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Netflixhoax 16: Omitted - Good Media Reporting From Italy, Depicted As Fake News

Posted by Peter Quennell

Nick Pisa was among those who filed court reports objectively and very fast

1. Overview Of This Series

This is the first of three posts describing how in the real world various arms of the media performed.

The Netflix report showed British reporter Nick Pisa relishing some early headlines, and a scene where the solving of the crime by the national and Perugia police is announced to the press.

From those seemingly damning episodes, the audience is encouraged to make the vast extrapolation that it was a voracious media and an overzealous police that drove the whole case.

Also that this was fundamentally unfair to a self-effacing, publicity-shy Knox, and that it caused the verdicts to go the “wrong” way - twice, first in the 2009 Massei trial, and second in the 2013-14 Nencini appeal.

2. The Real Police “Slant”

The police announcement - typical of such announcements in the US and UK when the local population is freaked out - was NOT made simply to win points for the police or to isolate and slam Knox (Sollecito and at that point Patrick were also described as suspects in the crime).

There had not been a single murder in Perugia for many years. This murder was reported (rightly) as singularly depraved and (rightly) as a pack attack with knives.

Many people could not sleep at night. The immediate effect upon Perugia and in particular its huge student population (over 20,000) of Meredith’s death was that many men and women, especially women as a sex crime was (rightly) described, did indeed become freaked out.

Literally thousands began to leave town.

Both the town managers and the university managers were quite desperately demanding an early break or major assurances to stem this tide. The police announcement did in fact do that.

Thereafter the investigators went on about their work for the better part of a year, and the documentation is huge - it was put at 10,000 pages early on but is now substantially larger than that.

Here is one example of just how much work was done after the police calmed things down.

At the infamous “interrogation” of Knox on 5-6 November 2007 she in fact worked on a list of seven names of people who might be able to help the police. The police took that list and they tracked down all seven, and the cross-checking of their accounts went on for months.

Complicated, of course, because Knox most heavily pointed at Patrick, and used the list to point away from herself. Her drug dealer, which police soon found out about, did not appear on the list though he had repeatedly been at her house.

3. The Real Media “Slant”

In the next post, we shall show how there really was a huge slant - but not what Netflix depicts.

All of the Netflix’s global demonization of the media flows from Nick Pisa’s few deprecating words. No extensive checking of his reports is seen.

No Italian media disposition was examined at all - the Italian media was by far the most likely to have an effect on a jury of Italian speakers who are encouraged by the system to do some research.

Netflix maybe omitted this for their own convenience - there was little or no slant to point to at all.

Italian media reported methodically before and during trial and long thereafter on what the US and UK media mostly did not - all the crucial process steps pre-trial were reported in Italy but largely ignored by the UK and US press.

You can read about the remorselessly building evidence in this eye-opening series here.

The Netflix team dont appear to have read even one official document on the case.

The key two documents here would be the report on the Massei guilty verdict in 2009 and the report on the Nencini guilty verdict in 2014. That was respectively two years and over seven years after the early “damning” media reports. 

Take a look.

In fact try to find even ONE instance where a UK reporter writing in English for an English audience in late 2007 got inside an entire panel of Italian judges’ heads late in 2009, and again in 2014, which is what Netflix would like you to believe.

4. Nick Pisa’s Real Reporting On The Case

Fortunately for the hard truth, what we often called the “Rome pool” of foreign correspondents included nearly a dozen exceptionally talented reporters (those posted in other countries usually are the cream of the crop).

Thanks to their very hard work and their incessant costly travel to Perugia, we were able to repost on the 2008 and 2009 developments with a scope far beyond what any one “man on the spot” could do (we did have several of those too).

Free-lancer Nick Pisa in fact reported from the court for a lot of media outlets in the UK, not simply one. He was the only non-Italian reporter to pretty consistently have a cameraman along, for his reports for Sky News, and some of his good video reports still show.

This kind of fast, comprehensive coverage badly rattled the Knoxes and Mellases and their camps and especially diminished their PR, and they openly displayed angry aggression at times.

We’ll describe in the next post their desperate attempts to demonize all of the few reporters they did not have on a chain as coming straight from hell. 

We have carried a total of 43 of Nick Pisa’s reports, in whole or in part. Check them all out below. Do you see ANY bias here?

5. Reports We Used As Trusted Valuable Source

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Great stuff Pete and a very timely reminder of how things were back in 2009 and just how distorted they have become since due to the Knox PR machine.

If I may, I’d like to replicate below two posts by TT in 2009 which I think is as good a description of Knox and the malaise which affects her as I have seen anywhere. Here goes.

“I think it is possible that Amanda has a psychopathic borderline personality disorder. Several things lead me to this view.

Her behaviour in court is a prime example. In my mind, imagining myself in her position: on trial for the MURDER of a close acquaintance, the outcome of which is going to determine the rest of my life; the world’s spotlight on me; again,  I am accused of butchering an innocent young girl…well, call me old fashioned, but you just WOULD NOT think about wearing a tee-shirt like that. It’s a small but demonstrative example of the ‘at odds with normality’ behaviour she has exhibited. It shows a lack of feeling for the deceased, the family of the deceased…it’s just not appropriate. The broad smiles, the laughter. Add to this the actions after the murder.

Something is missing here. There is a lack of empathy which is hard to fathom. You meet up with girlfriends (normal ones who are traumatised by events) at the police station. Even if you do not feel tearful yourself - perhaps you are numb and in shock - you would modify your behaviour TO SOME DEGREE to fall in step with those about you. Return a hug, speak softly. No, I think she was in a highly excitable state. Dissociated. I think she still is, as the psyche will protect itself to the end. It can take years for murderers to acknowledge their part in events.

By the way, thank you for the respect you show for Meredith on this site. She looks like a gentle, respectable, normal girl. Bless her, poor child. I feel for her family.

Posted by TT on 02/16/09 at 02:10 AM | #

To follow up on the above comments, I do feel some degree of pity for Amanda. If she is as disassociated as she appears then she has little control over herself and her actions. That is why personality disordered criminals are released from prison in the UK. There is ‘no treatment’. It is not a mental illness. Had she not found herself in this situation she may well have led a relatively normal life - some high risk behaviour, but settling down eventually. Functional. But circumstances led to the psychopathology becoming apparent.

The scene I imagine is one of things getting ‘out of control’ rather than anything premeditated. She’s not a pleasant character (”...She f*****g bled to death…”), but I don’t think she planned it. I imagine she and RS were probably drunk and stoned, which further disassociated her from reality. I think this is what leads to her protestations of innocence “It was not me”. In a sense it wasn’t. But in another it was. It was her ‘writ large’, disinhibited, out of her depth. Then the intellect kicked in, she sobered up fast, and thought fast too.”

Posted by TT on 02/16/09 at 01:26 AM | #

I don’t think there is a single word of TT’s that I find myself at odds with. I often find that although the articles on TJMK are always very well done indeed, I find myself drawn to the comments as there inevitably insightful, incisive posts are to be found from the plethora of very bright people who follow this site.

Anyway, I’m getting back to reading through all of the old Nick Pisa reports in Pete’s article and the comments that follow them. As Captain Oates once said; I may be some time.

Posted by davidmulhern on 11/05/16 at 05:53 AM | #

O.T. but Robert Durst was extradited to California to stand trial for killing his friend, Susan Berman. Justice overtook him at last. Durst is a big money guy from real estate moguls.

He ran from his crimes for years. They think he killed his ex-wife and later a neighbor, finally offed his friend Susan Berman to stop her from talking about what she knew of the death of his ex.

Money and cold blood saved him for a long time but justice caught up. He’s in an L.A. jail now waiting trial.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/05/16 at 12:00 PM | #

More on Nick Pisa. One story we did not carry - probably his worst because he makes statements about Guede that are not only inaccurate, they are to the benefit of RS and AK! - was this one.

First Pisa quotes Caporali at length. Caporali was the only one we have ever seen quoted showing prejudice toward Guede, perhaps resented him because the son and Guede were such tremendous buddies.

Second Pisa parrots the PR line that Guede was into a life of crime and was doing drug dealing. Proof of that? We have seen none.

Third Pisa parrots the PR line that Guede was “linked to three break-ins”.  No he wasnt. Tramontano (who was never called to court) was discredited by Judge Micheli for making things up; a case of Security Guard Complex? The lawyers office was burgled by rivals to obtain legal documents. And Guede had a key to the Milan pre-school.

Pisa did fine in most reporting but this parroting of the PR was irresponsible. Paul Russell and Judge Micheli wrote the best Guede profiles.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/06/16 at 09:52 AM | #


Good, now I have your attention 😊

It seems bizarre to me that the Friends of Amanda Knox should latch on to Nick Pisa as the villain of the piece, together with Mignini, which is more understandable as few criminals like their prosecutors.  No sensible person reading a popular newspaper has any delusions about a paper’s sensationalist headlines to attract a reader’s attention.

Beyond the lurid headlines - the ones in the Netflix were NOT written by Pisa - and I suspect one or two were fake, or parodies of real headlines - the content of the article does need to have substance.  We all know of rags with obviously ridiculous stories about aliens and pictures of Jesus on toast.  Nick Pisa’s articles fulfilled the need for news, where a lot of it was missing. 

US readers knew little of the real facts of the case beyond the bonkers ROLLING STONE article by Nathaniel Rich - now an idolised icon amongst the Friends of Amanda Knox - about the American damsel in distress railroaded by Italian pigs (the RS reader base is amongst the so-called trendy alternative society with a deep suspicion of all things establishment).

The orchestrated hate campaign against Nick Pisa on social media is baffling.  OK, so the directors managed to capture Pisa chuckling away about beating his rivals to a developing story.  That’s the way of the world.  Bears sh!t in the woods, journalists are ever on the alert for sensationalist stories, and if it’s a ‘scoop’, all the better.

I doubt very much a bunch of eleven-year olds called Amanda Knox ‘Foxy Knoxy’.  Who believes this clean-cut image?  She obviously gave herself this handle.  Why blame Nick Pisa for it?

Posted by KrissyG on 11/06/16 at 10:14 AM | #

Hi davidmulhern

Thanks for the quotes. For the record TT wrote in the first full month of the trial before all the testimony on Knox’s “interrogation” and before multiple witnesses testified in effect that Knox simply never stopped being callous, self-absorbed, and downright odd - the impression she herself affirmed mid-year on the stand.

Drugs and psychological causes were essentially left out of the trial, mostly because the families themselves didnt want them in and over-ruled the hard-pressed defense lawyers. Judge Micheli didnt want them in too, he thought such explanations would melt the jurors hearts and the hard-line Micheli didnt want that.

Skeptical Bystander added something important below TT:

TT wrote:  “You meet up with girlfriends (normal ones who are traumatised by events) at the police station. Even if you do not feel tearful yourself - perhaps you are numb and in shock - you would modify your behaviour TO SOME DEGREE to fall in step with those about you. Return a hug, speak softly.”

And if you can’t muster empathy for their pain, you at least show respectful silence. If you have to laugh or let off steam, then you do so out of their sight, not in plain view. Obviously, the behaviors reported by Meredith’s friends are not proof that Knox was involved in her roommate’s terrible death, but they certainly suggest a lack of maturity and of compassion for their suffering and distress.

Family and friends describe someone who could literally not hurt a fly, someone who is kind and thoughtful, and who is all about making others feel good. The testimony of these witnesses, which on the face of it is reliable, is not consistent with this other picture.

Perhaps the t-shirt was meant to send the message that Amanda is all about love, but that too backfired. Instead, it came off as an attention-seeking device, an attempt to draw attention away from the testimony. There was something almost obscene about the size of the lettering on the t-shirt.


Hi Hopeful

Yes Durst’s loose tongue is leading to his own slow implosion over time, as so many widely-suspected perps do and as you often track.

Graham Rhodes first posted here on the Durst case over four years ago, examining the merit of the Aspergers Defense.

He wondered if Knox could have claimed that defense too.

But Durst himself shrugged that defense off when he confessed sarcastically to an open microphone when no-one else was around.

That led to a ton of trouble for him and he was locked up again soon. He was given a 7-year sentence for illegal possession of a gun earlier this year.

And now there’s this.

We have many posts including yours also noting how Knox time and again seems eager to claim she caused Meredith’s death EITHER because she is proud and callous OR because of the mental strain and need to share.

Maybe one day… an open mike?

Sollecito also has damned himself in so many ways.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/06/16 at 10:21 AM | #

Hi KrissyG:

We could see the demonizing happening in real time in 2009. Nick Pisa and some others reporting raw unfiltered facts from the court were driving the Knox PR and both families absolutely nuts.

Very important: Pisa speaks Italian but the Knox-Mellas families dont. So he could understand instantly what had happened in the court and get off his report, while they had to wait some time for their lawyers to brief them - probably not objectively, the lawyers often demonized the prosecution and witnesses as Knox herself describes in her book.

Curt Knox was caught on camera flaring up at reporters and Chris Mellas texted crude insults from right there in court. The good reporters had to face down an endless stream of legal threats.

The Knox groupies were simply led by the nose and it was really easy as not one of them spoke Italian or read any docs. Those drive-by English language reporters pro-Knox like Candace Dempsey and Nina Burleigh who spoke no Italian were also led by the nose - as was the Netflix team from 2010.


You mention Rolling Stone. Here was the Machine’s scathing mid-2011 assessment of their report on the case.

Just this week Rolling Stone has a second proven instance of massive misreporting of a legal case.

They just lost at a defamation trial (unusual in the US) which is about to cost them or their insurance more than almost all the blood money in Meredith’s case.

Rolling Stone Loses Defamation Case Over Rape Story


Rolling Stone magazine paid the legal price on Friday for its journalistic failings in a 2014 article about a supposed gang rape at the University of Virginia that it had already retracted in the face of widespread criticism.

A federal jury in Charlottesville, Va., found that the magazine; its parent company, Wenner Media; and Sabrina Rubin Erdely, the author of the article, are all liable in a defamation suit filed by Nicole P. Eramo, a former associate dean of students at the university, who said the article depicted her as the “chief villain” of the story.

With gruesome details and its portrayal of an indifferent university administration, the 9,000-word article, “A Rape on Campus,” intensified a national conversation about college sexual assaults. But the article, published in November 2014, was soon called into question for its reliance on a single source, identified only as Jackie, in describing what she said was her brutal rape by multiple men at a fraternity party. In March 2015, police in Charlottesville said that they had found “no substantive basis” to conclude that the incident described in the article had occurred.

Rolling Stone commissioned a review of the article by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, and the school’s report, issued in April 2015, found that the magazine had failed to engage in “basic, even routine journalistic practice” to verify details from Jackie. Rolling Stone retracted its story and removed it from its website.

The article also describes the media’s sad state and how as a result journalism schools find it hard to attract students and to give them advice which keeps them on the high road for life.

The idea of our taking our own media coverage angle to some journalism schools is one we’ve had for a long time. We are nearly “there” in terms of what is on the site to generate real interest there.

By the way Charlottesville is like Perugia, a campus town, and the same kind of widespread unsettling of resident women students occurred.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/06/16 at 10:40 AM | #

Justice catches up with another killer. A man named Kohlhepp in South Carolina has finally shown his evil hand and been captured. He ran for 13 years. Knox has run for 9. Kohlhepp murdered 4 people 13 years ago but was never arrested. He also raped a 14 year old girl when he was 15, spent more than a dozen years behind bars for that, but went on to seemingly succeed in life. He became a licensed pilot. He started a lucrative real estate business in S. Carolina. He hired young women to work for him, to clean houses that he would flip, also to clean his home. Life was good.

Then of course his demons led him as a disgruntled customer to shoot 4 people dead at their little motorcycle shop.

For that stupid multiple homicide he would never have been caught at all had he not recently grabbed a poor young woman and chained her up in a small building for two months with chains around her neck and her ankles. He did feed her daily. He killed her boyfriend in her sight, buried him on his nearly 100 acre property in S. Carolina.

Kohlhepp had a nice house, two decent cars which police have hauled off, he had a great business. He had paid for his previous crime of youth. All looked good. But he had a dark side.

The chained woman by a miracle was found before he could kill her. Now Kohlhepp is in custody and has confessed to much of his murderous insanity.

He had bear traps on his farm. He said he paid $80,000 to put chain link fence around it. He joked about serial killers needing love on his Facebook.

He ran from his crimes for 13 years but today he’s facing Justice.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/06/16 at 07:33 PM | #

KrissyG Because they will latch onto anybody all anything. These people are so entrenched that they sound like Donald Trump supporters who will believe anything they are told. Then they run with it because to change their opinion would mean that they have somehow been duped.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 11/06/16 at 08:43 PM | #

Hi Grahame Rhodes. Very true.

Its also a group thing. Belonging. Something many find hard to do in a highly atomised US and so they are easy prey for groups pushing conspiracy theories - right now we are knee-deep in them.

There are ways of changing “wrong” world views (paradigms) but this also works best in groups, benign purposeful groups, which the US could use a lot more of for its better development.

And the ways work best when reporting is done carefully.

I mentioned above a case in which Rolling Stone pushed a conspiracy theory, which it never would have done had the gangrape claimant been cross-checked.

The reporter’s and Rolling Stone’s whole defense in court was that she lied to them. They really beat up on her in the court.

Columbia Journalism School and the court took the position “So what? Friends of the claimant knew that she tended to invent things, and should have been contacted.”

Today women’s group with a strong interest in trustworthy reporting on rapes, not setbacks like this, are pleased at the guilty verdict in the defamation case.

Nathaniel Rich’s wrong reporting in Rolling Stone on Meredith’s case still has not been corrected though we are working on showing how misreporting caused the tenacious spread of this conspiracy theory culminating in the grand global lie by Netflix.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/07/16 at 08:42 AM | #

Happy election eve, Peter and all true justice seekers.

Great work with collating the Mt. Everest of hard evidence that proves the guilt of Amanda Marie Knox, following the half-assed Netflix wallpapering of the facts. 

What is it about Nov 1st?  Check this tragic attack from Tuesday:

Posted by whatswisdom on 11/07/16 at 12:28 PM | #

Forgive me I am wrong but are the Knox PR and the makers of this film accusing Nick Pisa of naming Amanda Knox Foxy Knoxy?

Again this is clearly untrue and yet another big falsehood as Amanda Knox named herself Foxy Knoxy on her MySpace page before she went to Italy and before she murdered Meredith Kercher, perhaps Nick Pisa could win some legal redress here from the great PR lie machine.

It seems life as Amanda Knox is lie after lie, falsehood after falsehood.

The family and friends of Knox are on record as saying that the Foxy Knoxy name came about due to alleged prowess on the football field.

Once more, another lie and more falsehood.
Foxy Knoxy has clear sexual connotations and has nothing to do with being a skilful footballer “crouching” on the football field, how absurd - whoever heard of a footballer “crouching” on a football field? what is crouching going to achieve?
Yes, life is lie after lie for Foxy Knoxy.

Posted by Deathfish on 11/08/16 at 02:25 AM | #

The Amanda Knox Raffaele Sollecito dog and pony show hits the road:

That was about David Anderson presentation to Rotary Club Todi with Supreme Court judge Socci, Francesco Sollecito, Hellmann, lawyer Antonio Bruno.

Posted by Ergon on 11/08/16 at 11:50 AM | #

We in the U.S. choose a new President today. “Thy will be done”.

No matter who is elected, may success and good things be ahead for U.S.A. and peace to all the voters, peace and strength.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/08/16 at 03:03 PM | #

Hi Hopeful

I see Clinton may have won up to a million more votes but loses the electoral college. Ask non-Americans or even most Americans to explain that one!

Anyway. If theres any mandate I’d say it is for more distributed growth above all. What do you see?

The US & increasingly the global problem is one of all economies bunching up on the same rung of the ladder, essentially for lack of it.

But neither US political party (or any in Europe that I can see) knows how to spark the necessary widely-inclusive processes, they are way too top-down.


Added: the long-predicted migrations into the US and northern Europe are almost exclusively resulting from the chronic growth failures further south. Had the US been able to make growth work in Iraq there would be no ISIS and Syria could have evolved differently. 

Free-trade pacts should perhaps be converted into mutual-growth pacts under the UN’s umbrella (the US is actually a major player there). NOT the mini World Banks in each region, its the UN Economic Commissions that actually already exist for the purpose but not used much due to little funding.

Not this and its brothers:

Instead this and its brothers:

Growth does not HAVE to be led by technology. Much or most growth is caused simply by people flocking to something they like - like Paris, like Broadway.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/09/16 at 07:53 AM | #

Hi Hopeful, your words are so nice and appropriate - again. Am so agree.

Posted by Elisa on 11/09/16 at 09:11 AM | #

Hi Ergon

Good catch. Todi is quite a long way south of Perugia, maybe 1/2 an hour drive. I knew that David Anderson lives away from Perugia, so he lives down there. His place (a guesthouse or B&B?) was an abode for the Knox-Mellases and Nina Burleigh etc. Seems a lot of brain-washing already went on there.

Public Ministers already are very circumscribed - see the many hoops before trial “Merediths Case” as it is called here they had to jump through. Its the VICTIM that needs more help.

David Anderson began shouting at a meeting on the case and has posted a lot. His UK background explains his tilt, he testified wrong in a miscarriage of justice case and was shown up - and ever since has blamed the police. Strong similarity to the Doug Preston case, he also guessed wrong, in the MOF case, and was shown up.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/10/16 at 08:24 AM | #

@Peter Quennell, I couldn’t agree more with why Dr. Anderson and Doug Preston sunk their claws into this case. It was a vehicle to fight the police. Dr. Anderson may also have resonated with the medical background of Dr. Sollecito. The British connection was very large for him, but it’s mostly about discrediting the police. A nasty anti-law attitude always makes one wonder why a person is more suspicious of peacekeepers than criminals.

The above review of Nick Pisa’s posts expose his fair and factual reporting of the trial. Netflix could learn a lot from Nick Pisa. But of course they don’t like his message, it messes up their Knox romance and they want to learn nothing.

I’ve enjoyed clicking on the Pisa links to refresh myself with the early days of the case, when truth was still in the air. I assume Curt Knox is still paying off Marriott for the bulldog PR screech he bought, perhaps with free tickets to Seattle Opera and free tax prep from Curt Knox, CPA.

Amanda Knox practiced on her credulous or perhaps in denial parents to get good at faking honesty for her two June 2009 days on witness stand. (correct me if I have dates wrong) Keeping them at bay was and probably still is, her biggest burden since November 2007. Can’t you just see them in the Questura huddled in conference as Knox tries to explain away the police evidence, “You do believe me, don’t you?” and the winsome eyes, appealing for mercy, but of course Edda detected the truth and played along to spare herself, and to not have to tell Chris Mellas that her daughter had just done a slaying, that the drugs and alcohol they’d long suspected her of had finally borne a bitter harvest.

Curt had to convince himself, too, of her innocence to not feel the pain of his indifferent parenting and to spare his two younger daughters (Delaney and ?) the truth about their sister, his oldest child; to not look bad at Macy’s especially after a money theft was involved in the crime.

They had to build up sympathy for their darling deranged one. Pray for her, Seattle Prep. Now she has a noxious scholarship there in her name? Miracles never cease.

Judge Heavey fell for the Marriott schtick hook line and sinker, incredible. Rotary Club connections equal sudden blindness for him. Anne Bremner with her DUI a sympathetic soul toward young women who get soused on substances and have accidents then can’t remember.

Pure Knox. Liars all, made so by a bad daughter’s dilemma. They got caught in Amanda’s web and are still dangling as Knox churns out her lies and whisks them to exoneree functions to spout more lies from the podium.

A chain of lies that has Knox-Mellas gang connected for life. Sitting with coke and popcorn watching Netflix mockumentary named for their daughter. Or did Chris tell Amanda he can’t bear to watch it, it’s done and dusted, he wants out of the bad memories? Or a role in the next film while Hayden Panettiere floats in the Dead Sea.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/11/16 at 09:10 AM | #

Thanks Hopeful! Important insights. Well done. More later. Sorry, I’m distracted reading about election theories and responding to emails

You perhaps know how I go on a bit about archaic systems allowing the result of our case to happen?! Short of a full reversal the best thing we and Italy can do for Meredith is to have a hand in less game-able and more effective systems. 

The US on the economic front likewise needs a vast array of more effective systems. This election really highlighted that. Today out of around 1500 comments below the Paul Krugman column (web version) the NYT picked three dozen as their choice, and yippee! This (mine) was one of them.

NYT Pick
Peter Quennell New York 5 hours ago

A perspective from several decades in UN development management. I’d suggest everybody looking for hope and a plan reads the World Bank book the East Asian Miracle. Essentially it admits that economic tools and the Washington Consensus did NOT cause east and southern Asia to leap forward in the 70’s-90s. Importing and inventing and deploying better knowhow - systems of all kinds by the thousands - is what enabled those economies to move up to the next rung on the ladder.

Now we see the USA and Europe stuck on the same rung on the ladder precisely for failing to do that on a grand scale, and economies south of the USA and Europe which are doing no better applying vast immigration pressure.

Hence Brexit and Trump. No surprise there, from this perspective.

Its quite possible to run a fast-growth model at local levels with visioning and the use of modern tools for junking old systems and getting things in place that grow value faster. ALL the tools exist now, as some didnt even 20 years ago. Research and training institutions should anchor this; any level of government would have a backseat role, essentially supportive - Presidents etc alongside the parade, not at the head of it. Every American (and European) should be taught at high-school to see and map systems and value so they are equipped for this.

If we see actual growth in the red/Trump areas, and higher growth in the countries directly south, we could rapidly forget the present.

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This affects Italy, quite how we still have to work out, but it could strengthen the Five Stars and a move out of “Europe” (which would be good for Merediths case, out of the hands of the Renzi people) so I hope we all keep watching it. 

Here’s a conservative writer’s scenario of what the US might be looking forward to in Trumps first term. His business record was tumultous and its been estimated that he would be worth much more if he had simply taken his inheritance and invested it wisely, so he’ll need better luck here. 

The Trump, Clinton and Bernie Sanders economic proposals didnt to me look very impressive. None focused on the key knowhow. If any of them could jump US growth much above its recent average of 2 percent I would be surprised.

When I worked for the Federal government on a system for departmental planning I was quite surprised to find how “backward” and naive (and good listeners, I must add that) on growth all arms of the federal government are.

The US sort of quaintly muddled through to the point where it is now, and the Federal government was pretty small before the Great Depression and WWII. At the level of the 50 states there is more interest and capacity.

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Congrats to Peter Quennell on his article in the New York Times. That’s great.

Economic growth produces hope. My father always said that trade was the glue among nations, despite varied cultures, that trade was the answer.

Yes, distractions abound at the moment as USA has elected Donald Trump president, the headlines are dizzying. Also earthquakes, now New Zealand on heels of Italy’s recent earthquakes. 

Changing gears, but I found 2 Venetian proverbs today on a website as I was searching for a poem by an old French poet named Malherbe. He wrote about how the rose so beautiful and sweet has a sad destiny (like Meredith) in a poem of consolation to a man who had lost a young daughter.

(Rose elle a vecu…).

The Venetian proverbs seemed apt as they apply to Meredith’s lost life and TJMK gaining insights from her tragedy.

The Venetian proverbs are:

The dead open the eyes of the living. (I morti verze I oci ai vivi.)

Pain comes on horseback but goes away on foot. (El mal vien a cavalo e po’ el va via a pie.)

Also the site has poem by Petrarch when he lost both Laura and his patron to an epidemic.

The Italian writers have given us so much wisdom.

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