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The Summations: Late Edition La Stampa Reported More On Prosecutor Mignini

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Please click above for the report in Italian. A partial translation:

The PM: “Amanda nursed her hatred of Meredith for a long time”

On the evening of November 1st, 2007 the moment had arrived for Knox “to avenge herself on that simpering girl” of a Meredith Kercher with whom she had been living for a few months but whom she considered “too serious and restrained”. So the young woman from Seattle killed her, together with her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede “in an uncontrolled crescendo of violence”, which was also sexual.

This is the picture outlined by PM Giuliano Mignini in his summing-up in the trial of the student from Seattle and the young man from Puglia before the court of the Assizes of Perugia. The magistrate who has coordinated the police investigations from the outset spoke for more than seven hours.

He reconstructed in detail the the investigation conducted by the Perugia flying squad, the SCO and the scientific branch. He listed the names of the witnesses and the circumstances to which they referred. He spoke of a “media trial in which the central nodes vanished” (of the case actually conducted in court), and how the investigation received “voluminous and constant confirmation” of the indications of guilt, from the GIP up to the Court of Cassation….

According to the reconstruction of the PM, on the evening of November 1st Knox had an appointment with Guede, whom she knew and who had fallen for her, about matters linked to marijuana which both of them used. With him - the PM explained - she was to go to the house in Via della Pergola but then Sollecito joined them. Kercher was in the house.

“We do not know for certain - Mignini said - what they were intending to do at the residence, but it is possible that there was an argument, which then degenerated, between Mez and Amanda about the missing money, or perhaps the English student was annoyed by the presence of Guede. Knox, Sollecito and Guede, under the influence of drugs and perhaps alcohol, decide however to put in motion the plan to involve Mez in a heavy sexual game.

Amanda had nursed a hatred for Meredith and the moment has come to avenge herself on that “prissy girl”.” Too “serious and restrained for her tastes” - this is the reconstruction of the prosecution - and who accused her of “lack of neatness and cleanliness”.

This attack happens in the victim’s bedroom and was started by Knox and Sollecito while Guede is in the bathroom.

According to the PM the Ivorian arrived a little later and took part in “an uncontrollable and unstoppable crescendo of violence and sexual play”, in which the English girl did not want to participate, while he (Guede) was “convinced that in this way he would please Amanda because now the two fellows were in competition for the favours of the girl from Seattle”.

In the PM’s reconstruction it was Knox who pushed Meredith towards the wall of the room and who struck her in the kneck with a knife (while Sollecito was holding another one). The young man from Puglia is accused however of having held the victim still, but also of tearing off the fastening of her bra, and Guede is accused of sexually abusing the victim. The magistrate decribed them as “three unrestrained furies”.


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I must say, the concept that Guede had “fallen for” Amanda and was competing for her sexual favors hadn’t occurred to me. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but it does have the ring of truth. And it explains a bit more his motivation. Has Guede been trying to avoid revealing (perhaps even to himself?) his own true motivation by continually harping on how he had a feeling for Meredith, had a date with HER, etc. etc.? Just wondering out loud.

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