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The Case Of Russell Williams: What a ‘‘Set-Up’’ Police Interview Really Looks Like

Posted by Chimera

Russell Williams’s “Compressed” Interview 2 Hours 40 Minutes Long

1. Post Overview

This contrast’s Knox’s claimed trick “interrogation” and “confession” with one known to be real.

Russell Williams, unbelievably, was a Colonel in the Canadian Air Force, and the Commanding Officer at Trenton Air Force Base.

(From Wikipedia) From July 2009 to his arrest in February 2010, he commanded CFB Trenton, a hub for air transport operations in Canada and abroad and the country’s largest and busiest military airbase. Williams was also a decorated military pilot who had flown Canadian Forces VIP aircraft for dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and the Governor General and Prime Minister of Canada.

2. Williams First Association With Crimes

It is early February 2010. Ontario Provincial Police are investigating 4 incidents in a region of Southern Ontario, believing they are connected.  They are, 2 unsolved sexual assaults, the sexual assault and murder a military flight commander, Marie-France Comeau, and the January 28 disappearance of a woman named Jessica Lloyd.

While Lloyd’s disappearance was still ongoing, a witness came forward and reported seeing an SUV-type vehicle nearby.  Police follow up and find tire tracks in that location.  They then go about trying to match those tracks to a particular vehicle.  Roadchecks are set up along various roads.

Williams gets caught in the checkpoint, and the police notice that the tires on his Nissan Pathfinder are identical to those tracks near Jessica Lloyd’s home.  Williams is let go, but under 24 hour surveillance at that point.

3. Narrative Of Williams Interview

It is Sunday, February 7, 2010. Williams is called into police headquarters to answer questions.  He arrives at 3pm, and stunningly, he is wearing the same boots he wore to Jessica Lloyd’s house.  Either moronic, or bold.

The interview starts off casually, though Williams is asked for evidence to prove he is not involved: DNA, fingerprints, and bootprints. 

Watch the video above, Williams is in shock when the topic of bootprints comes up.  At 6pm Det-Sergeant Smyth drops the bombshell:

(1) tire tracks near Jessica Lloyd’s home are from his vehicle;

(2) those are his bootprints behind her house;

(3) the DNA is about to be matched;

(4) the homes are being searched, and the vehicle seized.

Williams realizes at this point that he has been tricked, that it was a setup all along.

Confession “To Spare His Wife”

Williams did come clean about 5 hours into the interrogation.  The reason: to spare his wife the added trauma and humiliation of the police tearing the homes apart.

He rationalized that if he simply told the police where to find evidence, they would take it and go.  At that point, it was about all he could do.

(from Wikipedia) On October 21, 2010, Williams was sentenced to two life sentences for first-degree murder, two 10-year sentences for other sexual assaults, two 10-year sentences for forcible confinement, and 82 one-year sentences for breaking and entering, all to be served concurrently.

Civil Courts Follow-up

Williams’ wife, Mary Harriman did take control of the couple’s multiple properties in Ontario.  She sought a divorce, which has dragged on for years, and did try to get the proceedings banned from publication.

The problem, according to the victims and the families is that this transfer from him to her amounts to FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE.

In plain English, the allegations are that Williams transferred everything to his wife in order to avoid having it seized by lawsuits.  Williams claimed he sold it (cheaply) to his wife since he was serving a life sentence and not likely to ever need it again.

Ms. Harriman is now also being forced to testify about the true nature of their marriage for civil matters.  The argument being advanced is that she either knew what was going on, and could not be that oblivious—in light of the shear volume of trophies Williams kept.

Wife of serial killer Russell Williams loses court battle

OPP detective used ‘Reid technique’ to get Russell Williams to confess

World’s Greatest Police Interrogator: Detective Jim Smyth

4. The Narrative Of Knox’s Interview

Knox showed up unexpectedly at the Questura the evening of November 5, 2007.  Sollecito had been called in—alone— to clear up inconsistencies in his stories.

Knox went anyway, and remained even when told to leave.  She was told by Inspector Ficarra that if she really wanted to help, she could put together a list of possible suspects who may have visited the house.  She agreed.

Sollecito, when shown proof in his phone records that contradicted his story, threw Knox under the bus.  He claimed that AK went out alone, he stayed inside and used the computer, and that Knox came back several hours later.  RS claims AK asked him to lie, and that he didn’t think of the inconsistencies at the time.

Knox, on the other hand, thought that RS had actually accused her of murder, not just pulled her alibi.  AK is shocked, and fakes a crying fit. 

She then responds by throwing—someone else completely—under the bus.  Not Sollecito.  Not Guede.

Of course once it turns out that PL is completely innocent, police and prosecutors don’t believe anything she says at this point.

The Knox Interrogation Hoax

#1 Overview Of The Series - The Two Version of the 5-6 Nov 2007 Events

#2 Trial Testimony From Rita Ficcara On Realities 5-6 Nov

#3 More Defense Pussyfooting Toward Rita Ficcara, Key Witness

#4 More Hard Realities From Rita Ficcara, More Nervousness From Defense

#5 Key Witness Monica Napoleoni Confirms Knox Self-Imploded 5-6 Nov

#6 Sollecito Transcript & Actions Further Damage Knox Version

#7 Full Testimony Of Witness Lorena Zugarini To Knox Conniption 5-6 Nov

#8 Testimony Of Interpreter Donnino And Central Police Officer Giobbi

#9 Officer Moscatelli’s Recap/Summary Session With Sollecito 5-6 Nov

5. Contrasts And Similarities

1-A The Williams case above is a clear instance of police luring in a suspect under the pretense of a ‘‘background interview’‘.  The Ontario Provincial Police spent days trying to put together a profile and work up a method of questioning such a suspect.  And it took Det. Sergeant Jim Smyth just 3 hours to get Williams to crack.

1-B Knox, on the other hand, showed up uninvited to the police station, most likely to keep RS on a short leash.  She not only wasn’t invited, but was told to leave.  She cracked when RS revoked her alibi.

2-A Williams says his main motivation in confessing was to spare his wife extra humiliation, and destruction to the houses.

2-B Knox, on the other hand, threw a totally innocent person, Lumumba, to the wolves.  She also has no qualms about protracting the publicity, and milking her ‘‘celebrity’‘.

3-A Williams wore the same boots to the police station

3-B Sollecito brought his knife to the police station, and had similar shoes to Guede

4-A Williams was nailed by his bootprints

4-B Knox was cast under suspicion by a shoeprint, and bare footprints nailed both AK and RS

5-A Williams wife illegally profited by taking the property in order to stave off having it seized

5-B AK and RS illegally profited by having other people (Kuhlman and Gumbel) write blood money books for them.

6. Analysis Of Williams Interview

This excellent analysis is one hour long.




You’re right on target, Chimera. This Air Force Colonel went completely mad from his bizarre lust for power both on and off the airbase, it’s unbelievable.

Secret lives will come to light. It irks me to hear Raffaele speak of his 8 years of hell and his utter innocence. In recent interviews he has the audacity to call for authorities to apologize to him or admit fault or better yet, receive punishment.

Yet it would seem Raffaele is the one who is ripe for a felony conspiracy charge.

In my opinion he did:

“unlawfully conspire together with Knox to pervert and obstruct justice and the due administration of the laws; to wit, by obstructing the investigation into the murder of Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher.”

IMO: Raf and Knox worked together to cover up the true circumstances surrounding the murder. This is the least of it. One of them or both used a knife which caused the demise of Miss Kercher.

Who will protect the law?

Other defendants would be serving life without parole but not these twerps.

Knox is an incredible liar.

But who is she really? She craves excitement. She stepped up her drug use in Italy. She’s impulsive, gutsy, and habitually seeks an adrenaline rush. She’s a risk taker. Her own boyfriend said she can’t tell fact from fiction and lived in a dreamworld. has link to her March 2016 Seattle newspaper story. It reflects the 2016 Knox as same old Knox of 2007. She writes about the netherworld between truth and imagination as it relates to fairies she thought were real as a child. She wants a ray of light (the story’s title) but lives in a fog of compromise and uncertainty. I wonder why.

She questions what is real, what is true. We’ve heard that song before that truth to her is simply the best truths one can think. In other words, truth is all in one’s mind or is simply opinion. In other words, there is no objective truth. She and Raffaele seem to share the same philosophy about relative truth as do many criminals. Strange, but mixed blood on a sink and bidet are not imagined or dreamed up.

On the night of Meredith’s stabbing probably Knox was high on substances. She was medicating her stress about her job, roommates, school, fatigue, money, and breakup with Johnsrud.

The combo of drugs and alcohol induced paranoia and clouded her judgment.

She and Sollecito are both heroes in their own minds. They are would-be overachievers who dreamed of big things like psychopaths do with grandiosity. Then they took a short cut.

When reality threw a monkeywrench into their escapism and blood fantasies, they lost it. They hit the self-destruct button and made a decision to detour to infamy. They focused their malice and failures on the true high achiever and a person of value: loving, generous, ambitious Meredith.

They might have been planning to drug Kercher with date rape drugs and toy with her without her knowledge. They wanted to bring her down. GHB is the drug of deniability.

Knox told Perugia court after first conviction: You got everything wrong. I believe her about that. Their original plans for Meredith may have been too scandalous to imagine.

Likely, their plans went haywire on the night of the crime.

Afterwards they agreed to share a horrible secret. They swore to each other to carry it to their graves. This is why Sollecito continues to focus on graves. Sanitize death? Monetize death?

Raffaele has no code but his own battle against shame.

He said in the police station he was lying to protect Knox at her request. So they are both liars. Big ones.

After lying to police for years to hide a crime, which Raffaele calls honor, he now thinks he deserves compensatory awards. Chutzpah indeed.

More possible is that Raf and his co-conspirator deserve to lose civil suit judgements against themselves to prevent them profiting from a crime.

Chimera points out the killer Colonel’s “fraudulent conversion” to hide his assets. Probably Knox’s advisors and family tried to work the same magic. Curt Knox isn’t a CPA for nothing. Marriott wasn’t called onboard for nothing.

Amanda Knox still owes Patrick for destroying his business. And what do she and Raffaele owe to the Kerchers?

Posted by Hopeful on 03/19/16 at 08:10 PM | #

Thanks Hopeful.

The O.P.P. are quite open about how they trapped Williams.  As for this case ....

(1) It was RS called, not AK.  They couldn’t have known she’d show up.

(2) When AK arrived, she was told to go home.

(3) There was no interpreter at the moment, and Anna Donnino was not ‘‘waiting in the wings’‘.

(4) They never bothered to tape record ‘‘any’’ of it.

(5) They get names of all 7 on that list, except for that ‘‘South African who plays basketball’‘.

Seems like the most incompetent sting in police history.  Kind of makes one wonder if AK made it all up.

Posted by Chimera on 03/21/16 at 09:29 PM | #

Food-for-insightful-thought, emphasizing a dimension to Meredith’s murder, from Cyril Wecht MD,JD. (referring to the OJ Simpson case):

“My forty-plus years as a medicolegal investigator taught me that slayings involving a knife are much more intense and intimate than homicides involving a gun. It’s much easier to stand back at a distance and pull a trigger. In fact, the victim doesn’t even have to see the assailant in a shooting. But to commit a stabbing requires a perpetrator to stand extremely close, probably even face the victim. And the fact that the attacker’s hands are connected to the knife that is plunging into the victim, probably even touching the victim, makes stabbings more likely to be committed by someone who is extremely angry at the victim.”

Posted by Cardiol MD on 03/25/16 at 07:19 AM | #

A good point, well made, @Cardiol.

Knox’s hatred of Meredith, borne out of extreme jealousy, is there for all with eyes (and ears) to see (and hear) in her many appearances on a variety of videos on YouTube.

It’s hard to discern whether the fact that she knows that most normal people think she’s a cowardly, murdering lowlife (precisely as OJ knew) upsets her more than the fact that she can’t fully admit to and revel in the one act that has given her most pleasure in her tawdry life than anything else. Regardless of what one causes her most angst, neither one causes her enough.

She also must be aware that if she had taken Meredith on, on her own, with or without a knife, she would most likely have come a cropper and been left in an ignominious, crumpled heap, facing jail for assault.

Hence she employed the help of the two stooges using the only tool at her disposal; her over used and over abused body. Something she had shamelessly exploited to get free drugs from her dealer and cheap thrills from a variety of undesirables her whole adult life.

Now she’s left with her infantile “creative writing” as her only outlet to torture Meredith’s family further by leaving a trail of metaphorical breadcrumbs to make it obvious that she did the deed. There really is no need. They, and we, know what she did. Only a corrupt system saved her. Not, as she clearly would like to think, her own guile.

There is no hope of redemption for Knox and personally, that makes me happy. I look forward to the day I hear a news report of her inevitable, most likely self inflicted, demise.

A pox on her house and on all those who protected her or lied for her when they knew exactly what she was.

Posted by davidmulhern on 03/25/16 at 12:25 PM | #

Hello David Yes of course. But Knox has not got away with it because the grim reaper will exact his revenge upon her and her entire family. There is no escape. In my experience sooner or later the scales are balanced because murderers reap their own demise. Slowly Knox will descend because she cannot escape. Her complete family will pay for who she is and who she has become, which is eventually just another bag lady wearing rags. Two years? perhaps. But it will happen and when it does I for one will be cheering on the sidelines.
Some people might call it revenge. OK I agree. I want her to pay for what she did.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/25/16 at 05:14 PM | #

@Cardiol MD, @davidmulhern, @Grahame Rhodes, great thoughts, inspiring comments. Cardiol’s knowledge that knife attack is more intense, personal, wrathful than a distant gunshot and requires the hands, is probably why Knox kept drawing her hands. Her hands left deep bruises along Meredith’s jaw.

@davidmulhern, I really enjoyed your comment which had the perfect follow-up thought to Cardiol, that Knox didn’t have the courage of a knife attack alone by herself so she influenced two males to help her do the damage, paying them in the coinage of sleaze because she needed their support. That’s why it’s probable Sollecito is much more involved than his hints of protecting a foolish girlfriend.

I love the visual of the trail of verbal breadcrumbs Knox now sprinkles out there in her creative writing as her only outlet to taunt the world with her deed, being unable to explicitly revel in it or state the obvious. I agree that she wants to believe it was her own powers that rescued herself with guile and stratagem and cunning when the truth is, a faulty system and its leaning toward mercy got her off the scaffold.

Grahame Rhodes echoes my own sentiments that she can run but she can’t hide and she will spiral down from the consequences of guilt. The truth will find her out in some form in this life or the next. She’ll live a lie for years but maybe that’s what she always wanted to do: to have a giant secret and a reason to play the conman that she inherently wanted to be and to get famous doing both, who knows? Maybe she wanted her family to be scared of her, in lieu of respect just fear me, wonder about me. She wanted to amaze Madison and Johnsrud and the UW admirers and Deanna and to impress Daddy with some unreachable audacity that he could never achieve. Her dash to Europe was just not enough by itself, it seems.

Back to Cardiol’s idea of the intimacy of a knife kill, the repurcussions of her violent act may still trouble her dreams both waking and sleeping, and Sollecito’s as well. Guede may have been able to shake off most of his guilt knowing he has truly paid for his act with prison time, or at least moreso than the devils who led him into insanity.

The saddest thing is they killed a person who, even with a good deal of provocation, would have forgiven Knox any social gaffe or outright insult most likely. Meredith had a good heart, and wasn’t a wreck of low self-esteem, envy and schizoid confusion like Knox.

And in the end it all comes down to the drugs, which took away natural affection, common sense, and even fear of committing crimes. Alcohol and drugs unleashed the monster within. Without inebriation and arrogance, Knox and Sollecito might right now be touring around in his Audi together to see the Pyrenees or the art museums of Munich, happy as clams while Meredith might be frolicking by the seaside reading the latest paperback and sipping coffee in Italian sun with a date planned for the evening.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/25/16 at 11:19 PM | #

There is such a thing as the term “Blood Simple” I believe there was even a movie by that name. If you examine Knox and Sollecito the following day it is clear that both these murderers were feeling (I won’t say suffering) form the same thing. People forget everything that went on that morning after they murdered Meredith. It is wise to remember how they appeared and how they acted. Never forget that. In spite of the famous dirty P/R game and David Marriot these two will never be free from that night. Remember the running on the steps, the scream and everything that went on. They will never be free because we won’t let them and we won’t let anybody else forget either.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/26/16 at 04:55 AM | #

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