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Reagan Arthur Of Publishers Little-Brown Also Has Liability For Malcolm Gladwell’s Defamatory Mess

Posted by Peter Quennell

Reagan Arthur, Incompetent Editor, Little-Brown

Our post just above offers first corrections of Malcolm Gladwell’s hallucinatory screech on the case. 

Reagan Arthur is the VP and Gladwell’s editor at publisher Little-Brown, the book’s publishers on Sixth Ave in New York, an arm of the French group Hachette.

She seems to have done little or no due diligence at all. Nobody in Italy was consulted on the facts.

And yet Reagan Arthur allowed or encouraged Gladwell’s serious defamations of defenseless Italians and their fine justice system - which she would NEVER have done in an American case, one can bet.

Is Reagan Arthur just lazy, or just bigoted, or just incompetent, or all three?


How can Gladwell and his editor Reagan Arthur laugh off the DNA on the knife?

Meredith’s DNA was found on the blade of a very clean knife that Chief Inspector Finzi found in Raffaele’s kitchen. And surprise surprise, whose DNA was not only on the handle of that knife but in the grooves of its washed blade? Amanda Knox’s.

So Meredith the victim’s and Knox’s DNA are on the same knife. The other knife was lost.

And more DNA: How can Gladwell and Reagan Arthur not respect Professor David Balding?  He is a world renowned DNA expert at University College London. Balding said that Raffaele’s DNA is definitely on the bra clasp. He dismissed any notion of cross contamination as to how it got there.

So both Knox and her boyfriend’s DNA show up on a possible murder weapon and on Meredith’s underwear that was torn from her body! Oh, my friend, there are signs these two were there.

Mr. Gladwell is outshone by the Italian investigators and the DNA experts who were more cautious of the facts than Gladwell.

And this is just the DNA evidence. It’s a minor part of the proof of guilt. There’s more.

Out of her own mouth Knox destroyed her own alibi and was proved a perjurer in many matters. She placed herself at the crime scene by her own words, said she was supposedly hearing thumps and thuds as her boss killed her roommate. Even in her fantasies and falsehoods she puts herself in the cottage! Her poor boss was nowhere near the crime, as later proven.

Further, Knox’s own boyfriend said she was not at his house on the night of the crime. Her lover boy told police that she went out that night and he didn’t know where. To police he also said, “She asked me to lie for her”.

It’s all very suspicious.

see The Double DNA Knife discussion @ themurderofmeredithkercher/The_Double_DNA_Knife

Posted by Hopeful on 09/10/19 at 04:29 PM | #

Meredith’s DNA was on a swab from a groove on the blade of the knife. Knox’s DNA was on the inside of the handguard of the handle and also on a swab of both sides of the blade nearest the handle.

The latter was a swab taken by the 2011 “Independent Experts” but which they did not want to test because, they said, it would have been unreliable. It would be unreliable, they said, because it was Low Copy Number.

Despite that it was in fact tested later, with a repeat amplification, with equipment that was actually available to the Independent Experts at the time they took the swab. The Independent Experts were either incompetent or corrupt. They were certainly not abiding by their specific instructions.

Surprisingly Sollecito’s DNA was not found on the knife, not even on the handle, although it was his knife and despite Knox having claimed that he had prepared fresh fish for a meal on the night before the murder.

David Balding said that the mixed DNA from the bra clasp definitely included Sollecito’s. He did not comment on the issue of contamination. See his article “Evaluation of Mixed-Source, Low template DNA Profiles” on the internet dealing specifically with trace 165B.

Posted by James Raper on 09/10/19 at 05:26 PM | #

Hi James,

Professor Balding has commented specifically on the issue of contamination with regard to Sollecito’s DNA being on Meredith’s bra clasp. He said on Andrea Vogt’s BBC documentary that his DNA can’t be explained by environmental contamination.

He also said there was a “much greater likelihood“ that the DNA on Meredith’s bra clasp came from Sollecito and that’s the reason why it’s “extremely strong“ evidence against him.

He told Chris Halkides that people walking in and out of the room etc would be unlikely to contaminate the bra clasp. On the BBC documentary, he said contamination from passers-by isn’t an issue and that he has taken that into account and it’s extremely unlikely.

Posted by The Machine on 09/10/19 at 06:21 PM | #

Professor David Wilson has sent the following tweet to Malcom Gladwell:

“I’m far, far less convinced than @Gladwell is about #AmandaKnox in his latest book as my review below reveals.“


Here’s the link to his review:


Posted by The Machine on 09/11/19 at 07:21 AM | #

Good catch Machine!

Such catches are very useful as we extend our pro-justice pro-truth network. Twitter momentum does seem to be building against Gladwell.

Also it is very obvious that the book-signing tour has been made all but invisible. Gladwell’s tweets say he attended a first signing this morning, but not where, and future appearances are not being advertised right now.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/11/19 at 01:25 PM | #

Here is a record of the tweets we sent today to Gladwell and his editor Reagan Arthur - the Machine and PatAz also are originating tough tweets. See the hashtag #amandaknox

@gladwell @reaganart re trashing of Italian justice, you do know #amandaknox was CONVICTED of criminal lying, rightly served three years, and is a felon for life?

@gladwell @reaganart re trashing of Italian justice, you do know #amandaknox legal process was monitored for four years by US Embassy which reported to State Department: all normal? So did an Italian MP.

@gladwell @reaganart re trashing of Italian justice, you do know #amandaknox trial and appeals concluded from overwhelming evidence some behind closed doors that THREE people attacked Meredith not just one “black guy” “drifter”?

@gladwell @reaganart re trashing of Italian justice, you do know #amandaknox statements as possible witness prior her arrest all signed by Knox show ZERO sign of muddleheaded police suspicion over Knox body language?

@gladwell @reaganart re trashing of Italian justice, you do know re #amandaknox there are 400 plus evidence points that were carefully described in 400-plus pages long available in translation?

@gladwell @reaganart re trashing of Italian justice, you do know in #amandaknox case there are numerous excellent interviews with Mignini and a panel on YouTube with subtitles explaining what cops & prosecutors saw at all points?

@gladwell @reaganart re trashing of Italian justice, you do know #amandaknox book contains over 500 provable lies and around 100 demonizations?

@gladwell @reaganart re trashing of Italian justice, you do know #amandaknox book contains criminal defamation claim of Mignini doing illegal interview WHEN HE WAS ACTUALLY ASLEEP IN BED?

@gladwell @reaganart re trashing of Italian justice, you do know #amandaknox lawyers PUBLICLY complained about her lying and asked her (and Seattle supporters) to stop it? And a defense lawyer walked off Dec 2007 because of her lying?

@gladwell @reaganart re trashing of Italian justice, you do know #amandaknox first appeal and release by Judge Hellman 2011 was ANNULLED by Supreme Court 2012 because he illegally and wrongly interpreted evidence NEVER PRESENTED IN THAT COURT BY PROSECUTION?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/11/19 at 01:43 PM | #

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