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Second Of Three Excerpts In Italian from LA7 Program On Meredith’s Case

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Thanks to TJMK poster Cesare Beccaria for the video links. We posted some background last Friday.

This is the interview with Knox defense lawyer Luciano Ghirga at his law offices in Perugia, plus a fleeting but telling reenactment.

When the LA7 reporter Andrea Vogt asks Mr Ghirga to explain Amanda’s version of events, he emphatically responds that throughout the trial Amanda has been painted as a liar.

He says that Amanda stayed and never left Sollecito’s house between 5:00 pm and 10:00 am the next morning. He disputes the eye witnesses who claimed to have seen Amanda at the convenience store, and at the piazza above the house with Sollecito around 11:00 pm.

When Ms Vogt asks Mr Ghirga what he thinks about the quality of the evidence, he raises the fact that the bra clasp wasn’t retrieved until 46 days later. He believes the bra clasp evidence was contaminated because it had moved from its original location.

Andrea Vogt says to Mr Ghirga: “You always argued that there was only one perpetrator”. He responds that the trial forensics experts never ruled out the possibility that all of the body wounds, including those on Meredith’s neck, mouth and knees, could have been committed by one person.


Note that in this interview Mr Ghirga never states that Sollecito never left his house that night. He only mentions that Amanda never left that house. In line with the observations of our poster Cesare Beccaria that the defenses rarely give the other defenses any breaks, and often make things more difficult for them.

Both the Micheli sentencing report for RG and the Massei sentencing report for AK and RS conclude that the wounds on Meredith with two knives and the sexual assault HAD to have been done by more than one person, and that dozens of evidence points confirm this.

And Mr Ghirga’s arguments at trial that Knox never left Sollecito’s house were very weak - and undermined by Knox herself and by Sollecito. Even the few straws he grasps at seem to be floating out of reach.


Luciano Ghirga here cheerfully goes through the motions. It is as if he knows everyone in Italy will laugh at his very outlandish explanations and he is signaling that he is in on the joke.

He and his expert of course caused the 46 day delay in the Rome labs collecting the bra clasp. They had to get ready to come along and that huge task apparently needed lots and lots of time.

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Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/08/10 at 03:41 PM | #


True North, many thanks. Your posts and comments have been so interesting. Ghirga seems a nice fellow, yet one holding an untenable position.

I’ve nothing to add except thanks for your work, and a visceral reaction to the “reconstruction”. The bloody bra straps and the bloody floor at the end of video had a strong impact today. Maybe the color was clearer on my screen, but it startled me, made me extra mad at the assailants.

On positive note, I never tire of seeing Meredith’s sweet face on this website, a reassuring photo sequence on left side of screen. She looks so gentle and a touch exotic and happy as the day is long. Not sure why I feel tender toward her, but I always do.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/08/10 at 08:31 PM | #

if i’m not mistaken, ms. vogt also asks him straight out if he believes amanda….he never said yes, did he?

Posted by mojo on 07/09/10 at 05:17 PM | #
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