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Report #5 On Perugia: The Walk From The Basketball Court Through The Intersection To The House

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Hi SA,

This video shows just how close Piazza Grimana is to the cottage on Via della Pergola. Stewarthome2000 made the point on PMF that Knox and Sollecito may not have been at Piazza Grimana for a prolonged period of time, but may have gone and come back.

There are couple of things that should also be noted in the video.

At 0.01 of the video you can see the ZTL clock that Antonio Curatolo said he looked at the night of the murder.

At 0.21 you can see there is a bus stop outside the basketball court. Curatolo could have heard or seen a bus arriving at or leaving this bus stop. The disco buses are not the only buses that stop at Piazza Grimana.

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Hi Machine. Yes the city buses swoop in from four directions and there are often several in the square at one time.

There are nine different ways to converge on that square including the three where people walk down from the massif.

From that square anyone at the north end of the walled city would take the buses down to the railway station and newer city.

The main campus of the university is about 200 yards behind the school for foreigners, and right behind that school is a steep road down to the left to the aquaduct area and thus down to the newer town.

That trip takes less than 5 minutes and the bus-stop is never not busy.

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