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Oprah Winfrey, Please Discuss The Case With Jeanine Pirro, Anne Coulter, And Now Tina Brown

Posted by Peter Quennell

Next Tuesday [today] at 4:00 pm the influential American talk-show host Oprah Winfrey will weigh in at last on the case.

There is a growing history of high-profile American media personalities like Oprah being misled and thus misleading on the real strength of the evidence (and it is very strong.)

And then going publicly silent. Apparently more than once, behind the scenes, very angrily.

Unquestionably, Oprah Winfrey helped Barack Obama to get elected. She is very powerful. And the self-made billionaire is famous for getting very, very angry behind the scenes if given wrong facts or lied-to.

In fact Oprah is probably the last woman in America that anyone would want to lie to.

In the past few months both prominent American media personalities and entire American networks and publishing empires have got deeper into the hard evidence, and seen for themselves that justice in this case has been done.

These days, no media personality or media empire in the United States seems to want to be the last one standing in defense of a probable charming psychopath.

  • Larry King of CNN has not returned to the case since this fiasco.
  • Geraldo Rivera of Fox Cable has not returned to the case since this fiasco.
  • Jane Velez-Mitchell of CNN has not returned to the case since this fiasco.
  • The New York Times has reported very fairly since this fiasco.
  • CBS TV dropped its series of very biased reports after this fiasco.

Now Oprah is famous for being a voracious reader. And we know that her crack production team and possibly Oprah herself have been studying this website and our sister website the PMF forum.

There is a mountain of objective evidence on these two websites, and we will not be at all surprised if Oprah and her team get right on top of it and blow the faux defense right out of the studio.

Additionally, Oprah and her production team would do well to consider phoning Oprah’s fellow media stars Jeanine Pirro and Ann Coulter and now Tina Brown.  All three consider the case to be closed. And the verdict to be a perfectly fair one.

Knox killed Meredith quite horrifically. Knox was rightly found guilty. And without further ado, Knox should get on with serving her time.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/20/10 at 02:57 PM in The wider contextsMedia developmentsMore hoaxers


I hope Oprah is not going to kiss Curt and Edda’s arses. To me this seems like a coup for the Knox PR machine. I hope I’m wrong. I hope it blows up n their faces.

Posted by Paddy5000 on 02/21/10 at 02:08 AM | #

I doubt that Oprah Winfrey will ask tough questions or embarass the family. It will be the usual interview where you hear only the Knoxes’ version of the facts. Everything just to get the American public manipulated into standing behind the flag of a fellow American “unjustly” imprisoned in a rogue foreign land.

What people don’t realize is that Italian judges couldn’t care less about the media frenzy in America. Italian judges are totally shielded from political pressure by the constitutional framework existing in Italy, and Oprah Winfrey, who’s virtually unknown to Italians, is not going to make a difference.

Italian judges will do their job fairly, as usual, and to the best of their ability without letting themselves be manipulated by this PR campaign, which is not even reaching Italy, since Amanda hasn’t been in the Italian news for several weeks now.

I’m sure criticism from US politicians (like Cantwell) or editorialists (like Tim Eagan) has been reported in Italy, but in my opinion it achieved the opposite effect on the Italian public who felt that this was an undue interference in their justice system and an unfair criticism of their institutions.

If anything, these kinds of actions tend to cause the Italians to support the judges even more. Nobody likes foreign arrogance to interfere in their internal affairs. And after the Cermis incident and the controversy with the killing of an Italian intelligence officer (Calipari) in Baghdad by the US forces, the US Government will do much better to avoid any involvement.

Posted by Commissario Montalbano on 02/21/10 at 08:17 AM | #

Very true Commissario. As far as Italians are concerned, justice has been served, period. Actually, many think justice has been too lenient with the trio.

About the Oprah show, people here know who Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are. But as to Ms Winfrey, well…they don’t have a clue neither they could care less.

Posted by Nicki on 02/21/10 at 07:19 PM | #

Roll on Tuesday. Either O.W. will get her facts straight or the whole thing will backfire.

Posted by Ann-Marie on 02/21/10 at 08:27 PM | #

I agree with Commissario and Nicki. The aim of this latest in about a million media appearances is to appeal to the average, uninformed American and whip up support by appealing to the fear factor. This could be your daughter, average American.

Unfortunately, the extra step of making the connection with the real victim is not taken (she too, could be your daughter, average American), in part because the real victim’s parents have not been crying on camera for two years now, and in part because she is British. Americans identify with Americans for the most part.

I have no doubt that the suffering of the Knox/Mellas family is real. Murder creates a trickle-down effect that harms everyone connected with the convicted murderer. It is not right to deny their suffering; but it is just plain wrong to present one side of the story.

David Marriott has a black list of journalists who the family will not appear with on television. Did the powerful and righteous Oprah cave in to this demand? If so, shame on her. I noticed that Elizabeth Vargas appears on the show; I hope Oprah informs her audience that Vargas and ABC’s 20/20 has garnered an exclusive with the family. Vargas is not on the black list.

I believe that most people in America who have taken the time to gain a handle on the facts feel that justice has been done. Unfortunately, many are content to accept the spin at face value. In the end, though, what matters is that the judges and jury in Perugia ignored the spin and focused on the evidence. Their decision was unanimous.

If Knox and Sollecito are acquitted on appeal, it will be due to a technicality. Most experts I have spoken to don’t think this will happen, but it could happen. However, it would have nothing to do with Oprah or Larry or Elizabeth Vargas or Judy Bachrach. The latter two have positioned themselves for first grab at a future story, the one they hope to tell, about an Innocent Abroad, Railroaded.

Posted by Skeptical Bystander on 02/21/10 at 09:13 PM | #

Right now Oprah’s credibility with me has hit rock bottom. I am stunned that she should even consider giving these ” people ” a national platform to spout their lies and bullshit about their murderer of a daughter. Has she no respect for Meredith or her family. By inviting these people on her show, it indicates to me that she feels Amanda is innocent. She may whip up support from some Americans who buy into the bullshit - but I hope most Americans will see the truth and not be swayed by this farce. I do know that the Italians won’t give a rat’s ass about this show, or whatever may come out of it state side, and they will be more determined than ever to stand up to what they will see as American bully boy tactics, and support their judicial system. This is sickening. Right now I’m disgusted with Oprah, and I believe I’m not the only one. She is clearly playing to a home grown audience. The truth, justice, honesty, integrity, respect and human decency have nothing to do with this - JUST OPRAH’S EGO, RATINGS AND GREED. SHAME ON OPRAH. SHE MUST BE AS SICK AND TWISTED AS THE KNOXES. I hope she proves me wrong!

Posted by Paddy5000 on 02/22/10 at 12:04 AM | #

the interesting thing is that the family has a BLACKLIST—so much for the truth. clearly this is a platform for the family. i suppose they had to do it before the report comes out in March….but you see Curt on the trailer saying no blood, no fingerprint of Amanda in “THAT ROOM”...he undoubtedly forgets about the presence of amanda’s DNA mixed with merediths in several locale….it’s the same ole song, “poor amanda”......interestingly, it appears that oprah does ask if they questioned amanda about whether she did it or not… scripted were these questions, one wonders.

Posted by mojo on 02/22/10 at 02:37 PM | #

This appearance could be quite useful in terms of boosting the money-making effort. Is Oprah aware tha she is providing a broad fund-raising platform for an organization without public financial accountability? Donations are not tax deductible; that is a huge red flag. Someone I know recently enquired and got no for an answer from Friends of Amanda, which on the surface is not connected with the Amanda Defense Fund. The Amanda Defense Fund accepts payments via paypal. The transaction summary gives the name Christina Hagge (née Huff) as the counterparty. She is Edda Mellas’ (née Huff) sister.
I am quite frankly surprised that Oprah would expose her public to this kind of financial operation. It doesn’t matter whether or not Oprah explicitly appeals to the public for donations: she is implicitly lending her support by publicizing the cause.

Posted by Skeptical Bystander on 02/22/10 at 10:07 PM | #

her forum seems to be on top of the issue….what effect will it have?

Posted by mojo on 02/23/10 at 01:19 PM | #

I think I’ve sat through Oprah’s show once, twice at most, and not recently. I once held her in high esteem, considering her candid tackling of sensitive, long-taboo topics, and her championing of education for women, particularly her career encouragement to women of colour.

Unfortunately, I think she has overstayed her 15( thousand) minutes, and is plum worn out. No victim’s advocate this go round! Has she forgotten her tearful rape victims in past audiences?  Time to hang up the crying towel, sista.

As to the Infamous Parents, where will they stop? Their denial and endless pursuit of celebrity endorsements has really gone bad-acid-trippy. I wonder if AK herself is sick of it by now?

Who next, a requested, nay, demanded audience with the (first black) President to decry the tarring of thier fair daughter with the brush of her alleged association and collusion with The Lone Black Guy??

Posted by mimi on 02/24/10 at 08:14 AM | #

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