haunted by the sight of so much blood loss (he mentions it time and again during skype conversations and beyond).  And he had already decided to return back to Italy and account for himself when arrested by Police in Germany.  He has been called a killer; and yet he could not rid his mind of the trauma of Meredith’s death.  He would surely have known that copious blood would be lost if someone is struck hard twice in the neck.  Was it he, after all, with a fascination for very sharp knives and a need to constantly carry? 

RG is supposed to have lobbed a rock the size of a human head to break a window, and enter the flat in a way most exposed to the road.  Unlike the demonstrator in a YouTube video made some time later, RG was no experienced rock climber.  And there is no trace of him on the window sill or in Filomena’s room.

Also, he was apparently only interested in Meredith’s phones (so easily traceable); as opposed to the many items available in Filomena’s room, and even on the kitchen table.  In fact, the only thing taken was a box of make-up.  Now what could he do with that?  He seemed to have hardly spent any of the money he is alleged to have stolen.  I think that he was let in by someone that terrible night.  The only question is who?

Posted by Before The Dawn on 08/16/20 at 09:03 PM | #

It wasn’t Rudy Guede who had a fascination with very sharp knives - it was Raffaele Sollecito.

The rock climbing enthusiast didn’t actually climb through a broken window at night into Filomena’s room. He also used the security bars on the window to pull himself up. There were no security bars on Filomena’s windows on 1 November 2007.

The people who made the documentary that featured the rock climber were trying to discredit prosecution’s claim that the break-in was staged - a claim that was accepted by all courts, including the Italian Supreme Court.

If they wanted to replicate Rudy Guede’s alleged entry into the cottage via Filomen’a window as accurately as possible, they should have used someone who wasn’t a rock climbing enthusiast. The security bars should have been removed and the shutters should have been jammed shut as they were on the night of the murder.

The inexperienced climber then should have attempted to break the window by throwing a heavy rock at it before climbing up the wall and actually entering Filomena’s room over broken shards of glass without leaving one drop of blood.

Posted by The Machine on 08/17/20 at 06:25 AM | #

Your points are, of course, spot on.  The YouTube video was an unfair piece of propaganda.  At a crucial point, the camera suddenly produces a long shot of the climber.  It is all made to look very easy; and was, as you so rightly point out, done in the daytime. Like many presentations by the deniers, it is slick but ultimately very flawed.  Also, no glass was found below from the broken window; and no trace of grass, leaves or dirt in Filomena’s bedroom, despite a Police Officer noticing that her shoes picked material up from beneath that window.  RG was supposed to be able to completely avoid catching his hands or clothing on the broken window pane and glass on the sill.  Again the deniers have an instant answer: they allege that the Police probably missed these things.  And yet we have many photos, including close-ups, that survey this particular part of the crime scene. 

The Police found plenty of glass on top of the apparently strewn objects in Filomena’s room; but the deniers seize on a few bits found underneath because she briefly picked up her laptop.  And why would RG need to throw a rock into a window (requiring the shutters to be heaved open first) when all he needed to do was just ring the doorbell or bang on the door and wait to see if anyone answered?  After all, he wasn’t a stranger to the house, being friends with the guys downstairs, and known at least slightly to the girls upstairs.  Then, with nobody answering, he could have just forced the door; or used other much easier points of entry, out of the view of passing motorists and pedestrians.  All the supposed burglar apparently wanted to take were Meredith’s cell-phones (at least one of which was left switched on); not her laptop.  The same burglar famously also took Meredith’s rent money - but left behind Filomena’s cash, jewellery, designer sunglasses, CDs, laptop and camera.  But let’s not forget that missing make-up!  Got to look your best after a hard night’s work. 

I believe that the Police were thorough, and had many years of experience and instinct to draw on.  Nevertheless, the deniers’ PR campaign just had to roll on, muddying the waters and belittling the Police.  Thank goodness for TJMK.

Posted by Before The Dawn on 08/17/20 at 08:33 AM | #

Machine is as usual correct: that Sollecito was the one in love with knives is or at least was pretty well known. There’s a fine post by SomeAlibi on his collection here.

The only known association between Guede and a knife was the one on him when he was encountered at the Milan pre-school. It belonged to the school.

Guede was sentenced in Milan for possession of stolen property for that and a computer, but not for breaking and entering, because someone at the school had loaned him a key.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/17/20 at 11:25 AM | #

It might be helpful to note that the arguments made above against Guede ever having climbed that wall are still only a fraction of the whole.

We carry dozens of posts in the Hoax 6 group. Two that really hammer home the sheer improbability are these:

The second post, by Kermit, takes some close attention but in effect it shows that the hole in the glass was in the wrong place making it impossible to reach in and open the latch.

That window can easily be seen from the street above. At night it is intensely lit up, as there are both street lights and parking-facility lights above.

And at 8 o’clock drivers and pedestrians would be around. So Guede chose THAT time to break in? Having no idea who would be in the house? Gimme a break…

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/17/20 at 12:05 PM | #

The 5th Chambers did not just acquit Knox and Sollecito of murder. They also acquitted them of the staging charge. Since they also accepted that the break-in was staged the question arises as to who did stage it. However they had nothing to say as to who was responsible and, more importantly, why.

That is a gaping black hole in the case. If they thought that it could have been Guede, or Joe Bloggs, then why not say so, with reasons of course? Since they said that Knox was present at the cottage at the time of the murder, and most probably Sollecito as well, then why not link her, and Sollecito, to the staging, or rule them out? Again, nothing.

They couldn’t do the former because they had no case that would stand up to scrutiny. They didn’t do the latter because the connection is just too obvious, at every level, and that would have marred their corrupt agenda.

As to the business of the sequins, I can’t, sadly, see this going anywhere. One would think the investigators would have given it some thought, and who is to say they didn’t? Sequins tend to be a female thing. Perhaps Meredith’s. Or Knox’s or an unknown assailant? Whatever.

With respect the alleged sequin on the scarf looks just a little bit too obvious. There are other pictures of the scarf without any sign of a sequin and anyway it’s not a scarf with sequins. It could have dropped off an item of her clothing when the investigators were going through the contents of Knox’s wardrobe, I suppose, but I would have thought that would surely be after the photographers had finished.

Posted by James Raper on 08/17/20 at 01:09 PM | #

Welcome and Greetings, Before the Dawn. Your eagle eyes have spotted some very tiny sequins that might have been from Knox’s scarf. Amazing!

Thank you for your precision and care to analyze the sequins and to bring out this potential sign of Knox’s presence in the murder room.

Thank you for your fair-minded appraisal and honesty, as well, as we must agree with you that the source of the sequins might not be Knox or if so not easily proven.

There could be uncertainty when they were dropped onto or under the blue rug as they were later “unearthed” clean meaning after the blood had dried?

But it is so very possible the sequins are from Knox’s scarf! No, there is no proof of that yet. But if the sequins are Knox’s I bet her knees are knocking together as she reads this latest find.

I need to think more about the sequins on Meredith’s floor and wow, there were sequins on Meredith’s back??? as investigators observed her body? is that what I’m hearing?

This is all very interesting.

Of course since there is no clear proof yet that the sequins were from Knox’s scarf as James Raper rightly concludes, they may have no evidentiary value.

But if I were a betting man I’d bet twenty thousand dollars these sequins were dropped by Knox and lost in a scuffle with Meredith and fell into the rug, were hard to see, eluded the cleanup.

It’s possible Knox might have left the room to remove the troublesome scarf after the fight ended or during it when Meredith was held still by the wrists of Guede and perhaps held immobile by Raffaele. It wouldn’t take Knox a minute to dash into her next door bedroom, take off her scarf and toss it there seeing it was a nuisance during a fight? This is strictly surmise.

Sequins on women’s clothes were all the fashion at the time of the crime: 2007 and for several years thereafter. Small purses were embellished, clothes and tee shirts, blouses were embellished with sequins. It was a major fashion trend especially for young women.

Even little girls wore them on their shoes.

It’s possible the sequins came from Meredith’s own clothes but how suspicious to find a scarf with sequins on it in Knox’s own bedroom so near the crime scene where sequins were found. Very suspicious. At this point, not provable but I hope Knox knows that truth will yet rise to the surface to bring full justice to Meredith.

Thank you Before the Dawn for sharing this incredible new information about the crime scene. Speculation runs rife, and rightly so.

Truth is the daughter of time. If Knox knows these sequins fell off her scarf during the conflict with Meredith, you have just ruined her day, you have sent a whole lotta panic her direction. Good.

Also,  OT but Raffaele got engaged about a year or so ago, is there any news of his relationship or marriage? They’ve been engaged a long time.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/17/20 at 05:35 PM | #

Bruno and Marasca’s report is contradictory and manifestly illogical. The only person who had a motive to a stage a break-in at the cottage was Amanda Knox and the fact her blood is mixed with Meredith’s blood on the floor of Filomena’s room is proof she tracked Meredith’s blood into the room.

Francesca Maresca highlighted the mixed DNA sample in Filomena’s room in his closing arguments and he regards as an extremely damning piece of evidence against Knox.

Bruno and Marasca also completely ignore the significance of the bloody footprint on the bathmat. They point out that it can’t be definitively attributed to Sollecito, but they’re missing the bigger point i.e. it definitely didn’t belong to Guede because his bloody footprints led straight out of Meredith’s room and out of the cottage and there were irreconcilable differences between Guede’s foot and the bloody footprint - none of the 12 individual measurements had a 100% correlation to his foot.

A man other than Guede was walking around the cottage with his bare feet covered in Meredith’s blood and left a bloody footprint on the bathmat in the small bathroom. The same bathroom where Amanda Knox had tracked Meredith’s blood into. The bloody footprint on the blue bathmat is a near-perfect match for Sollecito’s foot with seven out of twelve individual measurements having a 100% correlation to his foot.

Any doubts that the bloody footprint on the bathmat could have belonged to someone else other than Sollecito should have been dispelled by the fact his DNA on Meredith’s bra clasp was identified by two separate DNA tests, Meredith’s DNA was found on the blade of his kitchen knife and he had repeatedly told the police a pack of lies.

Posted by The Machine on 08/18/20 at 02:58 PM | #

@The Machine, it is incontrovertible reasoning like yours in the comment above that convinced me of Knox and Sollecito’s guilt.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/18/20 at 05:33 PM | #

I am, for a while at least, making the latest version of my book, Justice On Trial, available free in PDF format. It can be downloaded by clicking on the following link.

Posted by James Raper on 08/19/20 at 05:24 AM | #

Hi James,

Have you considered recording your book for Audible?

Posted by The Machine on 08/19/20 at 07:06 AM | #

Hi Machine and James R

And/or sign up with a speakers’ bureau, I foresee quite some demand for speakers who really know the case ahead. In the US the forthcoming election and COVID are sucking all the oxygen out of the air and have set our timeline back, but in several months the audience should be less preoccupied with those.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/19/20 at 07:10 PM | #

@Before the Dawn, your reasoning is right: Why would Rudy need to throw a rock through a window and make a tall climb when he could have simply tampered with the lock or forced the door open if nobody answered his knock? It wouldn’t be suspicious to see him outside the door because he was known to visit the cottage.

Also I like your reflection on Raffaele’s psychology. If he had really been with Knox at the time of the crime and they had been innocent, as his first precious lover who was already practically living with him he would have supported his dear one whom he knew to be innocent against all accusations with great force and for a long long time.  Instead he buckled immediately, then distanced himself from Knox by saying she had left his apartment and he wasn’t sure of her whereabouts.

If they’d been innocently together that night,  he would have been extremely eager to support Knox. She would have been his own alibi of innocence.

He ditched her pronto and somewhat tried to pin the crime on her rather than himself! I think in his prison diary he was soon admiring a staff member who was female with long curly blonde hair. His attachment to Knox was much shallower than his blind infatuation made him first think.

@DavidB, you’re right, a book by Mignini would be eye opening if he could tell all his honest opinions without fear. I respect that he has to practice intense restraint in his position. He would need a good interpreter for the book. His U.S. tv interviews lost something due to language barrier, he would try to emphasize a point but it would get lost in poor word choice. And maybe the interview was edited and cropped as well, that didn’t help.

I’ll now go to your link.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/30/20 at 11:48 AM | #

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