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The Numerous Little Italys Throughout North America - Check These Out

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Throughout the north American inner city decay period that hollowed out just about all of the cities (NYC included) from the 1970s to early in this century, these Italian American communities and businesses always hung in there, to their great credit.

And now they are at the epicenter of the pervasive inner-city renaissance (an Italian word, that, right?!). We all owe them.

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And in other Italian-eating news: we posted previously on the spread of the large and wonderful Eataly food-halls when Manhattan had two and Boston had just opened one.

Now there’s a wildly popular one in Vegas and the first in Paris is about to launch.

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Happy Easter everybody. I’m watching Irvin Baxter teach on end times on YouTube. He mentioned Mr. Spinelli of EU who held meeting on island off Italy Ventonini island. I think back in 2016? re: Brexit. Spinelli was held prisoner on that island during WWII.

It’s Holy week 2019.

Irvin Baxter teaches prophecy and Revelation, has great graphics of the 4-headed leopard with wings, the lion, the bear. He says we in 2019 are in the time of the 4th seal, next the Tribulation.

Along with Easter chocolates, jellybeans and hot tea in my “Shalom” cup, I am in orbit today. If can’t get to resurrection services, go online and watch mass from Rome if you like.

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