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Highly Misleading But Revealing “Knox Week” On Enabler Kary Antholis’s “Crime Story” Site

Posted by Julan

1. On The Hoax Bandwagon

It is now twelve-plus years after Meredith’s murder.

And yet Amanda Knox still uses every opportunity to put herself on-stage, exclaiming how badly she was mistreated, misunderstood and vilified…

Condescending to the media, Italy’s justice system, anyone who doesn’t support her. And she still manages to snare naive enablers.

Kary Antholis had an illustrious 25-year career with HBO the premium cable-TV movie channel. One could expect him of all people to look before he leaped into any venture.

For example, Kary might have taken a minute to track down the damning and unrefuted posts about Knox and her huge mafia-backed hoax on this Smoking Guns page.

And yet instead Kary has emerged as yet another unwise Knox enabler. This week-long event is now featured on his new Crime Story website.

Amanda Knox Week: We dedicate this week at Crime Story to Amanda Knox, the legacy of her story, and the work that she has pursued as a voice for compassionate and restorative justice with her partner, Christopher…

See in particular these two postings on Kary’s site of an unwittingly revealing two-part Amanda Knox interview.

Day 4 Part 1/2: Interview with AK and husband #1

Day 5 Part 2/2: Interview with AK and husband #2

Those interviews were seemingly done in December. They are a bit difficult to read because of the disjointed grammar. Maybe better to listen.

2. Window Into Knox Psychology

The interviews actually give great insight into Amanda’s psyche… truly showing an esoteric mindset and blatant narcissism.

Both Amanda and husband claim to be atheists and moral nihilists (there is no right nor wrong).

They have a complete lack of logic and critical thinking.

Nihilism, most simply, means believing in nothing. The word is derived from Latin, nihil, which means ‘nothing.’

Knox says her “moral compass of kindness and empathy” was instilled at an early age by her mother and that she practises the Golden Rule.

One has to wonder if Patrick who she framed and whose business she wrecked would still be in prison if Rudy had not been caught?

Posted by Julan on 02/16/20 at 10:23 AM in


@Julan Thanks.  So, her mother had to instil ‘moral compass of kindness and empathy’ at an early age?  That’s revealing.  It suggests she lacked these attributes from birth so had to learn them, or, at least, how to mimic them.  Most people do not need to be taught what kindness and empathy are.

Doesn’t look like Edda did a very good job, judging by the outcome.

Posted by KrissyG on 02/16/20 at 01:10 PM | #

Somewhat weird, a prominent Greek-American advancing a pro-mafia hoax.  One that makes life harder for Italian-Americans, and fosters real danger in Italy.

“... a voice for compassionate and restorative justice”.... GET REAL, KARY!!! The barbaric Knox has done immense damage to real justice in Italy and the US with her massive undermining of good law enforcement.

Re Knox’s claims of Edda attempting to instill a “moral compass of kindness and empathy” in Knox, good luck if it happened with that one. 

The only things long in doubt among our posting psychologists about Knox’s many episodes of blatant cruelty followed by the predictable mimicking of angelic behavior have been these two:

(1) Was Knox born with this condition, or was it a product of witnessing Edda Mellas and Curt Knox beating one another’s brains out?

(2) Could Edda Mellas have made good behavior stick for a lifetime, or in fact for any length of time? Knox remains perhaps the most destructive woman on the planet.

As for Edda, in Modena in Italy last year it looked like she has simply given up trying, and now goes where the money and publicity are with no heeding of the cruelty.

Edda Mellas and Kary Antholis: both in the league of pro-mafia pro-Knox enablers.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/16/20 at 01:33 PM | #

I read the transcript of the podcast with Kary Antholis (couldn’t stand to listen after a few minutes to Knox’s obnoxious voice, silly fake giggles and her constant repetition of the word “like”. It’s worse than a nervous tic, she is worse with the “like” “like” “like” than family annihilator Chris Watts if you’ve ever listened to his fawning lies in Colorado police interrogation).

Chris Robinson and Nutty Knox, a perfect duo. He tells at length how determined he was after first meeting Knox to “know nothing” about her murder case!!! He refused to Google her, and was hoping to stay insulated from all truth about Meredith’s death until the 2 guys from Netflix came calling on Knox and he got pulled into the production. It seems he didn’t care whether Knox had knifed an innocent woman or not, he just wanted to date her. He’s a real truth seeker.

In as much denial as his wife.

Knox and Robbie speak as though they feel for every human being on the planet, love everyone with solicitous understanding and compassion, and will heal the world of all conflicts if given time. Hilarious stuff.

Knox loves to paint herself as champion of the underdog, a person with an innate moral intuition, and yet accountable to no higher power. She is free to squirrel, and cannot stay on track or with any one viewpoint, she’s too busy being objective and showing compassion for all sides of every issue.

She and hubby want the world to know how they have such open minds that no principles can remain inside their heads for long. Yet they tend to see innocence in every murderer.

They produced a podcast about a foreign student knife-murderer. Knox said she felt for Jens Soring. She and her husband both feel for the benighted Jens Soring who in late 2019 after more than 3 decades behind bars for knifing his girlfriend’s parents to death was granted parole and sent back to his home of Germany, unpardoned.

They bleed for the Central Park Five.

Knox feels the shame of all shamed women. Robinson detests victim blaming. Ohhh the humanity. These two bleeding hearts love all the world, except Nick Pisa.

Knox pretends to want to understand her misguided prosecutor, the honorable Mignini. No doubt she would LOOOOOOOVE to know what makes him tick so she could push his buttons and manipulate him, in her Time Machine.

Knox and husband Chris who claims he is now ditching the poetry focus (he has 2 MFA’s in poetry) and the fiction focus (he wrote a book with friend Kovite) to now follow Knox in her journalism path.

(Dumb move, Chris, to follow Knox. See where that got Raf, her mom, her friends.)

Chris says he is learning from his wife’s journalism.  Also they are going to produce a new podcast for year 2020 called “Labyrinths”.

In Labyrinths they say they’ll be “deep diving into people’s stories of the unexpected twists and turns that occur in their lives and how it changes them.”

“It’s totally not a True Crime podcast at all.”

The only true thing that resonates in these interviews seems to be that the two oddballs do honestly seem to be having a lot of fun producing media together, coming up with stories for podcasts, getting their visions into the public domain. They genuinely like to be creative together.

It seems to be the foundation for their union, and not a bad one in itself. However they use their skills to weave webs of falsehood and they favor criminals which they think makes them loving. (loving of evil, perhaps) Yes, it is folks like they, folks who feel alarmed at the punishment of evil-doers, who will help cure the justice system.

In the Kary Antholis “Crime Story” podcast interviews, Knox continues to hammer on the lie of “there was no evidence against me”.

She says her “second conviction” was the hardest, claims she was conflicted over her mom’s divorce and took out her hostility on her Seattle prep teacher, goading teacher with questions of whether Edda was going to hell due to divorcing Knox’s dad.

Just as I thought, the devious Knox entered a Jesuit run school (by all accounts she insisted on attending there) merely to flout their doctrines and argue against all they stand for.

She self-justifies and yet claims to live by the Golden Rule. The author of that rule is pushed behind her back and discarded.

She is so self-deceived and deceiving others that only a flagrant truth-denier like her current husband (who didn’t even want to know if his wife-to-be at the time was a murderer or not!) can spout as much nonsense as she does and not realize the discord between deeds and words. Nihilism is the only move that remains for them, one step before madness. But enjoy the ride. And maybe a bit of coke on the side. No judgment zone.

Searching for truth they have both thrown away every particle of it they were ever taught, preferring to seek fantasies.  Oops when the dreams are over…

Both claim to have read and enjoy Shakespeare. Says Robinson, he is intrigued by Shakespeare’s objectivity and voicelessness. He admires Shakespeare for hiding behind all his characters but never showing his hand as a writer politically, whether he was a royalist or what.

Knox claims to see deep meaning in the Harry Potter books, especially the 5th book about a Phoenix? I have never read Harry Potter books.

She claims to pattern her journalism after a British journalist (her term British journalist) named John Ronson? whom she likes because he sees both sides of every issue.

The floundering duo hopping from one side of the fence to another on all issues as THE NEED ARISES are the fame-hungry Amanda and Chris Robinson. They are open-minded with brains falling out, a comedy duo who believe themselves Heraclitus and Sophocles, and maybe Amanda believes her father is Winston Churchill, quite possible since there is no “objective truth” in their strange world.

Yet they are searching searching searching for it, wearing costumes as they go. You can’t make this stuff up.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/17/20 at 07:30 PM | #

@Hopeful thank you for the summary.  I admire you as I cannot bear to listen to that horrible grating voice, so your review is much appreciated.

I think Knox is referring to ‘The Psychopath Test’ by Jon Ronson.  Her constantly claiming this is her favourite book and sucking up to Ronson is because she identifies as a psychopath.  As a personality disorder there is little impetous for the average sociopath to seek help or change because unlike mental illness, it doesn’t cause them any distress.  That’s not to say they do not find life stressful, they do because they realise that rage is their only true emotion and the only time they feel alive.  That’s why she dwells on her murderous act as a moment of triumph. 

It’s hard to see what Robinson sees in her, as someone genuinely well-educated and literary.  He likely has a Lord Longford streak of ‘deep compassion’ for the socially ostracised and likely believes he is her only source of love.  Or something.  People I’ve known in the past who’ve had a penchant for weird dressing up were diagnosed schizophrenic or fashion-victim art students.  It is a strange combination: a schizoid type (deeply introverted) together with a uninhibited sociopath.  I can see a bloodbath down the road should Robinson ever try to dump her.

The couple’s reliance on social media as their whole world reveals them as a shallow nothingness burger.  All very sad.

However, not nearly as sad for the Kercher family and Meredith’s poor father, who never found justice for his daughter’s untimely death.

Posted by KrissyG on 02/18/20 at 03:11 AM | #

Hi Hopeful

I have only looked at Part 1 but I found Knox’s literary taste, basically Harry Potter, and just Harry Potter apparently, quite elucidating. She describes herself as a fantasist. Nothing wrong with that. I enjoy fantasy fiction as well, even at my advanced age, and with my education and life experience. However it is as well to know the difference between fantasy and reality but I think Knox lives the fantasy.

Harry Potter seems to be the template of her life. The books seem to book-end her public life. Was she not, as she claimed, reading Harry Potter (in German) on the night that Meredith was murdered? Was not Sollecito a Harry Potter look-alike? Now she is rabbiting on about Harry Potter and her wearing his cloak of invisibility in this interview with Kary Antholis.

“Cloak of invisibility”? Hilarious. If only.

But maybe this a secret metaphor (a duper’s delight) for something else.

Was not the staging of a break-in intended to drape her in a cloak if invisibility?

Were not her lies and her e-mail intended to drape her in a cloak of invisibility?

Was not the manipulation of the crime scene intended to cloak her in invisibility?

Was not the series of phone calls and her presence at the cottage for the discovery of the murder intended (though in plain sight, as it were) to drape her in a cloak of invisibility?

Knox is playing with her audience, and particularly with Antholis, like a cat with mice, and enjoying it.

Unfortunately, for her, as she knows, her cloak slipped when she accused Lumumba, as a witness, of the murder. Or was that intended? Briefly slipping into plain sight before covering herself again.

I have not read the books either, but I have seen the films, many times. I do not quite understand her reference to The Order of The Phoenix as a favorite of hers.

She says because her favorite character gets killed by the Death-Eaters. That would be Sirius, Harry Potter’s godfather.

Perhaps she sees the police as the death-eaters and Harry’s godfather as a metaphor for her own providential protector up until that moment, slain by her arrest and incarceration by Mignini (Voldemort? who in the film tries to possess Harry)?

I’m burbling, I know, but then who is to say? Her private world and thoughts. Masked, like an assassin, by a cloak of invisibility.

Oh, except for the martyrdom, of course.

Posted by James Raper on 02/18/20 at 06:52 AM | #

First, re Hopeful’s mention of AK’s provocative presence at a jesuit school: some parents seemed very aware, they were highly turned off by the AK scholarship Tom Wright heavy-handedly created.

Maybe this is the dot waiting to be connected here, something that had intrigued Hopeful way back.

Second, we reported early in the 2009 trial that the defenses complained that the investigators had paid way too much attention to RS’s manga (specifically Chiacchiera saying “a cross between pornography and horror”), while not making anything of the nearby Harry Potter book.

Maybe the defenses were playing with fire?! Mimi sardonically made this observation.

Manga, like snuff porn, doesn’t have to lead to copycat behaviour. What did Sollecito do to experience “extreme sensations” prior to Halloween ‘07??? Blaming Harry Potter would be like blaming the Beatles for Sharon Tate’s murder (didn’t this happen?) but don’t summarily dismiss Potter (beyond Knox’s mention of RS’s physical resemblance): Is Harry not essentially an antihero—the hapless tool of Dumbledore’s mission against the true driving force, the sociopathic Voldemort? And is Voldemort not evil because he tortures children,and kills indiscriminately in his eugenistic quest to purify the Wizarding world and rid it of Mudbloods?!

And later she posted this comment.

And the accompanying snapshot: AK while at UW, sporting a cloud cuckooland Tee, and with what looks remarkably like the scar Voldy left on Harry Potter’s forehead. Must be a trick of the light.

Third, one of the many ways Sollecito found to rile up Knox during the court process was to transform his look repeatedly to antitheses of the Harry Potter look. Maybe he would have been better off keeping it, considering that he later wanted to marry her (or anyone in the US, but no takers) to allow him to remain here?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/18/20 at 09:13 AM | #

Grateful for Julan’s post about Kary Antholis who struggled with Knox and her hubby during two crazy interviews. It brought very good thoughts to light by Peter Quennell, KrissyG and James Raper.

Yes, the cloak of invisibility that Knox wears is her trademark, shifting shadows and hiding while tantalizing. Thus the doublespeak.

She’s playing with her audience as Raper perceives. Playing hide and seek. Illusion and disillusion, trying to unbalance others, trying to make them as unhinged as she is, level the playing field.  Her ego says seek me, chase me, focus on me but you’ll never find me, I don’t exist. She hid much about her Perugia days, even the October journal entry. She washed floors.

Her life aim does seem to be to emulate the Harry Potter books. She craves power as a result of feeling powerless. When she saw someone with real power like Meredith she was terrified and threatened.

As Quennell pointed out, Raffaele’s Manga got more attention than Knox’s obsession with Harry Potter although both were equally bedazzling to the untethered defendants. Who knows if the fantasy magic of hidden powers may have affected the drugged up tart Knox, made her more daring and willing to act in the extreme? A roommate who fell foul of her was a place to start, with a boyfriend who was a Harry Potter doppleganger. Most important factor: she was far from home, had lost all boundaries and foresaw easy escape.

KrissyG, thank you for insight on Jon Ronson and on schizoid types who need costumes and like to play dress-up. The Lord Longford rescuer of dotty maiden. Chris Robinson gets to be rescuer, a pride rush, but must choose a very damaged person for the rescue. They both feel damaged perhaps.

Knox grabs onto Chris for psychological protection and to ride the wave of his writing success, but soon she’ll seek to compete with him and ascend above. I agree with KrissyG, it will all end in tears if not worse. Essentially the two of them form a brand for money making purposes. He ‘enjoys’ her negative celebrity, it brings him to the world stage yet despite her notoriety and shame he can play ‘the good one’. Together they can lie for pay to the world. His defense of the indefensible Knox may distort in his mind into a form of chivalry protecting Knox, as Raf felt honour bound to do for a season. He’s protecting his brand, as Raf was protecting Sollecito brand.

I enjoyed all the commments under the Julan post.

Kary the Greek’s podcast did bring much to light…we must all laugh at Knox’s pose as fighter for restorative justice and compassionate justice. The sick one struts around as doctor. It’s really too much. Farce on speed.

She and her husband in talking at length with Kary Antholis reveal just how much hogwash Meredith had to endure in her exposure to Knox at her wildest.

Despite this wordy comment about Knox and Husband, my thoughts have focused much less on their tedious nonsense than on the strange meaning of Mr. John Kercher’s recent death.

His death is highly significant, it will continue to reveal its meaning. All is clothed in uncertainty at the moment. If he was injured fatally by a hit and run driver who has disappeared into the mist, it seems a shocking fusion of his link to his daughter’s violent death where those responsible vanish and go on their way. Italy’s Supreme Court declared there was more than one killer, ergo some of Meredith’s attackers got away. The police nailed Guede but he did not act alone as physical proof showed.

Mr. Kercher was dearly loved and will be greatly missed as his devoted family declare.

There is a depth of feeling and a lifetime’s perpetual meaning in that simple statement.

The double tragedy of John Kercher’s needless death and Meredith’s needless death seem to augment each other’s stories of pain and innocence in the midst of life’s mystery.

Better to be the innocent parties like John and Meredith were, humble people with honor. Integrity is better than gold. A good name is better than great riches.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/20/20 at 10:58 AM | #

Amen to everything Hopeful said, and well done to Julan, who did catch this one on the fly. She seems to have attracted some of Kary Antholis’s audience.

Next we will be describing the numerous upgrades to the Wiki, now at its new address here.

Inside the current plain interior it really is like a bunch of cathedrals, and elaborates a case for guilt via original documents that really is unassailable once its huge dimensions are realised.

Also there are major, major developments to report in the nailing of Doug Preston’s Monster of Florence hoax which helped to enable the Perugia hoax.

And we will have the final rebuttal of Gladwell, specifically rebutting his ridiculous and defamatory paragraph 23 in more depth than here:

[23] Her prosecutor was wildly irresponsible, obsessed with fantasies about elaborate sex crimes. [Defamatory total nonsense, he has ZERO interest in fantasies and GAVE KNOX BREAKS such as the 17 Dec 2007 interview; and there were TWO prosecutors at trial and various others at appeal; at trial Manuela Comodi presented more than half of the case].

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/22/20 at 12:48 PM | #

The pound sterling has taken to fading against the US dollar again, after a brief uptick. (In 2007 it peaked at 1 pound = 2 dollars; twice in recent weeks 1 pound was less than $1.20 and forecasts see it going lower still.)

That’s an average drop of around 4% a year, much faster than the UK’s growth. This BREXIT thingie is not going at all well in informed investors’ views, despite all of the Downing Street bluster.

As we agreed (well, anyway as I suggested), BREXIT would have been of major interest to Meredith, because (1) her Erasmus scholarship was EC-funded; and (2) she had thought of making a beeline for Brussels as a career step.

I’ve tried to describe a third way the UK could have opted for if the 2016 referendum had not been binary: it would have been to get more, not less, immersed in how the EC works, and shed the (misleading) pound for the euro, and take the bull by the horns, and set about fixing things.

The UK might have drawn upon the UN experience, lost on the EC, that all growth and development require the forced fusing together of three bodies of “change science”: systems (of which there are zillions all around); targeting the highest future value; and the running of change processes.

Great tools exist for all three. And guess what! ALL THREE had their origins in the UK!! From the Industrial Revolution on into the 20th century.

The evolution of systems invention and value pointing should be obvious. And on process, try googling “Tavistock Institute” and see what bottom-up process management knowhow it developed (before it weirdly became top-down).

And the UK could have found a willing partner for a third way in Italy (and maybe Spain and Greece) because their problems of internal regions on different growth paths are not totally dis-similar.


One thing that I had misunderstood about the EC, as it sorta happened while I was focused on other regions:

The UK actually promoted the super-rapid expansion of the EC! I had thought it was primarily Germany. The UK was hoping to get those countries on its side to fight supra-nationalism.

Well, how did THAT pan out? Now cheap labor from eastern Europe is one of the things driving BREXIT.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/22/20 at 01:09 PM | #

If there is a payback I think Amanda may be capable of kindness and empathy. She implies that her mother encouraged these early traits. But Edda definitely failed. She did/said nothing when Amanda confided to her that Patrick wasn’t guilty. This also begs the question: How would Amanda know one way or the other about Patrick’s where-abouts unless she was present?

Nice to see everyone’s views on these podcast interviews. They show more insight into character than the rehearsed ones for TV.
Parents are our greatest role models in our early years. Then our peers (school) can have an influence.  Amanda was ‘let loose’ while very immature. She has never grown up, preferring to stay in a fantasy world.

Yes, very irritating voice and giggles, etc. Amanda and Chris do seem to be made for each other. I agree w your take on their characters. Both elevate themselves to champions of the underdog, saviours, martyrs. I think they latched onto each other to further their own agendas. So far I’ve seen her defending 4-5 convicts who are obviously guilty. Rodney Reed (whom Amanda and Jason Flom supported on the Dr.Phil show) apparently has 6 or more other cases against him.  News items aren’t always accurate but see this quote from

“Robinson is the grandson of the late Seattle newspaper magnate Gerry Robinson.  The Robinson Group of newspapers .. cousin Ken, (now) in charge.  Ken Robinson clashed with Perugia prosecutor Mignini during Knox’ trial, who threatened to sue him for his anti-prosecution comments in his newspapers. Amanda Knox was given a column in West Seattle Herald after her release. She met Chris Robinson whilst he was promoting his novel ‘War of the Encyclopaedists’, co-written with Gavin Kovite.  Knox attended the reading at the bookshop where she worked part-time with Sutherland. Sutherland has never commented on the split.”

Amanda’s previous bf in Seattle, David Johnsrud (DJ), was also a Harry Potter look-alike.. probably the reason she took note of Raff at the concert of Oct 25. They kept in contact while she was in prison and when she returned to Seattle.

A post by Amanda on her Instagram page - she reads a little booklet that she made (personally I see a lot of referral to Meredith’s murder) - amamaknox.

Celebrated novelist @emcee_carbon calls “What Lies Ahead” a “book?”

Posted by Julan on 02/23/20 at 03:33 PM | #

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